"Another rum!" called out Jack Sparrow as he downed the last few drops of his current drink. Confirming that it was indeed empty, he slammed it back down onto the bar and patiently awaited the next one.

"Here y'ar, Cap'n Sparrow." said the bartender as he handed the infamous pirate his beverage. Jack smiled his thanks and quickly put the drink to his lips. God, how he loved his rum.

The noise in the bar was deafening, just the way he remembered it. The Black Pearl had not made berth in Barbados for some time, and he had forgotten how enjoyable this particular tavern was.

Turning around in his seat, rum still in hand, he looked about the crowded and dimmed room. He saw that quite a few members of his crew had turned up here this evening; this was their last evening on the island. Jack laughed softly to himself as he remembered what his first mate had 'chosen' to do with his last night.

"Come on, Will, join us at the tavern. You'll have fun, I give you my word as a captain!"

"Your word's never quite meant much, Jack." smiled Will as the pair walked down the town's main street. "Besides, I promised Elizabeth that I'd find those pickles for her."

"Pickles, shimickles." scoffed Jack, "Your wife has you wrapped around her little finger!"

"I know." grinned Will. "And I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Hopeless git." mumbled Jack between gulps of rum. "What a pirate. Doesn't drink, doesn't cheat and has a bloody wife. Honestly." The pirate got up on unsteady feet, and told himself to go find some company.


"Jack! Jack!"

The sound of his name was what woke Jack Sparrow from his drunken slumber. "I'm up, I'm up!" mumbled the captain of the Black Pearl, as he tried to sit up. He felt light-headed, which was odd for a hard-drinking pirate such as himself.

He opened his eyes then, and immediately regretted it. The blasted sun seemed to be shining directly into his eyes, and he had to squint to focus on the person standing in front of him.

"What?" he asked groggily, realizing that it was Anna-Maria.

She reached down, grabbed him by the collar and yanked him up to his feet. "Will's gone!" she exclaimed.

Jack stumbled backwards for a moment, then caught himself. "Excuse me?"

"He's gone! Kidnapped!" she said anxiously. "Someone's taken 'im!"

"You sure?" he asked, suddenly feeling a lot less hung over. She nodded.

"Bloody hell. Elizabeth's gonna kill me."

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