Jack cringed when the angry words of the anguished woman hit his ears. "I can explain, Elizabeth, alright? Just-stop-yelling." he said, rubbing his temples gingerly.

Elizabeth Turner took a step closer to the dishevelled pirate captain, and looked right into his yes. "Where's my husband?" she asked impatiently, with all the pretense of being angry, but the worry in her eyes betraying her.

"Sit down, and I'll tell ya everything." He explained how Will had gone off in search of her pickles, and how they only discovered in the morning that Will was missing. "We suspect that he's been kidnapped, although we don't know by who yet."

Elizabeth took all that he had said in quietly, and considered it for a few moments. "Well, it's obvious, isn't it?" she commented rhetorically, "We have to go and find him!"

Jack looked quizzically at her. "You do know that you're pregnant, right? You can't possibly go gallivanting around the seas, especially not in your condition." Jack immediately regretted his words the moment they left his mouth. Condition? Elizabeth was going to have his head for that one.

And she did. "Condition?" she exclaimed. "I'm only three months pregnant, you oaf. And I'll not be left behind when my husband-my child's father!- is lost somewhere out in the sea! I'm coming with you, whether you like it or not." Determination burned in her eyes, and Jack did not dare toy with the emotions of a hormonal, and pregnant, woman.

"Will will have my head if anything happens to you, you know." Jack commented glumly as he and Elizabeth left the Turner household an hour later, two bags in his hands.

The young woman smiled, although to Jack it seemed to be the devil's grin. "Then pray that nothing does."


The ship rocked beneath his feet, water splashing at his boots. His hands were bound above his head, feet shackled to the floor as he tried to fall asleep. It was a hopeless endeavour, as it was almost impossible to do so in his position.

Will Turner sighed. He had awoken here two days ago, after being hit over the head by two men who spoke in a strange tongue. He had been walking back down the main street of the village, having found Elizabeth's pickles, when two mean in strange costume had approached him from behind and struck his head with some sort of blunt object.

Now he was here, stuck in the bowels of some unnamed ship, awaiting his fate.

Stop being so dramatic, Turner. he thought to himself. You don't even know why they captured you.

Well, it can't be for the better, another part of him mused, and he decided just to concentrate on falling asleep again.

It was at that moment, though, that the hold's doors opened, and the sounds of feet on the ladder drifted down to him.

Shaking away any feelings of drowsiness, Will prepared himself mentally for his first true meeting with his captors. He watched as three men stepped down of the ladder. Two were older and bearded, with several earrings in each ear. The other seemed to be younger, with a clean-shaven face and piercing blue eyes.

One of the bearded men stepped forwards and looked straight at Will. "¿Dónde está la llave?" he asked in Spanish.

Will looked at him quizzically. "I'm sorry, I can't-"

"¿Dónde está la llave?!" interrupted the man, his tone becoming decidedly more impatient.

The younger man motioned for his companion to step back, then stepped forwards himself. "Where is the key?" he asked in a slight Spanish accent.

"What key?" Will asked, confused.

"The key! Don't feign confusion, Captain Sparrow, we know that you know the location of the Key of Perez."

Captain Sparrow? They must think that I'm Jack! Will thought silently. Aloud, he replied: "Look, I'm not Captain Sparrow."

"Not Captain Sparrow?" the man remarked in surprise. "Ah. Well then. Good-bye." He pulled a sword out of the sheath at his side, and brought it up to his neck.

"¡Espera!" exclaimed one of the other men, just as the younger man began to press the cool blade against Will's neck. He breathed a silent sigh of relief.

"¡Él podría todavía estar de uso a nosotros!" the man continued. The younger man nodded, obviously agreeing with what his companion had to say. Will could only hope that it was something good.

"We will not kill you, not today at least. Fernando says that you may still be of use to us, and I agree with him." He brought the blade back down from Will's neck, and put it back into its sheath. He stepped back from Will, and with a sly smirk, turned back to the ladder and climbed out of the hold, his two companions behind him.

Once the doors had shut, and darkness had returned to Will's prison, the young man finally let himself relax and give thought to what had just occurred. He had no idea what was to happen to him, and he found himself actually afraid for his future.

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