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Chapter 15: Happily Ever After

"Oh honey, you look absolutely gorgeous!" Rory turned around to see her mother standing in the doorway. She smiled.

"I'm so nervous!"

"I can't believe my daughter's getting married before I am!" Lorelai pouted. She sat down at the vanity and started touching up her makeup.

"That's no one's fault but your own," Rory said. "You could have married Luke a long time ago."

"Luke?" Lorelai asked.

"Come on Mom, don't tell me you never thought about it before."

Lorelai smiled a little.

"Good. Ask him to dance tonight. Just promise me I'll be your maid of honor in your wedding."

"Of course honey. Well I'm the maid of honor today, aren't I?"

"You are for now, but if you keep putting on makeup you'll look like a hooker and then you'll lose the position."

"Hooker eh? I guess I am overdoing. I'm just so nervous!"

"Why Mom? It's my wedding."

Lorelai smiled again. "And you look absolutely perfect. Spin around."

Rory obliged. Her dress was traditional, ivory white with a long train. It was strapless and had an intricate design hand embroidered all over the bodice. It was expensive, but Tristan insisted she had any dress she wanted. Her veil was long, trailing behind her as she walked. In her hands she held a bouquet of pink and white roses.

Lorelai and the bridesmaids wore pink dresses, the same shade as the one Rory wore the night of the dinner months ago. They were simple yet elegant, long and trailing like Rory's gown.

Chris knocked on the door. "It's time."

Rory smiled at her father and took his arm. The three of them left the Bridal room and went down the long hallway to where the rest of the wedding party was lined up.

Gigi was first, being the flower girl. She was five years old and looked absolutely adorable in her pink dress. Next came Lorelai, walking with Luke. Then the bridesmaids and groomsmen followed, Paris with Tristan's college roommate Bryce, and Lane with his childhood friend Justin.

When Rory and Chris walked through the final doors and into the chapel, her eye's immediately caught Tristan's. She walked the entire length of the aisle watching him watching her, not hearing her father's whispered words.

When she reached the alter, he reached out his hand, offering her a smile. With her hand in his, smiling up at him, she knew she was exactly where she was supposed to be.


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