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Dedication: I dedicate this to DarkShadow7. Who had suggested that I made
other Teen Titans express their emotions in this manner. So thank her as
well for having other Teen Titan (Desperate is none Teen Titan Members so
all thanks go to me BWAH HA HA) Members express themselves through poetry
in my fics. (She suggested it when she read "Crazy"-if you haven't read
that yet go read it after this and read Get Away too.) Also I order you to
go review her stuff. They're cool.

You walk along the hall and watch
From the corner of my eye. You
Look you fragile, yet you have the
Heart and spirit of a fighter. You
Are so awesome, just seeing you
Makes my heart swell.

As I continue to watch you
quietly, another attack is taking
place in the city. I temporarily have to stop
watching your radiant beauty.
I realize that we all have to go and check it out.

"Hello Robin,"
*Oh shit its Slade AGAIN* (Robin's thoughts)
Robin, "Titan's Attack."

The End.