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Chapter Uno

Cold water hit Bobby's face, and he looked up into the mirror. His intense blue eyes were filled with sadness. His girlfriend had recently dies, and it felt like a part of him was gone.or stolen.and now he had no one.except for John, who really didn't count because he was never there when Bobby needed him the most.

"Can you come here for a second Bobby?" John yelled from the closed door.

Bobby dried his face, and opened the door to see John leaned against the wall with only boxers on. "What" Bobby said emotionlessly, not trying to be too mean, or too nice.

"I'm bored and everyone's asleep.except you.lets go down stairs."

"Yeah, whatever, I'll meet you in the kitchen." Bobby closed the door in John's face, and put on a shirt. When he opened the door John was gone. Bobby knew he was in the kitchen awaiting his arrival, but contemplated whether or not to go. It was around midnight and everyone was asleep. The curfew was 9:30 so obviously everyone was "supposed" to be asleep. He didn't care if he was breaking rules. What was the old bald man going to do? Run him over with his scooter?

Bobby laughed to himself as he entered the kitchen. It had a big window behind the counter, and it was storming outside. He wondered if Storm and Nightcrawler were "Together" tonight. It wasn't unusual; after all they had just recently come out with their relationship.

John threw a carton of ice cream at Bobby. It was his favorite flavor.cookie dough. He caught it, as usual, and went to get a spoon. He walked to the couch in front of the TV where John was sitting (and eating flaming hot cheeto's), and took a seat.

Family Guy was on. He saw this as an opportunity to get his mind off his dead girlfriend. It proved to be a difficult task, but he did it.

Right in the middle of Family Guy, the doorbell rang and a few seconds later the lights went out.

Naturally, Pyro lit his lighter and lit up the room. Bobby looked at him confused then headed to the door.

John opened the door a little bit at first, and then when he saw what was behind it, he opened it all the way.