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Visitors Ch 4

"Amber, remember that school we saw on the TV, that had all the mutants?" Keisha said approaching her sister.

"Yeah..." Amber said slowly. "This is it?"

"Uh huh...what a coincidence huh?" Keisha looked at Bobby and smiled. "And they asked us to stay with them."

"Well we have no where else to go..."

"That's terrific." Came the professor's voice from the door. "Follow me and come this way, so I may show you to your rooms."

The two girls followed the professor, followed by Bobby and John who were curious to see where they would be sleeping. The professor stopped and turned to them. "Shouldn't you two be in your beds?"

John and Bobby looked at each other. They both smiled, and left.

"So are you like the head teacher of the school?" Amber asked as they made their way through the hall.

"You could say that. I own all of this." The professor said stopping at a door and looking around.

"Why would you want to help people like us? No one else likes us."

"Yes, but I am like you. I am a telepath, and every person here has a special 'gift' as you girls do. I am here to help all of them control these gifts, and educate them about the things around them. I am giving many of these children an opportunity to do what they could have never done before in the real world."

Keisha opened the room door and her eyes widened when she saw how big it was. "We appreciate you letting us stay. Thank you very much." She said politely as she stepped inside the room.

The professor watched as Amber walked into the room after her. "I'm glad you chose to stay, and I feel that you two will enjoy it here. Tomorrow is Saturday, and on Monday you will be starting your new classes. I should have your schedule's by Sunday, have a nice rest." The professor said wheeling swiftly down the hallway.

"Bloody hell. No one told me anything about classes." Keisha said out loud as she closed the door behind her. She looked at Amber and smiled. "Did you see how that boy John was looking at you?" she gave a wry smile.

"What are you talking about?" Amber said as she began to giggle. "I think that Bobby kid fancy's you."

"Maybe so." She said putting her hand into her pocket, and feeling something. She pulled out a card. It was the Queen of heart that the guy had given her earlier. She smiled to herself.

"Why are you so happy?" Amber asked.

"No reason." Keisha replied quickly. She pretended to sleep until she was positive Amber was no longer awake. She had every intention of meeting red-eyed guy in the kitchen that night, and wanted to be certain that Amber was asleep.

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