A Meeting with AL GORE

A Meeting with AL GORE

Well, Mr. Gore, how do you feel about the election?

Al Gore: (Bursts out crying)

Sir? Sir?

Gore: Well, I'm depressed. Now I have to go back to Tennessee and mend fences back on the 'ol ranch! And I hate that job!!!

(Ganondorf walks in.)

Ganon: I LOOOOOVED your speech, Mr. Gore! And I actually stayed awake to the end of it!

Gore: I almost won!

Ganon: You won the popular vote! Bush cheated!

Link: (Walks in) Yep! And he twisted the votes enough so he almost won the election!


Gore: Well, Bush has- he- umm- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell- I- Bush- wears an ugly tie!

Ganon: Right!


Link: (To song "Twelve Days of Christmas") Five votes for Naaaader, in the nation.

Four hanging chads.

Three Florida recounts.

Two candidates.

But only Bush is president.

Gore: How dare you!

Gore chases Link out but trips over HIS ugly tie.

The End.