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Chapter 19: One hell of a surprise

The raven haired girl stirred, snuggling closer to the source of warmth, feeling safe in the pair of lean arms wrapped around her slender waist.

Wait a moment, a pair of lean arms were wrapped around her waist?

Akina's emerald flecked orbs snapped open to find them staring at a well toned chest.

Kenzo's well toned chest.


What had happened?

As though sensing her distress, the young man's midnight eyes flickered opening, swiftly assessing the predicament the two young people were in.

"Good morning," a lopsided grin tilted his lips as he nimbly straightened up from the couch as Akina tried very hard not to stare at his chest.

"Morning," she murmured, her almond shaped eyes cast downwards, her cheeks flushing of their own account.

"What would you like for breakfast?" Kenzo started in the direction of the kitchen and Akina inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Of course, why would he be acting any different?

"Anything will do," Akina carefully folded up the blanket on the couch before she trailed after him into the kitchen.

The blue haired teen's glare was cold enough to freeze fire.

Right now he was doing what he had adamantly told himself he would not do.

He was flying to Hong Kong to see Akina even though his actions might very well endanger her.

A scowl seemed to be permanently etched in his features, and the flight attendants avoided the auburn eyed boy nervously, not daring to even linger in his sight longer than necessary.

On the other hand, an older version of the blue haired teen was sitting opposite from the glaring boy, his features assembled in a calm and cool mask, his eyes seemed to almost hold a flicker of amusements in its auburn depths as he regarded his son levelly across from him.

"Would you care to explain to me what your reasons are for accompanying me to Hong Kong?" His questioned caused a brief flicker of annoyance to pass over his son's features before his expression once again became stone cold.

Kai clenched his teeth, one slate eyebrow twitching in irritation. This was perhaps the sixth time his father had asked him this question, Kai was sure his father was only doing it to provoke him. He seemed to be amused at his son's discomfort.

"I'm going to see Akina," Kai muttered through gritted teeth and struggled to keep his features neutral when a quiet smirked tugged on the older man's lips.

"Is that so?" Kevin Hiwatari drawled almost lazily.

His son's love life and evident discomfort at being question about it was highly amusing. Heh, young love. It was just as well that the girl he had inevitably fallen for was the daughter of Hiragazaki Li, one of the most influential businessmen in Asia.

Yes this match would prove to be beneficial not only for his son, but for him too.

Of course there was always the aspect that Akina would reject Kai when he suddenly appeared in Hong Kong. As far as Kevin could see, it was his son who had initiated the break-up. But then again what girl wouldn't forgive a boy who flies into the country just to apologize to her?

Meanwhile Kai was glaring out the plane window, perfectly unaware of the thoughts flittering through his father's mind.

He had been afraid that his father would refuse to allow him to accompany him to Hong Kong. But for once Kevin Hiwatari had surprised Kai and permitted him to fly to Hong Kong with him.

Now there was the issue about what he was going to say when he finally saw Akina again.

No doubt he was probably the last person she wanted to see right now.

There was sharp pain in his chest whenever Kai pictured her tear filled eyes.

He had been so stupid, so extremely stupid to allow Melissa to manipulate him like that. There were things he could have done, steps he could have taken to ensure Akina's safety.

But no instead, he had acted irrationally and most likely broke Akina's heart in the process.

It was only now after he had lost Akina did he realize how much she had meant to him.

Remembering his harsh words at his hospital made him wince.

He had no idea where they had come from, they certainly weren't true. Kai loved Akina with all his heart, she was everything to him. And for him to push her away, it was possibly the worst mistake had had made in his life.

The petite girl flew down the hospital's corridors, weaving in and out of the nurses which were strolling down the hallway.

Dad was going to be okay, he was going to be okay!

Akina knew she must've looked half crazy sprinting through the hospital but she didn't care.

During breakfast she had received a call from the hospital telling her that her father had regained consciousness.

Akina skidded and burst through the door startling a nurse who was exiting the room.

Grinning sheepishly Akina crossed the room to her father's bed.

"About time you came," Li's emerald eyes flickered open as he smiled weakly at his dark haired daughter but his smile faltered when he saw how Akina's emerald flecked orbs were rapidly filling with crystal tears. "What's the matter? Why are you looking so sad?"

"What's the matter?" Akina scrubbed the tears away from her almond shaped eyes. "You've been in a coma for the past few days! And you ask me what's the matter?"

"Akina," her father sighed, "Perhaps that wasn't the best question for me to ask you."

"It's just that I've been so worried," Akina whispered, "I thought you almost wouldn't make it."

"Well I'm better now so don't cry anymore."

"Your father's right," a voice quietly agreed and Akina whipped around to find Kenzo leaning against the doorframe.

"Kenzo," her father smiled at the younger man, "How are things going?"

"Good, good," Kenzo jerked his head in a nod. "Though the Asia business market had been a bit off balance lately."

"I see," a frown creased Li's features.

"That's only to be expected of course, the Hiragazaki Company is highly influential in Asia." Kenzo smoothly assured him and Li nodded slowly.

"The doctors say that I have to remain in hospital for a few more weeks." Li paused thoughtfully for a moment. "Which could be a bit of a problem. They seem to insist that I lay in bed all day and they won't allow me to even work from hospital." Li scowled, "Despite my protests they remained adamant about their decision claiming that I still need to recover."

"The doctors are right Dad," Akina told him sternly, "You're still recovering, it's best if you don't jump right back into work."

"But who knows what will happen if the Hiragazaki isn't up and running smoothly again soon," Kenzo pointed out and the dark haired girl whirled around to scowl at him.

"Kenzo! I can't believe you're taking Dad's side!"

"I'm not taking his side," Kenzo held up his hands in defence, "I'm just making an observation. I agree with you, your father still needs to recover."

"Kenzo," this time the dark haired man was rewarded a scowl from Li. "You know how significant the Hiragazaki Company is in Asia."

"Well you'll have to appoint a temporary CEO while you recover won't you?" Akina flashed a triumphant smile at her father who suddenly grinned at his daughter. "What?"

"I just got a great idea."

The bright lights flashed by the tinted windows, the blue haired teen seated inside paid no attention to them and shifted impatiently in his seat.

They had landed half and hour ago and were on their way to the Hong Kong hospital where Hiragazaki Li was being treated.

It wouldn't be too long until Kai would be seeing Akina again, a ghost of a smile flickered over the corner of his lips.

Yep, Akina was in for one hell of a surprise.

"WHAT!" Akina exclaimed, her mouth dropping open in shock. "You can't be serious can you?"

"And why not?" Li folded his arms over his chest calmly and regarded his daughter with dark emerald eyes. "It's a perfectly reasonable course of action in this situation."

"Reasonable?" Akina scowled, rolling her almond shaped orbs towards the ceiling. "I haven't even graduated from High school and yet you think it's reasonable to have me be the CEO of the Hiragazaki Company! Having Kenzo run the company is reasonable."

"Now Akina calm down," Kenzo told her and the blue eyed girl dropped into a chair still glowering. "You should consider what your father has said before leaping to any conclusions."

"Well it's just a bit difficult to not to leap to any conclusions when I suddenly find myself appointed CEO of a multi-billion company," Akina grumbled underneath a breath and Kenzo merely arched a dark eyebrow at her before seating himself next to her beside her father's bed.

"Akina, I don't want to make you feel as if you're under any pressure. I was merely making a suggestion," Li explained patiently to his daughter. "If you don't want to be the CEO, even if it's only temporary, I understand. I can hardly expect you to leap at the chance of running the company. I would appoint Kenzo temporary CEO but the other directors might not react to that as well as I would like, they might perceive this as me showing favoritism. I can't have the board of directors at each other's throats at a time like this. After all there are alternative solutions."

Akina chewed her lower lip slowly, her mind still registering her father's offer. "Me CEO of the Hiragazaki Company…….…………"

"You won't be alone of course. Since you're under 18 Kenzo will guide and represent you and I can tell you what decisions to make. Think of it this way, you'll just be a substitute." Li's expression became serious. "You don't have to do this unless you want to Akina."

Akina sighed before nodding wearily. "Okay, I'll do it."

"Really?" Li grinned almost boyishly, his features losing their grey pallor momentarily.

"Yes Dad."

A nurse poked her head through the door, "I'm sorry but the doctors don't want Hiragazaki-sama to have long visits."

"Oh, its okay, we'll be leaving now." Kenzo interjected coolly before Akina could open her mouth to retort.

'Well then," Li rubbed his hands together briskly as Akina and Kenzo stood up. "You'll be wanting to start tomorrow? Though I suppose you could start today if you really wanted to."

"I suppose so," Akina shrugged her slender shoulders, still wondering what exactly she had gotten herself into.

"We'll come visit you tomorrow," Kenzo told the older man.

"It's a pity the doctors won't even allow me a laptop, I could've gotten the satellite linked up," Li muttered before smiling at his daughter reassuringly. "I'll be fine Akina. Though you on the other hand don't look too well. Are you sick?"

"No I'm fine," Akina automatically answered her heart beating painfully against her chest as the thought of Kai slithered into her thoughts for a second. "You know I think I'll stay here for a bit longer. I'm sure I can persuade the doctors to let me stay."

"I'm fine really, there's no need," Li waved his hand dismissively before regarding his petite daughter with concern before turning to the dark eyed man. "Take care of her Kenzo."

"You don't need to ask me," Kenzo replied quietly before ushering a protesting Akina out of the room.

"Dammit Kenzo, why won't you let me stay?" Akina scowled, whirling around to face the dark haired man who calmly pushed the button as they waited in front of the lifts.

"You need to eat and sleep when we get back to my apartment." The steel doors slid open smoothly and they stepped into the glass walled elevator.

"You can't tell me what to do," Akina stuck her tongue out at Kenzo whose only reaction was to look amused.

"Stop trying to out on a brave face," he told her quietly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and brushing a stray strand of midnight hair out of her emerald flecked orbs. "You don't have to be so strong all the time."

"I have to be strong Kenzo," Akina murmured softly, a flash of blue catching her eye for a moment. She could've sworn it was the same shade as Kai's hair. Akina gently shook her head, she really needed to move on, besides what would Kai be doing in Hong Kong anyway?

She abruptly shifted her almond shaped orbs upwards to find them locked with a pair of dark midnight eyes. "I always have to appear strong even if I'm not. If I don't I'm afraid that I'll just crumble to pieces."

Dark auburn eyes narrowed as they caught sight of a raven haired girl in the elevator just as he stepped out of an elevator opposite.

Was that Akina?

And if it was, who was the guy with his arm around her shoulders who had just brushed several stray strands of hair out of her eyes before the elevator's doors slid close whisking the two of them out of his sight.

What the hell was going on?

"I hate being a CEO," the dark haired girl muttered as she finished signing a document and leaned back in the black leather chair.

"Get used to it," Kenzo told her dryly. "After all one day you'll be running the company."

"Don't remind me," Akina shuddered before standing up to stretch her aching muscles. "And the board meeting was so………………….." Akina left the sentence incomplete and Kenzo grinned.

"The directors didn't make such a big deal about a 17-year-old girl running a global corporation as I thought they would."

"Heh, you know very well that the only reason why they even agreed to me being CEO was because they didn't dare to openly oppose my father's decision." Akina scoffed, her emerald flecked orbs rolling. "Plus they knew very well that you would be supervising and overseeing me while I am CEO."

"Don't forget that they also complied because they know that one day you'll be their boss too," Kenzo smirked as the two of them exited the glass dome building and stepped into an awaiting limousine.

"You cook?" Akina arched a dark eyebrow as she observed the young man pulling various ingredients out of the kitchen cupboards.

"Of course, it's either that or eat out every night," Kenzo made a face; "Your father suggested that I hire a cook but I don't like the notion of some stranger in my kitchen."

"For a director you're quite conventional," Akina remarked, propping her elbows on the marbled table top.

"I just don't like people invading my personal space," Kenzo shrugged absent mindedly as he began slicing vegetables expertly.

Kai would never be caught cooking in a kitchen, Akina thought idly before she was conscious of that thought forming.

Idiot, she reprimanded herself. She couldn't allow her thoughts to stray, not at a crucial time like this. She had to control her thoughts.

Kenzo caught the shadow which flickered over Akina's face briefly. He wasn't blind nor stupid. He knew very well the pain Akina must be going through, being dumped and then finding out that her father was in a coma.

He wasn't sure if he himself could handle things if he was in her situation. But being Akina, she just bottled up her emotions inside, burying them so deep that nobody could ever see how hurt she really was.

But doing that wouldn't help her; in fact it made things worse.

Repression, a defence mechanism, was the psychological process of suppressing distressing memories or experiences. Kenzo's lips twitched. Yes, he had gone through a stage when he was 14 when he studied Psychology to the point of obsession.

Perhaps Akina might benefit from speaking to a psychologist. Though she'd probably attempt to strangle him if he so much as hinted at that suggestion. Besides, Kenzo wasn't so sure that speaking to a psychologist would really help Akina. He didn't particularly like the notion of speaking to a stranger about one's personal problems. And he was sure Akina would share the same opinion as him.

Kenzo sighed wearily, what Akina needed right now was time, time hopefully to move on. Though it was plainly obvious to him that Akina still loved Kai- even though he had only been going out with her to further his father's business.

Kai ran a hand through his two toned blue hair in frustration. It was now 8am (Hong Kong time) and he still hadn't been able to locate Akina.

He still didn't know who that guy was either.

A scowl appeared on his features and his left brow twitched. Whoever he was, he was definitely a sleaze.

"Still haven't received any news of Hiragazaki Akina?" his father stepped coolly into the room.

"No," Kai growled, his auburn eyes taking in his father's smirking expression. His father knew something. "What do you know?"

"Now, now Kai is that any way to talk to your father?" the older man replied smoothly. "I thought I raised you better than that."

"Do you know something or not?"

"Very well," Kevin shrugged before continuing. "I've been informed that Hiragazaki Akina has temporarily been appointed the position of CEO of the Hiragazaki Company since Li is too ill to work right now. She is being supervised by Sawaki Kenzo, director of the Hong Kong branch and her childhood friend."

"So where is she?" It was taking all of Kai's effort not to leap up and strangle the information out of his father.

"She's is currently residing at Sawaki Kenzo's penthouse."

At that Kai jumped out of his chair, grabbing his jacket as he exited the room.

Half an hour later, Kai found himself standing in front of a highly polished oak and he rang the doorbell.

"Aki-chan could you get that?" Kenzo asked her as he cracked an egg in half.

"Okay," she replied, crossing the apartment to the entrance and opened the door to find herself face to face with a pair of smoldering auburn orbs.

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