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Title: You Ain't The First.

Author: Hearts Desire

Shane had to fight to keep from widening his eyes. He knew that Shannon was quick, but he didn't expect him to be that quick. He quickly covered his shock up and hoped he was doing a good job. If this plan was gonna work, he needed to be just as calm and forward as Shannon was.

"Well, we could stay down here and have a few more drinks, or we could head upstairs to my hotel room."

Shannon smirked, "Now that's what I like to hear! A good man who can take some drinks and has a room ready in the wings!"

"Yeah, well, what can I say? We think alike. I got some good wine upstairs, too. Why don't we just head up ther?"

Shannon sat further up on his seat. "Damn, Shane. Never knew you were that kinda man."

"Everyone's got their dark side."

"Finally some one who agrees with me. Let's go."

Shane felt his nervousness build up as Shannon grabbed his arm, downing the rest of his drink and pulled him towards the door. He swallowed harshly as they headed to the stairs leading up to the overhead apartments.

"Which room, Shane?"

"Huh?" Shane asked, snapping from his thoughts.

"I said which room, stupid. Can't have sex in the hallways." Shannon then arced an eyebrow, "Or we could, but you don't seem like that kinda guy."

Shane let the comment roll, "Come on. It's room four."

Shannon smirked and pulled Shane down the hallway to the room. It's was crack down time. He had to do everything right, now, otherwise, not only would Shannon get hurt, but he would, too. Just hopefully, Jeff and matt knew what they had to do,t oo.

Shannon bounced anxiously as Shane slid his key card. He slowly held the door open for Shannon, then followed him in.

"Wow, Shane ... you must have been expecting someone to come up here tonight with you. You've got everything set up!" Shannon said, looking around at all the candles and incense, "I like that in a man, too. Some one who knows what he wants ... and goes to get it."

Shane tensed slightly as Shannon undid his own shirt, then started undoing his. Shannon obviously made sure his figers brushed Shane's skin with each button he undid.

"It's okay, Shane ... no one else has to know if you don't want. I understand with you and Jeffy. He can be a hogg sometimes, but you've gotta love him." Shannon said softly, his body lowering with each button he undid, then tossing the fabric off his shoulders and moving to the pants.

Shane nodded stiffly. Not that he didn't like Shannon, or felt uncomfortable with him close, just not like this and not this type of close. He tentively looked over into the corner of the dark room.

"Shannon, let's go to the bed." he said huiskily, helping Shannon up with a hand.

The look in the young blondes eyes almost threw him off. The normally bright green tone was now dark with desire and shining with brilliant lust. They were a bit dialated, telling Shane that he had obviously had more to drink than the one at the bar. He led Shannon to the bed, turning to face him at the feet.

"Let me just go get some things. You get yourself read."

Shane winked, heading over to the long table on the opposite wall. The darkness fell over that corner, not allowing Shannon to see what Shane was doing, but from the sounds coming from the bed, Shannon could care less.

"Shannon ... you like the mysterious stuff, right? Kink?" Shane asked.

"Mhmmm, you know it."

"Then toss this on."

Shane tossed Shannon a bandana, not borthering to turn around and messing with the little drawer in front of him.. He glanced over his shoulder tentively a few seconds later.

"Got it on?"

"Got it on ...." Shannon agreed.

"Well, lay back, and get ready."

"I'm ready."

Shannon arced his back as he felt someone slip his boxers from his hips and take him into their mouth. He groaned in satisfaction.

"God, Shane ... that feels so good ..."

He linked his fingers into the soft hair and thrust forwards slowly as to not gag his lover.

"Enough teasing, baby. Get on with it. Shane, I wanna feel you in me ..."

Shannon groaned at the loss of feeling when the mouth removed itself from his member. He arced his hips again, using only his touch to try and find the person. Long fingers linked around his head and slowly slipped off the bandana. Shannon's eyes widened and he quickly covered himself with a blanket and sat back against the headboard.

"Matt! Uh .. what're - what're you doing here?" he stammered quickly as the raven-haired Hardy came into his vision.

He looked around the room quickly. Shane was fully dressed over by the dresser and Jeff was leaning on it next to him. There was an anger in Jeff's eyes that Shannon hadn't seen in a long time. Matt was sitting intericaly between Shannon's legs, glaring the most intense daggers ever.

A scowl was in place where the normal smile had once been. Shannon could feel his breathing quicken as he scooted back further against the headboard of the bed.

"See, Jeff. I told you he was a slut." Matt said simpley, getting up from the bed.

Jeff shook his head slowly in disbelief as he, Matt, and Shane gathered their clothes up. The group slowly headed towards the door, Jeff the last lingering one.

"You set me up, Jeffy?" Shannon asked softly.

"There was nothing else we could do, Shannon. It's not like you would feel the pain Matt feels and all your other exes feels unless you experienced it yourself. I just can't believe you did that to my own brother."

"Jeff ... It's not like that ... You know how I am. I can't help myself."

"I know. And I can't help but think ... If I would have acted on my little fantasy, would you have cheated on me, too?"

Shannon opened his mouth to speak, but Jeff just shook his head again and left. Shannon pulled the blankets in closer to himself and covered his face with his blanket. Tigers can't change their stripes, but there was nothing he could do to replace the past, now.

{FIN} (For real this time!!)