Duty and Reply


When sunlight fades to darkest night
and I am all alone;
tis then I think of you my heart
and wish you were my own.
But duty keeps me far from you
and your world can't be mine.
For though your freedom calls to me,
it's here I draw the line.
You have my love, freely given
and the joys of my flesh.
Our souls seem to be as one
when our bodies mesh.
Your heated kiss and gilded skin,
the laughter on your lips.
The way you listen to my fears,
those dancing beaded tips.
All of these and so much much more
reasons to hold you close.
And yet I find I must let go
of the one I love the most.
The only way is through these words
(cold comfort in itself)
That remind me it's others that
I serve, not just myself


Fine words, duty, honor, country.
But they won't fill your nights;
nor give you some one warm to hold
when stars wink out of sight.
As dawn's pink fingers touch the sky,
look at the rising sun,
and know that I am looking too.
You are my only one.
Think on me as I think of you:
The pale pearl of your skin,
my private ocean in your eyes
of sea-green, storm tossed sin.
Remember well the times we had,
for there are more to be.
Not all treasure is made of gold,
and you belong to me.
I won't give up so easily,
bowing to your navy.
I'm coming for you James, my luv,
best be ready Savvy?
And know that good man I may be,
I'm not above deceit.
For stakes as high as you, I'm a
pirate mate, I'll cheat.