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Picture Perfect

Down the Red Carpet


Summary: Bulma and Vegeta are both successful actors. They were Hollywood's hottest couple when they suddenly broke up, with nobody knowing what the real reason was. They battled, argued and tried to ruin one another's reputation for almost 2 years. Until they were tricked to sign a binding contract to work with one another. Will everybody ever find out whatever happened to them and will they ever reunite and be together again?


It was a bright and sunny day in Los Angeles. People gathered in one of the most famous spots in L.A.; Hollywood. Limousines arrived every minute, black, white and some blue. Loud cheers and howls were heard, people held up posters and some held papers and notebooks for autographs.

A black limousine stopped in front of a red carpet that lead all the way to the main building where the awards ceremony was being held. A man in a black suit approached the black limousine and opened the car door. He extended his hand inside the car to help whoever it was inside the limo.

A girl with long blue hair approached the limo. The person inside came out and stood with grace as the blue haired woman extended the Mic. in her hand, near her for an interview. The actress wore a full length glittering purple dress. Her purple hair was tied up in a twisted bun. The blue haired interviewer who now stood beside her, also wore a gorgeous gown.

"Hello." the blue haired reporter greeted.

"Hello, Marron." the actress greeted back. "You look lovely tonight." she complimented in a slow but warm voice.

"Why, thank you." Marron blushed. "You look extremely wonderful tonight too, Diana." she complimented the forty year old actress. Diana bowed her head with grace and continued walking the down the red carpet.

A blonde woman who wore almost exactly the same thing that Marron wore, walked up to her. The blonde woman whispered something in her ear and smiled at her. She too held a Mic. in her hands.

"Ladies and Gentlemen."Marron started as she looked straight to the camera that's been following her around. "I've just had word from my co-worker, Launch, that the next limo that's approaching belongs to Bulma Breifs and Yamucha Roshii." she said excitedly.

"Yes," Launch said. "The Princess Diva is coming."

"Yes, and here they are now." Marron said as a midnight blue limo stopped in front of them. The man on the black suit opened the car door and a man with spiked hair came out. He wore a black tux and a red tie. His tanned face glow as camera's flashes went off. He gave them all a beautiful toothy smile, before helping his date out of the limo. He extended his hand in the limo and a white gloved hand accepted his hand and she was helped out of the limo.

A girl with aqua blue hair emerged from the limo. Her beautiful ocean blue eyes shone. Her shiny rosy red lips smiled at the camera's when the flashes went off. Camera's all turned to her. Trying to get a good full length picture and a close up picture of her. But close up or not, her pictures always turns out, beautiful.

"It's Bulma Briefs!" Launch and marron squealed. They've been big fans of Bulma ever since she started acting.

She started acting when she was fifteen on a romantic television series: "Growing Up." she played a fifteen year old teenager, facing the tough choices of life with her friends as they grow up. At the television series, was where she met Vegeta Ouji.

Even though Vegeta was two years older than Bulma, with his baby face, he still played a character of a fifteen year old bad boy.

Before they started going out, cast and crew of the show, says that the couple used to fight a lot, even when they started dating. Two years later, Bulma's seventeen, and Vegeta's nineteen. They became the hottest couple. That year, they made a movie together. It was a big hit, two days and the movie earned nine million dollars world wide, and was number one in the box office.

They've been together for four years, and then out of the blue, they broke up. No explanation, whatsoever. They just broke up and nobody even knew what happened. Not a single witness saw what happened. Plus both of the actors doesn't want to talk about it.

Six months after the break, media never heard a word between the couple, until Vegeta started dating a model. A month later that Bulma was spotted dating Yamucha, Vegeta's worse enemy. The break up between the two had been kept a secret for the longest time now: 2 years.

"Bulma!" Marron called the twenty-three year old actress.

"Yes?" Bulma smiled at the two giddy reporters. She nad Yamucha intertwined hands and approached the reporters.

"You look wonderful tonight." Launch complimented. "And I love your dress." She added as she studied Bulma's plain, long, strapless, gown.

"Thank you." was all Bulma said. Talking to reporters always made her nervous and uneasy of her herself, ever since the broke up with Vegeta. She's afraid that she might slip an important word that can open the secrets of her and her ex-boyfriend's break up.

"What category are you nominated for?" Marron asked.

"Ummm,...let's see," Bulma started. "Best actress for "The One and Only,"" she said. That was her last movie for this year.

"Oh my god!" Launch exclaimed. "I love that movie!"

"Thank you." Bulma smiled.

"Well anyways, good luck!" Marron said.

"Thanks." Bulma said once more as she and Yamucha continued on walking down the read carpet. Marron and Launch on the other hand, turned their attention back to the camera.

"We have another notice that the next limousine that's arriving belongs to Vegeta Ouji." Launch announced.


Bulma stopped on her tracks when she thought she heard Vegeta's name.

"What's wrong?" Yamucha asked.

"Nothing." Bulma smiled assuring him that she's alright.

The couple stopped and leaned closer to each other, as they posed for the camer's to take a picture of them together.


A black limo pulled up in front of the two reporters. The man in a black suit opened the door once again. This time a man with ebony eyes emerged from the limo. He wore a black tux and a matching black tie. His flame like hair was cut when he broke up with Bulma. His hair is now spiky but was still tamed to stand up. His genuine trademark smirk appeared on his face. The smirk that the ladies would kill to see. His muscles bulged out of the tux he wore, making the ladies scream in delight.

He extended his arm inside the limo to help his own date out. A green haired woman emerged out of the limo, wearing a dark green sparkling gown. She and Vegeta walked together hand in hand towards the two reporters.

Marron and Launch squealed when Vegeta started walking towards them.

"Who's your new date?" Launch asked the twenty-five year old actor. Ever since Bulma and him broke up, it seems that Vegeta started jumping from one girl to another, only lasting the relationship ina mere week.

"This is Lara Heart." Vegeta introduced.

"She looks familiar." Marron half whispered as she thought deeply.

"I'm a model for Victoria's Secret." Lara said with great pride

"But of course!" Marron exclaimed. "Now I know why you look so familiar!"

"Vegeta, you look really handsome tonight." Launch complimented, taking the subject off of Lara.

"Tonight?" Vegeta repeated. The girls looked at him then finally getting what he meant they laughed.

"Sorry," Launch mumbled. "You look handsome all the time."

"Much Better." Vegeta smirked and the girls laughed again.

"Anyways," Marron started. "Which category are you nominated for tonight?"

"Good Looking." Vegeta answered quickly, making everybody laugh once more. He then cleared his throat to quite everyone down. Then he started getting serious again. "I'm nominated for Best Actor for "Conqueror."" Vegeta said.

"Well good luck on that Vegeta." Launch and Marron said as they waved good bye to the couple. They turned their attention back to the camera once again before continuing on their report.

"You know what I'm thinking, right now?" Launch asked Marron.

"What?" marron asked back.

"What kind of argument will Bulma and Vegeta foght about tonight?" Launch answered and Marron laughed.

"Well I don't know what for sure is going to happen tonight," Marron laughed before getting serios again. "But Vegeta won last time, so Bulma should have a good come back on this one," she said and Launch laughed. "If there's going to be one."

"And we hope that there is none." Launch finished before the going to comercial."


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