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Picture Perfect

The Last Act

Aoi Megami

Last Time:

Bulma nearly dropped the glass of wine she was holding as she gazed upon Vegeta's piercing black eyes. Luckily for her, Yamucha was occupied at the moment, talking to somebody "business" important over the phone, so he wasn't able to catch what Vegeta had said and his fiancé's reaction.

They were on their way to the Awards ceremony, five more minutes and they'll be in the red carpet, showing off their famous little selves. Yamucha and Bulma were riding their rented limousine, with a small bar inside and a television with loud speakers. The volume of the TV was very low, due to the fact that Yamucha's on the phone, and Bulma had wanted to watch the walk in the red carpet. But she hadn't expected Vegeta, to go dateless two days before her wedding and to say such words that confused her even more than the decision she made.

"Bulma! You are looking gorgeous, hunny." Launch said as she and Buma kissed each other on the cheeks.

"Thanks so much." Bulma replied.

"So," Marron started, "How was the movie set with Vegeta?

"It was," Bulma paused, searching for the right words. "A war?" she laughed. "It was a mess, but it was so much fun!"

"Vegeta was interviewed earlier did you caught what he said?" Launch asked.

"I did actually." Bulma nodded her head as she replied.

"Were confused, so we would really like an explanation here." Marron said.

"I don't think there's anything to explain." Bulma said. Yamucha was shuffling his feet as he stood by Bulma, not happy by being completely ignored. "We're both moving on, I don't know what he meant by that comment." As Bulma said this, Yamucha's ears perked up and looked at his fiancé as if asking her what Vegeta had said earlier, through their minds. "Ask him, not me, I'm as confused as you are." Bulma said in a rather bitchy tone as she dragged Yamucha away and into the building.

Bulma, and Yamucha shared a table with Krillen, and Juu. Goku and Chichi sat on a table not too far from Bulma's table with Vegeta. Diana's table was in between Bulma and Vegeta's table, she and the producers sat together on a round table.

"Vegeta." Goku whispered to his friend.

"What?" Vegeta half growled.

"What was that comment about? What are you trying to do? Don't make such a fool of yourself she's getting married." he reasoned with him.

"You don't even know what I'm planning." he whispered back.

"AHA!" Goku said rather proudly, not to mention loud enough to hear his voice all the way to Bulma's table. "Oops…" he muttered.

"Idiot." Vegeta scowled at him.

"Don't do it, whatever you're planning!" Goku said. Chichi was intently listening to the whole conversation and had not said a thing.

"First, you people tell me to forgive and forget and get back together, now you're telling me to forget and stay away?" Vegeta asked with a confused tone. "You people make up your minds!"

"Vegeta." Chichi called.

"What?" Vegeta turned to her with a rather harsh tone and look.

"Good luck." she half whispered, but Vegeta got the message. Goku became much more confused, if it were possible. Vegeta then muttered a 'thanks' and set his attention back on the stage. The host for the night had already made his entrance, and the thunderous applause emitted from the crowd had echoed throughout the whole building.

"Bulma," Yamucha whispered in her ear, she turned her attention back to her fiancé. "What did Vegeta say on live T.V.?" He asked her. It had been bugging him to no end and had finally decided to ask his fiancé. Bulma stiffened a bit and then gave him a warm smile.

"Nothing you should worry about love." she pecked him on the lips.

This little scene didn't go unnoticed by Vegeta who had been watching what was suppose to be his peck another man's lips on the day he was going to get her back. He smirked and thought 'Enjoy your last minutes with her because she won't be yours for long.'

Goku on the other hand, noticed the devilish smirk that was plastered on his friend's face. He didn't like the looks of this. He turned to where he was looking at and saw the source. This was going to be a long night.

"And the best actress for a Drama movie, goes to…" the hostess read, "Bulma Briefs." she announced excitedly.

Bulma jumped up from her seat, just about the same time when Yamucha was about to give her a kiss on the cheeks for congratulations. Bulma embraced her friends and scurried over to the stage where her trophy awaits.

"Omigosh! She squealed in the microphone, making everybody laugh and smile at the young actress. "Thank you soo much." she said as she looked through the crowd. "Thanks so much to the producers, the staff, Diana, and Vegeta," she reluctantly said. "I wouldn't have won this if it weren't for you guys. "Also thank you for the support of my family, my friends, Yamucha." she sighed. "Oh! I can't think of anything else that's more exciting than this." she smiled, and gave a flying kiss. "Thank you so much." she finished and got off the stage. She went backstage and handed her trophy over, to be picked up later. When the commercial for the Awards ceremony came on, she was allowed to go back to her seat.

(A/N: that's always what I wanted to say when I get my own award! Lolz..jk.)

When she finally took her seat next to Yamucha, he quickly whispered to her ear:

"I'll give you something that's much more exciting than winning an award, getting married next week." he said to her. Bulma stiffened and gave him a smile when he leaned away from her.

"Sorry, I completely--"


"It isn't like that, I mean, my mind just blanked out when I was up there."

"I sure hope you're not having second thoughts bout--"

"I'm not." she assured him. But now she needed somebody to assure her.

"For Best Actor for a Drama Movie, goes to," the new host said as he opened the envelope which contained the winner for the next award. He smiled as he read it. "Vegeta Ouji." he casually said. Vegeta smirked and got up from her seat. He shook hands with Goku and headed straight to the stage.

Plan A: Completed.

"Whoa!" Vegeta exclaimed when he finally reached the podium. "I'm back." he said while starring at the trophy, the crowd laughed at his small joke. "Now, you all now, that I never give out speeches whenever I win an award, I just say a simple 'thanks' and then walk away with the award." he started, heat, starting to rise in his cheeks. For goodness sakes! He's an actor, he should be used to this by now.

Vegeta's sudden announcement of giving out a speech caught Bulma's attention quickly. Vegeta's not the type of person who gives out speeches. Diana sat up more straighter, as if trying to strain her ears to listen, even though she knows she's going to hear him anyways.

"It wasn't an easy path to reach where I am right now if it weren't for," he paused and then his eyes roamed around the room, until it stopped and gazed at Bulma's azure eyes. "You." he paused, then bowed his head. His mind kept repeatedly saying: 'What the hell are you doing giving out a speech like this. This so uncharacter like!'.

The crowd was clueless as to what is happening and to what the heck Vegeta Ouji was saying. But those who were in the set of the biggest drama hit movie, knew, and they were excited.

"I thought I could go on alone in this path you've created for me, I tried," he looked up to look at the audience. "But I broke down, I was still alive and going on, but stayed in one spot, never moving, not even an inch." he paused and looked back to her. "That's when I realized I needed you."

"Vegeta." Bulma whispered, loud enough for Yamucha to hear. He stared disbelievingly at her then back to Vegeta.

"And I ain't talking about my career here, I'm talking about my life. I want things to be just like they were before. You came to me with a sincere apology, but I pushed you away. Now I come to you with the biggest apology, and you know how much I hate it to admit that I was at the wrong side. Only this time though." He laughed.

Tears streamed down Bulma's face.

Diana's eyes were watering as she continued to listen to Vegeta's speech, she then looked to Bulma who was already crying. Juu and Krillen gave her a thumbs up and she chuckled. She then turned to Chichi and Goku on the other side. Goku looked like a fish who's mouth kept opening and closing. Chichi was clapping softly, her attention still focused on Vegeta.

Vegeta continued to look at Bulma straight in the eye.

"I want you back, and nobody can stop me from getting what I want, not even you." Vegeta's cockiness finally showed, as he smirked and left the stage, leaving a stunned and confused audience, save a few, that is.

"Bulma," Yamucha said in a worried, and scarred tone.

"It's nothing." she said to him. "Nothing to worry about."

He couldn't believe it. He just poured out his feelings for her, for the whole wide world to hear and she didn't even show up at the after party. He was hoping he would see her there, and they would get to talk about everything, and even decided he future, of course, after she leaves that stupid fiancé of hers, but no. No reaction no nothing that came from her at all! They all tried calling her, Goku, Chichi, Juu Krillen and Diana, but no answer.

"I'm sorry Vegeta." Diana said as she sat down next to him.

"Don't be." he said as he stood up and left the party. "Cause I give up." he whispered to himself. He hated those words. An Ouji never gives up, yet here he is, his belief being change by the woman he loves.

Vegeta drove downtown, to where he used to live, the place where he grew up, the place where he met Bulma.

He parked his car by an old abandoned theater, this was the first place where Bulma and Vegeta first performed on stage. He entered the abandoned building, scary as it may seem in the outside, it wasn't that much in the in inside. He turned on the lights, which luckily for him, still works, then he walked to the stage, his first performance right up on this stage.


"Vegeta you ass! Get your lines straight!" Bulma hollered from the balcony.

"Lady Juliet shouldn't be acting like a tomboy!" Vegeta replied from below.

"And Romeo should act more like a gentleman!" Bulma retorted.

"Juliet shouldn't--"

"SHUT UP!" the director screamed. "The two of you are chosen because you are the best! Not so you could fight on stage! You already do that a lot when you guys are off stage. Now act more professional!" he yelled with so much frustration it actually scared Bulma and Vegeta together.

End Flashback

Vegeta chuckled. Romeo and Juliet, their first play together. They act more like Bonnie and Clyde than Romeo and Juliet. Vegeta continued to chuckle as he continued to scan the abandoned theater.

"Do you always laugh for no reason?" a feminine voice from behind him asked.

He turned around to the source of the voice.

"Who are you?" Vegeta asked her. She was about a couple of feet shorter than he is, she looked like she was only thirteen.

"Aki Mathews," she answered sweetly. "An you're Vegeta Ouji." she extended her hand to him. "Pleasure." she laughed as Vegeta reluctantly shook her hand.

"What the?" Vegeta asked himself when he felt a crumpled paper that was passed onto him through their handshake. "What's this?"

"Dunno." the girl replied. "She just told me to give it to you." and with that she ran out of the theater and into the dark cold night of downtown L.A.

Vegeta un-crumpled the paper and read the message. He smirked, threw the paper to the floor and ran backstage. It was just like before, a high ceiling and various vanities scattered around the place. It was much more brighter in the back than in the theater itself. He was looking around, then suddenly stopped dead on his tracks.

"Bulma." he whispered.

She was sitting in front of a single vanity and was looking at him through the mirror that was in front of her, with the most loving smile she could muster, and could only give to him. She turned her body around to face him fully. She was still in her Golden Globe Awards dress, her hair was straight down now, compared to the tight bun earlier.

"So what now?" she asked.

"What are you talking about?" he asked her, with a slight confusion in his tone.

"Don't tell I misinterpret what you said earlier?" she stood and slowly started to walk towards him.

"Depends on how you translated it. Care to enlighten me?" he asked her. Bulma laughed.

"I don't have much time." Bulma answered.

"Ahh, here we go again, with you rushing things," Vegeta teased.

Bulma pouted. "Are you sure you don't want me to rush things?"

"Depends on what you're thinking right now." Vegeta answered her. Bulma giggled again and then ran to his awaiting arms.

Their lips met and they shared a passionate kiss together. Their bodies molded together automatically, they fitted each other right, even after the long days, weeks, and months that they haven't been together.

Vegeta grabbed Bulma's ass, lifting her up to deepen the kiss if it were still possible to do so. Their tongues battled it out, tasting every corner of each others mouth, savoring the feeling, the taste of their longing for one another.

After a couple of minutes of making out, Bulma pulled herself away from him, with a serious look on her face which made Vegeat very worried.

"I'm all yours now again Vegeta. I ended things with Yamucha." she told him.

"That's why you weren't at the after party?" he asked her, and she nodded in response.

"Please don't make me cry anymore." she begged.

"No more." Vegeta said to her. "As long as you cope with me and never leave my side ever again." he said, then quickly pulled her for another kiss.

"I love you Vegeta." Bulma whispered in between their kisses.

"Bulma," Vegeta looked her in the eyes. "Ai shiteru. Will you marry me?"


A/N: Mwuahahaha! It's the end of the story, but I ain't that evil so here's an after story epilogue kinda thingy… lolz…

Three Years Later…

"AAAAAAUUUUUGHHHH!" Bulma screamed at the top of her lungs. Yes, Bulma Briefs Ouji was in labor. Their friends stood outside the operating room patiently waiting for her and Vegeta to emerge with a healthy baby. She was lying down in a bed in the operating room, with her legs wide open in front of her. She couldn't see anything for her lower part of the body was covered. Though she could definitely feel the pain.

Vegeta Ouji was by her side through everything. He was holding Bulma's hand to give her comfort and assurance that he was there by her side. Bulma on the other hand was having a little birth crisis. If Vegeta were a normal ordinary man, she could've crushed his fingerz by the way she was gripping his hands.

"Woman calm down and quit hollering!" Vegeta snapped.

"OH! EASIER FOR YOU TO SAY YOU'RE NOT THE ONE IN LABOOOOR!" She exhaled, inhaled, exhaled, inhaled.

"Quit acting!" Vegeta yelled back. He knew he was teasing her to no end.

"You fool! I'm not acting," she breathed. "It really HUUUURTSSSS!" she screamed out.

"It'll be over soon!"

"Whatever," Bulma breathed. "Why don't we switch roles then you'll feel the pain I'm feeling now!" she gasped out. "AAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!" she screamed again. She rested her head on the pillow and tried to catch her breath.

"Just a little more Mrs. Ouji." the doctor told her.

"Bulma, push!" Vegeta said, with a hint of excitement. Bulma did push, she suddenly and quickly leaned forward, accidentally hitting her forehead against Vegeta's, making him stumble and fall to the ground.

"Holy Sh--" Vegeta shook his head, to clear the dizziness. He stood up and went back to his position. He held Bulma's hand and did the breathing with her too.

"Hee Hoo Hoo Hoo, Hee Hoo Hoo Hoo, Hee Hoo Hoo Hoo,"

(A/N: Can you just imagine Vegeta doing that? Ahahahaha! Too funny!)

"And here he is!" the doctor announce. The faint crying could be heard and it gradually became louder.

"HE?" the couple asked together.

"It's a boy!" Vegeta almost jumped. "Vegeta Ouji Junior is born!" he exclaimed as he watch the doctor cut of the baby's cord, and wrapped him in a blue blanket.

Bulma's face and her happiness at the moment couldn't be explained by just words. She was beyond happy. She just gave birth to a baby boy. She's the mother of Vegeta Ouji's child. And her baby just looked damned cute. She held him in her arms and whispered words of love to.

"We'll give you a moment." the doctor told them. Vegeta nodded as he gently, touched his son's head. He was in awe, his mouth was opened and he looked like a child who just saw something out of the ordinary.

"Vegeta," Bulma snapped him out of his thoughts. "Are you ok?" she asked him with a worried tone.

"I'm fine." Vegeta said. "Just really excited."

"Because of the baby?"

"That too." he answered.

"And what else?" she asked, curiosity taking over. Vegeta leaned down and gave her a long kiss.

"That we're a family now."