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Summary: Gohan can't help but think he's the lonely and forgotten child after Goku's demise and Goten's birth, no one pay's attention to the lonely boy…

Authors Note: New story, so pray for me -

Forgotten Child

Chapter One: Prologue

A shattered mirror resembled Son Gohan's persona as he stared blankly at his books. His mind was clouded with frustration and nothing seemed right anymore. The young boy felt as though he'd been betrayed somehow, or plainly forgotten among his flesh, blood, and friends. Life seemed pretty dark for the obstinate fighter.

He started to notice the neglect when his father had died from that malicious monster Cell. His friends mourned the death of the heroic Saiyan known as Goku and his noble sacrifice for everyone. Gohan thought this so called gift was a curse because his life seemed to break as he did. No one seemed to notice him at all; it was like he wasn't there anymore. People sent condolences to Chichi, but why not him? Why not Son Gohan, child of Son Goku?

It was that day when Gohan realized his mother was pregnant with a child and things would change drastically over the next nine months. His mother had fallen into depression and Gohan did everything he could to cheer her up. Chichi's mood swings were wild, and Gohan didn't know any way possible to deal with this sort of situation. He was actually frightened.

Bulma came over and took care of his mother while he studied or trained. It didn't matter for no one listened to him nor bothered to take his prospect one how it was to lose his father but gaining a sibling. Gohan was looking forward to the birth to his new brother or sister; it was quite exciting in his eyes.

He would have another person to play with and raise, and finally the neglecting would pass over. Gohan smiled at the thought of his new sibling running around with his mother laughing again, it seemed so perfect, almost too perfect.

In a matter of time and patience Gohan's wish was granted as his sibling was born. It was a bouncy baby boy named Son Goten, with the exact same features as his father. Gohan nearly jumped with joy as he saw his little brother through the window in the hospital. Everyone rushed to his mother's room as he did too and congratulated the woman on her child's birth.

Gohan was pushing through the earth's special forces to see his hold his little brother, and yet one by one everyone held the smile child but him. He blinked in confusion, did everyone fail to notice that it was his brother and he should have the first right to hold him? No. The nurse kicked everyone out of the room and Gohan lowered his head. No one seemed to notice the young boy in despair.

After a couple of weeks his mother was released from the hospital and he finally got his mother back. Things were more hectic around the house because Goten would whine with hunger, or whimper with fear and it drove Chichi insane. Yet at nights, when Chichi was fast asleep and Goten started to wail, Gohan would sneak into his brother nursery and fed him or stayed with him until his little eyes closed.

Things never changed for Gohan because everyone seemed to have forgotten him. His mother completely ignored him, his friends would say a simple 'hi' then neglect, and nothing more was done but to coo over the baby or to complement Chichi on her hard work.

Finally, one day Gohan had enough of the ignorance and disregard his so called friends and mother were giving him, and he stopped. Gohan had stopped caring, showed no emotion, and worst of all, Goten had became nothing to the teenager for he was a forgotten child and the glimmer of hope in his eyes was nothing but a cold stare of confusion.