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Summary: Gohan can't help but think he's the lonely and forgotten child after Goku's demise and Goten's birth; no one pay's attention to the lonely boy. Now after years of suffering, how can the boy forgive and forget?



Forgotten Child

Chapter Four: Orphan

Another day passed by the slow world as Gohan arose from the darkness of the cave. Dawn had seemed different for instead of clouds of rain, the sky shone the sun's healthy rays. His pale skin had been deprived from the sun for so long, and his once black eyes were a darker teal than before. The previous day proved how much he had given up and become a shattered child. That once tough soldier had no where to turn to but a separate path or an abandoned family.

He chose the first.

Gohan's journey began that morning when he finally awoke to a bright hope. A day with the sun, after many days of rain, was an omen in the Saiyan culture; a good omen. With that, Gohan went to start his own life of healing and redemption. He sat there cross-legged upon the ledge and stared at the horizon, the sun already drying out the land. Gohan had felt the beginning of a new era open inside of him. After giving up on the family and friends who claimed they would be there for him, he was anew.

Gohan was reincarnated an orphan, still known as Gohan, but ripped of the tainted name of Son. That name began as honorable one, and then left to shreds when that disgraceful father left their family, and the family itself became corrupted. His mind dwelled to one of his past memories; it was right before he had given up on everyone. He and Vegeta had one of those casual talks after a hard one-on-one spar. They conversed of how the Japanese language is a tiny bit similar to Saiyango (Language of the Saiyan's).

(1)"Swoh ti gniog dik?"

"thgirla I sseug," Gohan had sighed while shaking his head and speaking Saiyango.

Vegeta stared out of the porthole from the GR. "Retteb teg emoh dik. Naito emit."

"Naito?" Gohan asked while raising an eyebrow. "That's Japanese for night."

The pureblood rolled his eyes. "Didn't you know that 'Naito' is half Saiyan and half Japanese? They derive from the same root."

"I'll keep that in mind…"

And so he did.

He was no longer Son Gohan, but Naito Gohan, for he was half and half, Saiyan and Japanese, night and morning.

With that, he jumped off the peak of the ledge and started anew journey.

Videl awoke the next morning from her hammock to a day with the sun shining. She blinked several times before she realized what she saw was the real thing. Her body was stiff and aching from the herbal cases she carried every day to the near by villages to sell. The things she sold were from easing pain of colds without the risk of side affects, to lowering a fever in harsh conditions.

And this was what her life was about. She learned sign language when she was little because one of her closest friends was deaf. Over the years she became quite skilled and found that many people knew sign language. Ever since the incident of her mother's claimed insanity, Videl was mute to the world. Words were nothing to her anymore. She was so expressionless and blunt with her signs.

She began her day by washing herself from the dirt and grease from the previous day and dressed herself. It was a trading day today. She'd get more clothes and food for the week by trading her herbal remedies. Videl carefully gathered her vials and bottles in a messenger bag and journeyed off into the forest.

Along the way to the village, she stopped to help some hungry and wounded animals. In her culture she believed that if you were to help others, then they would eventually help you in your life time. A rare smile graced her face as she walked away, happy with her deeds. In a matter of minutes she entered a small village full of life.

There were children running around giggling, mothers cooking a morning breakfast for their families, and fathers collecting wood for them. People were already setting up there trade stands, waving casually to each other. Videl walked towards a small restaurant to get some breakfast. Although it was a village, it wasn't primitive. Technology was available and there were means of transportation, but it was so simplistic.

"Hello Videl honey, what can I get you?" asked a plump woman with curly red hair.

Videl's hands moved delicately in front of her, saying she would just like some toast. The woman smiled and nodded while disappearing behind the curtain. She returned a moment later and handed the food to her. Videl took out a zeni from her pocket and handed it to the woman.

She took her food and thanked the lady with her movements and walked out. She began to roam about the village before stopping at a corner where her booth was already sat up. Videl began to set the potions and herbs up when all of a sudden a little girl and boy ran up to her.

"Hello Videl-san," they said in unison.

Videl made her hand movements in a way of saying, 'Hello Miko-san, Chico-san.'

"Our kassan needs some fever remedies for our baby brother," said the little girl named Chico.

Videl nodded and began to gather up some herbs and handed a little bag to the boy. Miko smiled and paid Videl the right amount of money. He was around twelve years old while his sister was eleven. They knew sign language because their grandmother was deaf.

"Thank you Videl-san," Miko grinned while running off with his sister.

The day was just like others. Good trade went on with Videl making a good amount of zeni. The only different thing about that day was a rumor going around about a new person entering the village.

"I heard he is an orphan…"

"I heard that he is going rob us…"

"Nonsense, he's our dreamy protector…"

"Honestly, he is only sixteen from what I've heard…"

This new boy irked everyone's mind, even Videl's. She began packing up her things once again to tread off to her home until someone tapped her on her shoulder. It was a boy with spiky black hair and dark, teal eyes. "Do you sell healing supplies?"

Videl stared blankly at the stranger and signed, 'I'm closed.'

The boy raised an eyebrow and began to sign also to Videl's surprise. 'I have a gash on my leg and I really need some help.'

Videl's eyes darted to his leg, pants already drenched in blood. She shook her head and began getting out supplies, motioning him to sit down. She began to apply medical attention to his wound and shook her head. 'You need rest before I hand fully help you. Where do you reside to live?'

'No where,' he signed with a shrug. 'I'm a wanderer and usually sleep in trees or such.'

Videl sighed and shook her head. 'Stay at one of the rest places here. They're free of charge, and then you will be healed.'

'Alright, how much do I owe you?'

'Nothing,' she signed while packing up the rest of her things and allowing the stranger to follow her. As they arrived to the resting home, Videl properly treated her patient and bid the owner good-bye.

'I'm leaving to my home,' Videl signed. 'Bye.'

'Of course, your parents must be worried.'

'I have to parents,' she indicated him.

'Same here,' he signed while shaking his head. 'Tell me your name.'

'Videl, and yours?'

'Gohan. Naito Gohan.'

'Well good-bye Gohan.' Videl walked out of the resting place with a nod and advanced towards her home.

The owner came around and smiled at Gohan. "She's a sweet girl."

"Indeed," Gohan said, "Must be hard with no parents and being deaf."

"She's not deaf boy," the man exclaimed firmly. "She's just a mute. Videl can hear everything, but will not speak. She lost all will."

"Why won't she speak?"

"One of the few mysteries," the man shrugged. "It's a sad thing. She'll never talk about her past. She entered this village four years ago selling herbal remedies and healing the wounded. Miracle child worked her way up with a small home in the forest. Many offered her a place, though she refused."

"Interesting," Gohan said while trailing off and thinking. She's like me…

An orphan…

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Things to know:

(1): The Saiyan language if you didn't notice, are English words back words. (I.e. thgirla I sseug is 'Alright I guess')