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Julie stared up at the clear sky, trying to count the stars she saw there. It was something she had done when she was a child, her brother having told her that there were an infinite number of stars in the sky. Being a stubborn child, she had been convinced she was capable of doing anything and so constantly tried to prove her brother wrong. Having outgrown her childhood silliness, the counting ritual now just had a calming effect on her.

A giggle carried through the still night air, and Julie craned her head to locate the girl. A couple was passing the grassy hill where Julie lay on her back. She watched them pass, the girl hanging on the guy's arm, giggling at some remark he had just made.

They're acting just like Connie and Guy, Julie thought, smirking. All lovey dovey. There's so much more to life than acting like an idiot over a member of the opposite sex, she thought. But even as she told herself that, a longing sigh escaped her, which only made her angry. Come on, Julie, stop being such a girl. Do you really want to date anyone again?

Yes, a little voice answered.

Frustrated with herself, Julie sat up on the grass and hugged her knees to her chest. No you don't, she told herself forcefully.

I want what they have, the voice insisted. What's so wrong about that?

You know you aren't going to get it, so back off. She lowered her chin to her knees and stared at her grass-covered sneakers. There's only one person you want and you can't have him.

Why not? The voice sounded pouty now. If I just tell him...

Do I really have to go through this with myself again? Apparently so since she could feel herself yearning to follow the voice's advice. Okay fine. One: He is, without a doubt, one of the hottest guys in school, so he can have any girl he wants. Considering I'm a tomboy hockey player and definitely not one of the hottest girls in school, I somehow doubt I even register on his radar. Two: He's a teammate, so even if he did end up wanting me back--fat chance there--it would screw up the team dynamics. Especially if we ever broke up. And three...well, I don't have a three, but the first two are enough. Got it, Julie?

Julie waited for her inner voice to speak up again and smiled with satisfaction when it remained quiet. Rubbing her temple, she stopped smiling. God, I'm losing it. On that note, she got up and started walking back to the dorms, hoping she didn't run into any of her teammates.