A/N: I now realise how stupid it sounds that I've been saying 'on' heat all this time lol. Thank you for the reviews everyone.

As they drove through the streets Max enjoyed the feeling of the wind blowing in her hair and was extremely turned on by the feeling of Alec's arms around her waist. She had been momentarily annoyed that he hadn't brought his own motorbike. Not surprisingly the careless X5 had crashed it the night before and it was being repaired. Alec had offered, or more demanded to drive, but Max had stubbornly refused, her motive being that driving the vehicle would keep her mind off the fine male specimen on the bike with her.

Alec tapped Max's shoulder, indicating to slow down and turn right. She drove slowly down the dark street. It was silent, apart from the rumble of the bike's engine. Max cut the engine and turned to face Alec, realising that her face was less than an inch from his. She stepped off the bike, willing her mind to think of turn-offs. Mushrooms. Mud. Agent White. Sexy Ames White. She cringed, White as a sex object? She was deranged.

Alec watched from his spot on the back of the bike with an amused look. Max's face looked like it was in serious conflict. One second she looked aroused and the next, revolted.

'You okay Maxie?' He asked with a smirk.

'Shut up, I'm fine. Shut up' She blurted out quickly, before feeling foolish for her outburst. She looked up at the building they had stopped outside of. 'The X7 gave you the exact address?' Alec nodded. Max was concerned 'don't you think that's just a little easy, things don't usually get handed to us on a platter'

Alec shrugged. 'Maybe we're finally getting a lucky break'

Max almost laughed at his naiveness 'Don't count on it Alec, nothing is this easy. Especially not when White is involved..'

Alec rolled his eyes. Man this girl was high-strung. Couldn't she just accept that they had the advantage?

Max continued '..besides, this place looks dead.'

Alec nodded, stepping off the bike. 'The warehouse is a front. The real operations are underground. This is just the main entrance.'

Max sighed. 'Oh yeah, that's a great way to take on an operation which probably has multiple security guards with these things called guns which kinda kill you. Lets just walk on in through the front door.'

Alec could have screamed. She was so antagonizing. 'Great to know you have so much faith in me Max. I did excel in creating operation scenarios back at Manticore. I didn't come here with no plan in mind'

Max gave him a sour look. 'Well aren't we a perfect little solider'.

Alec was amazed. Was it possible that her attitude got worse when she was in heat? 'Whatever Max, If you want to leave them all here to be tortured and murdered then you can go ahead home'.

'You know what Alec I am…' Alec grabbed Max, putting his hand up against her face and pulling her into the shadows. Max bit his hand 'What are you doing?' She whispered angrily. He shushed her, pointing to the armoured truck pulling up. They watched silently, bodies pushed up against each other and breathing heavily. Max could feel the blood pulsing through her body and the scent of Alec's aftershave. Damn you Alec, why do you have to smell so good.

White was the first to exit the truck. Yelling at the driver about not driving inconspicuously enough. The two X5's in the darkness watched as White opened the back doors of the truck. Three packing cronies were the first to get out followed by a group of about ten drugged transgenics.  Max couldn't see any abnormalities in their appearance so assumed they were most likely X5's. She felt Alec's body tense behind her and knew that he had spotted '486'. Max ran her eyes over the four females, wondering which one she was. Alec nudged her and gestured towards the front doors of the factory. Five guards had come out of the building to join White and his men. Max heard White tell the guards that the transgenics wouldn't be any problem for another hour and that was sufficient time to get them in constraints. The guard nodded with what Max sensed was fear of White.  After giving his orders and collecting a briefcase, no doubt full of money, White and his men left.

Three of the five guards entered the building first and the two at the back began slowly herding the drowsy transgenics into the building. 

'Lets go' Alec whispered, giving Max a shove from their hiding place. He ran across the street and knocked the two remaining guards unconscious without breaking a sweat. Max joined him.

'So you wanna share this brilliant plan with me or do I have to wing it' She asked.

Alec nodded towards the group of transgenics heading into the building. 'Join them, act lethargic. You'll fit in, their dumb enough not to notice there's one more'

'What about you' Max hissed.

Alec bend down next to one of the guards, taking the security card from the mans pocket 'I'm going to pick up guard duty'