Searching for a Star

Author's Note--Wow a real Kenyako. It's been a while. I never actually finished writing one before. But I promise I will this time!

I should add that they are teenagers in this book, 16-17 ish. Why? Because the thought of 12 year olds falling in love slightly creeps me out.

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Because what's better than an epic quest and good old fashioned Kenyako lurvin'? That's right. Nothing!


"Poromon, wake up."

The adorable little blob opened an eye and yawned. "What time is, Yolei?"

A tall girl with... was that lavendar hair?... huffed. "We're going to save the Digital World once and for all. Besides, it's a weekend. Now come on!"

The marshmallow-thing sighed and morphed into a rather more dignified hawk. For reasons no one could explain, he now spoke with a faint British accent. "My dear, I hope that you have prepared this plan more carefully than your last."

Yolei blushed. "Hey, I spent a lot more time thinking about this one!" Somehow, Hawkmon managed to raise an eyebrow. "Well... more than an hour this time... a little." She straightened herself. "Listen, I know that it's going to work." She smiled. "And you're coming with me whether you like it or not!"

Hawkmon had little choice. "Perhaps you would be so kind as to let your partner in on your plot, then?" He stretched his wings and yawned hugely.

The girl shrugged, eyes sparkling. "Maybe. And I promise that, after we save the world, I won't tell anyone that you almost made me go back to bed."

"How kind of you."