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*SPEECH* Yami to whoever

**SPEECH** Whoever to Yami

Yami - Yami Yugi

Bakura - Yami Bakura (future reference)

Marik - The less sadistic version of our favorite blonde bad guy

Chapter 1 - Chance Meetings

Yami sighed, leaning his back against the bar absently as he studied the gathered patrons around the packed, noisy dance club. Another busy night . . . another headache coming on from the smell of too many bodies in too small an area.

"Hey . . . Yami, man, you don't look so good," Joey said from the other end of the bar. "Maybe you should go out back and take a breather."

"Are you sure you can handle this mess on your own for a few?" Yami asked, shouting over the incessant sound of overly loud music and people trying to hold conversations. Joey nodded, waving one arm jauntily towards the back door.

"Yeah man . . . I got it covered," he replied, flipping a bottle over and up in a show of expertise that had the girls at his end of the bar sighing in awe. Yami smiled slightly as he made his way to the back door . . . if they only knew Joey wasn't interested. He put on a good show . . . but his heart was already taken. A certain tall, buxom blonde dancer by the name of Mai Valentine had been Joey's steady girlfriend for over six months now.

Yami sighed as he took in a breathe of clean night air, stepping through the back door and propping it open with a box before sitting down.

He'd been here close to a year now . . . Gravitation was the premier dance club in town, and the bartending position was highly sought after, especially if you were a good looking young man. Yami had been hired on the spot . . . with his exotic tri-colored hair, crimson eyes, and lithe body, he'd been an automatic hit with both the ladies and the men. He rolled his eyes . . . he could deal with the men, but the ladies simpering over him had a tendency to make him physically ill. His thoughts turned to his room mate, and he chuckled under his breath.

His cousin was a college bound teenager by the name Yugi Mutou, recently come from Domino City. A distant cousin on his mother's side, Yugi's grandfather had requested Yami to take the timid boy under his wing and show him the ropes around town. He'd reluctantly agreed . . . and gained the closest friend he could ever have had.

Yugi was, quite literally, a little bundle of light. Always full of joy and warmth, the teenager had brought a comfort to Yami's home that had been missing for quite some time, since even before Yami's parents had passed a way in a car accident several years ago. Yami was thankful he had never sent off the message to the old man that had told him to keep the boy away from him. Yugi had become a main support in his life, keeping Yami going when everything seemed to be crumbling around him.

Yami's biggest fear was that some day that light would be tainted. Yugi was such an innocent . . . he was smart, and very strong, but he inherently believed that everyone had good in them, and Yami dreaded the day he discovered that wasn't true.

The leather clad teenager sighed, standing to stretch before heading back inside. He still had several hours to go before his shift was over . . . and it looked like it was going to be a long several hours.


"Yami!" a voice shouted over the din, causing the young man to lift his head and stare out into the crowd in surprise.

"Yugi?" He spied the short teenager making his way towards the bar, a white haired boy following closely behind. "Yugi! What in the world . . ."

"Hey Yami! I want you to meet Ryou . . . he's a classmate of mine." Yami nodded to the boy before turning his attention back to his cousin.

"Yugi, what are you doing here?" he asked. Yugi smiled sheepishly.

"Well . . . a couple of the guys asked us if we wanted to come along, but we seem to have lost them in the crowd. Besides . . . it was lonely at home." Yami sighed and shook his head, a slight smile gracing his features.

"I should have known . . . fine. Get your butt behind this bar though . . . this isn't exactly the place for someone underage." He gestured to the white haired boy. "Bring your friend too . . . I could use the company." Yugi grinned, ducking under the gate, dragging Ryou with him. He popped up behind the bar, his eyes barely able to see over the top. Yami scooted two stools their way and went about filling orders.

He nearly groaned when he spotted the club's owner heading their way. 'Just what I need . . . Kaiba,' he thought to himself. Seto Kaiba, his boss, had to have the world's biggest stick up his spine. He was a hardcore business man . . . and Yami was sure that he wasn't coming over for a pleasure visit. He was right.

"What are they doing back there?" he snarled without preamble as he strode over to the bar. Yami ran a hand through his hair.

"Some classmates brought them here . . . they're too young to be un-chaperoned, and this is my cousin. So I brought them back here. They're not getting in the way . . . actually, they're helping, so you're getting un-paid labor," Yami growled, trying to appeal to the business side of his boss. It didn't work.

"I don't care if they're mixing drinks and doing the hula . . . this is against policy, and you know it. If it weren't for the fact that you're my most popular bartender, I'd fire you."

"Look, Kaiba, it won't happen again, but I want my cousin staying back here, and that includes his friend. Or I can just walk out now, if you like." Kaiba looked decidedly less than happy to be handed an ultimatum, but knew when he had been cornered.

"Fine . . . but I need you to stay until closing," the sable haired man growled. Yami groaned, but bit back his comments. He usually liked to be out of here by midnight . . . after midnight was when Gravitation became more than just a dance club, and he really did not want Yugi exposed to such a thing. But, it looked like Kaiba had cornered him just as he had cornered Kaiba.

"Fine," he said. "But I expect my normal pay and a half. And you had better get a bouncer for the bar." Kaiba nodded curtly before moving back into the crowd, his sapphire trench coat trailing behind him. "Bastard . . ." he growled under his breath as the retreating back, wishing half-heartedly that he dared say it loud enough for the arrogant prick to hear him. Turning to Yugi, he looked at the boy carefully. "Yug," he murmured, "things are going to be happening after midnight that I really didn't want you to see . . . but I don't want you going home unescorted either. I'm going to have to ask you to put up with some . . . rather interesting things, little one." Yugi looked at him steadily.

"Yami . . . I know what happens around here at midnight. Everyone at school talks about it . . . and about the bartender who's to die for, but never gets interested." Yami looked flabbergasted. Yugi knew? "I'm not that young!" Yugi said in a huff at his older cousin's expression. "You do remember what it was like to be a hormone driven teenager, don't you? Besides, I'm curious, and who better to see any of this with than you?" Yami sighed and shook his head . . . his cousin proved to be more surprising at every turn.

He turned back to work, hoping that tonight wouldn't prove to be like every other night that he had stayed until closing. If it did . . . he was likely to be the one needing to be escorted home.

Midnight came and the lights dimmed. The music changed to a more sultry style, and the crowd became a different collage of people. The dance crowd went home, turning over the club to the more interesting tastes of the older crowd.

Yami watched as Mai was the first to take the stage, the tall blonde dressed in knee high white leather boots and a white cat suit. Her hair was left to hang loose, a sultry look on her face as she danced in front of the gathered crowd to Nine Inch Nails 'Closer'.

It was an appropriate song for the woman . . . she looked like an angel fallen to earth, but she had the temperament of a demon when crossed. Yami was glad that Joey had hooked up with her . . . Mai had been afer him for a time, until he'd managed to convince her that he wasn't quite interested in the opposite sex. Mai had shrugged and told him it was a shame, but that was life. They'd remained good friends ever since.

"Hey gorgeous," a voice from the other side of the bar said. Yami rolled his eyes and sidestepped the slap to his ass that was the woman's customary greeting.

"Hello Illyana," he murmured, sounding less than enthused. "The usual?"

"If it includes you, most definitely," the woman said, flashing her rings as a feral grin crossed her face. Yami quickly prepared her drink and handed it across the bar.

"Sorry, I don't come with the drinks, Illyana," he said. She pouted, but smiled as he turned away.

"Who is that?" Yugi whispered to Yami as he paused to mix a drink near where the two teenagers were sitting. Ryou was gaping up at Mai on stage, a dazed expression on his face. Yugi knew his cousin was gay, and it didn't faze him in the slightest. Actually, since coming to live with Yami, he had discovered that he was bi-sexual, a discovery that Yami had helped him come to terms with.

"Her name is Illyana Florentino. She's the wife of an influential senator . . . and she's always looking for new playtoys to add to her collection. Unfortunately, I seem to be next on her list," Yami whispered. "Her husband is constantly away on business and allows her to do as she pleases, as long as she's the good 'wife' when they're in public together. She's a big tipper, so I tolerate her . . . but I wish she would keep her hands to herself." Yugi patted a shoulder comfortingly.

"I take it you've told her you're not interested?"

"About a thousand times, little hikari," Yami said, using his personal nickname for his cousin. "She doesn't take the hint very easily." He moved away to continue tending to the customers, leaving Yugi to watch the crowd clustered around the bar. A good many of them were women, all of them drooling over his older cousin . . . but there was a fair mix of men doing some drooling too. Yugi couldn't blame them . . . if Yami hadn't been his cousin, he would have been drooling right along with them.

Yami was like the night itself, dark and mysterious. He moved with the grace of a panther on the prowl, and dressed in skin tight black leather pants and a black fishnet shirt, he was certainly worthy of the attention. His eyes, already an exotic crimson color, were lined with kohl, and he wore enough belts to be a sado-masochists wet dream. The one thing that the cousins shared in common besides their hair was the earring dangling from their right ears . . . a small upside down pyramid. They had bought the jewelry together when Yugi had first come to his conclusion about his sexual appetites . . . and neither ever took the item off. It was a symbol of their bond to each other.

Yugi's attention was drawn abruptly to the stage as the music changed suddenly. Engima's 'Gravity of Love' pumped through the speakers as the stage was lit with a golden glow, revealing the figure descending the stairs to the left in all his glory. Yugi nearly started to drool . . . the guy was almost as hot as his cousin.

Platinum blonde hair fell in casual disarray around deeply tanned shoulders that were left bare, glinting with golden sparkles. Egyptian jewelry adorned the bare upper arms and wrists, a wide choker gracing a slender neck.

The vision swayed across the stage, his hips rotating smoothly in time with the beat of the music. He raised his fingers, small cymbals clashing together in time with the music as he swivelled and pivoted, every movement a harmony of body and song. Yugi turned to glance at Yami, one eyebrow raised in question . . . and was startled to see his cousin staring dumbstruck at the stage beside him.

"He's new . . ." Yami murmured, his gaze fastened on the dancer unwaveringly. Yami gulped as the dancer's eyes met his over the crowd for a few seconds that seemed to last an eternity. His eyes were almost as unique as Yami's own . . . a light lavender color that couldn't possibly be natural. "Good gods, he's gorgeous . . ." he whispered.

An urgent growl from the other side of the bar snapped his attention back to his job, and he quickly went about making drinks, occasionally shooting glances up at the stage in fascination.

"Hey Yami . . . can a thirsty girl get a drink?" Mai asked as she settled down at the bar. Yami smiled at her and tossed together her drink, bringing it over to her.

"Nice set tonight, Mai," he murmured, handing her the glass.

"I'm nothing compared to the response the new guy is getting," she replied, taking a sip. "Do you see the drool? I can't say that I blame them . . . he is a sight to behold."

"Hey . . . I resent that!" Joey said, coming up behind her and giving her a hug. She grinned and patted his hand comfortingly.

"Trust me hun . . . he may look good, but I've got all I need right here, lover boy," she said. She turned her attention back to Yami. "Besides . . . I think Yami's finally found someone interesting here." Yami went to deny it, then blushed when he saw the knowing look in Mai's eyes.

"All right, you got me," he said finally as the new guy's set ended. "But knowing my luck, he's got a boyfriend or he's straight, so what's the use?" Mai smirked.

"Well . . . finally I know something you don't know," she said, grinning. "Seems Marik . . . that's his name, by the way . . . has that same nifty little tattoo that you have on your shoulder." Yami looked floored, his hand absently going up to rub at the shoulder in question.

The Eye of Horus had become a symbol of late for people who knew their own minds and didn't follow the so called 'normal' paths of life. Gay's, lesbians, and bi-sexual's alike had taken to tattooing it on their shoulders to show that they were self-aware and proud of who they were. Horus, the ancient Egyptian God of Knowledge and Wisdom, was probably having a heart-attack in heaven over it, but he had become the patron saint for those who had made their journey into self-discovery. Yami himself had worn the tattoo for over three years now, before it had become a statement.

"You should go meet him," Mai was saying. "He seems really nice . . . a bit on the shy side, but nice. I was talking with him for a little bit before the show started." Yami shrugged.

"I'm gonna be busy until closing, from the looks of it. Maybe some other time." Mai shrugged and turned to watch the stage, leaving Yami to his customers.

The hours dragged by without further sighting of the blonde. Yami wasn't sure whether to be grateful for the lack of distraction, or frustrated. It was a busy night . . . he got a five minute break when Joey came back to the bar, and then it started all over again. Finally closing time came, and with it an end to the seemingly endless unwanted attentions he fended off every night. He sighed in relief, sagging against the bar as the patrons left in singles or in groups.

"Joey, can you clean up tonight? I have to get these two home," Yami murmured, gesturing to Yugi and Ryou, who were quietly talking down at the other end of the bar.

"No prob, Yami . . . I got ya covered," the tall blonde said. "Mai's probably gonna be a bit anyway . . . she's got to get all that makeup off." Yami smiled at him.

"I owe you one, Joey," he said. Joey merely shrugged.

"Not like you haven't cleaned up for me a time or two . . . no worries, man. Get those two home safe though, okay? They seem like sweet kids . . . and with some of the weirdo's we get around here . . ." He left the thought unfinished, but Yami already knew the concern. While Gravitation was a very discerning night club, some of it's clientele had tastes that were generally frowned upon by everyone . . . young boys being at the top of the list.

"No need to remind me," he said. "I'll see you tomorrow, Jou."

He quickly herded the two teenagers to their coats before taking them out the back exit, away from the patrons who still lingered, hoping for a last chance to see their favorite dancers. The bouncers would take care of them soon enough, but he wanted Yugi and Ryou away as fast as possible.

The alleyway behind Gravitation was dark, almost forbidding in it's total lack of noise after the loudness of the club. That silence was quickly broken by the sound of a hoarse shout and a resounding slap. Yami shoved the boys behind him, telling them silently to stay put as he moved to check out the disturbance.

He froze as he rounded a corner, and nearly came into contact with a fist.

"I fucking told you that you weren't going to work here!" a voice growled. There was the sound of a fist striking flesh, and a harsh whimper broke Yami from his paralysis. Not hesitating, he tapped into the abilities he so rarely used, sending a telepathic message back to his cousin.

*Yugi . . . run back into the club with Ryou and get a bouncer . . . I think one of the dancers may be in trouble. Hurry, little one.* He sensed Yugi's assent before shutting down the link to his cousin and stepping into the fight.

He intercepted a fist before it could connect with the huddled figure on the ground, pushing back with his hidden strength until the assailant staggered backwards.

"Who the fuck are you?" the man growled. "This isn't your business . . . get the hell out of the way. That useless tramp disobeyed me, and now he's got to pay for it." Yami snarled as the man moved forward again.

"No one beats up on one of Gravitation's dancers," he snapped, moving to cover the figure behind him. "I'd suggest you get out of here before the bouncer I sent my cousin for arrives."

"We'll discuss this later, Marik . . ." the cloaked figure growled, before turning and stalking off towards the well lit street. Yami stood frozen at the name . . . the figure huddled on the ground behind him was Marik, the new dancer? He snapped out of his daze as a harsh sob came from the teenager behind him. He went to his knees beside the young man, reaching out a hesitant hand to pull back the hood of the cloak that covered him. He gasped as platinum blonde hair fell out of the restraint as it was removed, watery lavender eyes turning to regard him over a bruise that was slowly forming along one side of his face.

"Are you all right?" Yami asked quietly, his fingers running lightly over the forming bruise. Marik nodded shakily. "Who was he?"

"An ex-boyfriend," the blonde said, using Yami's support to stand. "One who didn't want me working here."

"If he's an ex, why should he care now?" Yami murmured. Marik shrugged and laughed, his voice slightly hysteric.

"I say he's an ex . . . he says I still belong to him," the teenager said. They were interrupted by the arrival of two bouncers and his cousin, with Ryou in tow. Yami reluctantly handed the hurt dancer over to the bouncers to escort him home before escorting his own charges back to their house. Ryou was staying over night . . . which was fine with Yami. Yugi could use the distraction . . . and he wasn't up to it. He couldn't get the feel of Marik's skin out of his mind, nor the anger the sight of that bruise had awakened in him.

Turning on the shower full blast, he stripped and stepped into the scalding spray, washing the smell of the club from his skin. As he washed, the image of Marik's dancing on stage replayed in his head, causing serious physical problems.

"Damn," he growled as it refused to go away, even after he turned the water to full cold. Readjusting the water to a warmer temperature, he tried more drastic measures. He leaned back against the wall, his eyes closing as he let the image of Marik's body dancing on stage play in his mind, slowly undressing the tanned teenager as his breathing grew more ragged.

At last, he got himself calm again. Shaking his head to clear it of the fog that had crowded into his mind, he used the wall to steady himself as he rinsed off and finally shut the water down. Stepping out of the shower, he quickly toweled himself off before going to stand in front of the mirror.

"You're asking for trouble, you know . . ." he told the image of himself. "He's obviously had a bad relationship end not too long ago, and you're thinking about stepping right into the middle of it." That didn't quell the desire in his heart and mind though. "I just can't win," he sighed finally. Wrapping the towel around his waist and snagging another for his hair, he left the bathroom in a cloud of steam.

Yugi and Ryou were in the living room talking when he walked in. Yugi squeaked and covered Ryou's eyes.

"Yami! We have company!" he said. "And Ryou's straight!" Yami smirked as he walked past on his way to his bedroom. Yugi was in for one hell of a surprise, judging by the expression on Ryou's face before Yugi had covered his eyes. He suspected his cousin's 'friend' was very interested in Yugi . . . that was good. Yugi needed companionship other than his own, especially considering the hours he worked. Ryou seemed like a decent guy . . . quiet and shy, yes, but then again, Yugi wasn't exactly the most outgoing person in the world either. They would make a good match.

Shutting the door to his bedroom behind him, he flopped onto the bed, not bothering to remove the towel, even though it would possibly ruin the silk sheets. His parents had left him money . . . he could always buy another set, if need be. He didn't like relying on their legacy to live, however . . . that was why he worked at Gravitation. He had to feel like he was providing for himself, not living off the only thing his parents had ever given him.

He rolled over on his stomach, absently punching the pillow into a more comfortable shape as he thought about his parents. His parents had been successful partners in business . . . their marriage had not been entirely loveless, but it had not been based on the fleeting emotion either. They had rarely had time for the son they hadn't really planned on having . . . he had been raised by paid nannies and tutors, learning early in life that his parents had no use for him. He sighed, shoving such thoughts from his mind. He hated dwelling on his childhood . . . it only brought him into a state of depression. That was why he had been so glad when Yugi turned out to be the little bundle of light that he was . . . he kept Yami from dwelling too long in the darkness of his own soul.

Laying his head down, he finally gave in to the urge to sleep, letting the soft voices of the teenagers in the next room lull him into dreamless slumber.