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Chapter One

Just An Average Girl

A young girl no more than eighteen stared listlessly out of her bedroom window. She had long ebony black hair that fell to her waist, and dazzling ocean blue eyes. She wore a loose fitting black tank-top and blue jeans.

'God I'm bored.' She thought, twirling a pencil in her hand. She was supposed to be doing her homework, but she could care less about school. Slamming her pencil down on her notebook she sat up, throwing her hair into a high ponytail, but leaving two large chunks of hair to frame her delicate features. She walked to her door and stepped into the hall. Her house was an old two-story house that was almost 90 years old. Her room was on the top floor, which suited her just fine seeing as no-one else shared the floor with her. Her bedroom was the first room on the right, the bathroom was across from her, her computer room was down the hall from hers, and the last room was a spare where her parents kept -to put it bluntly - a load of old junk.

"Mom!" She called, making her way down the stairs, tightening her ponytail. "I'm going out."

"Where?" Her mother asked. She rolled her eyes.

"For a walk, I might meet up with Demi." She replied. She didn't get along the greatest with her mom, but she had learned to live with her.

"Alright Amaya, be back by midnight."

"Sure." She said, throwing on her shoes and walking out the back door, patting her dog on the head before she left. She walked into the crowed city street of Domino City, inhaling the smell of the pizza restaurant down the street.

She began walking down the street, not sure of where she was going, but not really caring either.

'God, what does a girl have to do to get a little excitement in her life?' She mentally asked herself. It was true, she had little thrill in her life. She biggest thing she had to worry about was hanging out with friends, homework, and dealing with her mom. All and all, she was pretty ordinary.

'Too ordinary.' She thought bitterly. 'Just another girl.' She hated the thought, she had always to stand out in the crowd, but she just blended into the background. The biggest thing that ever happened in her neighborhood were the two gangs in her town. The Chains, and The Daggers.

'Bid whoop-de-do. Like there ever going to bother me.' Then she spotted someone.

"Hey Demi!" She called, the girl turned around. She was nineteen, but only a few mouths older then Amaya. She also had black hair that was highlighted with lime green streaks. Her eyes were a dazzling emerald, and her clothes were baggy and black.

She waved and Amaya ran up to meet her.

"Hey!" She said, smiling, with returned by her friend. "What's up?" Demi shrugged.

"I had a basketball game, we won." She said. That was another thing about these two. Demi was competitive and athletic. Amaya was into art and enjoyed reading, but they were both fiery, strong-willed and took no shit from anyone, no matter who they were.

"That's good." Amaya replied. "Hey, let's go grab something to eat, I'm starving." Demi grinned in approval.

"You said it, but I'm a little short on cash .." Amaya playfully punched her arm.

"You bum, come on, but you have to pay me back." Demi nodded. "Sure."


Amaya groaned as she turned her alarm clock off. Having completed that she flopped back into bed, covering her head with the blanket.

"Amaya!" Her dad called up to he from the foot of the stairs "Are you awake?"

"Barely." She moaned.

"Get dressed, your going to be late for school." She would have rolled her eyes, but she was simply to tired to muster the energy. Dragging herself out of bed she looked in the mirror on her dresser. He hair was in complete disarray and her pajamas were rumpled.

"Great." She said aloud. "I look like a bum." She brushed down her unruly hair and thrown it into a ponytail, as always, leaving the two large chunks of hair. She threw on her favorite T-shirt (It was black with a sliver dragon on it and Japanese writing down the side) and a comfortable pair of pants, grabbing her books for school and throwing then in her backpack she made her way downstairs.

"Later guys." She said as she grabbed a piece of toast and flew out the front door. She reached her school and instantly spotted Demi at her locker - It was right beside her own -.

"Hi." She said, spinning her lock around in her hands and opening it effortlessly.

"Did you see that movie last night?" Demi asked, gathering her books for class.

"No, my parents had the Tv." She said, her voice dull. Demi let out a laugh. She could usually have the Tv when she wanted, her parents were pretty loose, and she lived with her two older brothers. Amaya didn't mind, but she and Ryan hated each other.

"It wasn't that great, but it was alright." Demi replied with a shrug. A sudden noise erupted from a nearby hall. Amaya and Demi shrugged and began walking towards the sound, it was on there way to class anyway.

They turned the corner and saw a tough looking girl with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. She seemed to be in a disagreement with a man of about twenty-one.

"Go to hell Seth." She said, her eyes blazing fury.

"Fuck you." The boy retorted. "You don't the first thing about what happened."

"I think I know enough asshole."

"Ya, well get a load of this." He said, and brought his fist back, aiming it at the girl, she caught his fist with ease.

"You shouldn't have done that." She replied and kneed him clean in the stomach. He doubled over in pain.

"Ouch." Demi commented. "That musta hurt." Amaya nodded in agreement.

"Ya, well if he wasn't such a bastard, he wouldn't have gotten hurt." The girl said. "I'm Rei."

"I'm Demi, she's Amaya." She said, introducing herself.

"Ya, I've seen you around school before. I have Math class with Amaya." She said, acting as if nothing had happened. "Anyways, see you around." And with that, she was off.

The bell rang and Demi looked at Amaya. "We had better go, you know the teacher gets when were late."

"Ya, she's such a bitch." The two girls headed for class, not wanting to be late.

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