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2 months later.

Amaya's long hair blew in the breeze softly, the sunlight catching the raven locks, making them sparkle. Her mouth moved, the words the soft to be heard as she bowed her head, her hands held in a praying position, two large white candles in front of her, with a tiny one in the middle.

In her state of concentration, she didn't even Yami coming up behind her until he had his arms wrapped securely around her waist.

"What are you doing?" He asked, his brows furrowed in questioning, making Amaya open her ocean hued eyes, a small smile gracing her lips.

"I figured since were finally celebrating Marik's death, I figured I would say my prayer for Maiyu, Bakura and their baby." She answered. "I'm just glad we were able to give them a proper burial." Yami nodded his head in understanding, placing a chaste kiss on his fiancée's neck, making her lean back into him.

"Yes." He mumbled against her neck, causing her to playfully push him away.

"I'm glad got the idea from Demi to wait for the celebration until Seto was out of the hospital, it wouldn't feel right without him, and he has a BIG reason to dance over his grave." Yami gave a little laugh at that, patting her on the head.

"Come on, you should get ready, you know how Demi hates waiting." Amaya nodded and headed back into the house that Yami had bought for them, seeing as they were getting married in a couple months time. There was just one problem - Demi and Seto had decided to move in them, so it wasn't much different then having the apartment.

But it's not like the place wasn't big enough, with over forty rooms in the place. It paid having a rich fiancee whose parents had left him with well……. enough money to survive that was for sure.

Mentally mapping the route to her room she turned a few corners, coming into hers and Yami's shared room. Making her way over to the dresser she suddenly stopped dead, clutching her stomach and covering her mouth, groaning as she felt the all to familiar nausea creep up on her.

It had been happening for a couple of months now, and it was a real pain in the ass, but it usually passed quickly, she was thankful for that at least. She stood still for a moments before it passed, making her sigh with relief. At least she hadn't puked this time.

Prancing over to her dresser she threw it open, surveying the clothing, deciding what she should wear. In celebration of their victory, they were required to wear all black, even though she hadn't needed to wear as much of the color lately.

They once again ruled over Tokyo, and it was great.

Selecting a pair of form fitting leather pants and a corset she walked in front of the mirror, somehow managing to get into the tight top, and ran a hand over her stomach. She was sure she had gained a few pounds, but she didn't know how, seeing as she ate pretty much the same.

Well, maybe a bit more……….

Grinning guiltily to herself she applied on a light coat of pale blue eye shadow and black eyeliner, completing the look with sliver hop earrings before a crash from above her sounded, making her roll her eyes.

The house wasn't even half a year old and Demi and Seto were already going to tear the fucking place apart. Throwing down her eye pencil in annoyance she walked out of the elaborate room and up the long stairs to where the houses second occupants were.

"Alright fuckers, I just got this fucking place and I'll be damned in you little bastards are going to tear it the hell apart!" She yelled, standing in the doorway of the second master bedroom, casting an unamused eye at the scene before her.

Demi was sprawled out on back on the hardwood floor, Seto spread on top of her. It was obvious that the couple had fell, but that wasn't what caused the look of sheer annoyance on the young women's face - it was the fact that Seto was half dressed and busying working on her neck with his nimble lips.

But despite that, Amaya had to hand it to him - for a guy with only half use of his left hand, he still knew how to be a God in bed by the look on Demi's face every morning.

"Hi Amaya." Demi squeaked making a pathetic attempt at appearing innocent while Seto merely smirked up at her, his topaz eyes holding a teasing look as his lips continued their work.

"Oh for Christ sake's!" Amaya exclaimed in exasperation, storming over to the pair and ripping Seto off her friend who pouted a little, her bottom stuck out as she glared at the one who dare interrupt her fun 'n games. "Get ready, and for fuck sake's Seto, put a goddamn shirt on!" She added her eyes looking down at his muscled body, the pink knot of scar tissue covering most of the area of his left collar bone, reaching up to claim some of his shoulder as well.

If he were to turn around, you would see similar markings on his back.

"What?" He said, a smirk forming on his lips. "She's the one who took it off."

"Why am I not fucking surprised?" Amaya sighed rolling her eyes at her overly hormonal friend.

"Because no matter how hard she tries, she can't seem to keep her hands off me." Came Seto's remark as he pulled on a black muscle shirt that covered his scars, still giving a good view of his arms, not to mention that you could see his six pact through the flimsy material.

Seto, despite his disability, had bounced back pretty well, taking it as just 'one of those things'. He could still fire a gun with that hand if need be, but was glad that it wasn't his dominate hand that had been injured.

"Oh fuck off." Demi muttered, finally deciding to pull herself up from the floor and look up at Amaya, who now towered a head above the already vertically challenged women. "Hey Amaya, have you gotten taller in the last five minutes?"

"It's the shoes dumbass." She replied flatly, rolling her eyes as Demi's gaze dropped to her shoes (black leather riding boots) and nodded, a small 'ooooooo' escaping her lips. Amaya's eyes scanned over the elder girl's choice of clothing - a leather sleeveless with a vest thrown over it and loose black jeans, her hair in it's usual thick black and lime streaked braid that hung down her back before giving an approving nod. "Nice."

"Why thank you."

"Ready bitches?" Seto asked, a small sneer that held nothing but play on his lips as he addressed the two younger women, making Demi smack him. God how she wished he wasn't such a jackass sometimes. "The others should be here-" The sound of a doorbell cut off his words, the sound ringing through the entire - and rather enormous- house. "Soon."

"Coming!" Amaya yelled down the stairs as she jumped on the banister, sliding down it until she was close enough to the floor, jumping to land soundly on the floor. She may be 18, but she was a still big kid at heart, and besides, it was much quicker that way. Throwing the door open she smiled as she saw Kaiya, Duke, Mai and Joey standing in the doorway. "Hey guys!"

"Hey." Kaiya replied, stepping into the house. She was wearing a form fitting black leather top that stopped just above her navel, displaying the amber colored belly jewel that she had gotten done about a month ago, and low riding leather pants that showed off her curvy hips. Her hair was up in a complicated looking style that Demi could only hope to dream of knowing how it do - it resembling a bun at the back of her head, except that pieces of hair shot out in all directions, twirling in a mass of gold and red. "Ready to have some fun?"

"Fuck ya." The teen replied as Duke looked around and whistled at the sight.

"I wish my parents were this loaded." He remarked.

"I know what ya mean." Joey replied, his shaggy blonde hair falling into his intense brown eyes. As surprising as the fact was, Joey Wheeler tended to actually be quite the ladies man, tending to gain more then just a couple approving looks from women, and Amaya really couldn't blame them - he was cute after all, he just tended to be a little annoying at times.

"Totally." Mai added. "A girl could get used to this." Amaya, Demi and Kaiya all shook their heads at the blonde princess's actions. Still as bratty, blonde, and materialistic as ever.

"Mai, you never change." Duke replied sighing. He was wearing a leather shirt that opened at the neck, giving an enticing view of his collar bone and a little of his chest while his pants rode along his strong hips. ( # drool #), Joey wearing something similar to Duke's style.

"Fuck you Duke." She replied haughtily, adjusting her top that Demi would NEVER dream of wearing. It was a simple tube top, accompanied by low riding pants like Kaiya's, her hair in it's usual fashionable disarray of blonde tresses.

All the girl's wore shirts that proudly showed off their tattoos that clearly and unmistakably marked them as Chain women, as well as wearing an assortment of chains around their necks and on their pants.

"Where the hell's Yami?" Demi asked irritably. "I want to get this show on the road."

"Good question." Amaya answered, turning to head back towards the doorways and yelling for her koi to get his ass out here and fast or else she was going to pissed. From somewhere within the large house she could swear that she heard an echo from……… somewhere.

"Well, ya know your a rich fuck when." Joey comment, looking smug.

"You have no idea." Demi muttered. "It's nearly impossible to find anyone in that fucking maze." Everyone let out a little laugh as Yami appeared, wearing a leather shirt that was only half zipped up, giving Amaya a rather pleasant view of his chest, and somewhat tight pants that cupped his butt nicely, and Amaya couldn't help but grope him on sight. "See, I told you she was the horny one."

"No, that's Kaiya." Amaya answered winking before turning to Yami.

"Ready Chain King?" She asked sweetly, making him nod.

"Yes Queen." He answered back making Amaya smirk and kiss him.

"Damn fucking right." She muttered before heading towards the garage where the bikes were held. Amaya immediately jumping on her custom made one - midnight black with metallic blue flames running up the sides. She sighed as she fired it, feeling the seat shaking beneath her as she revved the engine, along with Demi, Yami, and Seto.

"Ours are in the back!" Kaiya yelled. "We'll follow you!" The other four gave a nod to show that they had heard her before letting the engine die down a little, strapping on their helmets

"Ready to go Dem?" She asked over the mic, making Demi nod.

"Fucking right I am." She replied back, excitement through her veins, causing the two males to shake their heads, knowing full well what this was going to turn into.

"1……." Amaya began.

"2…….." Demi continued.


"GO!" They shouted in unison as they both speed off down the drive way, moving with expertise as they rounded the corner, making trails in the dust as they both completed for the title as simply, 'the fastest Chain bitch.' Yami shook his head, a small smile on his face as his feisty wife-to-be took off on yet another one of her and Demi's highly dangerous street races.

Looking at Seto who nodded, he pulled out of the garage, Seto and the others in toe as they headed towards the club, knowing that when they arrived, the two other females would already have been waiting for an easy ten minutes.

Amaya and Demi

As predicated, the two females in question gazed around the club parking lot that was packed, and leaned back on their bikes, the music from inside the building easily carrying into the street.

"How can you fucking breathe in that thing?" Demi asked, utter confusion on her face as she nodded at the corset that clung to Amaya like a second skin, and she shrugged.

"Just can." She replied calmly. "But don't go trying to dis my clothes because you were eating my dust - again." A small smirked formed on her face as she saw the frustration cross the other women's face.

"It's only because rich boy had yours CUSTOM MADE." She shot back defensively, but Amaya could see the pout in her eyes. "Otherwise, I'd kick your ass."

"Seto's probably richer then Yami." The raven-haired girl replied. "Just get him to buy you one." Demi tapped her chin in thought for a moment before grinning.

"Ok then." The roar of bikes filled the air and moments later the remaining six survivors of the battle pulled up, revving their engines and completely drowning out the music before turning off the machines and steeping off them, pulling off their helmets, making Amaya laugh and wonder not for the first time how her husband-to-be stuffed all that hair into the helmet in the first place.

"So who won?" He asked, walking up to Amaya and wrapping her arms around her waist, placing a feather light kiss on her neck.

"Me, naturally." She replied, a cocky smile on her lips as Kaiya stepped up.

"I wanted in that race too." She whined, jamming her hands on her slender hips.

"Hey, you were too slow." Demi answered with a shrug. "Not my problem." The blond and crimson haired women growled before flipping her off.

"Whatever, let's just go have some fun."

"My thoughts exactly." Mai replied, walking past Joey.

"Hey Mai, gonna dance with me?" He asked hopefully, that look, however fading when looked back at him, annoyance written all over her face.

"Not on your life." She replied and walked into the club.

"Hey man, it just takes time." Duke consulted, patting the younger man on the shoulder before following Mai, the others in toe. The place was packed and everywhere you could see couples dancing in distinctly provocative ways, their bodies dripping sweat as they moved. The music pounded, and lights flashed from all over, sending a rather interesting shade of color threw the building. Upon the entrance of the eight people, most stopped to stare at them, their eyes fixing on the tattoos that could be seen on the women's shoulders.

They had heard that the Chains were out to party at Red Hot that night, but none had known if it was true or not. As one they all yelled and whooped, and, if they had them, banged their Chains on something metal, making a loud tinging noise.

Amaya smiled, joining in and smashing her own chains against a barstool, the other three girls jumping in and doing the same. The music stopped and the noise died down as someone in the crowd shouted that they wanted a speech, voicing what was going on in everyone's heads.

Amaya looked over at Yami and he nodded, making Amaya set her face in a line of determination as she headed over to the bar, receiving pats on the from her fellow gangsters. Pulling herself onto the bar she stood on the wooden rail and held her hands out, stamping her foot down on the wood, making the crowd roar with approval.

Someone wolf whistled, making Yami's eyes darken, albeit he knew that it was probably just some guy that was either drunk, or just plain stupid. Everyone in Tokyo knew better then to mess with Chain females. Amaya gestured to the bar owner and he nodded, handing the women a megaphone which she brought to her mouth.

The others thought that she was far from needing a megaphone to be heard, but that was ok. Let her have her fun.

"Alright ya'll." She started, making the crowd fall into silence. "Seeing as ya'll want to me to say something, who the fuck am I to say no ne?"

"I'm just waiting for her to fall off the bar and land on her ass." Demi muttered to Kaiya, making her laugh and Amaya stare at Demi, having a pretty good idea of what she had said without hearing a word of the conversation.

"So I just want to let ya'll know, that we fucking kicked Marik's ass, so anyone that he fucked with, don't worry, cause that low-down cunt is where he belongs." A roar of support racked the building and Amaya smiled at being in the lime-light. She always did like attention. "So for now, until life decides to kick us in the ass, I say we just have fun and try not to get arrested." At this she threw down the megaphone and whispered something to the bartender who nodded and walked over to the DJ who did the same.

This is sick

"Attention it's time to dance..."

A familiar beat struck up, making people yell and bob their heads as they turned to their partners and continued to do………. whatever they were doing before. Amaya smiled and began moving her hips to the rhyme, before slamming her heeled foot down and dancing.

Work it like you're working a pole

Shake it 'til you're shaking the floor

Demi laughed at her friends actions and noticed that quite a few males were watching her with interest - well more like watching certain parts of the female body with interest- but Demi wasn't worried. A) Amaya wasn't the type of girl to sleep around, especially since she was due to wedded soon, and B) No-one would try anything without a death wish in the first place.

"She's gonna break a lot of hearts." Kaiya stated watching Amaya slid down the length of the bar and get back up again.

"She's gonna break something." Demi replied.

Pop it like you're poppin' a cork

Don't Stop, Don't Stop

Amaya leaned back, placing her hands on one of the barstools before flipping over it and landing soundly on her feet, and walked over to Yami, smiling as he shook his head lightly. Oh yes, being married to her was going to be fun indeed.

He was probably going to die of a heart attack the first week. But maybe if there wasn't coffee in the house he would stand a chance, and he secretly wondered if she would notice if he replaced her coffee with decaf.

Jerk it like you're making it choke

Break it like you're breakin' a code

Drop it till you're taking it lower

"Hey." She said smiling as she pranced over to her koi, kissing him soundly on the lips as her necklace dangled from her neck. She hadn't removed since re-accepting it, and wasn't planning to either.

"Having fun are we?" Mai asked, crossing her arms over her full bosom.

"You know it." The raven haired bride-to-be replied with a wink.

Drop it, drop it...

"Come on Seto." Demi said with a grin, seizing the larger mans arm and dragging him in the direction of the dance floor. "Let's have some fun." And although, he looked, well….. less then pleased at the beginning, he got the hang of it, and actually ended up looking like he was having fun. Probably because he was using the dancing as a way to feel his girlfriend up without her getting pissed at him for groping her in public.

"Think we should join them?" Amaya asked, a playful grin on her face, and laughed when Yami merely shook his head, heading towards the bar and ordering a bottle of…….. something with alcohol. She decided to let him be, settling for heading onto the floor solo.

This is serious

I'm delirious

She closed her eyes and let the music control her movements, letting her senses soar as she took in the sounds and smells of the building.

So oblivious

I could dance all night

She jumped when she felt someone lock their arms around her small frame, and opened her eyes, relaxing when she saw it was Yami.

"And what's brought you out here?" She asked, yelling over the music. He shrugged.

"Just thought we should have fun after all." He shouted back, pulling her closer to him so that their bodies were practically one. Amaya smirked as started to move against him, making him lean into her, his lips working on her neck freely.

With you

As long as its funky

This rhythm just makes me high

I'm like a junkie

A howl caught her attention and she saw Demi smirking at her.

"Looks like were having fun."

"You too." Amaya shouted back, gesturing at the sensual way that Seto was holding her and grinding against in the same fashion that Yami was doing to her. Demi stuck out her tongue and flipped her off, making Amaya return it before turning back to Yami who was chuckling. "What?"

I could dance all night

"You two are going to be fun to try and keep in line." He answered. "Looks like Seto and I are going to have fun."

"You know damn well you can't keep us in line." Amaya shot back cockily, kissing him passionately before turning to gaze into his crimson eyes, her own blue ones flashing wild intentions. "So don't even try."

Work it like you're working a pole

Shake it 'til you're shaking the floor

Pop it like you're poppin' a cork

Don't Stop, Don't Stop

Hew threw his hands up in mock defense, laughing before Amaya spun around, pressing her hips against his and moving slowly, teasing to the beat of the music, making her lover groan as she tortured him.

Jerk it like you're making it choke

Break it like you're breakin' a code

Drop it till you're taking it lower

At 'drop it' she sank so that the back of her head rested against his legs.

Drop it, drop it...

Pulling herself back up she smiled as she felt his hands travel up her corseted stomach, slightly disappointed that he was denied her skin, but there was plenty of time for that later right?

Kaiya smiled as Duke pressed himself against her small body, his hands touching to soft skin of her tummy, sending electric chills down her legs and back again. She was almost grateful that she had injured her leg in the fight, giving Duke the need to protect her - something that she didn't need a whole lot of.

So intoxicated

I'm so stimulated

His hands moved up to cup her breasts, making her glare and push him off playfully, making him give her a look like 'what did I do?'.

"Urg, lecher." She grimaced, making her way over to the bar and ordering a beer, popping the cap off and taking a hearty gulp.

Fell so X-rated

I could dance all night

"Don't go to wild on that shit." Duke warned, gesturing to the bottle. "I don't need to carry home a drunk female." Kaiya said nothing but gave him the finger.

"Don't worry." She said, a slow smile spreading over her lips. "Women don't get completely tanked, unlike stupid men who don't when to quit."

With you

As long as it's funky

Duke glared before looking around at the couples, his eyes landing on a certain CEO and his partner. Even from the distance that he was at, it was plain to see that Seto was……. aroused to say the least.

"Your evil." He growled, grabbing Demi's offending hips as they proceeded to try to torture his groin further. "Evil, evil, evil, sexy women."

This rhythm just makes me high

I'm like a junkie

"I know." Demi replied with a smirk, turning to back to him and continuing in her torture, raising an eyebrow when his tongue flicked out to taste her salty skin. "What are you doing?"

"Tasting evil." He replied simply, his tongue darting out again at the hollow of her neck, sending chill through her body. "Tastes good."

I could dance all night

"Now who's teasing?" She asked, a seductive purr to her voice as her eyes smoldered.

"You fucking well deserve it." He growled back, his hands running over her body, making her want to well……. take a quick, well maybe not so quick, trip to the bathroom, but she wasn't that type. Seto though, she wasn't so sure about……. He probably would.

Work it like you're working a pole

Shake it 'til you're shaking the floor

Pop it like you're poppin' a cork

Don't Stop, Don't Stop

"No I don't." She whined, her body flooding with heat at his ministrations.

"Yes you do." He replied swiftly, persisting in the torture that had turned tables.


"Bitch." Demi growled as she pushed him off, landing him into a wall where he grabbed her, flipping her and effectively pining her to it. "What was that?"

Jerk it like you're making it choke

Break it like you're breakin' a code

"You heard me, I called ya a jackass."

"You know that just turns me on." He replied with a purr and a devious glint in his eyes that just screamed volumes of erotica.

"Exactly." Demi replied sexily, kissing him on the lips as he deepened it.

Maybe a trip to the bathroom……….

Wouldn't be so horrible after all?

Drop it till you're taking it lower

Drop it, drop it...

Amaya dropped to the floor, sliding her body down his and smirked when she felt him tense.

Oh ya.

This was fun.

Bringing herself back up, she spun to face Yami, moving against him as the beat called for it.

Everybody on the floor (Let's go)

Let's get hardcore (Get low)

She threw her head back, along with her arms, performing a flip, and it was almost a miracle that she had done it without pegging someone in the head. (A/N: I've……….never done that # shifty eyes #) She brought herself back over to her koi and let him embrace her, their bodies molding together as one.

Make my sweat pour (Oh no)

Don't stop (Gimme some more)

She pressed against him, letting him run his hands over her body in a rather seductive way - well seductive for Yami anyway, which probably would have been something close to a playground kiss for Seto.

Ooh my body's yours (spank that)

Spank that back door (like that)

Drive me like a Porsche' (yea)

Joey watched with envy as Mai danced with a dark-haired male and deeply wished it was him. Yes, he had liked Mai since the feisty female had first entered the gang about a year and a half ago, and he hand made many attempts to get her to notice him, but she had never given him the time of day.

I could dance all night

Can we take this party higher?

Now just put your hands to the sky and

Clap, clap, clap, clap

I could dance all night

Steeling his nerves he came up behind her, pushing his way through the sea of people. With one pointed look the guy she was dancing with nodded and moved aside, not wanting to piss off a Chain. Slowly he ran his hands up her arms and back down her body.

Mai, whose eyes were closed moved freely to the beat as she felt strong hands run down her body, sending chills through it and making her lean back into him as his hands continued to explore and wander in a sensual manner.

Work it like you're working a pole

Shake it 'til you're shaking the floor

She could feel the heat of his body against hers, the smell of masculinity coming from him. Unable to hide her curiosity she opened her eyes and turned around.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING JOEY WHEELER!" She bellowed, making his hair fly back anime style as she popped flames and teeth. (A/N: heehee, I love that expression!)

"Dancin'." He replied casually - well as casually as one could while nearly shaking with fear.

Pop it like you're poppin' a cork

Don't Stop, Don't Stop

Jerk it like you're making it choke

Break it like you're breakin' a code

"You stupid insufferable pig of a baka!" She raged, turning heel on him and storming off.

"Thanks for da dance!" He called back cheerfully, making Mai turn back to him.

"Your welcome!" She spat in a heated tone.

"Don't mention it!" He replied just as lividly back.

"I won't!"




"Bye to you too." Mai finished before storming off to the bar to order something strong, while Joey sat distinctly irritated on the other side.

"Stupid women." He muttered his gaze drifting over to Yami who was sitting by the bar a few feet away - alone. "Where the hell's Amaya?"

Drop it till you're taking it lower

Drop it, drop it...


The female in question was currently in the bathroom, dispensing what was left of her supper and the alcohol that she had drank into the toilet with a horrible retch. Resting her head on her hands and preying that the damn nausea would go away, she openly cursed at nothing particular.

She heard the door open and Demi's voice calling to her, mixing with the loud music from outside.

"Amaya? You in here?"

"Yes." Came the feeble reply and the elder girl ducked her head into the stall just as Amaya flushed the toilet.

Work it like you're working a pole

Shake it 'til you're shaking the floor

Pop it like you're poppin' a cork

Don't Stop, Don't Stop

"You gonna live?" Amaya nodded while rolling her eyes at the look on Demi's face. Evidently she wasn't the first to have visited the bathroom that night, but for a different reason entirely. "Amaya your drunk already?"

"No." She replied nodding as she stood up and walked over to her friend, displaying the straight line that she did it in. "I've just been getting this on and off for awhile now. I wonder what's wrong with me?"

"Maybe your pregnant." Demi replied with an impish grin. "You and fancy pants do it enough!"

"Oh fuck off." Amaya replied, forcing a mask of relaxation, but inside, her blood was running cold. Demi's suggestion made sense……….. "Hey, I'll be back in a minute ok, I have to get something." Demi put on a look of sadness and whined.

"But what about the fireworks?"

"I won't be gone for long." She answered, heading towards the door.

"Fine." Demi replied with a sigh. At that Amaya bolted for the door, hopping on her bike as the music trailed behind her.

Jerk it like you're making it choke

Break it like you're breakin' a code

Drop it till you're taking it lower

Drop it, drop it...

Bringing her bike to a stop in front of the drug store she rushed in, grabbed a package and brought it to the counter, paid the women and left the store quickly.

Even though she was pretty sure, she still wanted to be certain.

The girls.

"Alright, we have it set up." Kaiya announced proudly, dusting her hands off to prove her point.

"Yup." Demi replied happily before thinking. "You know, we could get in a lot of trouble with the cops for this."

"I know." The blonde replied perkily. "That's what makes it so fun." The roar of a bike filled the air as Amaya once again made herself known.

"Hey guys!" She greeted setting her bike in it's stand and hopping off it, but Demi didn't notice the small package she put in her purse. "Almost ready?"

"Were are ready." Kaiya responded. "We just have to get everyone out here."

"No problem." The raven haired girl replied with a wink and walked into the club. Once against hoisting herself up on the bar she mimed for the music to be turned off, and once again, all eyes were on her. The men wondering just what the hell the women were up to now.

"Ten to one their planning something." Yami muttered to Seto who nodded.

"Alright ya'll." She replied. "Since it's getting late I figured we'll end this little party now with a little surprise." At the word 'surprise' The remaining men shuffled nervously. They had had enough of Demi's and Amaya's 'surprises' to last a life time. "So everyone, get your asses into the parking lot!" There was a stampede to get out, everyone wondering just what the hell was going on.

Amaya jumped from the bar and met Kaiya and Demi who winked at them, Demi holding a pack of matches. Yami ran up to the front, bringing Amaya aside for a moment.

"What's going on?" He asked urgently, looking at the pole that was jammed into the ground and back to Amaya who grinned and winked.

"Oh, just a little something us women had planned." She answered innocently. "You'll see." And with that she walked back over to Demi who was bringing the match to the long wick.

"You go Demi!" She yelled, watching with satisfaction as the wick sparked and everyone moved back, waiting for it to go off.

The spark consumed the thread getting closer……closer……..closer……..


The firecracker exploded with a loud crack as it flew into the air as a small ball of light before exploding again, sliver sparks forming the image of a Chain wrapped around a skull - their trademark tattoo.

Amaya and the others stood amidst the crowd who were whopping and cheering to stare at the sliver vision in the sky. It was their way of displaying their rule over Tokyo, yes. But also as a memorial of respect to Maiyu, her unborn child, and Bakura.

"For you Maiyu." Amaya whispered as it began to fade, wishing that her friend could have seen this too. "For you."

Next Day .

Amaya chewed her nails as she nervously glanced at the object on the sink of the bathroom.

'Come on.' She mentally cursed, growing more anxious and irritated by the second. 'How long does it fucking take?' Slumping down onto the toilet that she was currently using as a chair and watched the object as it began to turn color.

Scooping it up eagerly she watched as the applicator turned from white to blue, making Amaya's heart race as she nearly fainted.

She was pregnant!

She almost wanted to jump up with joy at the thought of having a baby. She has always liked kids, and had baby-sat a lot when she was younger.

But then another thought hit her.

She was at least 2 months along, she had to be, because she hadn't had her period in that long. She was wondering about that, but never got concerned. So that meant that she was pregnant during the fight………..

Covering her mouth she let her blood freeze in her veins.

That meant that the child could be either Yami's……………

Or Marik's.

Shaking her head to rid herself of the thought she through out the test and composed herself before stepping out from the bathroom that branched from the master bathroom and smiled as Yami looked up at her in interest.

No, Amaya told herself, the child is his, it has to be his!

"How are you?"

"Fine." Amaya lied. She wouldn't tell him yet, although she knew he would happier then hell. She wanted to come to grips with it first, and the horrible possibilities that swam under the surface of her joy.

"Good." He replied smiling as she leaned back and cuddled to him. "I can't wait until we get married."

"Neither can I." Amaya grinned, playing with the ring on her finger.

2 Months Later.

Amaya paced for and forth nervously as she studied herself in the mirror. This was it, the day that she started a new life, and she was nervous as hell. Her head snapped up as the door to the room opened, revealing Demi.

"Fucking dress." She muttered, angrily glaring at the Bridesmaid dress she was wearing. It was a straight bodice that hugged to the women's waist tightly before flaring out at the bottom the rest just above the feet. "I don't know why the hell I came all the way back from my vacation to where the damned thing."

"Because I'm your friend and you love me." Amaya answered swiftly, running her hands along her stomach which was wrapped in a soft white silk, her middle sticking out due to the child that had resided there since four months prior. "And at least you don't look like you swallowed a beach ball!"

The dress was elegant, made of silk at the top that sucked to her like a second skin at the top with sleeves that hung across her arm, with pieces of a soft white mesh that came down to cover her hands. The bottom was made of the same material and poofed out.

"Ya, ya." Demi muttered, gazing at the navy dress with loathing. A knock on the door caught both their attentions as Kaiya walked in, smiling in her bridesmaid dress, and leaving the door open by the mistake. A fortunate mistake, but a mistake nonetheless, seeing as a young man choose that moment to walk by.

He looked to be about 21 with midnight blue hair that was tied back in a braid that hung slightly past his shoulders, with bangs falling into his eyes that were an amazing shade of light ice blue. He was wearing a tux just all the other men, and everyone had to admit that he looked damn adorable in it.

"Damn!" Demi muttered, checking out his ass as he disappeared from sight before turning to Amaya. "Who the hell was that, and where does he live?" Before Amaya could answer the doorway was once again occupied by a handsome male.

This one looked to be about a year younger and had short blond hair that fell into his eyes which were also blue, but not the unmatchable shade that the first one's had been.

"Oh this just keeps getting better." Demi added, making Amaya roll her eyes.

"That's right, you were on vacation and wouldn't have met Yami's COUSINS." She replied, adding extra emphasis on the word cousins.

"Gotta love those Moto men!" The raven haired girl replied cheesily, grinning and giving the thumbs up, making Kaiya and Amaya roll their eyes. "So who were they?"

"The blue haired one was Luke, and the blonde was Toby." Amaya answered, turning back to the mirror and tapping her hair nervously. It was pulled up into a horrendously complicated looking bun that had chucks of curled hair falling from it, and two long curled pieces of hair framing her face.

"Well, he was fine." Kaiya added, grinning in a way that made everyone make a mental note to watch out for the vixen during the wedding.

"You guys ready?" A voice called from the doorway, revealing Mai, clad in the same navy blue dresses that Kaiya and Demi were. Amaya nodded weakly, feeling like their were butterflies in her stomach that were desperate to get out.

"Hey I forgot to ask, who's giving you away?" Demi asked, knowing that Amaya didn't have a father too. Amaya smiled a little.

"My Grandfather." She answered simply. "I've gotten back in touch with my Mom since running away, and she's happy for me. She's probably in the stands right now." Demi had to refrain from dropping in shock.

"You told your mother you were pregnant and she didn't kill you?"

"Nope." She answered. "Because I told I was getting married and had more then enough to support myself and the baby, as well as a husband who loved me with all his heart." It was then that her Grandfather appeared at the doorway, beaming at the young bride before him, his blue eyes shining with joy.

It was obvious where Amaya had gotten her blue eyes from.

"Ready young lady?" He asked, watching as Amaya nodded shyly, walking over to him and letting him loop his arm around hers.

"Alright, well, see ya out there!" Demi yelled, waving as the three women walked into the hall, each taking their place. Next the flower girl went by. (it's Serenity by the way.), and Amaya knew that she was next after the ring bearer (Joey).

"Don't worry." Her Grandfather muttered. "It's going to be fine." Amaya nodded and took a breath.

The Moto boys.

"For Christ sake's man." Toby said with a grin as Yami paced back and forth the room. "It's not like she's going to say no!"

"I know that." He muttered. "But with the child on the way and everything, you never know what could happen!"

"She's only 4 months in, she'll be fine." Luke added, leaning against the wall and taking in the scene with amusement as Yami shook his head. "Come on, we better get going. We wouldn't want her to open the door and see and empty alter now do we?"

"No." Yami said, taking a breath. "We don't."

Amaya and Yami.

The music started and Yami held his breath, his eyes glued to the double doors from where his bride would be coming from.

"Don't worry." Luke whispered from beside him as Yami's Best Man. "You'll be fine." The elder man nodded and kept his gaze dead ahead, nearly dying of anxiety when the doors opened, revealing Amaya who was grinning in the most nervous fashion possible.

Time seemed to take forever as Amaya slowly made her way to the alter, all eyes on her as she did so. Yami watched her every move, determined to burn this image into his memory forever, seeing as she had never looked more beautiful then she did now. (A/N: I know, I know, I wanna puke too, but hey, it's just not a wedding scene without that line.)

Finally, Amaya ascended the stairs, taking her place next to her soon-to-be husband and held her breath as the minister spoke.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this Man and these Woman in holy Matrimony. And therefore is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and in the fear of God. Into this holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. If any man can show just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace." He threw his gaze around the room which sat in silence, and Amaya smiled a little when she saw her mother in the stands. "I shall now ask you to make your marriage vows." Demi's eyes lit up at seeing this. She wasn't a very romantic person, but this was really sweet to watch.

Amaya and Yami turned to each other and nervously smiled at each other. This is what he had wanted ever since he had fallen in love her. He wanted her to be his forever, with nothing to rip them apart. "I, Moto Yami, take you Lane Amaya , to be my Wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; and I promise to be faithful to you until death parts us." He stated, so completely sure of himself that Amaya looked up at his serious face, her eyes twinkling with happiness.

"I, Lane Amaya, take you Moto Yami to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; and I promise to be faithful to you until death parts us." She repeated, her gaze never wavering as she held onto her husbands hand.

She couldn't believe this……. 18 and already getting married when just months ago she would have vowed that she would never be here, much less now!

"The rings." The father said smiling, it was plain to see that these were in love and was happy.

"With this ring, I thee wed your fiery temper," Yami stated, making Amaya grin. "Your determined nature, and your beautiful heart." Yami proclaimed, slipping the ring onto her finger, where it fit perfectly and Amaya vowed that she would never take it off for the life of her.

Demi and everyone smiled looking at them in amusement and happiness that at last the past could be forgotten and a fresh start could be made.

"With this ring, I thee wed your amazing character, your caresses, and your wonderful way of bringing light to the darkness." Amaya voiced, looking at Yami and meaning every word with everything inside her.

"As you have consented together to be bound to one another in lawful marriage. You have made special promises to each other which have been symbolized by the joining of hands, taking of vows and by the giving and receiving of rings." The minister stated, smiling at the couple. "By the authority vested in me, according to the laws of Tokyo, Japan. I pronounce you to be husband and wife, you may kiss the bride." He concluded, and Yami leaped at the opportunity to let out what he had been holding in since the ceremony had started.

Without hesitation he grabbed his wife and kissed her passionately, both lost in the moment so that they didn't even feel the rice that Demi was throwing at them - perhaps a little too energetically. Finally lack of air demanded separation and they reluctantly broke away from each other, love and adoration shining in both their eyes, although that that vanished as a handful of rice hit Amaya in the face.

"Demi……" Amaya growled playfully as she ran off to Seto who was also in a tux. Amaya looked down at the bouquet of flowers in her hand and threw it into the air. Surprisingly it was Serenity who caught it, grinning sheepishly, Ryou standing beside her.

Everyone followed the newly weds as they came out of the doors of the Chapel and headed towards the bikes. Amaya fisted up the skirt of her dress and climbed onto the back of her husbands bike, laughing as the engine roared, and the wind whipped in her face as they sped of towards where the reception was being held.


"So are, you planning on staying long?" Amaya asked, resting her head on her new husbands shoulder as she looked at Luke who shrugged, his cerulean eyes taking in all everyone who was either dancing or just eating, drinking and talking to others.

"I'll probably be gone after the wedding." He answered. "Same with Toby. It doesn't feel right to him being here without Sukari, same for me, I miss my brothers and sisters, as lame as that sounds."

"I understand." Amaya answered nodding. "I missed Demi like hell when she was on vacation with Seto."

"Yes, I see how Toby would miss his twin."

"He has a twin?"

"Yup." Luke answered, leaning against the wall in a casual manner. "A girl. They've been together since birth, so it's natural that he would feel uneasy without her."

"Cool." Amaya replied as Demi reached for the mic behind her. Everyone turned their attention to her as her voice rang through the room.

"Well, I think we've all had enough talking and eating." She said, winking at Amaya who glared at her, knowing what was going to happen next. "And I think it's time for Luke to make his speech." At this Luke visibly went stiff. "But first, I think a dance from the Bride and Groom is in order. So Amaya, get your married ass on that dance floor." At the last comment Amaya stuck out her tongue and flipped her off as the first notes of a slow song filled the air.

Amaya grinned as she recognized the song. It was the one that she had always said that she wanted to be played at her wedding ever since they had met, and Amaya was filled with happiness as she saw that Demi actually remembered something for once.

Making her way to the dance floor she let Yami pull her tightly to him.

Here I am - this is me

There's nowhere on earth I'd rather be

Here I am - just me and you

Tonight we make our dreams come true

"Are you happy itooshi?" He asked, and Amaya sighed, closing her eyes as she felt the reassuring rumble of his chest as he spoke. (A/N: translations will be at the bottom)

"Hai anata." She replied snuggling up to him further as they rocked gently to the music, completely in their own world and unaware of the pairs of eyes that followed their every move, happiness for the young couple shining in their eyes.

It's a new world

It's a new start

"Is he happy?" He asked, gesturing to her stomach. An ultrasound had showed that were having a baby boy.

"Yes." She whispered back. "He's very happy, and so am I." And she meant it, she was going to be happy with him until the day she died and longer.

It's alive with the beating of young hearts

It's a new day

It's a new plan

"Awwwwwwww look at them!" Serenity giggled, watching the newly weds dance.

"I know." Demi replied, looking over at the youngest female Chain. "They look so in love!"

"Like you and Seto?" Kaiya smirked, making Demi punch her playfully.

"Oh shut up Duke lover!" Kaiya sighed and leaned back into her chair, feeling completely at peace.

"Whatever, I'm just glad the whole Marik thing is over." She replied. "It's a fresh start, for all of us as a family. Amaya's married into the Chain blood tie, and everything's alright. It's a nice feeling to know that we don't always have to watch our ass to see if it's getting shot at or not." At this, they all nodded in agreement with Kaiya's statement.

I've been waiting for you

Here I am

"I wonder if I'll ever get married?" The 16 year old auburn haired girl asked, looking from the couple and back to her friends.

"If Ryou ever got the guts to ask you." Mai answered bluntly, making Serenity giggle at the thought of her boyfriend who was sitting quietly and munching somewhere.

Here we are - we've just begun

And after all this time

Our time has come

"Hey, don't tease her!" Demi defended on Serenity's behalf. She would have done it herself, but she was changing an interesting shade of red at the moment.

"Hey, it could happen." Kaiya added. "Although Yami and Amaya are the first Chain couple in one hell of a long time to get married."

"No wonder." Demi mused.

Yami smiled to himself as he gazed at the little piece of heaven in his arms. For a long time he had been pressured into getting married by other members of his family - to have an heir in case Marik defeated him, but he had waited.

He hadn't wanted to get married just for the hell of it, and living in a lock that he would regret, but he regretted nothing about marrying Amaya.

Ya here were are still goin' strong

Right here in the place where we belong

Sure, she was rebellious, and short tempered, and impulsive, but that was just one side of the coin. She was also a sweet hearted and loving women who had given him her heart completely, and he wasn't about to step on it.

No, this was a good decision and he vowed that he would give both his wife and his son a good life, a happy life away from harm. Bending down he let his lips brush her ear, sending pleasant currents through her body.

It's a new world

It's a new start

It's alive with the beating of young hearts

"I love you." He whispered, making Amaya's heart surge. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't help but fall head over heels in love with him all over again every time he said it.

"I love you too." She answered back without hesitation.

It's a new day

It's a new plan

I've been waiting for you

Here I am

The song died and applause claimed the air, jeering the young couple back to reality, and making Amaya blush a little at having had such an open display of affection in front of such a crowd. But soon after the crowd's attention came back on Luke.

"Speech, speech, speech, speech" They chanted, making Luke give a small glare in Demi's direction before walking up to the podium, grinning sheepishly and making all the women giggle at the sheer cuteness of the grin.

"Well, seeing as Demi had the grand idea of making me talk, I suppose I better do it." He said, gaining confidence as he went. "I just want to say that I'm glad that I could be here, coming all the way from Hong Kong and all, despite the flight being absolutely horrid." At this his face twisted into a grimace that was mirrored on Toby's features. "But other then that, it's good to be here. I never thought that Yami would get married, and yet here I am. To Yami, I'm happy for you, and to Amaya, I say welcome into this bloodline and congrats on your child. Through hard times and good times, I know that if the need ever arises, you'll lead us without fear." The last statement made the young wife glow with pride as the blue haired man stepped down from the podium and went over to them.

"Nice speech." She said, grinning broadly and pulling him into a hug. "I appreciate the confidence."

"No problem." He replied, winking before turning to pull his cousin into a brief hug. A gasp from Amaya caught both men's attention as she rested a hand on her bulging belly.

"What?" Yami asked, concerned, but that vanished when she smiled.

"He moved." She replied, smiling. "That's the first time he's ever moved!" At this all three laughed, Yami glad that some kind of crisis hadn't arisen.

"Well, at least he hasn't decided to come early." Luke answered before excusing himself and went off to do whatever.

Demi and Seto.

"Come on Seto!" She whined at her boyfriend.

"No." He replied, his voice flat as he crossed his arms.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't fucking dance." He replied irritably when a familiar beat struck up. Demi looked back and saw Amaya wink at her from the DJ table.

You wanna know more, more, more about me

I'm the girl who's kicking the coke machine

I'm the one that's honking at you cuz I left late again

She laughed at the song that her friend had chosen. Before she had even fallen in love with Seto, they had always said that this was exactly what Demi was like with men - Amaya too for that matter.

"Come on!" She pleaded. "I love this song!"



"No dammit!"




Demi stamped her foot in frustration, pouting like a little kid that couldn't have her favorite cookie until after dinner.

"Your a jackass you know that!" She yelled, stomping away.

Could you see I want you by the way I push you away,


The raven and lime haired female walked over to Amaya, still pouting and making her friend grin.

"Seto's a jackass." She grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest heavily.

"I have an idea." Amaya said with a little smile. She cut the music and lifted the mic to her mouth. "Seto Kaiba, as Queen Of Chains, I demanded you to get your CEO ass on that dance floor pronto!" Seto just gave her a look like 'ya right' before stomped over to him.

Amaya started the music again, watching with amusement as the smaller girl attempted to drag the much larger male onto the floor.

Don't judge me tomorrow by the way I'm acting today

Mix the words up with the actions do it all for your reaction


"If I have to wear a fucking dress then you can fucking well dance!" She yelled, making everyone sweatdrop as she tried to pull him away - with little success.



Get tangled up in me

"I'm not going!" He shouted over the music.

"Yes you are!" She yelled back, still reefing on his arm. "Or I'll tear your fucking balls off!"

"Fine, I want to dance." He said, instantly making her let go of his arm, pouting again.

"No you just ruined it." She muttered. It wasn't fun unless he doing it against his will.

You wanna know more, more, more about me

Gotta know reverse psychology

"See." He said with a confident smirk. "It doesn't take that much to figure out what makes you tick." At that, Demi's eye started twitching as she tried to keep herself from getting angry.

'He's a jackass, just ignore him.' She thought to herself, trying to calm her mind down. 'He's not worth Amaya killing you for ruining her wedding, he's not-"

"Just like now." He finished, making what little self-control Demi had left snap.

I'm the reason why you can't get to sleep

I'm the girl you never get just quite what you see

"THAT'S IT!" She yelled, tackling him sending him flying back - right into the wedding cake.




Time seemed to freeze as everyone stared at the cake-covered couple in utter shock. No-one said anything for a minute until an outraged cry filled the large room.

"DEMI!" Amaya screeched, storming over to the girl who was sweatdropping beyond belief.

"Um……opps?" The words were followed by nervous laughter as everyone cringed as Amaya burst into anime flames and teeth (A/N: I didn't drink for cups of coffee before writing this, I swear……… # nervous laughter #)

Could you see I want you by the way I push you away,


Don't judge me tomorrow by the way I'm acting today

Mix the words up with the actions do it all for your reaction



"Sayonara Demi, it's been nice to know ya." Kaiya muttered, saying exactly what everyone was thinking.

Hey! Hey!

Get tangled up in me

"Um…………. Ha……ha……. Bye!" At this Demi ran, still covered in some of the former wedding cake. Amaya in hot, anime style pursuit.

Everyone was still silent, the air punctuated with Amaya and Demi's shouting.





You think that you know me (Tangled up in)

You think that I'm only (Tangled up in me)

When everything I do is only to get tangled up in you

Seto, on the other hand was a different story.

You wanna know more, more, more about me

I'm the girl that's sweeping you off your feet

His eyes was twitching anime style as he pulled himself out of the cake, which he was covered in from head to toe. He said nothing, just walked past everyone and out the door, slamming it WAY harder then was necessary.

The rest of the out-of-character cheerful song played in silence.




Could you see I want you by the way I push you away


Don't judge me tomorrow by the way I'm acting today

Mix the words up with the actions do it all for your reaction,




Get tangled up in me

It was a good before Amaya stopped chasing Demi - mainly because had forced her too, concerned that it would effect the baby, and Seto came back with a change of clothes and a bad mood.

The rest of the reception lasted well into the night until people became tired with the festivities and began excusing themselves and leaving.

Finally Yami and Amaya decided it was best too, and dragged Demi away from the refreshments table - and the wine.

"Yami?" She whispered as they snuggled into bed, the new wife safe in her husbands arms.


"This has been the happiest day of my life." Despite the elder man's exhaustion, if on were to look closely, they would have seen the tranquil smile that graced his lips as his grip on the formerly small female tightened.

Five Months Later.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Amaya replied irritably at the doctor that Yami had hired to keep watch on her around the clock. Albeit a little annoyed by it, she had permitted her husband to do so, simply because she knew how much he worried.

"Let me know if you need anything." The raven haired girl nodded swiftly and sunk into the cushiony couch, absentmindedly running a hand over her bulging tummy.

"How's it going beach ball women?" Demi asked cheerily as she plopped herself down on the couch next to her friend.

"Oh shut up, and yes, I'm fine." She responded grumpily. This was hell! Being pregnant was nothing like she thought it would be, with the growing fat, puking non-stop, the mood swings, and of course the lovely weird food cravings. She just wanted it be over with - plain and simple.

"Just think, your due soon."

"Thank God." Amaya muttered. "I am going to KILL Yami when this is over." She winced as she felt the baby move, causing a slight pain his mother, and she held her stomach.

"You ok?"

"Fine." She answered, but paled as she felt the dampness spread from her core to her thighs. "Maybe not so fine."

"Why?" Demi asked, growing nervous as her friend whimpered in pain.

"Get Yami." She answered, feeling a contraction and making her use very colorful curse words. "My fucking goddamned water just broke." Demi nodded quickly as she called for the Doctor who was at Amaya's side instantly, trying to calm her down, being a new mother, she was scared, unsure of what to do.

Demi, on the other hand whipped out her cell and sped dialed Yami's number.

"Yami? Ya, get your ass over here, your son's on his way. Yes, yes, she's fine. Ok, don't do that too often. Alright, bye." Demi hung up grinning as Amaya demanded what he had said, letting out a small cry as her muscles contacted for a second time.

"He said he would break every speed limit in Tokyo if he had too."

"He fucking well better!" Amaya yelled. "He's the one who did this to me in the first place."

"Alright, try to stay calm, were going to take you the hospital." The Doctor soothed, but Amaya glared daggers at him.

"DON'T TELL ME TO STAY FUCKING CALM, YOUR NOT THE ONE BEING RIPPED IN HALF YOU ASSHOLE!" Everyone in the room, including the newly arrived Seto winced as the young mother-to-be yelled at the top of her lungs, although Seto just leaned on the wall as if the three people were having tea instead of giving birth.

With some help, the Doctor managed to get Amaya into the car and finally to the hospital where Yami was waiting for them, instantly by his wife's side.

"Amaya, Amaya? Can you hear me?" He said, grabbing her hand and wincing as she squeezed the life out of it. "Everything's going to be fine."

"OF COURSE I CAN HEAR YOU!" She said, yelling like a bull mouse. "I'M NOT FUCKING DEAF!" She was still yelling at the world when the nurses got her in a delivery room, her contractions coming almost back-to-back by now.

"Alright, I need you to push."


"Amaya, do it, it's the fastest way to get this over with." Yami told her, his voice trying to be soothing despite the fact that he was sure his hand was broken "Amaya, stop, your breaking my hand!"

"I'LL FUCKING BREAK YOUR HAND IF I FUCKING WELL WANT TO! OH GOD, FUCK, GET THE LITTLE BASTARD OUT OF ME! STUPID MOTHER-FUCKING LITTLE-" At this she went into quite an interesting and colorful spiel of curse words, making Demi sweatdrop.

"And thought I had a potty mouth."

"Alright, Amaya, calm down and push, the harder you push, the quicker this is over with." Yami advised, trying to pretend like he wasn't going deaf in his left ear. Growling she steeled herself and pushed, crying out as waves of pain came over her.

"Good, and another one, I can see it's head."

"GOOD FOR FUCKING YOU!" Gripping onto her husbands hands harder she pushed a second time, forcing her child out a little more, and Yami smiled, although he was sure he heard his fingers snapping in half. Five more pushes came and went, Amaya's forehead becoming soaked in sweat as heR breathing became increasingly labored.

"Alright, last one." The Doctor ordered. "Make this one count." Amaya nodded and pushed, using the last of her strength. The wail of a baby filled the room, as Amaya smiled and leaned back into the bed, smiling as her baby made it's existence known to the Earth.

She may have been only 19 (her birthday was the month before the baby was born), but she was able to bring life into the world.

"Congratulations." The Doctor stated, holding the small child in his arms. "You have a healthy baby boy."

"I want to see him." Amaya demanded, already proving to be very maternal and making the Doctor laugh.

"Alright, just let me clean him up." Amaya groaned but allowed him to clean her son before he was brought back to her, wrapped in a blue sheet. "Here you go." Smiling Amaya took her child in her arms, instantly feeling the pain wash away.

Bringing him into the world had been hell, but it had been worth it in the end.

He was incredibly tiny, with a mop of black hair - inherited from his mother no doubt, and -

Amaya stopped as she took in the eye color, her own widening as she stared down at her son.

His eyes were a light of lavender.

The only person that she had ever known that had lavender eyes was Marik.

'No.' She thought desperately, trying to convince herself that it wasn't true, that the thought that had been nagging at the back of her mind wasn't proving itself correct. 'NO!' Covering her mouth with her hand she looked down at her baby.

"What should we name him?" Yami asked, smiling down proudly at what he believed to be his son and shaking Amaya from her thoughts. "How about Kasaku, after my father?"

"Kasaku……." She whispered the name to herself before nodding. "Yes, Kasaku." Yami smiled and nodded, looking at Amaya as if asking if he could hold him. Amaya nodded and handed Yami the child, who looked distinctly nervous that he would break Kasaku like the most delicate of glass.

A bitter smile crossed her face as she looked at the pair, her husband's eyes beaming with pride at the infant in his arms.

And it was then that Amaya made her decision.

She wouldn't tell him. She wouldn't break his heart and soul, not after he had given her so much.

That secret would be buried in the deepest corner of her heart, where it would remain.



Am I mean? OH YES! I told ya'll that I had one more twist planned, and there it is! OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S DONE! I thought I'd never get here, sweet God does it feel goooooooood! But don't worry, I don't plan to stop there, nope. There's going to be a sequel to this fic, that should be up in three weeks, or less. (I'm taking a fucking break man!)

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Here's a preview for it:

"So what your trying to tell me is that this women somehow takes the human DNA from their gene strand and replaces it with animals?" Amaya said, tapping her chin in thought. "It doesn't make sense."

"Exactly." Luke replied. "That's why she's doing it."

"Makes sense." Demi answered, looking like she was ready to cry, yet held back. She had to be strong, now more the ever if her and her friends were going to survive.. "And it's probably what made Seto go insane."

Scene change.

Kaiya turned around at the sound of footsteps, her eyes alert to her surrounding, her amber eyes turning on like lightbulbs when she caught sight of Duke.

"Duke!" She yelled, running into his arms. "Your alive! Oh my God-" However, her tirade of happiness was shattered at the strange look in his eyes. Empy, blank, dead. "Duke, you ok?"

He said nothing, but slowly pulled out a gun and aimed it at her, making her eyes widen in fear and confusion. He loved her, why was he doing this?

"Duke." Her voice was strained with fear. "Duke? What's wrong, are you ok?"

From the garage Demi's head bolted up at the sound of a gunshot, her mind instantly going into alert mode. She stood up an ran into the weapon room, her hands coming to her mouth and her eyes widening in horror at the sight that greeted her.

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