This fic will deal mostly with the Hayase family. Admiral Hayase will be 22 at the beginning of this fic. The other character that will be in the first part is 17. The Macross Compendium is the source I used for some information. I must note that the majority of what I write is from my own head, so if there is some wrong information... well... it's my artistic license. I don't have access to the books and I don't know Japanese. In any case, I hope you will enjoy my interpretation. Oh... and the dialogue in the first part... the mistakes are intentional since neither are native English speakers.

New AN: I'd recommend to re-read the fic since I've changed some things.

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by Shinto Red

Part 1:

The cool, salty air pulled at his loosely buttoned shirt. His eyes were closed and his face at peace while mother nature gently caressed his raven colored hair. His eyes opened to reveal a startling pair of cobalt blue eyes. A naturally tanned hand picked up a pencil and spiral notebook. He brushed the sand off the cover and flipped through the pages until he found an unfinished piece.

He tried to capture the small waves that rolled onto the beach. The angle of the sun and the seabirds overhead. Shadows from time to time would cover his work, but he paid little attention. It wasn't until he noticed the a certain shadow didn't seem to leave that he pulled himself from his sketching and looked up.

" I'm sorry. I did not mean to disturb you. "

A young man with brown hair and eyes the color of autumn leaves with an apologetic look stood over him. His hands were behind his back, his forearms at ninety degree angle in comparison to his hips and his feet were slightly spread apart. The other young man sitting in the sand gave him a toothy grin.

" It's alright. You in the military, no? "

The young man's eyes widened in surprise. " How did you know? "

The youth sitting in the sand got up and lightly brushed the sand off

of himself. " You stand like a soldier. "

The brown haired young man looked at his pose and laughed. " I can't shake the training even while I'm on vacation. "

The blue eyed adolescent held out a hand. " My name is Bruno. Bruno Global. "

The other young man shook his hand. " Hayase Takashi. "

" You have special way to address people. How you do it? "

Having been raised practically in an international setting of the Rim
Pac Alliance Military Academy, Takashi was already quite comfortable with the way Westerners addressed one another. The Australians made sure of that. " You would refer to me by my surname which is Hayase. You would call me Hayase-san, but I'm fine if you call me Takashi if it makes you more comfortable. "

" Okay Takashi. "

Noticing his somewhat exotic features and distinct accent he couldn't
help but ask the next question. " Where are you from, if I may ask? "

" Italy. "

" Your drawings... sketches are very good. "

" Thank you. You know, we the same."

Takashi gave him a questioning look. " We both in the military. Or I'm going to go. "

" Where? "

" UN Navy. "

" I'm also in the navy, though it's Rim Pac Alliance Forces. "

Bruno gave him smile. " We friends then. "

Takashi returned the smile. " Yes, we're allies. Why did you decide to join?"

" I want to study in the university. I want to travel. UN Navy have both. My father happy he no have to pay. Not so happy I go away. He wants me to stay with the family business. "

" What is it? "

" We fish. Fisherman. I like to eat fish. I don't like to catch. My brother is better. "

Takashi let out a chuckle. " Well you've come to the right place to eat fish. There's an inexpensive place that serves great fish dishes. I was going to eat there with some friends. Do you want to join us? "

" Sure. I finish the picture anyways."


The two joined a group of other young men Takashi's age. Bruno was amused by the stories they told him about the military college, the officers' course and their exploits before their official induction. He entertained them with his mishaps on his trip.

" So, you traveled on a cargo ship? " asked a blonde and blue eyed Australian.

" Yes, my friend ask the captain to let me come. I help with some work as payment. "

" And you hitchhiked you're way through Japan? " asked another.

" Ehh... Some places yes. Some places I make money and I use public transportation. I have money now to go back to port from pictures I do for people. "

" When are you leaving? " asked Takashi.

" Tomorrow. I go with train first. "

" We're leaving tomorrow as well. "

The Aussie gave Bruno a slap on the back. " Guess we'll be together. I think we should show Bruno here how we have fun on the last day. "

The others had a twinkle in there eyes. Bruno knew it was going to be a long night.


The waiter wiped his forehead with a handkerchief once more though it
was only a temporary measure. The sweat continued to drip down his forehead.

" Oh why did those high ranking officers from the Rim Pac Alliance Forces come? Why did the officers from the UN Navy come? I'm going to mess up! I'm going to loose my job! " he squeaked.

" What the hell are you ranting on about? Quite fooling around and get to work! " hissed the manager.

The waiter made a silent prayer and carefully lifted the tray of drinks and carried it to the group of intimidating men. One man at the bar wearing a UN Navy uniform swirled his drink in his glass. The swirling stopped when he overhead a piece of the conversation at the table in question.

" Well, Takashi! Are you enjoying yourself? " asked a jolly gentleman
with a white beard and cigar.

" Yes, sir. "

" Then, what's with that face?"

" Admiral, sir, though I enjoy your company and I am an officer... "

" Yes..."

" ...why am I sitting with all the commanding officers of the carrier? "

The old admiral had a twinkle in his eye. " Well now... I think you should get to know your co-workers considering you'll be working with them on a personal basis. "

" You mean... "

" Yes, Takashi. Tomorrow you will be known as Rear-Admiral Hayase. "

The shocked look passed and a smile spread on his face. Just as quickly as the smile came it faded away and a forlorn look replaced it. " That means you're retiring. That's what the speech is about. "

The admiral nodded. " Now don't be sad. It's time for new blood. Hiroshi here will be taking over my post. "

" Hayase-san. "

Takashi lifted his head. The new admiral, Hiroshi Yamamoto, gave him a sympathetic look. " We will all miss the Admiral, but that doesn't mean you are the cause of his departure. You are very deserving of your new position. I'm honored to soon be working with you fully. "

" Thank you, sir. "

" Ahh, Takashi. Cheer up! He's right. You deserve the promotion. Especially after that incident with submarine. Sniveling, little son of..."


Men were knock over. The power went out briefly before the emergency power kicked in. Creaking noises could be heard along with the groaning of the men.

" Water is coming in! "

Takashi felt something dripping down his face. He touched the warm substance and found his fingers stained red. He gave an imploring look to the captain. " Captain! What should we do? "

The captain hunched over in his chair. His eyes were wide. " Captain!
Your orders?! "

Nothing. The men around him started to panic. Takashi walked up to the captain and slapped him hard across the face. There was an eerie silence after that.

" My apologies, sir. You may court-martial me after we get out of here. We need you to focus. "

The man lowered his head and looked at his shoes. " I don't know. We're surrounded and we've been hit. We're doomed. "

The panic resurfaced. Takashi screamed his frustration. " Everyone shut up! "

He ripped a sleeve from his shirt and wrapped his head with it to stop the bleeding. " Everyone listen up! We're not going to die! We're going to get out! "

All eyes seemed to gain a glimmer of hope. He started to give orders.


" Isn't that right, Takashi? "

Takashi shook his head briefly. " Pardon, sir? "

" I said at least you got them on that island . "

Takashi nodded.

" I heard it was a real nice barbie. Why, they say the fire was so big..."


Takashi could feel the heat of the flames of the boat the just sunk. In the distance an explosion lit up the night. The island of the anti-alliance terrorists would be gone off the face of the earth with in a matter of hours.

The men on board looked at one another. They got their revenge for the sub. They got their revenge for the lone ensign that died.


" Takashi? "

Takashi looked at the admiral with a far off look.

" My apologies, sir. I just drifted... "

" Ahh... well... that happens sometimes... memories are strong. "

The admiral got up and the other men followed suite. " Well, I'll be going now. My wife wants me home early. She still can't keep her hands off me."

The men laughed and wished him a good night. The others decided to go home as well. Takashi chatted with the other men while the headed towards the exit. Suddenly, Takashi felt someone grab his arm.

He looked down to find a tanned hand was connected to a UN Navy officer. His white cap hid his face, though a mustache did peek through at the angle Takashi saw him from. " May I help you? "

He placed his drink on the bar counter and looked up. A pair of cobalt blue eyes were focused on him. ' Those eyes... '

" Bruno? "

The young man gave him the same toothy grin he gave him on the beach five years earlier. He got up from the bar stool and saluted Takashi. " Lt. Bruno J. Global, UN Navy. "

Takashi's military training kicked in. " Commodore Hayase Takashi, Rim Pac Alliance Force. "

Global had a smile on his face. " Aren't you Rear-Admiral Hayase? "


" So you're married? " asked Takashi after taking a sip of his drink.

Global pulled out from his wallet a family picture. " I got married three years ago. We met at the military university program."

He handed Takashi the photograph. " How old are your children? "

" Two. They're twins. "

Takashi smiled at the evident pride he had for his children. " So, you're living in Moscow? "

" At the present, my wife is stationed there. It's home considering that I jump from ship to ship. "

" You're English has improved greatly. "

" It should. Four years of studies just in English should do that. "

The two men shared a laugh. " When did you grow the whiskers? "

Global rubbed the mustache. " When I started my studies. The men in my family all have mustaches. "

Global ordered another drink. " Are you married? "

Takashi shook his head. " No time. No luck. "

" Ahhh, if I can do it, you can too. "

The two continued to update the other about the last few years. Meanwhile, a group of young women stepped into the establishment.

' Angel... ' thought Takashi.

Light brown hair that seemed to look like golden honey when the light
shown on it. She seemed to be floating, her movements ethereal. Her head turned towards him and his breath caught in his throat. Eyes, the color of newly budding leaves, caught his gaze. An eternity seemed to pass before one of the others in the group addressed her and the moment was gone.

Global was trying to hold back his laughter. He already failed with his smile. He leaned next to Takashi. " Go to her. Now you have time. "

" But I don't have luck. "

" With the way she was looking at you... you don't need luck. Go!"

Takashi downed the last of his drink, got up, adjusted his uniform and headed towards the enchanting woman's table. Global turned his attentions to the amused bartender who had been watching the two. " You know... he really deserves to be an admiral. "

" Because of great leadership and heroic actions at sea."

Global shook his head. " Because he is going to ask a woman he just saw moments ago out on a date with less alcohol in him than it took me just to say 'hello' to my wife the first time. He truly is a great example."

The bartender let out a laugh.


Takashi pulled a flower from a vase and held it behind his back. He made his way towards the table. The conversation at the table stopped abruptly after one woman pointed him out. Several feminine heads turned towards him. One woman whispered something into his angel's ear which caused her flush. She looked even more beautiful at that point.

With the hand not holding the flower, he removed his cap and bowed the in usual formality the Japanese greeted one another. " Good evening, ladies. "

Some of the women giggled. Most eyes were twinkling with mischief. They returned his greeting. " Good evening, sir. "

His eyes focused on the one who charmed him with one glance. " May I buy you a drink? "

" She accepts! " shouted the woman sitting next to her.

The angel sat red faced and hissed at her friend. " But I don't even know his name. "

He gave her a charming smile. " I think I can answer that question. I am Commodore Hayase Takashi, Rim Pac Alliance Force. "

" Actually, tomorrow he's going to be Rear-Admiral Hayase! "

All heads turned to the bartender. " He told me to say it! "

Global waved at them. Takashi just shook his head. " Mind your own business. "

Global raised his hands up. He got up from the bar, tipped his hat and walked out the door. " An admiral? "

Takashi's attention returned to the table. " Rear-Admiral. "

" Aren't you a little young for a Rear-Admiral? " asked another woman.

" Apparently my commanding officers don't believe so. "

The women whispered to one another. He focused on the green eyed woman.

" Will you join me? " he said while he gave her the flower.

The woman sitting next to her pushed at her. " Of course she will. Now you two go and have fun. "

She gave her 'friend' a glare before addressing Takashi. " But you don't even know who I am. "

" What is your name? "

" Sato Sakiko. "

" Well, now I know you. "

A small smile formed on her face. " You're not going to give up. "

He shook his head. " Very well, I'll join you Commodore or Rear-Admiral Hayase. "


Barbie – Aussie slang for barbecue.

Yay! I finally got the first part out! I just chose a random surname for Misa's mother since I didn't find one mentioned. I don't know exactly when Takashi got promoted each time. Global is Italian and not Russian like his Robotech version. I made up the information about the wife and kids. Hmm... anything else... nope. Well, until the next part...