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Van and Fiona are sent to an undercover mission. They will have to act as a married couple to catch a killer. But will they act all the time? What happens when they start to notice their real feelings?

Chapter 1


Fiona walked threw a hallway looking for Van. She had been looking for him for 15 minutes and she still couldn't find him.

"Where could he be?" Fiona asked herself.

"Looking for someone?" Asked Van from behind her. Fiona almost jumped to the roof from her shock. Van just laugh.

"Don't do that." Said Fiona angry.

"Sorry I couldn't help myself." Said Van apologizing.

Even though Fiona wasn't mad any more she still pretended she was. Fiona turned around and walk away from him.

"Oh come on Fiona don't get mad." Said Van following her. Fiona didn't respond she just kept walking. "What can I do to make it up?" Asked Van hoping that would cheer her up. Fiona stopped.

"Well." Fiona began to say, but Van cut her off.

"You were faking it." Said Van as he just realize it. The only thing Fiona could was smile, but she knew that wouldn't get her out of her mess. She notice that Van's expression change. Now he had a mischievous expression.

"Van." Said Fiona backing away from him, but that only cause to make Van walk closer to her. Now she was against the wall with no escape.

"Now what should be your punishment?" Asked Van playfully as he got closer to her.

"Oh come on Van I was only playing around." Said Fiona. Suddenly Van began to tickle her. She couldn't stop laughing. Tears began to fall.

"V a nnn st      ooppp." Said Fiona threw her laughing. But Van didn't have that in his plans.

"This is what you get for lying." Said Van as he kept tickling her. Fiona kept on laughing like mad. Van was also being amused by watching her laugh like a mad woman. Fiona was becoming tired because she was laughing really hard. Soon she had to hold on Van so she wouldn't fall. Van kept tickling her until a voice interrupted them.

"Hey Van you'll give her a heart attack if you keep that up." Said Moonbay as she watch them. Van stopped his assaults of tickling. He was a bit red and so was Fiona. "Anyone seeing you like that would say that you two are more than friends." Said Moonbay knowing that will get to them. But the only thing it cause was to make them even redder. "Fiona didn't you have a message for Van?"

"Oh yeah." Said Fiona as she remembered.

"What is it?" Asked Van.

"Crougar send me to find you. He wants to talk to you and me about something." Said Fiona.

"I hope he decided to give me that month vacation that I asked for." Said Van.

"Well you'll never find out if you don't go and see." Said Moonbay.

" Come on Fiona let's go see what he wants." Said Van.

"Ok." Said Fiona. Moonbay just watched them as they left.

"I hope that in a near future they realize what they have in front of them." Said Moonbay even though no one could hear her.   


"Crougar you wanted to talk to us." Said Van and he and Fiona entered Crougar's office.

"Yes I do." Said Crougar as he took a black folder out. "Take a seat."  Van and Fiona sat on the chairs next to his desk.

"So what is it?" Asked Van.

Crougar handed him the folder. "I need you and Fiona to go on a mission."

"Who are we looking for?" Asked Fiona.

"See the picture of the man in the folder." Said Crougar. Both Fiona and Van looked at it. "His name is James Price. We believe his the man behind the murders of the 8 young woman found near Western Colony."

"And you want us to catch him." Said Van as he kept looking at the picture of the man.

"We know its him, but we don't have any proof. That's why I need you two." Said Crougar with a serious look.

"Do you want us to follow him?" Asked Fiona.

"Next week his going to have a grand party at his boat Shadow Night. I want you two to go undercover to that party." Said Crougar. "I need you to bring me a piece of hair or blood of his so we can match his DNA with the one found with the victims."

"So what will be our roles?" Asked Fiona.

"You two will go as a married couple." Said Crougar.

Both Van and Fiona became a bit red.

"This will be your knew identities." Crougar handed them each a brown folder. Both Van and Fiona opened there's and looked threw them. "You will be Mr. and Mrs. Edwards. Now go and study your roles."

Both Van and Fiona left his office. Neither of them said anything until they got to Fiona's room.

"I guess we'll have to pretend to be a happy couple." Said Fiona who had broken the silence that was between them.

"Yeah, but I mean were only friends so we can do this. I mean there's nothing more." Said Van who was still trying to get use to the idea.

"Yeah your right. We should be able to this with no problem at all." Said Fiona with a smile.

Van also smiled. "Well be better learn our roles. We wouldn't like to get caught now would we."

"Yeah I know. See ya later." Said Fiona as she entered her room.

Van's room was next to hers so he didn't walk that much to get to his. He got in and sat on a chair. Van went threw the folder to see what had to learn.

"Lets see." Said Van as he looked at the papers. "It says here that my name is Jack Edwards. I'm 26 years old and that I'm a rich and famous lawyer. Hey not bad. That I'm married to Kathy Edwards and that we have no kids yet." The rest were his new birth certificate, drivers license, and other stuff.


Fiona went threw the papers that were given to her. "Well it says that my name is Kathy Edwards. I'm the wife of the famous lawyer Jack Edwards. I'm 24 years old. I come from a rich family and I married Jack a year ago. So far we don't have children but we will." Fiona said to herself. There was a knock on Fiona's door. "Who is it?"

"Captain Crougar (Is that right?) told me to bring this to you." Said the soldier. Fiona went and opened the door. In front of her was a large suit case.

"What is this for?" Asked Fiona.

"He said that you will need it. He also send one to Major Flyheight." Said the soldier.

"Alright." Said Fiona. She watch as the soldier put the suit case in her room and left. "I wonder what's inside." Fiona grabbed the suit case and placed it on her bed. Then she opened it. Fiona just stood there amaze. The suit case was fill with expensive clothing. There were beautiful dresses, purses, shoes, and many more. There was a golden box in there. Fiona grabbed it and opened it. It had jewelry inside. "This must be for the mission." Fiona went on looking at the things inside the suit case.


Van was also looking at the suit case that was given to him. There were tuxedos in there, some pajamas and many more. "I guess we'll have to act like rich people. I wonder what Fiona has in her suit case?" Van quickly closed his suit case and went to Fiona's room.

Meanwhile Fiona was trying one of the dresses that were in the suit case. Then she heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Asked Fiona.

"It's me Van." Said Van from outside the room.

"Can you wait for a moment." Said Fiona as she prepare herself to change to her normal clothes.

"Why?" Asked Van.

"Because I need to change. I was trying one of the dresses that Crougar sent me. " She said.

"Hey don't change. Let me see how you look." Said Van. He was curious to see how Fiona looked.

"Alright." Said Fiona as she walked to the door. She opened it and Van just stared at her amazed. Somehow Van managed to keep his jaw from dropping to the floor. Fiona was wearing a light blue dress. It was strapless and it reached to the floor. It was very tight from the waist and up so it showed perfectly well her curves. From the waist and below it was a bit more loose. It had dark blue flowers on the bottom. Van still hadn't said a thing. "Van are you all right?" Asked a worried Fiona.

"Uh yeah." Said Van. /Wow! She looks amazing. I never thought Fiona could look so beautiful. She looks almost like a goddess. Especially how the dress fits perfectly with all her curves./

Van didn't notice, but Fiona was waving a hand in front of him. "Van. Zi to Van. Anyone in there?" Asked Fiona.

"Huh what did you say?" Asked Van as he just notice Fiona talking to him.

"What's wrong with you?" Asked Fiona.

"Um nothing. I was just admiring how pretty you look." Said Van as he kept on staring at her.

His comment made Fiona blushed. "Do you want to come in?"

"Ok." Said Van as Fiona let him pass.

"So did you read the papers?" Asked Fiona as she sat on the bed.

"Yeah I did." Said Van as he took a seat next to her.

"What do you think about this mission?" Asked Fiona.

"I think it maybe a bit risky for you." Said Van honestly.

"Why? You don't think I can do it?" Asked Fiona as she looked at him with a hurt expression.

"No it's not that. It's just that that man we're after has killed young women. I don't want him to target you as his next victim." Said Van. It would hurt him deeply if something happened to Fiona.

Fiona only smiled. "All be alright Van. Even if that guy tries something on me I know you'll be there to protect me."

Van smiled too. Then he hugged her. "I wont let that guy hurt you Fiona."

"Then I guess we'll be ready for this mission." Said Fiona. Van just nodded.


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