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Chapter 4


Van and Fiona were sitting on a bench watching the stars. That night both moons shined brightly. Van had showed the ship to Fiona and they were now resting. Fiona had liked the ship a lot and Van as well.

Van felt a bit of pressure on his shoulder. He turned to see Fiona fallen asleep on his shoulder. She had her head resting on his shoulder. This caused Van to blush a bit.

It was getting pretty late. So Van decided that they should go to their room, but he didn't want to wake Fiona up. So as carefully as he could he picked her up in his arms and carried her to their room.

Van had a bit of trouble opening the door, but after a few attempts he was able to get it open. As he walked over to the bed he realizes something.

/Where am I going to sleep? I can't sleep in the same bed as Fiona. If she wakes up in the morning and sees me sleeping next to her she may think that I'm trying to take advantage of her. / Thought Van as he got closer to the bed.

Carefully he laid her on the bed. He took her shoes off and placed them in the closet. He took out a blanket and put it over Fiona. Van couldn't help smile. It had been a very long time since he had seen Fiona sleeping.

/What the heck am I thinking? / Thought Van as he shook his head. He went into the bathroom and changed. When he came out he got some blankets and a pillow from the closet and headed to where the couch was. Van quickly fixed the pillow and blankets on the couch. Finally he was able to rest. Fiona on the other hand wasn't having a very pleasant dream.


It was very dark which made it really hard for Fiona to see. She had been walking around for a long time hoping to find an exit, but to her luck there wasn't.

"Where am I?" Fiona asked to no one. "Is anyone here?"

Fiona kept walking hoping to run into someone. Suddenly she felt a pair of arms around her waist. This scared her a lot. When she turned to see who it was it surprised her.

"Van!" Said Fiona as she hugged him. Fiona looked at him. "I was so scared Van."

Van didn't say anything. A wicked smile appeared on his face. Fiona became even more scared.

"Van what is going on?" Fiona asked as she backed away from him. She didn't get too far because he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. Fiona came crashing into his body. He put his arms around her so she wouldn't escape. He lowered his face to her ear and said.

"Now my sweet, you shouldn't be scared of me. After all you love me don't you?" Said Van, but it wasn't his voice. It was a colder more evil voice. Fiona began to panic. She tried to push him away, but he was too strong. Then he did something that really surprised her. He began to kiss her on her neck. He kept going lower and lower. Fiona screams and pushed him back.

"Van what are you doing?" Fiona asked as she backed away from him. You can easily see fear in her eyes.

"Don't tell me you didn't like that." Van said as he got closer to her. Fiona tried to run away, but she was cornered. "Now where do you think you're going?"

"Please Van stop this." Fiona begged. Slowly tears fell from her eyes. /This can't be right. Van would never do this to me. This has to be some type of bad dream. /

Van came closer to her. He grabbed her by her shoulders and began to shake her.

"Fiona wake up"

"Wake up"

"Come on"

Suddenly Fiona opened her eyes and saw that she was only dreaming.

"Fiona are you alright?" Asked Van with worried. Worry was all over his face.

/It was only a dream. / Thought Fiona with relief.

"Fiona can you hear me?" Asked Van since Fiona hadn't answered him. Van was worried. When he was just beginning to fall asleep he heard Fiona screaming and it really freak him out.

Fiona turned to see him and saw that he was really worried. "Yeah I'm fine. I just had a bad dream." Fiona said. She got up so that now she was in a sitting position.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Van asked since he had seen fear in her eyes.

"No." Answered Fiona a bit to quickly. /I can't tell Van about my dream. Especially what he was doing in it./

"Ok then." Said Van a he sat on the bed next to her.

"When did I get here?" Asked Fiona since she just noticed that they where in their room.

"You fell asleep so I brought you here." Van said as he sat next to her. Fiona rested her head on Van's shoulder. She didn't know why she had that dream. Usually her dreams were peaceful, but this time she was really scared. She knew that it wasn't Van. "Are you feeling any better now?" Van asked.

Fiona only nodded. Van put his arm around her to bring her closer. He felt as Fiona was becoming more relaxed. He was really scared that something might have happened to her.

In another part of the ship James sat in a chair in his office. He watched the full moons that were above his ship. He sat there smiling. Soon his new pray will be his.

"My dear should be having a terrible nightmare tonight. I hate to see that beautiful face scared, but it is the only way to bring her to my arms." James said to himself. Slowly he brought a glass of wine to his lips and drank it. /I hope you are just as sweet as this wine./

"Soon all the trust that she has on her beloved husband will vanish and she will only have me to trust." After he said that he began to laugh like a maniac.

Fiona had finally calmed down. Having Van there helped a lot. Van was still holding her and telling her that everything would be fine. Sleep was getting to Fiona, but she feared to have the nightmare again.

"Maybe I should let you rest Fiona." Van said. He started to remove his arm from her, but Fiona stopped him.

"Don't go Van." Fiona said. Fear was still very clear in her eyes. She hugged him to prevent him from leaving.

"Do you want me to stay here with you?" He asked. Van didn't want to leave her unprotected.

Fiona nodded. "I'll go change first." She said. Fiona was still wearing her dress. She separated from Van and grabbed a night gown and changed in the bathroom. Van fixed the bed. He was a bit nervous but he didn't know why.

Fiona came out and Van couldn't help stared at her. A blush appeared in Fiona's cheeks. She had to admit to herself, she likes it when Van looks at her. Van couldn't tear his eyes from her. She always has that affect on him.

Fiona slowly walked towards the bed. She went towards the left side of the bed. She could still fell Van's gaze at her, but she didn't say anything. Fiona was still blushing when she sat on the bed.

Van was finally able to think and went towards the bed. Fiona lay on the bed and Van copied her. Van turned off the lights and fell asleep.

Morning came and Van found himself having the best night of his life. Not because of anything that he had done, but because it had been so peaceful, especially when he woke up.


Van woke up and found Fiona sleeping next to him. To be more precise. She had her head on his chest and he had his arm around her. Van liked that idea of waking up like that. He had a feeling of comfort, peace, and maybe…love. Van only smiled.

He turn to see Fiona. She was still asleep. To him Fiona looked so beautiful like that. She was an angel sleeping in his arms. His angel. Fiona began to move, he could only guess that she was waking up. He was right.

Fiona woke up and found herself in the arms of Van. She couldn't contain her blush. Having Van so close made her feelings go out of control, although she didn't move or push Van away. The two of them just stayed like that until Van finally spoke.

"How are you feeling Fiona?" Asked Van. He hoped that she didn't have that nightmare again.

"I'm fine." Said Fiona with a smile. To be honest she was more than fine, she was great.

"Good." Said Van. Van wanted to say more but he felt as if his tongue was tie.

End of Flashback

Van was waiting for Fiona to finish getting ready. They were going to go to the pool of the ship and swim for a while. They were told that tomorrow they were going to stop in a small town to sight see and pick up more passengers.

Fiona came out of the bedroom and watch Van surfing through the channels. "I'm ready Van." Said Fiona from behind him. Van turned and saw her wearing a pink robe.

Van wondered what kind of bathing suit she is wearing, but then mentally slap himself when he realize what he thought. Van shook his head. This caught Fiona's attention.

"Is something wrong Van?" She asked. Van shook his head and then got up from the couch.

"No nothings wrong." He said as he smiled at her. Fiona blush a bit, but not from the smile but because he was not wearing his robe so she could see his chest.

Van couldn't help wondering what she was wearing and once again mentally he slapped himself. Although he couldn't help asking, "So Fiona which bathing suit did you choose?"

"A two piece bathing suit." She answered. Fiona wondered why Van would ask her that.

/Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why did I ask her that!/ Though Van. He tried to look at something so that he wouldn't keep staring at Fiona. /I have to get this thoughts out of my head. Fiona is my friend, almost like my sister./ Once he thought the last part his heart immediately rejected it.

"Van lets go." Said Fiona bringing him out of his thoughts. She grabbed the towels and headed towards the door.

It took Van a while to realize that Fiona had said something to him. Once he saw her next to the door he followed her.

James saw Van and Fiona in the pool area. He was about to greet them when he saw Fiona take her robe off and jump into the pool. His was speechless. /She far more beautiful than I expected./ He smiled wickedly as he thought, /I'm going to have a lot of fun with her./ He licked his lips before he left to his office.

Van on the other hand was trying to recover from what he saw. The last time he and Fiona had gone swimming she had a shirt and shorts on so he couldn't really contemplate her body, but now was a whole different story.

He watched as she went to one side of the pool to the other. No one else was there so they had it all to them selves. Van was temped to join her, but he knew he wouldn't control himself if he was close to her while she was wearing that!

Fiona went to the edge of the pool that Van is currently in. "Hey Van, come and join me." She said as she rested her arms on the border of the pool. Fiona didn't notice as Van gulped.

/Why me?/ Was all he could think of. Before he could react Fiona had pulled him into the pool. With a huge SPLASH, Van made his entrance in the pool.

Fiona laughed as she saw Van trying to regain control. It was actually pretty amusing. She had caught Van off guard with her little stunt.

Once Van was stable he notice Fiona laughing her head off. /Oh, so she thinks this is funny. Well this means war!/ Van went underwater and suddenly appeared behind Fiona. Before she could protest he had is arms around her and pulled her down.

Fiona was shocked by what Van did. She tried to remove his arms, but he was much stronger than her. The only thing she obtained was to get one of her arms free. That gave her an idea. /Let's see what you think of this Van./ She gathered all the strength that she could and pulled his shorts down. With that Van quickly let go of her. Fiona swam back to the surface. She saw Van with his face red. She smiled innocently at him.

"Oh you asked for it." Said Van as he launch himself at her. He grabbed her and pushed her underwater once more. Fiona opened her eyes only see something she didn't expect. She quickly closed her eyes. Once Van let go of her, her face came out of the water completely red.

"At least you could of put your shorts back on before you did that!" She yelled at him. Her hand instantly came to cover her mouth. Van was stunned as well. Then he smirked.

"Well Fiona who would of that of you being so naughty." Said Van, amusement was very clear in his voice. He could Fiona's face becoming more red by the minute. Fiona turned around so that her back was to him. Van went underwater once more and picked up his shorts. He didn't want Fiona to go through that again, well at least not now. When he came up Fiona had already gotten out of the pool. She was drying herself. Van swam to the edge and got out as well. "Sorry about that Fiona." He said thinking that she was mad.

Fiona didn't know what to say. Sure she had been shocked, but it wasn't as she disliked it. Fiona almost wanted to hit her head on the wall for thinking that.

"Hey Fi, are you ok?" Asked Van. Fiona turned to see him and smiled.

"I'm fine Van. I'm just going to lay here for a while." She said. Fiona went to one of the chairs and laid there. Van followed her. "Van can you do me a favor?"

"Sure." Said Van. Fiona took out a bottle of sunscreen.

"Can you put some on my back please?" She said. Her head was already resting on the top of the chair.

"Uh yeah." Said Van as he took the bottle. Oh boy was this going to be interesting.

/This is going to be payback./ Thought Fiona as she closed her eyes.

Van put some of the lotion on his hands. /Ok don't be nervous. This is a normal thing. Just put on her back and that's it. No need to be nervous, not at all./ Slowly his hands came in contact with Fiona's back. He wanted to finish with this quickly, but his hands had other plans. He began at the top of her back. Gently massaging the cream on her shoulders. Slowly his hands went down making sure the lotion had spread out. His hands went to the side of her body slightly touching the sides of her breast. Van froze for a moment before his hands continue their journey. He put some more sunscreen on his hands and continue to rub it on her back.

Fiona like the feeling of his hands on her back. His massage was really getting to her and as much as she wanted to keep quite she couldn't help letting a small moan escape her lips. This was just too good.

They had no idea that someone was watching them. As the continue his fury grew.

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