I Watch You

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

I watch you. Your white hair
Flows in the wind. You are
So beautiful.
I watch you. You walking,
Speaking, arguing, eating,
Sleeping and I watch you
With HER.

Kagome, that's what I was
Told was her name. I hate
Her. She shouldn't even
Have you. Worthless human,
She should stick with the rest
Of her damned kind. Not with
Someone as perfect as you.

Even though you are only
Half demon, you are still
My perfect one. It was not
Your fault how you were

My white hair flows in the
Night wind. Naraku's
Poisonous bees buzz quietly
Not too far behind. I watch
You through an opening in
The bushes. My white kimono
A poor shelter from the cold
Wind, but my heart is kept
Warn as I watch your chest
(with my emotionless eyes
but not an emotionless heart)
Rise and fall as you sleep.
The End.