So Fly

Disclaimer: I do no own Teen Titans

Dedication: I dedicate this to Raven A. Star (my most avid and best
reviewer), who gave this Idea through the review given for "Starfire" (my
other fanfic.). Thank you Raven A. Star. You have been and hopefully will
always be the best fan of my fanfics.

"You got me lifted
Higher than the ceiling"

Just seeing you makes
My blood pressure rise.
You are so elegant, so
Graceful. When you are
sitting, walking and
especially when you
fight. Your abilities are
so amazing. You must
practice a lot to get your
telekinesis to work just

".it's the ultimate feeling
You got me lifted feeling
So gifted.
Sugar how you get so fly?"
She is so sexy, I could sit
Here all day watching her.
It's so hard not to have a
Heart attack when I see
Your beautiful body. So
Perfect, so fit. Your flowing
Cape just emphasizes your
Ethereal beauty.
"Girl you keep it so fly"

You make even the stars
More beautiful by your
Presence. I may be small
But I'm big enough to
Know that what I want and
That is you.

"I can't lie
I'd like to get low"

I can't deny that I
Might want to do
More than just kiss
Your lips and wrap
My hands around
Your sensuous waist.

Then I heard them calling me.
Guess there's another assignment
For us again. And as I turn off the
Television that shows me your image
And every move from my secret
Camera, I go out to meet Mammoth
And Jinx. But the music from my
Stereo continues to resonate in my

"She's high like the
Planes in the air.
That's right..
Setting her own tone.
I'm digging her energy
And I'm loving her ozone.
So fly like a dove.
Fly like a Raven."

The End