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Preventer 5 II

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Chapter I

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"Sally, this is Anne. talk to me."

"I hope you can hear me, this is as loud as I can talk without drawing attention."

"Loud and clear. I would have checked in sooner, but the guards were staying too close to me. where are you?"

"Castle entryway, laying in a pool of fake blood."

"Oh. So.. did you die in vain?"


"The plan has failed?"

... "How are the hostages?"

"Quite well, thus far."

"Good, because you're all going to be there a while longer."

"I see. So, it's going to be a while before Plan B commences?"

"Plan B? There's a Plan B? Wonderful! Quatre didn't tell me about it. Will this one work? Is it even remotely plausible? Were logic and tactics involved in it's conception?"

... "What happened, Sally?"

"You don't want to know."

"I lead the Preventers. It's my job to know. I'm not going anywhere, apparently, so humor me."

"Trowa's job was to walk a high-tension wire across the courtyard divide to slip into the control room and rig the camera controls."

"Ok, sounds good so far."

"Sure, accept that it's the middle of the day and everyone saw a shadow tooling along across the grounds and started shooting at him."

"Was he hit?"

"No, no, he dove from line to line and evaded them all somehow."

"He really is amazing."

"Indeed, and it seemed like he was going to make it till he grabbed the fifth wire and his radio went dead. We didn't know his status till we heard the rebels talking. They were quite amazed he lived considering he grabbed a live powerline"

"I see. Current status?"

"We've confirmed he's awake now, still twitching apparently, though. Anyhow, while that was happening, Wufei and I entered the front with the ransom money. Duo slipped in as one of the rebels and made a big show of losing his cool and opening fire at me, giving Wufei a chance to escape during the chaos. We were hoping Duo would be sent to where you are to be detained."

"We all realized the guards were dealing with some kind of commotion elsewhere in the castle, but certainly no one was brought here to join us."

"I know. His rebel comrades knocked him out, tied him up, and threw him into the entry vehicle where Trowa was. The girl in charge didn't suspect him of being one of us, but didn't trust him to keep his mouth shut to the hostages once he was effectively one himself."

"Sensible enough. Did Wufei escape?"

"For a time. He was heading for the basement shelter, but with the cameras still active, it apparently took them no time to find him. He was supposed to meet Quatre in the shelter, then wait there till the rebels ran inside. Then they'd slip out and lock the doors behind."

"How did Quatre get there?"

"I don't think he did. He was going to enter through the adjoining basement under the pool. But as soon as he got that far, I heard men shouting and his signal broke up with interference."

"And Wufei?"

"The rebel leader came back from the basement some moments later laughing about the 'Idiot Preventer' trapped in the shelter lock. She'd ordered them to unlock the outer doors for him then lock them behind. She was most amused at his ranting at some 'fruitcake fairy' for thinking it was funny to not unlock the inner doors."

"If he did say those things, remind me to admonish him severely for those kinds of comments."

"Pardon my saying so, Sir, but tip of the iceberg."

"I suppose. So the rebels were supposed to run to the shelter to avoid the..."

"Nuclear explosion."

... "I see. So the plan was to lock the rebels in the shelter so that when the nuclear weapon went off, only they would survive but be doomed to starvation inside a locked shelter. Yes?"

"No, Sir. The plan was to convince them that Heero wasn't afraid of dying for his love."

... "I'm not following you, Sally."

"Sorry, Sir. The plan was to threaten them into surrendering to Heero. That or panic, set the timer for detonation, and run for the shelter."

"Thank you. Now, presuming they don't know him personally, why would they fear him that much?"

"He was piloting a mobile suit."

... "He has a mobile suit?"

"We do, Ma'am, a fake one. A titanium alloy shell of Wing Zero we were prepping for the museum."

"I wasn't aware we had a fake Wing Zero."

"Neither were the rebels, Ma'am. And for that matter, neither did the castle's auto defense grid."

"Wait. We installed that grid for Sanc's safety, hid it to only activate under the most dire threat, then disabled it when Relena found out at her direct order."

"All except the mobile suit heavy trackers. With no known mobile suits in existence, the deactivation of the MS specific defenses was considered low priority and ultimately overlooked."

"Until today when they opened fire on a Preventer mobile suit."

"Correct. It didn't know the suit was ours, Ma'am. Museum displays don't usually have active IFF signature transmitters."

"We should add IFF to the demilitarization procedures from now on."

"Yes, Sir. I'll get right on it, as soon as finish my formal complaint about the incompetency of the testosterone squad that shot me and left me laying in red sugarwater in front of armed rebels. And right before I shave my head after giving up on cleaning this forsaken crap out of my hair and resign the Preventers to fly to Mars. Not to actually get there, mind you, but just to have a year of solitude in a small lonely place where I can look back on my life and wonder what the hell I ever did to deserve this thankless, ungrateful..

"Sally... Sally... Just be calm. We'll find a way."

"I'm sorry, Anne."

"No apologies, Soldier. Don't apologize till you know there won't be another chance. This isn't over yet. Now tell me the rest. What happened to Heero?"

"He approached the rebels and played a recording of a rebel guard checking in. Then he fast forwarded it while cursing and played a clip of John Wayne swearing he'd die before he'd let them 'harm a hair on that pretty woman's head, even if it meant takin' out the lot of'em'."

... "And what part of Quatre's plan did that constitute again?"

"The part where he gushes his undying love to Relena and dares them to trigger the nuke."

... "Quatre did realize it was Heero who was supposed to do that gushing, yes?"

"I kinda thought it was a pretty unrealistic. I've watched Heero break into cold sweat trying to eek out a 'love you' at the end of a phonecall to her directly. I think Quatre's been watching 'Remains of the Day' again. Anyhow, Heero had a voice coder to mimic guards he'd taken out. When Quatre told him he'd stay behind in a mobile suit, he decided to use it to play back the threat in a voice with actual inflection in it."

"Commendable theory at least."

... "Well, anyway, he got that far when everyone noticed the heavy coilguns appearing out of nowhere. The shell had enough functional motivators to walk, but that's all, and only enough battery power for a few minutes. Heero somehow managed to practically break-dance around the trackers till he could get below its radar."

"Below? I thought the defense grid scanned all the way down to surface?"

"It does. He dove it into the pool."

... "Is a museum shell wat-"

"No, Ma'am."

"So he short circuited the batteries and now is trapped inside?"


"Air Supply?"

"Several hours. The cockpit's still original, and its auxiliary life support is intact."



"They're convinced the Preventers are incapable of another counteroffensive, yes? The absurdity of the decoy mission will play into our favor."

"Decoy? It wasn't meant to be a de-"

"I know, Sally. I know. However, it wasn't a successful rescue mission, either. Best to view it as a distraction. Hopefully, the rebels won't."

"Thus averting their attention from ..."

"Plan B. An attack from within."

... "Does it involve the dead walking?"

"I'll warn you if that need arises."

"Grand. I'll be right here."

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to be continued

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