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This is kind of a "what if" story. What if Drizzt Do' Urden had not walked out of the final ceremony in Arach-Tinilith, but had instead fallen under the hypnotic drug of the priestesses and made love with one of them? Well what if that past encounter came back to haunt him Hmmm....

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OH! And this fic will have some "adult content in it from time to time so, if you are too young, or if that kind of stuff is offensive to you don't read on.

And now without further ado...

Shadows of the Past~ -prologue

Menzoberranzan: the past

A strangely intoxicating mist spread across the room, slowly washing over the gathered final year students from Melee-Magthere. Among them, the young Drizzt Do' Urden, head of his class and the thus the most honored and highly skilled fighter of the class. Sitting there with the others as the mist rolled over them Drizzt felt the first tingling effects of the drug start to hit him. It was very faint at first, so much so that he did not even realize what it was until he noticed that the edges of his vision were starting to blur slightly. Shaking his head, he fought off the effects as best he could, but there seemed to be a voice in his head telling him to let go. The voice seemed to offer all the pleasures in the world to him if he would only let go. Thinking of Zak though, Drizzt found the strength to once again fight off the effects of the drug in the air. He was still a little fuzzy but he was managing to hold it at bay, ignoring the voice and its tempting promises.

Looking around him Drizzt noticed that of his class he was the only one who seemed to not be falling under the mist's hypnotic sway. Then he noticed a curious thing. The final year priestess' of Lolth had slowly started to spread out around the room. As he watched one of the young priestess' stopped in front of each one of the fighter students. Turning back himself he was mildly surprised to see the he was no exception. Looking up he nearly lost his breath. Before him stood what appeared to be, if he was any judge, a goddess clothed in drow form. She slowly moved her hand to the clasp at her throat and unhooked it letting her piwafwi fall to the ground.

She wore nothing

Suddenly all thoughts of fighting against the insistent voice within his head vanished as he gazed in awe at the perfect beauty before him. Her skin was like polished obsidian. Her strong yet delicate neck, her full rounded breasts, her flat smooth stomach, her tiny waist the flared out into beautiful firm buttocks, the soft snowy white down between her legs, legs that were toned but feminine in every aspect, every part of her was beauty to perfection. Her face though was what stole the young drow fighter's breath from his away. It was as if some god had taken up sculptor's tools and then breathed life into this beautiful, sensual creature before him. All thought then left his head as she lowered herself down on to him and pressed her lips to his. Her skin was like the softest satin against his rough callused hands. He ran them up and down her back as she kissed him lustfully, running her hands all over him as she did so. Suddenly Drizzt was naked as well and she slowly lay down atop him and soon their thoughts and actions turned to passion.


Drizzt awoke later not knowing where he was. He started to sit up but then noticed that there was a weight resting on him. Glancing down he saw the naked form of the most amazingly beautiful drow female asleep on his muscled chest. Even more amazing was that he was naked as well. In shock he jolted up into a sitting position with a gasp. What had he done!? The female came awake as he sat up and placed her hand upon his chest smiling wickedly.

"Something wrong lover?" she asked with a wicked laugh.

"Who are you?!" he said in a panic.

"Clahra of house Baenre" she whispered into his ear as she leaned in to nibble on his ear.

"What am I doing here?" Drizzt replied more calmly, realizing that to get upset would solve nothing.

"Why partaking in your reward as a new drow warrior." She said as she silenced him with a kiss.
Drizzt returned the kiss for a moment before he realized what had happened and firmly pushed her back away from him.

"I'm sorry but I cannot d..!" he started to say but was cut off as her open hand collided with his face knocking him to the ground.

"YOU DARE TO REFUSE ME!?" she shrieked at him. Standing up unashamed of her nakedness in front of everyone else, for they were still amid all of the other students, and kicked him savagely in the stomach. Grabbing him by the hair she lifted him up to face her burning eyes. "You are still mine little male!" she said as she kissed him once more and then pulled him from the room. They traveled down a hallway to a room where she threw him on a bed and after tying him up used him for hours until he passed out.

***** Mithral Hall: the present

Drizzt awoke with a start. Never has he had such a vivid dream. It seemed that his past was coming back to haunt him once again..

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