Shadows of the Past Chapter 4: paths through shadow

Saiel looked down at Phaer in shock and confusions.

"I'm your what?!" she said disbelief. What could this drow like creature be thinking?

"I said, that I believe you are my sister. Was there some part of that that you failed to misunderstand?" he said in a calm voice as he picked himself up off the ground gingerly.

Saiel was about to lay into him when she noticed that he was bleeding profusely from his side; while she might not think of him as an ally she could see from the wounds on at least half the bodies laying around her that not all of them had been killed by a fist.

"Your hurt." She said in almost an accusitory tone of voice. Looking over at her with a look that subtly said, "am I really?"

"You don't say. Its funny that I didn't notice that on my own. What ever would I do with out you here." He said shaking his head ruefully, before grunting in pain. Moving over to him Saiel sighed in frustration. Stupid fool. He was only going to kill himself if he didn't relax and let her take a look at it.

"Here," she said. "Let me take a look at it." Moving closer she grimaced as she softly probed the wound. It was gashed open from his armpit to the bottom of his ribs. The ribs were showing at the bottom of the wound and it was bleeding badly.

"wait here I'll get some healing potions." She said as she started to rise up. He stopped her however.

"N, no... no need." He replied as he slowly let out his breath. He then started to relax and fall into a trance of some sort. Suddenly Saiel gasped as, with an intense look of concentration on his face, Phaer's wound slowly started to close before her stunned eyes. Right before her the skin seemed to fuse back together until there was a smooth purple scar, and then fade from site completely.

"There," He said as he gingerly touched his side "good as new." Stand up slowly he started to take stock of himself.

"H, how how did you do that?" a stunned Saiel asked with wide eyes. She had seen some impressive display of body controlling techniques during her life here in the monastery but thius went behond anything she had ever witnessed.

"Do what?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face before it sunk in. "oh that. Its merely a trick of the mind." he said as he got back to checking his equipment. Suddenly he was turned around roughly to face Saiel.

"Strong mind indeed! I have seen some of the greatest masters of the realm bend their minds and will power to incredible tasks of body control but never have I seen someone whos mind is so strong it can mend flesh." She said with a challenging stare.

"Well drowling, my mind is stronger than most." He said with a half smile as he tapped his forehead. Picking up his spear from the ground he started to walk away and out of the temple.

"HEY!" Saiel yelled loudly at him. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING!" Running after him she spun him around once again. Looking down at her he softly glared at her.

"That is starting to irritate me." He said softly in an ice cold voice. Plucking her hand from his shoulder he moved it about an inch away from him and let it drop.

Staring up at him with tears in her eyes she brokenly wept as she said, "But what about my mother?"

"There is no time. If we do not move swiftly they will return and catch us here. And trust me young one, you do not want that. I suggest you make what ever peace with her quickly." And with that he turned and continued walking.

Turning back slowly Saiel walked back to her mother's side and nelt down beside her still body. She kissed her finger tips and then placed them on her mothers forehead.

"I wish there was time to do this right mother, but this shall have to do. You always told me to look out for the living and cry for the dead after.

Go with the grace the has kept you

Go with the will that has born you

Go with the strength that has upheld you

Take these things and continue the endless journey."

Saiel then lowered her head and kissed her mother softly on the lips before standing up. She watched in silence as her mothers body slowly faded into nothingness and then slowly walked away.

Unbenoced to either of the young warriors a silent figure watched from the shadows and took note of what had just taken place.

* * * * * *

later that evening.....

They had been walking for hours now. This in and of itself was no great hardship, for they were both very healthy and not even tired. However, this was the 3 time in as many hours as they had come back to the same spot!

"This is useless you know?" Saiel remarked to her traveling companion in a frustrated voice. "We've been going in circles for hours now. We take one tunnel it leads back here. We take another tunnel we also end up back here... HEY! Are you even listening to me!?!" she said glaring over at him where he sat looking around at the cavern walls curiously.

"Hmmmm...? Oh. Yes I'm listening." He said absently as he continued to stare at the walls. Fuming now she opened her mouth to really try and get his attention when he stood up and walked back over to her.

"I think what we need is a guide." He said in an insulting tone of voice.

"Ok a guide. But where do we find one way out here?" she asked in exasperation. "Hey! Listen to me...!"

"quiet" he mouthed to her. Walking softly over to a large mushroom he quickly reached around the back and pulled out a struggling kobold.

"PUT GEKUA DOWN YOU!" it screamed in a high pitched voice. It continued to kick and struggle futily in Phaer's grasp however and instead tried to bite him.

"No no no my little kobold friend I'd like to speak with you first." He said to the little lizard like humanoid.

"Who you call KOBOLD!?!" it screeched at Phaer in an imitation of what the poor little creature probably though was a regal voice. "You not now DRAGON when see one!?" it asked as if it had just been offered a huge insult. "BOW BEFORE THE GREAT GEKUA AND SHAKE IN FE....!" Phaer suddenly shook the pathetic little thing and looked it square in the eyes.

"Shut up." Was all he said but Gekua instantly went silent.

"The Great Gekua decide to quiet now." It said as if IT had decided that it was bored with talking.

Phaer walked over to the rock in front of Saiel and placed Gekua firmly upon it before stepping back.

"Now, oh "great gekua", you are going to show us how to find our way out of these tunnels. Aren't you my little friend?" looking up and gulping, the trembling little kobold just nodded his head

Looking over at Phaer Saiel could only sigh and shake her head. What had they gotten them selves into now.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Ok all I finally got back to the real story and got them moving again. But who is this cute little lizard rat they have with them now. And how did Phaer now that Gekua knew the way out of the caves? Well find out next time.

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