I'm a DigiDestined, Get Me Outta Here!

A/N: OK obviously this is a version of the brilliant TV show 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!' but with a slightly different twist. I thought of doing this fic when I saw that there was going to be a third series (which is on at the moment) but then I remembered that I think I have read a fic like this before, even though the said fic is unfinished. I looked for that fic on search, but nothing came up. Otherwise I would give some credit to the author of that fic, so if you're reading this then I hope you don't mind. I honestly did think of it on my own. That over and done with, I'd like to do the disclaimer.

By the way, I started to write this BEFORE erm.Digifan1's fic just to let you know and thought of it weeks ago. Hmmmm, all my new fics seem to appear just BEFORE I upload them. Two IAD fics really won't work will it????? May have to think about this. I'm putting this chapter up so I can have a better idea of what to do about it. I swear I thought of this ages ago, on my life, I have witnesses - just ask claire1308 or lottie11 or even boxer_and_dusty k? Digifan1 I'm sorry if this offends you but it's not my fault 'great minds think alike!' lol. E-mail me about it if you want, my e- mail is on my profile page.

Also they are very different, as you will see.

I do not own Digimon or 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!'. Some of the trials may be copied from the show, so they don't belong to me unless I state they are my own creation. Most of this has come from my notebook where it's all planned.

Note - The author does not condone under age drinking..much.well only a little, ok?

Set two years after series 2, when they miraculously lost touch and changed schools etc. It works better that way.

On with the fic!


Episode 1


*Screen shows two young girls, obviously presenters. One has medium length light brown hair and is wearing a red top and black combat trousers (Charli), the other has long blonde/brown hair and is wearing jeans and a pink top (Hannah)*

Hannah - Good evening and welcome to 'I'm a DigiDestined, Get Me Outta Here!'

Charli - For those of you plonkers who don't know what this show is about, basically we take ten famous DigiDestined.

Hannah - .dump them in the Australian outback for a week or two..

Charli - .and watch them suffer at the hands of the public. There will be tears and trauma, joy and happiness, even the odd romance or two.

Hannah - But that's not all. The 'Destined will have to face some pretty scary things.

Charli - Enough talking about Maths teachers! What about the trials? *Sees autocue* Oh.

Hannah - Will the jungle be too much for them to handle? Which one will be the first to cry:

Hannah and Charli - 'I'M A DIGIDESTINED, GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!'

*Theme tune starts, pictures flash by of the Australian rainforest and pictures of the DigiDestined are shown with their names*

Charli's Voice - All the DigiDestined were invited to a party to catch up on old times before heading off to the jungle. Or at least, eight of them did.

*Hotel Suite with waiters holding trays of champagne and eight DigiDestined milling around chatting*


Izzy sits in the corner typing on his laptop while he still can, furiously typing away. After a brief first glimpse of the computer genius the camera slowly moves around the room.

Mimi takes a champagne glass off of one of the silver trays, and spots Yolei over in the far corner with Kari. She hurries towards them.

*Camera moves over to Izzy, who is still on his laptop, then Kari, then Joe who stands looking around nervously and loosening his collar. The screen rotates back onto the three girls, to find that Mimi has rushed off to greet Sora who has just arrived. The camera moves back onto Kari then zooms into Yolei as well.*

'So how've you been Kari?' Yolei asks politely, fiddling with her long purple hair and taking a sip of her champagne. They had not seen each other in two years and had quite a lot to catch up on.

'Ok. Schoolwork is getting a lot harder though, I have way too much homework.'

Yolei smiles knowingly.

'Wait 'till you get to yer GCSE's Kar.' (A/N - I'm using the British school system as IACGMOH is a British programme)

Suddenly a young blonde appears behind Yolei. He has ocean blue eyes that sparkled and a huge grin at seeing all his friends again. He finds himself opposite an attractive young brunette, and he realises that it was Kari, who he had not seen in ages. She had let her hair reach just past her shoulders and wore it loose with a pink clip. She had grown a lot taller since he last saw her and her body had definitely matured too, which showed through the tight pink top she was wearing and jeans. Feeling himself go slightly pink, he coughs to get Yolei and Kari's attention.

Yolei turns around, surprised, to find her old basketball-loving friend.

'TK!' she yells hyperactively, drawing him in to a huge hug as best she could without spilling her drink.

Kari watches her boy best friend hug her other best friend. (Ignore the fact they haven't spoken in years, all will be revealed later ;) She feels a tiny pang of jealously, she had always had a little crush on TK, which she had hoped would have disappeared by now; obviously it had not, but instead it had grown.

(Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's really hard for me to write in the present tense, so if I suddenly go back to the past, please forgive me).

TK and Yolei break apart, and the two crest bearers of hope and light meet each others eyes at last. It takes Yolei to have several violent coughing fits before they realise that they were staring at each other for a few minutes.

Embarrassed, both look away. TK breaks the tense silence,

'Erm have any of you two seen Matt and Tai? Also where are Joe and Ken?'

Kari regains her composure and smiles at her crush.

'Cody and Ken aren't going, otherwise there would be too many of us for the show. Tai and Matt haven't turned up yet for some reason.'

Suddenly the large double doors burst open, and the two tumble into the room. Everyone is staring at them, wondering just quite what they were doing lying in a tangled heap on the floor.

*Camera zooms in*

'Er hi,' Tai says, putting his arm behind his head. Beside him, we see Matt brushing off the dust fromhis shirt.

*Camera onto Kari who is looking shocked*

'Hey guys. Sorry we're late, Tai had a little trouble in the restaurant.' Matt explains, glaring at Tai fiercely.

'It's not my fault they chased us all over the hotel!'

'Yeah right.'

They proceed to mill around, finally blending into the small crowd.

*Scenes of everyone greeting Tai and Matt, then talking politely whilst drinking their champagne.* *Scene of another room, with two women and Mimi present*

'Miss Tachikawa, I need you to try on the raincoat again please, I'm not quite sure of the size,' one of the women dressed in red informs the pink haired girl.

'AGAIN?' I hate those raincoats, in fact the whole wardrobe needs redesigning. Why don't I drop you my friend's phone number, she's great with fashion and can really spice things up a bit-'

*Mimi rambles on*

'MISS TACHIKAWA! This is the set dress code which you must follow!'

'Ok ok no need to totally freak out over it, it's just some clothes!' Mimi replies innocently, totally unaware of what she is really saying.

*Mimi turns to the camera*

'And you, get out of here! Go on! Move!'

She pushes our camera out of the bedroom and back into the 'greeting' room, after closing the door conspicuously.

*Camera find Kari again who is now talking to Matt*

(Back at the Studio)

Hannah - (looking very puzzled) Erm.ok.it seems that we have an obsessed cameraman here.*notices that she is on air* Oh! Well it certainly seems that Tai and Matt made an entrance, then again what do you expect from a football player and a rock star?

Charli - (sniggering slightly) Can they keep it up in the camp? Or will they both fail and...wait a minute, this auto cue's crap isn't it?

Hannah - Yep.

*Both glance at director, who is motioning that they are on live*

Charli - But in the meantime, it's all we've got, so er.let's go and see what luxuries the crew decided to take with them into the jungle.

Hannah - *Notices look on director's face* Back away slowly Charli.


*Scene opens showing all ten DigiDestined (I had to leave two out for the sake of it) in a circle packing their bags*

*Camera goes to Kari first*

*She notices the camera*

'I'm packing my stuff up, but I'll bet you anything it won't fit in here. I've decided to take my digital camera with me so I can snap loadsa stuff. It'll be great to look back on in the future I guess.' She continues to pack, before the camera seems to be forcefully moved away from her onto TK.

He appears to have finished already and is calmly sitting on top of his large bag. After a quick visual nudge from a sound man, he grins.

'I'm taking my hat. I actually have seven, one for each day of the week, but I'm only allowed to take one. I know we get hats, but I can't do without it. Plus it'll keep my hair quite er.neat.'

*Camera moves onto Mimi*

Mimi is trying to squash her things in her bag.

'I'm taking some of my favourite lip gloss! Strawberry Marmalade no. 7. It'll make sure that my lips don't go all gunky in the jungle.'

*Camera moves onto Matt*

He is trying to shove a very, very large tub of blue hair gel into the bag, but then gives up.

'I am taking hair gel. No sane guy can live without it.'

*Camera moves onto Sora*

'I'm packing some sun cream. I don't want anyone to get burnt, that would be awful. I hope they're packing sensible things.'

*Camera moves onto Davis*

'I'm taking a blow-up football net! Tai's taking his football so we can play. It'll be a blast!'

*Camera moves onto Tai for a brief moment, before turning to Izzy*

Normally I would take my trusty laptop, but as the circumstances don't allow that, I am taking a giant blow-up sofa-'

'WOW IZZY!' someone shouts, the camera turns to find Tai with his mouth hanging open, gazing in disbelief. Obviously this is unlike the computer genius.

'.because from previous episodes I have concluded that a soft comfortable seat ends up being an essential focus point of the camp.'

*Camera moves onto Yolei*

'Hi! I'm taking a hair brush, I mean come one, how could we survive without one?'

*Camera moves onto Joe*

'I-I'm taking a study book. I have a test as soon as I get back on osmosis, diffusion and active transport and I really need to prepare. Sora's taking sun cream, which is good, I burn very easily.'

*Camera zooms out to show DigiDestined finishing their packing*

*New scene, DigiDestined are gathered around a large table with lots of boxes on. A young girl with oval glasses, very tanned skin and medium length dark hair is also present*

'Hello everyone! My name is Claire, and I'm gonna tell you a little bit about some of the creatures that you might meet in the jungle. As you all know, the Australian outback can be a very dangerous place, so listen carefully, what you're about to hear could save your life.'

Claire, dressed in a red t-shirt and jeans, makes her way to the table. She lifts the lid off of one of the boxes, and puts her hand inside. She pulls it back out to reveal a quite large spider with big long legs.

The DigiDestined, it seems, appear to be calm. Some of them flinch a bit.

'Erm aren't a few of you meant to jump backwards and scream?' Claire asks, confused.

'Hey, you don't save two worlds a few times without picking up some courage,' Matt points out.

'Ok..well anyway, this is a Funnel-Web Spider, the most deadliest in the world. If you see one..'

The group do not seem to be taking much notice. In fact, Davis appears to have fallen asleep against a tree.

*Camera shows a few shots of Claire holding up some interesting items, before deciding that the group is being too boring and cuts.*

*A short while later, two helicopters arrive*

*They all get strapped in*

'Wow look at that!'

'I need to get a picture of this.'

'Dammit I got a bit of dirt on my hat!'

'Is there a laptop I can borrow on here?'

'I can't wait to get there! Then we can play football.'

'.play football, laze in the sun watching Kari..'

'Has anyone got an air sickness bag? I feel a little dizzy.'

'I hope we're gonna be able to find the camp.'

'Just look at all the pretty trees! There must be thousands!'

'Actually more like 54-'


*Camera zooms out to show the two helicopters above the rainforest, the squabbling gets quieter*


(Back at the Studio)

*Charli and Hannah look as though they have been running for their lives all over the studio, which quite coincidentally, they have*

Charli - Well *huff* that was *huff* not very interesting.

Hannah - It appears that *pant* the 'Destined *pant* are used to this sort of thing.

Charli - But how will they *huff* cope finding camp?

*Both presenters collapse* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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