I'm a DigiDestined, Get Me Outta Here!

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On with part 2!

Last time….

The DigiDestined packed their bags and learnt about the creatures of Australia after meeting and greeting. Then they were dumped in the Australian outback, left to find their way to camp and fend for themselves…

Episode 1 part 2

Scene opens with the two presenters walking on a silver bridge suspended between the trees of the jungle. They look a lot better than when we last saw them, however both look rather scared of something cough someone behind the camera

Charli and Hana smile at the camera. Charli begins the show with:

'Well we've met the 'Destined, they've been told about the dangers of the jungle and they've left their normal lives behind.'

'Now they've been dumped in the Australian jungle and left to fend for themselves. Will they find their way to camp? And will one of them cry:'



Digidestineds have been dumped in the rainforest by the helicopters

Tai stands up straight and addresses his team. He is team leader for the day already, it seems.

'Ok team, we are armed with the power of the…hair gel…lip gloss…camera…hat…biology study book…blow up sofa…sun cream…hair brush…blow-up football net…and a football…hmmm'

'Erm the map Tai,' Sora points out.

The leader seems a bit taken aback.

'Right, and the map. Er, does anyone know where the map is?'

Camera goes around group, all of whom seem completely dumbstruck

'I HAVE IT!' Davis yells a little too enthusiastically. He hands over the precious item to the team leader.

'Ok. By my reckoning, we go north for a bit then turn due west 60 for 45 metres before we come to a stream, then we-'

'You really have no clue do you?' Kari asks her brother knowingly.

'Erm…why don't we let Izzy take care of this one guys?'

Izzy sighs and steps up to Tai, receiving the square piece of paper from him. He studies it for a few seconds, before nodding and motioning to follow him deep into the bushes.

A short while later, camera shows DigiDestined walking in single file along a small track amongst a lot of trees and bushes

'AHHHHHHHHH!' Mimi shrieks loudly, jumping behind Sora and pointing towards a tree to the left.

Camera focuses in on a snake wrapped lazily around a thick branch. It appears to have just woken up for some reason…..

'What happened?' Izzy and Tai return from a few metres ahead.

'You know it's kinda cute in a weird sorta way…..' Kari says with her head tilted to one side.

Joe looks dazed for a moment before reminding everybody:

'Well it shouldn't harm us if we walk quietly past….right?' he backs away slightly from the snake which is giving our young doctor a rather evil stare.

'Affirmed,' Izzy replies, before adding: 'I think…'

Camera shows a different scene - all are looking hot and tired

'Well according to this we should get some kind of pointer to where the camp is around here…the map only goes up to this point.'

Camera shows Davis whistling and ambling along



'Way to go Davis! You found the pointer!' Izzy exclaims as the group look down towards, as it has once been put, the heir of the goggles, who happens to be five feet down in a large hole with his feet in the air, with a wooden arrow lying right next to his head.

He slowly lifts his head up, a little dazed.

'I think it's that…that way…' before promptly fainting back to the earth.

'Oh dear,' Sora remarks.

Camera shows the DigiDestined on the move again, with the subtitles: ' An hour later'

A sign of relief comes across Tai's face as he notices something ahead.


Cheers and shouts can be heard from the tired group, Joe especially as he is helping to carry Mimi's bag.

Camera zooms out and moves around, to reveal the camp. We see a ring of stones for a fire, with two medium logs nearby. Within a few metres are three green beds, set in various positions. Beyond that is another small clearing which has nothing in it. Through some of the trees a sort of pond is just visible.

The group make their way down the small hill which hosts their current path and walk into their new home for the next week plus.

They glance around, happy to finally be here. The blissful only lasts a few moments before they realise that there are ten of them and only three beds.

'I call a bed!' Mimi yells, immediately jumping on the nearest one.

Everyone else apparently ignores this and look at each other confused.

'Why don't you go to the Bush Telegraph Tai, they always have stuff there for the leader. I bet all this is just part of the show,' Matt states coolly as he puts his bag down by one of the logs.

Looking worried, the leader nods his head and makes his way to the Bush Telegraph which is a short while away and visible through another group of trees, opposite the toilet.

#### Bush Telegraph ####

Camera shows Tai sitting down on the seat

'Er…hi I guess. What is the deal with three beds? Don't we get some supplies?? What about-'

He seems to have finally noticed two large green bags at his feet.

'Oh. Er thanks.'

Tai picks up the bags, and, struggling, makes his way out of the door and back to camp.

#### Camp ####

'Hey guys! We've got some stuff!'

TK rushes up to help Tai with the bags, his own discarded.

They put the heavy items next to the soon-to-be fire and proceed to open them. Yolei pulls out a big piece of laminated paper with some writing on.

'Dear Digidestined,

Welcome to your first day at camp. The bag with the blue ribbon is the general supplies bag, the bag with the red ribbon contains materials for four beds, which you will have to produce yourself. There is also material for a hammock.

Each day one or two of you will face a Bush Tucker Trial. As the public cannot vote today, you will have to decide between you who will do the first trial. As it is a double trial you will need two people. If you are one of the chosen, take the path next to the pond and follow until you reach the trial bridge.

Cooking supplies can be found in the bag underneath the bed nearest the fire.

P.S. As Tai and Davis are normally the leaders, they cannot participate in this trial…..hehe. Good luck with the beds by the way…..

Hana and Charli


There is a stunned silence among the group, apart from Davis who is jumping up and down with joy at not having to do the trial. Tai just grins stupidly, before realising that two of them will have to do it.

'Ok, well I suppose we all have to go to the Bush Telegraph to vote. In the meantime I think that we should also set up the beds and get a fire going. Any questions? Ask Izzy if you do.'

Tai proceeds to take various items out of the 'general' bag, which contains insect repellent, some sun cream (Sora brought a higher factor spray whereas this is a lotion), a feather boa, a Rolling Stones poster, an England flag, glittery green face paint, a brown teddy bear and a fleece with Thomas the Tank Engine on.

'Useful,' we can hear him say as Davis is going towards telegraph.

#### Bush Telegraph ####

'I think that….um……'

An evil grin forms on his face.

'TS should do it! Yeah!'

Scene changes to Joe

'Um…I don't want to choose somebody, do I have to? Er…'

Joe takes some random sticks from the floor and makes them into letters.

Eenie meenie miny mo catch a tigger by the toe, if it squeals let it go, eenie meenie miny mo. A great tricked I learned when I was four, of course, I'm meant to have stopped using that now, but yeah. Oh it's landed on Kari. Ok. Bye.'

Scene changes to Mimi

'Well I don't want to upset anyone! Um…'

She fiddles with her hair.

Half an hour later

'TK! I choose TK because Matt asked me to say that, I remember now!'

Scene changes to Izzy

'I vote for Sora because according to my calculations she would be the most likely to win us the maximum number of meals for camp today.'

Scene changes to TK

'Ok well I'm gonna choose Matt because I really wanna get back at him for something he said the other day…hehe'

Scene changes to Kari

'I know this may be strange but I'm going to choose Mimi because I know she can do it, but she thinks she can't. She's not just a model, she's a really nice person and I want her to prove to people that she can do things like this.'

Scene changes to Tai

'Well I was going to choose Davis, but he's out so I'm going for my sister. She'll do her best and will definitely win us ten meals for tonight, she'll do anything for the team.'

Scene changes to Matt

'TK. No questions asked.'

Scene changes to Yolei

'I'm going for Izzy 'cause it'll be great to see him do a trial.'

Scene changes to Sora

'I'll go with Joe because he needs a confidence boost, and someone else will be there with him so it's ok.'

#### Camp ####

Camera shows group unpacking, or rather throwing their stuff anywhere as currently they don't have enough beds

Mimi places her hands on her hips, looking around carefully for cameras. She moves silently towards the pond.

Reaching down her top, we see her now holding some mascara and eye liner. She proceeds to make her way back to camp and puts the items in her rucksack.

'I CAN'T GET THE FIRE TO LIGHT!' Davis yells a little too enthusiastically over matches scattered all over the floor.

'There's not enough wood,' Yolei informs him.

Tai stands up.

'Ok, we need firewood. Sora and I will go and get some while the rest of you guys stay here and set up the other beds. K?'

The group nods in agreement as the two best friends wander off.

Camera shows Yolei and Kari talking, who are trying to open the other bag

New scene appears of Tai and Sora carefully walking down a bank

'So who did you vote for to do the Bush Tucker Trial?' Tai asks, grinning at one of his best friends and crush as he helped her jump over an extremely large hole.

'Well don't laugh but I voted for Joe,' she replies, her crimson eyes searching for any signs of dry wood. Seeing Tai with a quizzical look on his face, she adds: 'Well he must have been really brave in the Digital World to go off on his own that time when we were fighting the Dark Masters. He has the confidence, it's just the persuading him to do it that's the problem.'

Tai nods in agreement as he uses his arm to indicate the location of a conveniently placed pile of wood underneath a bush.

'Yeah I guess I never realised how he did that - it was quite strange that reliable ol' Joe left Mimi and went off on his own like that. Then again maybe I was kinda busy at the time to notice!'

Sora picks up a sizeable amount of wood.

'So who did you vote for then? Matt?'

After a slight moment of imagining his friend going through the horrors of a trial, our leader responds:

'It was between him and Davis, but then I kinda thought that Kari should do it.'

Sora makes a sarcastic gasping noise.

'What? Dear protective Tai nominating his little sister?'

'Hey! Well I thought she would be good at it, that's all…'

'…that and the fact that Matt has been trying to set TK up too?'

'Well…there's nothing like getting your own back on your siblings once in a while.'

Camera follows the two as they make their way back to camp

' Getting your own back? What did they do?'

Tai, noticing that his sister and TK were now within hearing, muttered:

'Tell you later….'

Back at the studio

Hana and Charli are to be seen lounging on sun beds in swimwear holding generous glasses of cocktails. Hana suddenly notices the fact that the camera is on, and promptly switches off the Busted CD.

'Do we have a conspiracy in camp already?'

'Will the evil- I mean brilliant director do something about Mimi's secret hoard of makeup?'

'Will Davis ever find something to do with the pink feather boa?'

'Find out next time on 'I'm a DigiDestined, Get Me Outta Here!'


Next time: The gang set up camp, Mimi's makeup goes missing and two of our DigiDestined undergo one of the infamous Bush Tucker Trials! (Bet you can't guess which two…lol).

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