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Chapter 1 - July 3rd - Day One

News, Visits, and Meetings

The sky was overcast on Privet Drive. Ever since the month of June had started, it had constantly rained. The normally lovely looking flower beds and gardens on the street were wet and dreary. Big puddles of water dotted the street and lawns of the quiet neighborhood. None of the inhabitants on Privet Drive seemed to want to go outside. The inhabitants of number four were no exception. However, one person inside number four felt that the weather echoed his feelings inside.

A boy, well a young man now, gazed outside his window from the smallest bedroom in the house. He had jet black hair that fell in his face and looked like a mop was on his head. The glasses he wore covered his vivid green eyes. He looked like a relatively normal young man except for the strange scar on his forehead that was in the shape of a lightning bolt. There also was the fact that he looked skinnier than most growing young men would look and he was a little shorter than most his age as well. Yes, being kept in a cupboard under the stairs during many important young growing periods wouldn't help anyone, much less Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was in a deep bought of depression. His beloved Godfather had been killed around a month ago. Harry hadn't even known him for 2 years before he was taken away. However, Harry couldn't think about that now as his Uncle Vernon Dursley yelled from downstairs.

"Boy! If you want any breakfast you better get down here. I don't want you complaining to any of those people that we're not feeding you!"

Harry sighed and slowly headed downstairs.

"I'm coming Uncle Vernon!" he called as he closed his bedroom door.

The Dursleys had so far treated Harry better than normal. They just ignored him except at meal times. Aunt Petunia even gave him more food that he would normally be given. Although, it was still far less that what Dudley was given.

A random person looking inside the house and watching it's occupants might wonder what happened to make Harry live with his distant relatives and not his parents. You see, Lily and James Potter were killed by a dark wizard. The Potters were a witch and wizard as well, and had attended the same school Harry attended now.

When Harry was just a year old, an evil tyrannical dark wizard known as Voldemort went after the Potters. On that fateful Halloween night, Voldemort killed James Potter and then went after Harry. When Lily refused to give Harry over, Voldemort killed her as well. Then Voldemort turned his sights on Harry and when he tried to kill him, the spell reverse on him and turned Voldemort into something indescribable. However, Voldemort wasn't dead and neither was Harry. Harry was then send to his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon's home on Privet Drive for his own protection. Harry's next 10 years were spent living under the stairs in a cupboard, while the Dursley's own whale of a son was spoiled rotten.

On Harry's 11th birthday, he found out that he was a wizard and that he was to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This information scared the Dursleys into giving him Dudley's second bedroom that was also the smallest bedroom in the house. His first year was definitely a new experience. He faced Voldemort for the second time in his life, this time Voldemort was sharing someone else's body. Harry survived and his second year wasn't any less exciting.

Harry ended up doing many things in his second year, like crashing a car into a tree, finding out that he could talk to snakes, fighting a giant basilisk and a young Voldemort, and saving his best friend's little sister's life. His third year was relatively normal except he was constantly looking out for Sirius Black who was said to be out to kill him. However, it turned out that Sirius Black was actually his godfather and the real evil one was Peter Pettigrew A.K.A. Wormtail, who framed Sirius. However Wormtail escaped and Sirius had to go on the run.

Harry's forth year was one of the most interesting. He was selected to participate in the Triwizard Tournament as the fourth participant. He had to complete 3 outrageous tasks the last of which cost someone their life. A portkey took Harry and another student, Cedric Diggory, to where Wormtail helped Lord Voldemort regain his body. Cedric was killed and Harry battled Voldemort and was able to escape.

His fifth year didn't get any better. The Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was out to get him, Voldemort was manipulating his dreams, he had to learn Occlumancy from his most hated Professor, he faced Voldemort again in the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries, Sirius was killed, and he found out from his headmaster that a prophecy was made saying that either Voldemort killed him or he killed Voldemort. Harry was definitely a far from normal wizard.

Breakfast was a silent affair. The only interesting part was when Dudley broke the chair he was sitting on. Uncle Vernon turned purple and looked like he was about to explode at Harry when he remembered the warning given to him 3 days ago and he just got up and went to fetch another chair.

At the end of Harry's school year, Mad Eye Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, and Remus Lupin had given the Dursleys a warning that if they did anything wrong to Harry, well the actions would speak for themselves.

Harry quickly went upstairs as soon as breakfast was over. He was startled to see Hedwig fly over and land on his shoulder as soon as he enter his room. The reason she flew over was suddenly explained when he saw a barn owl sitting on his window sill and a brown ball of feathers flying around his room.

"Pig, come here." said Harry calling to the ball of feathers. The tiny owl flew to him and excitedly held up a letter. Harry saw Ron Weasley's messing handwriting on the letter.

He untied the letter from Pig's leg and went over to the other owl. As soon as the barn owl's burden was lifted, it flew out the window and left. Harry decided to open the strange owl's letter first. It was from Remus:


How are you? I hope the muggles are treating you well. I received your owl that you sent when you got back to Privet Drive. I just want to tell you a few things. Don't beat yourself up over Sirius's death. It wasn't your fault! Sirius went there of his own free will. I know you miss him and so do I. He had a full life though, he always put others ahead of his self. I talked to him the day before he died. He said that he couldn't wait until he could see you again. He did see you and know that's all he would have wanted to do before he died. Please take care of yourself. The last thing Sirius would want is to see you moping over his death.

I hope that you are fine and I hope to hear from you soon. If you ever want to talk, I'm here. Remember, I lost him too.



Harry closed his eyes. Didn't Remus see that it was his fault. If he had just thought before he acted, Sirius would still be alive. So, shaking his head, he opened Ron's letter:

Dear Harry,

How are you holding up mate? I hope life with the muggles is okay. It was funny seeing their faces when Moody, Tonks, and Lupin gave them that warning. You'll never guess what has happened! Umbridge is going on trial for her actions at Hogwarts and stuff! Fudge is even being called in to question. Percy refuses to speak to any of us. Mum has tried to owl him, but he keeps sending the letters back unopened. Dad says it's for the best.

Fred and George's store is doing great. I just saw it yesterday for the first time and it's bloody brilliant! No wonder they bought dragon skin jackets. Their store was packed with people. Hope everything's okay with you.


Ron's letter cheered Harry up a little bit. However, Harry felt that he needed to get away. He put some water out for Hedwig and Pig and headed downstairs and outside.

The clouds were starting to clear, but puddles still dotted the street. Harry headed towards the park. The park was empty of people except for Harry. He sat on a bench not really caring that he would get his pants wet. He heard some yelling in the distance that he associated to Dudley and his gang. Dudley had lost his Boxing title after he pummeled a younger student for no reason at all. The Dursleys were appalled by this and were still in denial that their 'perfect' son was less than perfect. Harry saw one of the neighbors hurry through the park towards Privet Drive. She gave Harry a 'you are scum' look and hurried on. The neighbors ignored Harry because of the Dursley's story that Harry went to St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys. Harry had learned to ignore this behavior. He was so deep into his thoughts that he jumped when someone put their hand on his shoulder.

"Hello dear, are you okay?" said a kindly old voice. Harry looked around and saw Mrs. Figg's kind eyes looking down at him.

Mrs. Figg lived down the street from Harry and was the closest thing to the wizarding world Harry had. Mrs. Figg was a squib, but she was sent by Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster at Hogwarts, to look out for Harry.

"I'm fine Mrs. Figg. At least as fine as I can be with an evil maniac after my skin." he snapped. His eyes then widened a bit at the words he said and he quickly said,

"I'm sorry Mrs. Figg, I shouldn't have said that. It was mean."

"It's alright Harry, Dumbledore sent me an owl about what happened at Hogwarts before you returned to Privet Drive. I'm very sorry for your loss. I only met him once and he seemed to be a very vigorous young man." said Mrs. Figg softly.

Harry simply nodded. He wasn't too sure what to say. After all, he didn't even know Mrs. Figg all that well. Only that she had some cats and that she baby-sat him when he was younger.

"Would you like to join me for lunch Harry?" asked Mrs. Figg gently.

Harry looked up. He saw nothing but kindness in Mrs. Figg's eyes.

"Sure Mrs. Figg," he said, "But, I have to tell my Aunt and Uncle first."

"That's not a problem," she said, "I'll just give them a call from my house and tell them that I am borrowing you for some lunch."

When they reached Mrs. Figg's house, she told Harry to sit down as she went to call Aunt Petunia. Harry was slightly startled when a brown cat jumped up onto the couch he was sitting on.

"Hey, you startled me." said Harry reaching over to pet the cat. The cat just gave him a look as if to say: 'so what?' Harry gave the cat a small smile. It was the first smile in quite a while.

"I suppose you think it's silly for me to be brooding over so many things don't you?" said Harry to the cat. The cat just looked at him. "Of course it's probably even more silly for me to be talking to a cat of all things."

"I find Mr. Tibbles a very willing listener whenever I need to let some steam out." said Mrs. Figg walking into the room. "He's quite intelligent."

Harry colored a little at being caught talking to a cat.

"Now then, Petunia said that it is alright for you to stay and have lunch with me. I'm afraid there's not much, I really need to go shopping. Oh and today's Daily Prophet is on the kitchen table if you would like to look at it." said Mrs. Figg walking into the kitchen and motioning Harry to follow her.

Harry picked up the Prophet and looked at the cover stories. He was startled as Cornelius Fudge's picture stared up at him scowling and blinking. He read the headline 'Fudge's Ministry Days Over?' and blinked. He continued to read the article and it said that the public was unhappy with Fudge's performance and some were calling for his resignation.

"Would you care for some pumpkin juice Harry?" asked Mrs. Figg.

"Yes ma'am," said Harry putting down the paper.

Mrs. Figg turned around and set a glass of pumpkin juice in front of him. She suddenly gave her head a little shake and peered at Harry a little closer.

"What is it Mrs. Figg?" asked Harry worried, "Is something on my face?"

"Oh, no dear, I just thought," she broke off, "it's nothing. Probably just my old age, but I could have sworn your eyes were blue just a few seconds ago. They're green now, but-" she shook her head, "never mind me, I'm getting old and starting to see things. Would you prefer a ham sandwich or a turkey one?"

"Um, a turkey one I guess." said Harry pondering her words. What did they mean? He mentally berated himself. It was nothing, probably just a trick of light, but still-

"Here you go Harry." said Mrs. Figg setting a plate in front of him.

They ate the rest of the meal in silence. Harry stayed at Mrs. Figg's house for the rest of the afternoon.

Around 5 o'clock Harry suddenly noticed that it was past time that he should have returned to number 4.

"I better be getting back Mrs. Figg," he said standing up, "Thanks for everything."

"It's nothing," she said smiling. "I hope you come back."

Harry nodded and left. He was feeling a lot better than he had since Sirius's death. As he walked up the walk way to number 4, Dudley came up.

"Hey freak, why do you even bother to come back?" Dudley snarled.

"Trust me Dudley, if I had a choice, I wouldn't be anywhere near here." sneered Harry.

Dudley glared at Harry as they entered the house.

"Dudley, Harry, is that you?" called Aunt Petunia from the kitchen.

"Yes," replied Harry, "it's us."

"Could you please come in here Harry?" said Aunt Petunia's voice. It sounded strained.

Harry entered the kitchen wondering what Aunt Petunia wanted him for when he stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes wide.

For Aunt Petunia had company. In a muggle suit, sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of tea was Professor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Professor Dumbledore sat his cup of tea down and stood up and said,

"Hello Harry, I'm glad you could join us."

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