CHAPTER 7: Escape from the Shrine of Six Arches! The Wolf never dies!

Tokio was roughly woken up and slung over a broad shoulder. Then, the person carrying her picked up Eiji and raced out a door on the far left side of the room. Tokio felt heat bearing down on her and darkness capturing her mind.

"Tokio, are you okay?" a familiar voice asked.

"Hajime? What's going on?" Tokio asked, groggily. "Where are you taking us?" She opened her eyes, but the flames that she saw blinded her, so she closed them again.

"Out. The whole place is going to burn down," Saito replied, jumping down a flight of stairs, letting out a slight moan of pain and continued sprinting down a corridor.

"Hajime, are YOU okay?" Tokio asked. "And what about Eiji?"

"I'll be fine, thanks. As for Eiji, he's passed out. We'll check up on him as soon as we save our own skins........." Saito answered her and took a left turn. Tokio opened her eyes. She saw bright flames rushing toward them.

"HAJIME! WE'RE GOING TO BE CAUGHT IN AN-"Tokio shouted, but before she could finish, she felt herself being pulled close to Saito's chest and heard an explosion that sent the three of them flying out of an opening at the end of the hall. Tokio felt Saito slowly let go of her and cool air washing over her body. Then, she fell into a state of unconsciousness.

Tokio opened her eyes. Her head spun with pain. She rolled over on the grass and blinked a few times to get used to the sun. Eiji was sprawled out on the floor next to a tree to her right. He hadn't come to yet. Tokio looked to her left. Saito was lying, limply, in the grass, his clothes scalded and torn.

Hajime, you saved me again! Tokio thought. You better not have died! Tokio pulled her aching body upright and stood, stretching. She hobbled over to Saito and felt his pulse. It was slow and steady, but his breathing sounded labored. Suddenly, she heard a voice.

"Tokio!" it was Eiji. He ran a few steps, collapsed, and dragged himself over to her.

"Eiji! Are you okay?" Tokio asked, rubbing away some soot on his forehead. He had a few bruises, but other than that, he appeared to be fine.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What about you and Saito?" Eiji asked. He sat down on the grass next to her.

"I am okay, but I'm not too sure about Hajime," Tokio said, gesturing to Saito's body. "He needs a doctor, but I haven't been in Kyoto in a long time. I don't know where anything is anymore." She pulled his arm over her shoulders and tried to walk a few steps. Eiji ran over to help. Together, they managed to get to the main road.

"Saito! You have to wake up!" Eiji shook him, but he only gave a low moan. They stopped to rest next to a tree.

"You stay here with Hajime!" Tokio instructed. "I will go and get help!" She turned to leave.

"No! I'm a faster runner! I'll get there sooner!" Eiji protested. "Besides, I'm less hurt than you! I'll last longer!" Tokio had to admit that he was right. After taking a glance at some of her cuts and bruises, he definitely looked like he was in better shape than she was.

"Okay. Hurry, Eiji!" Tokio agreed. Eiji nodded and ran off down the road toward Kyoto. Tokio lay down on the cool grass, letting it brush her skin and allowing the ripples to move her hair. She glanced over at Saito, who was lying next to her, bruised and unconscious. Please hurry, Eiji! Tokio thought. Hajime is counting on you!

Eiji bolted down the road, only stopping to catch his breath about every five minutes. I've gotta hurry! Eiji thought as he ran. I can't stop here! I can't let exhaustion over take my will! This is a situation between life and death, and even though Saito is a cold hearted jerk, he still......... Eiji stopped to catch his breath.

"He's not a cold hearted jerk. He can't be. He saved my life for the cost of maybe losing his own!" Eiji panted. He pulled himself to his feet and hurried toward Kyoto.

Tokio ripped off Saito's tattered garments, revealing bruised, cut and burned flesh. She pulled out what was left of the bandages that she had brought and began to treat the worst of his wounds. Tokio was so absorbed in her work that she didn't feel a hand on her shoulder.

"Excuse me, Miss," a childish voice said. "But I see you have an injured man on your hands. May I help you?" Tokio turned to see a young man dressed in a blue gi and wearing a katana. His short brown hair circled his childish face and a sweet smile was plastered onto his lips.

"Um........." Tokio stared at the young man. "Okay. Thank you." She smiled at him. He rolled up his sleeves and took out a canteen filled with water. He poured some of it on Saito's wounds.

"I'm Seta Soujirou, but you can call me Soujirou," the young man introduced himself. He continued to rinse the injuries with the water.

"I'm Sa-er Fujita Tokio. Pleased to meet you," Tokio replied making a mental note to remember that her NEW last name was Fujita, not Saito.

"Ah, I see," Soujirou said. He smiled. "How do you know Mr. Saito?" Soujirou asked. He gestured toward Saito lying in the grass.

"How......... did you.........?" Tokio asked, bewildered. "Maybe I should ask you the same question!"

"Oh! I am......... er......... WAS one of Shishio's men. I met Mr. Saito when we were at Shingetsu village and when he and the Mr. Himura met Shishio and me on the Purgatory. I never fought him, though," Soujirou informed her. "Are you a friend of Mr. Saito?"

"No, I'm......... uh......... actually, I'm his wife," Tokio stammered. "I lied."

"Oh," Soujirou said, then smiled. "I see."

"To-ki-o........." Saito moaned. His voice was clouded with pain.

"I'd better get going," Soujirou said, capping the canteen and attaching it to his belt again. "Nice to meet you, Miss Tokio." And with a tap of his foot, he was gone.

"Hajime!" Tokio exclaimed. He tried to get up, but Tokio pushed him back down.

"Tokio, we have to go," Saito protested. "Shishio's men might still be out there." And I'm in no condition to fight them and protect you and Eiji. He added in his mind.

"Calm down," Tokio snapped, much like her husband. "You are in no shape to go anywhere. Eiji is going to get help."

"Hn," Saito grunted. He closed his eyes and felt Tokio's hands running down his bare skin, feeling for any broken bones.

"Tell me when it hurts," Tokio said.

"There. There. There. OUCH! That hurt more," Saito told her. She continued to examine his body until Eiji's thin figure appeared in the distance with another taller, wider figure.

"There's the doctor. He'll have you fixed in no time!" Tokio said. She sat against the tree to take a break. The doctor walked over.

"Miss Tokio, I presume," the doctor said, tipping his hat. "And Mr. Saito. You're the injured one?" The doctor was an older man, about 50. He pulled out some medicines and bandages from his bag, and then began to tend to Saito's injuries.

- - - - - - - - -

Saito opened his eyes. He was lying in a hospital bed. Tokio was sitting next to his bed, reading a book. His head spun and he turned his head to face her.

"Tokio?" Saito moaned, groggily. He made a move to sit up, but Tokio pushed him back onto the bed. "Where are we?"

"We're in a hospital right outside of Kyoto. It's quite small, but we thought that your injuries were too serious, so we stopped here," Tokio replied. "You'll be fine in a few days. Why don't you rest a while?"

"I'll be fine. Let's go. I have to get back to the police station," Saito said. "Those ahous can't run the country without messing up. I have to make sure that they don't mess anything up otherwise........." Saito sat up with a groan or two of pain.

"Hajime........." Tokio rolled her light golden eyes. "Why can't you just listen to me?" She sighed, but helped him get his clothes on and stand up. Eiji walked in, rubbing his eyes.

"Tokio? Hey! Saito! You're up!" Eiji said, yawning. "You should be resting."

"Yeah, I know," Saito said, and limped weakly over to the door. Eiji moved out of the way. Tokio followed along with Eiji. They walked out of the door and called up a carriage. It stopped at the police station.

"Hajime, you're not actually going to go to work like you are now, are you?" Tokio asked. She grabbed onto his jacket sleeve.

"Yes, Tokio, I am. I'll see you later," Saito slid out of the carriage, attaching his sword to his belt. "Wait for me at the inn. We'll return to Tokyo tomorrow." Tokio jumped out of the carriage after him. She wrapped him in a warm embrace and they shared a passionate kiss. Eiji stared at his toes, then at the top of the carriage, then at the seat in front of him, and back at his toes. He gulped and blushed. Saito Hajime being ROMANTIC toward someone?! It just wasn't possible!

"I have to go, Tokio," Saito said. He let go of her body and limped into the police station. She climbed back into the carriage and watched the police station until it disappeared. Eiji glanced at her, watching her golden eyes. She was in deep thought.

Fujita Tokio. She is no different than Saito Tokio......... however she is the person I am now. I must become her and blend with her. Fujita Tokio. That is my name now.........


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