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The View from Below.

Every family has a secret.

What if you were it?

Chapter One.

"Allie?" a voice spoke in her ear.

Is this all a dream? It couldn't be… but wait! How do I know it isn't Mischa playing around with me? He's done it before…

"Allie?" the same voice spoke again.

Open one eye, open just one eye.

Allie began to open her right eye slowly, saw a fimilar alien tattoo, then squeezed it shut.

No! I cant… but… mom?

A hand touched her shoulder and a new voice came, this time male.

"Maybe we should just let her sleep?" asked the male voice.

"But…" the woman's voice trailed, and a gentle hand stroked her shoulder.

I cant, I mustn't… please stop teasing me with these false images… mom, dad… there not really here, its just all in my head… but… silly me stop clinging to hope…

"But if you think deep down, Allie, hope is what kept you going," John's voice replayed in her head.

John! No… I wont dare open my eyes for the sake of losing them once more by waking up from this dream.

"Charlie… what if she doesn't wake up? What can we do, a doctor cant help her…!" Lisa's voice was cracking with worry now.

"Lisa, calm down, she'll be alright, its just probably the change in atmosphere, she's been away from Earth too long, that's all," Charlie's voice followed afterward.

Please stop this, stop all of this, I told you before that it was too much for me...

"STOP!" Allie screamed, jumping up out of Lisa's lap and onto the living room floor. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she took in the sight before her. A bewildered looking Charlie stood behind the couch where a tossled Lisa sat with her hands pressed against her mouth from shock. No one was expecting Allie to do that, no one had expected this.

Breathing heavily, Allie took a step forward her head shaking from side to side.

"Mom? Dad?" she asked, her voice now cracking.

Was this a joke? Was this a test? Was this... real? Allie had been through so much that now it was hard to tell real life from a fairy tale. If this was a joke, than John would surely know better than to keep this going, but if this was real...

Allie took a step forward and extended her right hand. If this was real than mom would appear as a solid... my hand wont go through her. As Allie's hand came further toward her mom, it began to shake violently, finally landing softly on her moms nose.

Lisa's eyes closed slowly, and the warm greeting feeling of their connection entered Allie. It was like magic, colours swirled in her mind, images of things she had done with her mom, things that she had never told anyone... and then it went dark.

Allie had to pull away from Lisa, if her mom found out half of what she'd been through, she'd... she'd just never understand.

"Allie," Lisa whispered.

"I'm home..." was all that she replied.