"Finally someone let me out of my cage

Now, time for me is nothing cos I'm counting no age

Now I couldn't be there

Now you shouldn't be scared

I'm good at repairs

And I'm under each snare


Bet you didn't think so I command you to" Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood"


"Come right in dear," the nurse fussed over the visitor like a clucking hen. The visitor gave a sad smile, clearly trying to put on a brave face. "I'm so glad you were able to come. It's always sad when this situation happens and no family is nearby. Were you close?"

The woman shook her head, her voice quiet, trying to hide her shame, "No, we haven't seen each other in 15 years. It's been only a little less that we've spoken. I only wish I had been here when it happened," an odd smile came to her face.

"Well, you are here now, and that's what is important, right? Don't think about the time you've lost, this is your chance to make things right." The nurse patted the woman's hand consolingly. Right through here is his room, here's a chair." The chair scraped against the floor as the nurse pulled it close to the bedside. The woman sat down in the chair and the nurse handed her the call button. "Hit this if you need anything, anything at all. Now, he can still hear you and understand you. He's been given medications to keep him from fighting the ventilator and other treatments. His condition is still tenuous, but he's a fighter!" She gave an encouraging smile to the man in the bed. "I'll give you some privacy, but just hit that call button any time you would need it." The nurse checked his vitals before smiling at the woman, "He's nervous about seeing you again, you can tell by his heart rate." She smiled back at the man, "Don't worry, she's here now and she's going to take good care of you." She bustled out of the room, letting father and daughter have some privacy.

What a coincidence though, her being blind and her father having lost an eye.


Shana carefully laid the call button beside her, whispering softly, "I don't think we'll be needing that, will we, 'dad'?" If anyone else could hear her voice at that moment, they would have been chilled down to their soul. She smiled as she heard the faint beepings of his heart rate speeding up. "You still recognize my voice? How sweet. It's been so long. But you're right, I never forgot the sound." She grasped his arm, her nails digging painfully into his skin. "Not even for a moment you sick fuck. But look at this, I couldn't have planned this better if I had tried! Now you are the one who can't move and I'm the one with the power."

"I only wish I could see the fear in your eye right now. It has to be there. I would, except of course you denied me that." She ran her hand over the ventilator, feeling all the cords and tubing, smiling as she found the one that led to the oxygen outlet in the wall. She turned the knob slowly towards the right, lessening the supply of air going to the man. She heard muffled grunts from behind the vent and smiled, turning it back on. She leaned down to whisper in his ear, her warm breath tickling the small hairs that were there, "Next time I won't let you wake up."

She had never healed fully from what happened so many years ago. No matter what, it still was just below her conscious mind and nagging at her. She couldn't do anything about it easily; she wasn't in the military where she could go on Bludd hunts whenever she wanted. Instead she followed his movements through the years via private investigators and the internet, waiting for her opportunity to exact her revenge when it finally presented itself. And here it was: the infamous Major Bludd, long since retired and hiding under an assumed name, had had a heart attack. It was perfect. Now he was in congestive heart failure and didn't have long to live, and she was here to enjoy it.

Conrad had often spoken about tracking Bludd down and killing him but she had stopped him, for two reasons. First, it was her place to kill Bludd, not Conrad's. He wasn't in the room, even though he knew what happened. This was her debt to settle and she wasn't so weak that she couldn't settle it. Secondly, she didn't want Conrad to get his hands dirty in this. She loved him because his heart was more pure than hers. He had killed before, they all had, but it was in self-defense or in the line of duty, not in cold blood. She didn't want to think he was capable of what she felt needed to be done. She wouldn't feel safe with him and worse, she knew a part of him would be killed in the process and he would never be the same. That just wasn't who he was.

So instead she tracked him carefully, suppressing her disgust when he retired under an assumed name with more money than he deserved. She waited as he lived his carefree life, never realizing that a sniper's bead was trained on him and only waiting for the right moment. And the moment had finally arrived. Shana felt a great deal of peace with her decision; at last this would be truly over. She would never again have to wonder if he was going to hurt her.

"Are you looking at me now? Wondering if maybe you made a mistake all those years ago? You did. I may have been under your control then, but I am strong and will always come back. You underestimated me," she opened her purse, taking out a few vials and containers. "Now, what do we want to start with?"


The nurse was at the station, reading a romance novel and she did a double take for a moment, the square-jawed, blonde Adonis from her story seemed to have stepped off the pages and was rushing into her ward! His eyes cast about, searching for something, then settled on the nurse. Her pulse quickened and her mouth suddenly went dry. "M-m-may I help you?" she stammered in awe. The man had a commanding presence and she stood up straighter, feeling it appropriate when speaking with him.

"Has a blind woman been here?" His voice was sharp and concerned; she could see his jaw tighten when she nodded.

"Yes, she's in visiting with her father. Would you like to go in too? Are you family?" Now she was curious and she was ashamed to admit, jealous. This appeared to be the blind woman's husband, judging by the ring on his finger, but how did they end up together? That woman couldn't appreciate his appearance like the nurse could. Some girls have all the luck.

"In a manner of speaking, which room?"


Before Shana was able to do anything more than minor irritations, there was a knock on the door. She quickly swept the items back into her purse, and said lightly, "Yes?"

She heard the door open and familiar heavy footsteps walk into the room. She slumped a little, knowing he was going to try and stop her. His large, warm hand came onto her shoulder and his voice was quiet, "You don't want to do this Shana, you are better than he is."

She gritted her teeth and tensed underneath his hand, her volume matching his, "No I'm not. You don't know how long I've dreamed of this. I have to do it, Conrad."

"No you don't," she heard his voice change as he moved in front of her and crouched down, his hands on her thighs and voice soothing, "Just let him go, please. I knew you wanted to do something like this, and I let it go; that's my fault. I thought you'd never get the opportunity and it was a harmless fantasy. This is not the way to end it; this'll haunt you for the rest of your life if you murder him. The nightmares won't stop; they just will change. Do you want to be him?" Shana bowed her head and started crying and Conrad swept her into his arms, holding her tightly.

"But how can he just get a free pass and die in peace after all he's done? It's not fair! I want to know for sure that he is gone and can't hurt anyone else," she tried to rationalize between her tears, knowing that Conrad was right, but yet the urge to take revenge so strong.

He kissed her gently, "He's not going to get a free pass or die in peace. We're going to stay here until he's gone and he can torment himself, knowing what he did and being afraid of what you'll do. Ok? Please?" he lifted her hands to his face to feel his expression, the desperation to pull her back from the abyss before he lost her. She didn't speak, she just nodded, sighing sadly. Conrad kept his arms around her for a long time, then walked to the door to the room and spoke to the nurse about getting an extra bed in the room so they could stay the night there.


For two days, Bludd held onto life and Conrad and Shana held vigil over him. She was crying most of the time, and the nurses clucked about how sad it was to see the patient's daughter so torn up by his death. They brought her food trays and blankets, trying to make it easier on the poor girl. Thinking they were helping, they tried to do everything they could to save Bludd, but his heart was too damaged. His daughter wouldn't sign the paperwork for an organ transplant and signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" order. Her husband explained that she just didn't want to think of prolonging his suffering and the nurses accepted that. It was a common feeling when a patient was at the end of their time.


In those two days, Shana watched the man that had changed her life so dramatically, waste away. That brought her some peace, to think that even evil wasn't immune to time and human frailty. When his heart rate became erratic and he started twitching, Conrad and Shana were arm in arm over his bedside. She had her hand on his chest to feel his last breaths and she breathed a sigh of relief when the alarms were sounding and not even the ventilator was enough to keep him breathing.

The doctors and nurses all came in, gently separating Shana from her "father", examining him and declaring the time of death. They were a little surprised to see that the blind woman stopped crying after it was over. They moved respectfully out of the way to allow her to say a final goodbye.

Shana felt like a weight had been lifted once he was finally dead. Conrad was right, it would have been worse if she had killed him. Now she could rest assured that she wouldn't be joining him in hell. She walked over to the body, her hands moving over his face, confirming that it was indeed over. She took a deep breath and then shocked all the medical personnel in the room, though she was fairly certain she would bring a smile to Conrad's face. She spit on Bludd's face, speaking with vehemence, "Rot in hell you sadistic bastard!" She turned, taking her husband's waiting arm and finally ended this horrible chapter in her life.