*Gateway to Forever begins playing*

*Blue flower petals fall in front of a black background, then the black fades into a scene where Kurama's trapped in blue ice, unconscious (the flower petals stopped falling when the black faded away). Scenes from the anime play in the ice below him, then camera spins so it's moving up the ice formation & spinning around it at the same time. Camera focuses on Kurama's closed eyes. His eyes snap open & they glow. Camera focuses on his symbol of Mercury & dissolves into a scene where the Soldiers (including Amy) are riding in Amara's car. Camera zooms in on Amara's eyes & morphs into a scene where Michelle, Lita, Amara, & Hotaru are wearing their battle outfits & holding their talismans. Michelle & Lita leap to the left, while Amara & Hotaru leap to the right to avoid a blast of dark energy from a man who looks like Kurama but with blue hair & eyes (Hermes). Changes to a scene where Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama, & Yusuke are launching a missing assault of punches & kicks at Hermes. Scene switches to the Detectives (including teen Koenma) riding in a car that Koenma's driving. They pull alongside the Soldiers & everyone except Amara & Hiei (they only smirk) waves at the other group. Scene switches again to all ten members running in a field, Kurama & Amara leading them. They both leap over a cliff. Close up of Kurama's eyes, then switches to a scene where Kurama's holding an unconscious Amara in his arms & crying out while being struck by dark energy. Switches to a scene where Kurama's whipping his Aqua Whip around. Changes to final scene. The Detectives are standing on the left side of the screen, while the Soldiers are standing on the right. (Koenma & Amy are there, too.) Each is facing their partner, their hair blowing about in the wind. The title appears on the screen in between the two groups.*

Kurama walked down the sidewalk to Yusuke's apartment slowly. It had been several weeks since the defeat of Team Toguro at the Dark Tournament, but he was still having nightmares of his fight with Karasu. He shuddered at the images he kept having in his head. Kurama was now crossing the road, but was still thinking, so he stopped halfway across. He was so lost in thought that he didn't realize that the light had turned green. The sound of screeching tires brought him back to reality. He looked up & his eyes widened when he saw a motorcycle headed right for him, screeching to a halt. He leaped to the side just as the motorcycle stopped right where he'd been standing.

Kurama lay still, wondering if he should get up. A hand placed itself on his shoulder & shook him. "Hey, are you alright? Come on, say something!!" a voice urged. Kurama opened his green eyes & raised his head, then he turned around & found himself staring into a pair of navy eyes. The owner of the hand, voice, & eyes was a guy with short, sandy hair. Kurama looked at the guy's outfit & realized he was the motorcyclist who nearly ran him over. The guy was worried. "Are you okay?" he asked Kurama. Kurama smiled at him. "Yes, I'm fine," he answered the worried motorcyclist. The guy sighed in relief. "Thank goodness. I'm so sorry about that," he said, embarrassed. Kurama shook his head & smiled again, saying, "No, it's alright. It was my fault for stopping in the middle of the road like that."

The motorist stood up & held out his hand. Kurama grasped it & was pulled to his feet. The motorist smiled at him & said, "The least I can do is drive you to wherever you're going." Kurama shook his head. "No, it's okay. I can walk there. It's not too far." The motorist shook his head. "It's my apology for nearly running you over," he said. Kurama smiled at him. "Alright, I'll ride. I've never ridden on a motorcycle before anyway," he added. The motorist grinned. "Alright!!! First, you'll have to put this on," he explained, handing Kurama a blue helmet. He put a navy one on his own head. "Second, you'll have to give me directions to your destination." Kurama put the helmet on & climbed on the back of the motorcycle, putting his arms around the motorist's waist. "Hold on tight!!" the guy warned. Kurama nodded, then tightened his grip. With that, they sped off down the street.

Kurama had to admit, this guy was extremely skilled on a motorcycle. He gave the directions needed to reach Yusuke's apartment, & when they pulled up, he got off & handed the helmet back to the motorist. "Thank you," he said politely, bowing to the boy. The guy took his helmet off & grinned. "We didn't introduce ourselves yet, Mr. Polite," he said. Kurama blushed slightly at this nickname. "I'm Souichi Minamino," he said, holding out his hand to the guy, smiling. "Amara Tenou," he answered, gripping Kurama's hand & shaking it, smiling back. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Tenou," Kurama said. Amara looked at him in surprise, then burst out laughing. Kurama raised an eyebrow & asked, "What's so funny, Amara?" Amara wiped tears from his eyes & placed his helmet back on before answering, "Souichi, I'm a girl!!" With that said, Amara sped off on her motorcycle, leaving Kurama stunned. 'He's… a she!?' he thought in shock.

"So Kurama, who was that guy on the motorcycle?" Kuwabara asked his red-haired friend when he walked in the door. Kurama blushed & told Koenma, Kuwabara, Hiei, & Yusuke the whole story. "This Amara Tenou guy nearly ran you over, so he gave you a ride over here, huh?" Koenma asked. Kurama nodded, then added, "But Amara's actually a girl." At this, the room went quiet. "That guy was a girl?!" Koenma, Kuwabara, & Yusuke all yelled at the same time. Hiei just smirked. Yusuke suddenly thought of something, then grinned in a way that let the others know he had gotten an idea about that particular fact. Kurama braced himself; he knew Yusuke well enough to know what was coming.

Yusuke looked at Kurama slyly, then asked, "Before she left, did you two schedule a date for next Thursday or something?" Kurama went as red as his hair. Yusuke, Kuwabara, & Koenma all cracked up, & Hiei chuckled at this. Kurama sighed & shook his head. Sometimes he wondered why he still hung around these three. Meanwhile, Hiei had a thought. 'That girl, Amara, she had a strange aura around her… I wonder what it means…' He thought on about why Amara had the aura she did: The aura of one who has rode the wind many times, & one who has great magnificence in nearly everything they did. While Hiei pondered this, Koenma & Kuwabara were laughing at Yusuke, who was cursing & trying to yank out some red roses sticking out of his hair, courtesy of Kurama, who was sitting in a chair by the window, smiling at his brilliance.

Back with Amara, she drove up to her house & parked the motorcycle in the garage. 'Amy's gonna yell at me for arriving late, & Michelle's gonna hit me for it. Errgh, why did I have to give that guy a ride? I guess it's 'cause that's the only way I knew of to apologize. What was his name again? Oh yeah!!! Souichi… Nice name,' she thought as she turned the doorknob & pushed the door open. "Hey guys!! Sorry I'm late," she apologized. Just as Amara feared, Amy yelled at her & Michelle pounded her. Lita found the ceiling very interesting, & Hotaru became just as interested as Lita was with the ceiling, except with the floor.

After Amy & Michelle were done, they sat down, as did Amara. "Now, we're having this meeting to discuss something," Michelle said. Lita raised an eyebrow. "What is it?" she asked. Amy sighed & explained, "I've lost my powers." Lita, Amara, & Hotaru stared at the now former Soldier of Ice & Knowledge in horror. "What?!?! How?!?!" Amara asked, shocked. Amy shook her head. "I don't know. I was training with Michelle as Sailor Mercury, when suddenly, we both untransformed. Michelle still had her powers, but when I tried contacting Mercury, it wouldn't give me any power at all. It's almost as if I were only a temporary host of Mercury's Ice of Knowledge. & now, the real heir to throne of Mercury has received their power, or is coming close to achieving their power," she explained to them. Hotaru shook her head, whispering, "That can't be right. That just can't be right at all."