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Another calm, Hermes-free week passed by, and Kurama and Amara began to think it was over. However, it wasn't. It hadn't even truly begun just yet.
"Amara! Kurama's waiting for you!" Michelle yelled up the stairs.
"Tell him I'll be down in a moment!" she called back. Amara turned back to her mirror and inserted her trademark golden earring. "There, that should do it." She stood up and walked to her door.
Suddenly, the whole room was filled with aquamarine-colored ice, including the door and windows!
Amara looked around her in shock, then it hit her. "Hermes!" she yelled. "Show yourself!" Hermes appeared behind her and locked his arms around her, preventing her escape. "Uranus, my beautiful princess, have you acknowledged my superiority to Mercury yet?" Amara glared at the blue-haired prince over her shoulder and snapped, "You're not better than him! Kurama's the one who got the best of everything!" "True, he did," Hermes growled, tightening his grip. "He got you. You're better than your sister as far as I'm concerned. I wanted you, but my mother and father chose to give you to Mercury. It wasn't fair to me!" "But I loved him anyway! Let go of me, you bastard!" Amara broke out of Hermes' grip, then flung him into the wall. "Just leave me alone!" Hermes smirked and pointed a finger at the blonde-haired warrior of wind. Shackles made of ice clamped themselves around Amara's wrists, their chains appearing in Hermes' hands. "I'm not leaving without my much-deserved prize," he remarked. He and Amara both vanished in a flare of aquamarine light.
A folded paper slowly fluttered to the floor in their place, and it read as follows:
I challenge you to a battle. Fight with me, so we shall know who belongs with the beautiful and magnificent Princess Uranus. I will defeat you, Brother. She is best with me. This battle of the princes of ice and knowledge shall prove at last that I am the better of us. Meet me to the north of your city, by the lake. You will be defeated, so all will know I am superior to you!

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