The Hassles Of Big Lunches

Sequel to The Hassles Of Big Breakfasts. Delia gets it in her head to make a huge lunch the next day. But you won't believe who's on the guest list this time!

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Note: I decided to try something a little different. When any of the Pokémon talk to each other, I'll switch to Pokémon language so you can understand them. It'll add a little fun to the story. No trying to guess what Pikachu just said! Yay! But that doesn't apply for when they talk to humans! And I'll also let you hear Pikachu's thoughts at times. Okay, now, moving on! It's about time I started the story, eh?


One: Barbecue Sauce And A Drool Face

Delia Ketchum was a very kind and sweet-hearted woman. She loved doing things for other people. Unfortunately her breakfast seemed to do nothing but make a great idea for a sitcom. A big breakfast didn't do it. But what about a big lunch?

Delia would love to make a nice big lunch. Not just for Ash. Of course not! But for a lot of people. Delia looked down at her paper and began to write.

"Misty, Brock, Gary...hmm, Professor Oak and Tracey are on that trip to see Professor Elm, why I don't know...let's see now, who else?"

Delia did not know. "Oh, well, I might as well be happy with that guest list and go shopping for my groceries!" She picked up her purse.

"Mr. Mime, I'm going grocery shopping! Be a dear and lock up the fridge!" Delia called as she walked out the front door. Of course, she was kidding.

Um, yeah.

Ash was upstairs, asleep. Pikachu had safely moved its bed to the floor beside the bed as opposed to the foot of Ash's bed. It had a white bandage shaped like an X on its forehead where it had gotten those two bruises.

The front door slamming shut after Delia left woke Pikachu up. It yawned and stretched. Crawling through the cracked open door, it wandered down to the kitchen where Mr. Mime was contentedly sweeping.

"Hi, Mr. Mime," Pikachu said in Pokémon language.

"Hello, Pikachu," Mr. Mime greeted back.

"Where's Ash's mom?"

Mr. Mime continued to sweep. "She went grocery shopping. Is Ash Trainer Ketchum asleep?"

"Yep," Pikachu said. It felt its bandage and grimaced. "I hope Ash's mom doesn't try to cook any more breakfast. I can only hope that she will not do anything to attract Ash's sense of smell."

At that moment, Ash stumbled down the stairs. His eyes were half-open, one of his socks had gotten off his foot and onto his hand--somehow--and his black hair was an absolute mess. He yawned himself into the kitchen.

"Hey, Pikachu. Hey Mr....yawwwwn...hey," Ash said sleepily. He sat down in his chair, then fell forward on the table and fell asleep again.


"I think this is...everything!"

Delia looked down at her list. "Ingredients for grilled cheese, soup...Kool-Aid packs...hamburgers and cheeseburgers...fries...chips and cookies...condiments...I think this is...everything! Hmm...didn't I just say that?"

Delia was having a hard time reading her list because of the mound of groceries piled high in her cart. She couldn't even see over the cart, so it was no surprise that she slammed into something. It was a free samples counter.

"Hey, lady! You wanna watch it?" the kid behind the counter yelled.

Delia blinked and looked at him. "I'm...sorry, young man," she said as she bent down to get her fallen groceries.

"'Sorry' ain't gonna cut it!" the kid roared. He waved his hand at the puddle of reddish sauce on the floor. "How'm I gonna sell my Magmar Barbecue Sauce if doofuses like you knock my counter over!"

"She said she was sorry, you jerk!" a new voice jumped in. Delia looked up to see a girl with long brown hair and blue eyes wearing a white shirt and black shorts glaring at the boy. "Why don't you move your cardboard box out of the aisle, you sorry carcass!"

The two people glared at each other. Finally the boy broke down. He picked up his cardboard box counter and jar of sauce and moved away, grumbling.

"Are you okay, lady?" the girl asked.

Delia blinked. "Well, I've felt better, but thank you for asking."

The girl smiled. "You're welcome." Then she frowned. "He didn't smack you or anything, did he?"

"Oh, no, no he didn't," Delia said. She stood up and extended her hand. "My name is Delia Ketchum."

"Jenny Evans," the girl said, shaking Delia's hand. "Nice to know you. So, you shopping for all of Pallet Town or what?"

Delia smiled. "No, actually, I like making large meals for a group of people and these are my lunch fixings. Say, would you like to join us? My son Ash and some of his friends will be there."

"Sounds great," Jenny agreed. " did you plan on getting this mountain of groceries back to your house?"

Delia laughed nervously. "I honestly had no idea until you came along!"


"Ash Honey, I'm home!"

Ash awoke with a start and wiped the drool off his cheek. "What? Who? When? Mom? That you?"

"Yes, dear! Come help Jenny and I with the bags!"

Ash walked like a zombie from the kitchen to the living room where Delia was. With her was a tall girl with brown hair and blue eyes carrying half the many bags. "Who're you?" Ash demanded bluntly.

The girl smiled. "Nice to meet you too, Drool Face. I'm Jenny."

"I'm Drool--Face!" Ash rubbed his cheeks hard with his fingers. "No, I mean, I'm Ash Ketchum!"

Pikachu came out and greeted Jenny in the Pokémon fashion.

"And this is my buddy Pikachu," Ash said.

"Pikachu? Cute. But I like Raichu better," Jenny replied frankly.

"Don't say that so loud around Pikachu," Ash warned.

Delia gritted her teeth. "Ash, are you going to stand there or will you please help your mother with these exceedingly heavy bags."

Ash took the grocery bags from Delia. "Sorry, Mom," he said.

Jenny loomed over Ash. She was a head taller than he was. "Boy, you're kinda short, Ash. Are you ten?"

Ash made muffled sounds like he was trying to stifle a yell. "Twelve!" he cried finally.

"Sorry," Jenny said.


Whoa! That was kind of longer than I had intended. Whoowee! But if you like longer chapters, I could probably make them longer. Oh, and one more thing. Some of you may have noticed only one of my guest characters is here. Our second one, Maia, will be here in Chapter Three, like I said, along with three surprise guests, so keep your shirt on. ANYWAY!

*Brock is lovestruck..*

"AH!" Brock cried. He stepped on Ash's head to grab Jenny's hands. His face turned romance red. "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on! I am drowned in your radiant beauty!"

"Get off me or I'll drown you in the sink!" Jenny ordered.

*And Pikachu makes a plea...*

Delia looked down. "What is it, Pikachu?" she asked.

"Pika pi chu pika pi!" Pikachu cried.

Delia blinked. "And that means..."

"Pikachu just said don't make any eggs," Ash translated

Next time in "Cupid's Mistake"!

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