~^~^~^Beep, Beep, Beep~^~^~


With shaky hands she saw the needle penetrate her amberish skin. She closed her eyes when she saw the blood vile beginning to fill. Once the blood sample was taken she began her tests. The faint light of the room made it harder to see. But if she lit all the lights of the laboratory the rest of the titans could wake.

She was conducting the tests at night. If she didn't the rest of the titans could find out and start asking questions. She looked at the clock on the white wall. It read 3:00 AM. It was early she had many hours of peace. She'd thought of conducting the tests in her room. But she needed the equipment on the lab/medical bay.

'Thank goodness Cyborg thought on building this laboratory for himself or else I would need to do this the complicated way.' Thought Starfire as she poured some white powder into the vile of blood. She saw it as it turned a dark orange colour before her eyes.

'It had begun' She stated sadly as she held the vile. Her hand began shaking making the vile drop on the floor. Shattering at contact and staining the white spotless floors of the lab with a dark red-orange colour. Her legs suddenly felt like jelly, they didn't have the strength to hold her anymore. She crumbled to the floor, tears running down her cheeks. Her gaze fixed on the stain.

"It has begun," She whispered almost inaudibly.


"Yo! What ya do that for? You made me die!!!"

"Watch and learn little man, watch and learn" Said Cyborg as he pushed Beast Boy's virtual car out of the ramp. Leaving his green friend with a low score and a frustrated face.

Just then Raven walked into the main room carrying a book with her. She had just sat herself in a comfortable position with her legs crossed on the air when Robin entered the main room.

"Hey has anyone seen Star?" Asked Robin curiously.

"I saw her going into her room this morning. She said she wasn't feeling well" Informed Raven without taking her eyes off the book.

"We were suppose to go see a movie today, but I can't find her." Robin sounded worried. Starfire wasn't the kind of person to stand him up without telling him.

"I'm afraid we'll have to cancel our plans for today Robin" Said a sweet soft serious voice from behind him.

He turned around to meet with her emerald eyes. She looked tired, her eyes looked like they were ready to shut any moment. And they looked red, had she been crying? Robin wondered. She gave him a weak smile and continued floating toward the TV.

She floated in front of the TV and turned it off.

"Hey what you do that for!" Yelled Cyborg angrily, but soon forgot it when he saw his friend's face. Her usual cheeriness missing completely. Her face quiet and solemn.

"Star what's wrong?" Asked Beast Boy, truly concerned.

By now Raven had her feet on the ground and was walking closer to the couch. Ready to find out why Starfire looked so sad.

"Starfire what's wrong?" Asked Robin

"Yeah Star you look as if someone just died" Joked Beast Boy. But soon regret it after seeing her expression darkened.

"Star what's wrong?" Asked Cyborg.

"Friends please sit, there's something very important I must tell you"

Robin jumped on the couch beside Cyborg and Raven came to sit beside Beast Boy. Starfire Stayed standing, her eyes fixed on the floor.

"I had been searching for ways to tell you this but I am afraid that no matter in which way I say it, it still sounds the same."

"It's ok just say it" Interrupted Cyborg, which earned him an elbow punch from Robin.

"I am dying"

The air seemed to tense and everything became calmer. The beeping of Cyborg's machines couldn't be herd anymore, nor the refrigerator. The wind outside stopped blowing and all that was left was the deepest saddest silence any of them had ever heard.

It chilled Raven to the bone, scared Beast Boy, shocked Cyborg and angered Robin. Starfire broke the silence.

"My sickness is called Merel, it attacks one of every 12000 Tamaranians. There is no cure for it"

"How do you know you have it?" Asked Robin.

"I have been having slight symptoms of it, such as; Tiredness, stomachaches, headaches, and dizziness for the last few days. So I decided it would be best if I tested myself for it. I conducted the tests last night in the laboratory. They are positive. I am ill with Merel"

"Oh, how long do you have?" Asked Raven quietly.

"The decease has six states, each of them is four weeks long. So I have approximately six months of life"

"I see," Whispered the pale girl.


She looked up to meet the owner of the voice's eyes. Beast Boy was on the verse of tears but was doing his best to hold them. That's when she noticed, she began going over all of her friend's expressions. Raven looked normal but there was something different in her eyes. Cyborg had his hands in fists his jaw tight and Robin, her dear Robin.

His face looked sad, she was half thankful she couldn't see his eyes. Because she knew that of she did she would break into tears right there. No, they needed her to be strong right now. She had done all her crying that night. It was now time to be strong. But she felt so guilty for she knew she was the cause of their sadness.

"I am very sorry. If I had known I would become ill, I wouldn't have joined the team. I am sorry for causing you pain" Said Starfire. Her eyes beginning to tear all over again.

"There has to be something we can do" Said Robin.

"There is no cure, no one has ever been cured of it before. I am sorry, I can go if you wish me to"

'Who would wish to live with a sick disgusting person like me' She thought sadly. She felt dirty for being sick, and unworthy of friendship. She knew it wasn't her fault but it made her feel bad anyway.

"Why would we want you to leave?" Asked Raven. Her voice softer than usual.

"I know it must be sickening to live with a dying person," She whispered.

"Don't be stupid" Spat Cyborg, his jaw tight and his eyes focused on the floor. The words sounding a lot harsher than what he had intended. "I mean. it isn't disgusting" He tried to sound softer but he kept his gaze down.

"Your family, wouldn't you like to spend some time with them?" Asked Beast Boy.

"The only direct family I have is Blackfire and I am doubtful she will care. You are my family." She stated softly.

She remembered her nana. She would send her a transmission in a few days informing Mistdar and Malekai of her sickness. Mistdar was the old sorceress that took care of her, and Malekai was her last cousin alive.

That's when the titans realized how little they really knew about Starfire. Who were her parents? Did she have parents? So many questions that started popping on their mind but they all felt a sharp pain in their chest when they heard her call them her family. Them, the people that fought over pizza, couldn't decide on one movie. Could hardly live together. How could they be a family?

"What about your parents"

Starfire turned to see Cyborg looking at her. The only other person who knew about her parents was Robin.

"M. my parents died when I was young. I am an orphan, my only family was my brother and sister." Her voice sounded so heave and painful.

Suddenly Robin felt angry, angry with her parents for leaving her, angry with his parents. Angry at Bruce/Batman, the man that taught him everything he knew. Angry with her body for being sick when she was so pure and full of live, angry with himself. He felt as if he couldn't breathe anymore, he had to get out of there and soon. Without warning he stood up and ran out of the living room and into the weight room.

Cyborg stood up right after Robin left. He took one long look at Starfire, who was biting her lip to fight back the tears. And mumbled softly.

"I'm sorry Star" Before he walked out of there and into his room.

Only Beast Boy and Raven remained. Beast Boy thought about running after the guys but quickly ruled against it after seeing Star's face. Her Red dark red hair had fallen to her face, covering her eyes. Her face down but small sobs could be heard coming from her. Raven stood up, quietly making her way to the crying girl. Silently she drew Stafire closer to her and pulled the emerald-eyed girl into a hug. Starfire put her arms around Raven's neck and cried furiously on her shoulder. Beast Boy observed as the paler girl consoled his crying friend.

He sat on the couch completely paralysed. Star was going to die and there was nothing they could about it.

~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^

The last rays of sun hit her face as she sat on her bed. A stuffed animal in her arms, Raven had walked her to her room after Beast Boy embraced her and told her everything would be all right. They'd told her to get some rest, but sleep wouldn't come. She looked at her clock it read 8:00. Four hours had already passed since she'd told them. And her conscience wouldn't leave her alone.

'Maybe I should have waited to tell them. no, then it would just be harder for all of us. Perhaps I should run away, ovoid them the pain. Thankfully Merel is a very quiet sickness. I will not look too sick as time proceeds. However if my memory does me right I will not be able to use my powers after the third phase. Meaning I will not be able to fight. What good will I be if I cannot fight? I must send a transmission to nana, and I will require more information on the illness, so much to do, why? Oh why did it have to happen?'

She hugged the stuffed animal closer and cried silently. She would have never imagined things would end like this. Never.

~^~^~^~^~^~^ Beep, beep, beep, beep ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^

In the gym kicking sounds could be herd. Robin had been kicking and punching the bag for hours. He was exhausted, and sweaty but every time he stopped Starfire's words rang on his mind. "I am dying" He was so angry he had actually considered going to the nearest jail and beating the crap out of everyone there. He was angry at life for choosing to take away such a wonderful person.

He loved her, he had admit it it to himself the day she offered to die for him. The moment she had so bravely said to him "I cannot live in a world where you're evil" He loved her kindness, gentleness, innocence, sweetness hell he loved all of her. He wanted to tell her but he couldn't he was too coward, too afraid of loosing her. Loosing her friendship, but now he would loose her forever. In six months she would be nothing but a memory. He was angry at life for making it that way, for taking such a rare and wonderful person away from him.

That same afternoon he's noticed how what she'd said about them being her family was true. The titans were now his family, they were his friends his colleges. The people that cared for him. They were a family. A family that wouldn't be the same without her. New tears made their way to his eyes. Robin began to feel his muscles ache more than ever before. Making him collapse on his behind. The bag, which kept swinging back and forth, hit him on the face making him lay down on the floor. He sighed in defeat.

This was NOT what Starfire needed right now, she needed to be comforted. She needed him to be strong for her. And he was acting like such an idiot. 'If I feel angry how must she feel?' He thought. If he wasn't so tired he would have bumped himself hard on the head but he couldn't move a muscle.

'Guess that teaches me not to go punching the bag for so many hours' He thought, that's when the gym clock caught his attention. It read 8:10, he had been in there for four hours! He tried standing up and found it very hard to do.

Miraculously he was able to walk all the way to his room. His mind yelling at him to go apologize to Starfire but his body ignoring the thought. After many excruciating and painful moments his body won. Promising himself he would go see Starfire first thing in the morning and he would tell her how he felt.

~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^ Beep, beep, beep ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^

Raven levitated in her room, eyes closed, and legs crossed and whispering Azarath Metrion Zinthos over and over again. She had been meditating for hours, that was because every time she stopped something blew up. She chanted the words louder as the thought of never seeing the dark red haired girl again clouded her mind.

A single tear crossed her cheek, leaving a path. The sound of something exploding was herd from outside. Her eyes tightened and her expression twitched. Her voice grew louder, repressing the feelings inside. She saw a rush of images pass through her eyes. Dark images of death.

Her eyes snapped open. She couldn't handle it anymore, she sat on her bed. Raven ran a hand through her purplish hair. She didn't understand how this could happen to someone so full of life. The way Starfire had cried on her shoulder had broken her heart. She could sense the girl's fear. It angered her how Robin and Cyborg had walked out. They had the right to be angry but if they were that angry they should have at least thought about Starfire.

'People come, people go, it's pointless to be upset' She recalled herself telling Starfire the day when Cyborg and Robin fought. When Cyborg said he was off the team.

'But this isn't leaving this is dying. And I'll never see her again.' She thought.

~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~Beep, beep^~^~^~^~^~^~^~

Cyborg walked alone past the streets crowded with people. He saw couples holding hands, friends hanging out. Children with their parents. A normal day for all of them. If it were a normal day he himself would be at home playing video games with Beast Boy. Raven would be in her room reading or in the main room calling them idiots. Robin would be training in the weight room. And Starfire would be cooking a pudding. Starfire, she wouldn't be cooking any more puddings in six months.

Six months, half a year. It seemed like so little to him. Her words kept ringing in his head 'Six months' in six months she would be gone and the Teen Titans would be sans one member. He hated it; she'd never done anything to deserve this. He couldn't help but feel guilty for all the times he's snapped at her.

All those times she had been trying to help him but he'd lost his patience and yelled at her. She was too sweet for her own good. But it didn't matter to her, he thought about what she'd said. "My parents died when I was young. I am an orphan" He had no idea she had lost her parents. He stopped in front of a playground where a little boy was playing. He slid down the slide and his father caught him and swinged him around. The little boy laughed, he had a some-like memory of him and his dad playing.

Yes his father loved him, a lot. He had at least that memory, but what did she have? He doubted they had slides in Tamaran. What happy memories did she have? He wondered. And he had snapped at her again when she was telling them. He had yelled at her. He snapped at everyone else often enough but they didn't let him get too far.

Robin and Beast Boy talked back and Raven, well Raven also talked back. Just that her talkbacks usually made sense and ended in 'Idiot or Moron'. But Starfire always let him, she never talked back. She actually got hurt. 'She actually gets hurt'


Beast Boy lay on the main room's couch looking at the ceiling. How long he's been in that position he didn't know. He had been thinking all afternoon. He'd seen Cyborg go out a few hours earlier. All he had said being "Be back in a while". He hadn't seen anyone else since then.

He had tried to venture to Starfire's room to talk to her earlier. But the quiet sobs that were emitted from the inside and could be herd from the outside stopped him. 'She must need time to be alone' He'd thought sadly. Then he'd tried Raven's room but no matter what he'd tried she hadn't answered. But he had heard her chanting from the inside.

It seemed that everyone's idea of 'dealing with it' was different from his own. They all preferred to be alone and think but he needed to talk it out. He felt scared and didn't know why. His friend was going to die, the girl that usually didn't get his jokes. Stood up for him, smiled when she did get something he'd said. And actually half liked his Tofu was going to die.

He felt useless, a feeling he dreaded. That feeling was one of the reasons he's joined the Teen Titans. So he didn't have to feel useless. She said that of she'd known she was going to be sick she wouldn't have joined in the first place. She wanted to avoid them the pain.

He smiled at how Starfire-like that was. Always trying to make the peace. He wondered if she sometimes saw them as children. Every time she stopped them from starting a fight she sounded like a scolding mother.

Starfire had called them a family. He agreed with her on that one. They were a family, they sticked together no matter what. He chuckled at his mental picture.

'If we are a family then. Star is probably the mother, and who can be the father? Umm, probably Robin. Yeah Robin, Cyborg is the grumpy old grandpa. And Raven and me would probably be the children. Ha, ha, Raven... Oh Raven what am I gonna to do about you?'

He asked himself. He truly laughed at his mental family picture of the five of them. But if Star was the mother, a family couldn't work without a mother. The memory of Raven holding Star while she cried came to his mind. He's never seen Raven so sensitive. But then again he's never heard Raven chant so intensely. Well maybe a few times but this time there was something different in her voice.

There was pain, he understood it. But Starfire, she was crying. Was she afraid? He wondered. He had tried to put himself on her shoes earlier. But it just made him cry, he felt so depressed and sad.

Quiet steps interrupted his thoughts the light from the kitchen turned on, making him sit up. To his surprise he found Starfire in the kitchen getting out a glass.


She turned around and saw Beast Boy walking closer to her.

"Oh hello Beast Boy. Were you resting? I am sorry to wake you" She apologized.

'Apologizing for nothing as usual' Thought Beast Boy with a smile.

"No you didn't wake me, I was just thinking. What are you doing here?"

"I got thirsty and decided on getting a glass of water"

"Do you need help?"

"No I am fine, thank you"

"How you doing?" He asked in a worried tone.

"I am better. And you?"


Star smiled and filled a glass with water. She then proceeded by drinking it on the spot. She quickly finished it and placed the glass down.

"Who would have thought water could taste so refreshing!" She said brightly.

Beast Boy smiled.

"It is after you've been crying for so long"

"Beast Boy I."

"Don't say it" He cut her off.

"It's ok I understand. Do you wanna. talk about it?" He offered.

Starfire paused for a moment; she tilted her head to the side and observed him. His eyes were slightly red, he could have been crying before. But something in his eyes caught her attention. It looked like fear. After a few moments of silence Beast Boy wondered of she was ok. He tilted his head to the same angle as Star. This made Starfire giggle and fly to where Beast Boy was standing. She understood he needed to talk.

"What do you wish to talk about?" She asked sweetly.

"Are you scared?"

"Of dying?" She asked

"Yes" He answered

"I am a little scared"

"Is there really nothing we can do?"

"There are teas and vaccines that have been created in my planet for it. But none of them guarantee anything. I will send a transmission home. Asking for them, if they do not cure me they may at least give me more time alive"

"Is there a any way for you to be saved?"

"I do not know," She whispered.

"Thank you"

"Whatever for?" She asked surprised.

"For staying with us," Answered the green boy.

Starfire smiled, a full smile. She walked a few steps closer, her arms going around the boy's neck holding him in a hug. This shocked Beast Boy at first, taking him a few moments to respond to the embrace. But he quickly recovered and hugged the girl back. She pulled away smiling.

"Thank you for being such a wonderful friend Beast Boy" She said making the green titan blush.

"Don't mention it," He answered. He felt as if a big weight had just been lifted from his shoulders.

"We should be getting to bed, it's late. And it's been a big day" Beast Boy told Starfire.

"Yes, I am tired. I hope I can sleep tonight"

Both titans had started walking to the hallway that led to their rooms when they heard the door open. They stayed still, trying to see who it was. Then the figure closed the door behind him and they were able to see Cyborg.

"Cyborg" Said Beast Boy a bit surprised.

Their mechanical friend looked down to see Beast Boy and Starfire watching him. He offered a small smile and walked down the stairs to his friends.

"Hey, I thought you all would be sleeping by now."

"It's not that late," Said the green titan.

"Are you all right?" Asked a worried Starfire.

"That's what I should be asking *you*"

"I am better" She offered, she smiled at him.

Beast Boy looked at Cyborg, he decided that maybe it would be best to leave them alone for a while. He might need to ask Star some questions just as he had. He fake-yawned.

"Well I'm going to bed, see you guys tomorrow. Goodnight Star"

"Goodnight Beast Boy"

"Night Cy"

"Night BB"

With that their green friend disappeared into the dark hallway.

"Did you enjoy your walk?" Asked Starfire.

"Yeah, it was cool"

"I am glad"



"I'm sorry"

"Whatever for?"

"For snapping at you so much, I know your only trying to help but. I'm sorry"

"It is all right, I forgive you" Her tone soft and sweet.

"Why do you have to be so goddamn sweet for Star?"

The question confused her. She raised her eyesbrows.

"What do you mean?"

"We all have a temper, Robin, Raven, Beast boy, me! But your always forgive and forget. You let people hurt you"

Starfire's lips formed into a bitter smile.

"Sometimes, but I know you do not mean it. It is just temper Cyborg, you're still the same person. Everyone has a bad day sometimes. That does not mean you mean it"

Cyborg shocked by her answer nodded his head.

"I don't want you to die," He whispered.

Starfire placed a hand on his arm and smiled sympathetically.

"I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends," She said smiling.

Cyborg sighed; it was better to just let it go. He smiled back at her.

"C'mon you gotta rest," He told her.

Both titans walked to the empty hallway. Starfire stopped in front of her door.

"Goodnight Cyborg"

"Goodnight Star"

She entered her room feeling better.


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