Lifeline Epilogue

Warning: Have your tooth-brushes ready.

"Robin?" Deep grey-blue eyes met with the emerald ones of the woman laying in his arms "Honey why are you up?" She asked, noticing his husband's lost gaze. He had not only woken up earlier than usual but he seemed to be lost somewhere between gazing out of the large window in their bedroom and looking at her sleep.

Little did she know that he had actually watched her sleep for about two hours, taken a trip to the neighbouring bedroom to visit both their five year old daughter and their two year old son and stared at their sleeping forms for another hour.

"Just looking at my life" He answered easily. She smiled, moving upwards to place a chaste kiss on his lips but he as always had another idea. His arms snatched around her waist pinning her firmly against him and deepening the kiss. When he actually allowed her to come out for air he was grinning like a teenager.

"How come I don't get such a good morning kiss everyday?" She complained.

"Ohh don't you? Well I'll make sure to change that" He delivered yet another kiss on her lips. Just this time he made sure she was pinned against the bed and him.

"But seriously now, why did you wake up so early?" He laid on his side, his hand supporting his head, ivory strands of hair fell on his temple. He tried placing the stubborn strands back but they strictly denied.

"You'd think my hair would start behaving the way I want it to by now" He groaned in frustration before his wife's warm and caring hands placed them back for him, only this time they did stay put. She grinned in her 'I did it and you couldn't' way.

"It reflects its owner's personality... thankfully I have always been able to tame it"

"Oh really? Always?"

She happily took the bait.

"Oh yes, always... now back to the main question..."

"I had a dream"

"Oh, the famous quote!" She teased, he ran his hands against her ribs causing a series of giggles to follow it. After a while he stopped but his hands remained on her sides. Gently running invisible patterns over the skin around her stomach. In his exploration her came across the old scar right below her heart and above her energy core. He caressed the scar thoughtfully. She understood immediately, her hands took his bringing them to her lips and kissing his knuckles.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"It was nothing, just a dream... about what happened eleven years ago" He caressed the side of her face. The old Robin would have continued saying it was just a dream but he knew better than to try that with his wife.

"A nightmare?"

"No, a dream... it played back that half-year to me all over again with all the details intact"

"Yesterday must have brought back those memories"

"Maybe, all I know is that I got the greatest gift I've ever gotten that day..." He gestured toward the neighbouring room. "Well almost"

((((((((The day before))))))

"Mommy is it true that space is all dark and ugly?"

"It's dark all right but it's not ugly Marin, space is beautiful! It's filled with stars, planets, nebulas..."

"If there's no oxygen how come YOU can breathe in space mommy?" The curious little girl interrupted. She had inherited her mother's curiosity unfortunately she had her father's impatience as well. And as always she cut her mother off with another question. Baby Rick brought his tiny hand to his eyes and rubbed them. The night was too short in his opinion.


"Morning Star, Marin, hey little guy!"

"Good Morning uncle Cyborg, aunty Blackfire" (((Don't kill me!!!! Ouch, ouch, ouchy, okok stop! I swear I have a good reason for this pairing just read author notes at the end)))

"Good Morning sweetheart" Answered the other Tamaranian coming to kiss her niece, nefew and sister on the cheek.

"Did Ryan let you sleep?" Asked Star amused by the tired look both new parents had.

"Hell no, I swear he has more energy than all of us put together" Answered Cyborg. He looked tired because of the lack of sleep but he couldn't stop smiling. Him and Blackfire had been married a little over a year ago and their first son was only a month old. Little Ryan had both tough energy filled parents running for their lives.

They walked together to the titan's tower lounge. Where they found Raven sitting on the couch with her four year old daughter Ivory on her lap. Raven had let her hair grow past her shoulders, she smiled lovingly at her daughter who smiled back. Ivory had her mother's pale completion but her hair was a dark green colour. Like her mother Ivory was a reserved child who only opened up to people she knew and loved.

"Good morning Raven, good morning Ivory" Fondly called Starfire as she walked closer to her best friend and her 'niece'. Another wave of 'Good morning Rae and aunty Raven' was heard in the room.

"Morning" She answered, a happy smile on her face.

"Good Mornin" Called the four year old. Marin quickly made her way to Ivory who smiled grandly when she saw the girl. Both girls played together all the time. Though Ivory was younger than Marine by a year she had inherited Raven's early mature ness and Beast Boy's 'fun' personality. Raven looked at Cyborg and Blackfire, both of them looked tired and drained. 'Welcome to parenthood' She thought but was sensitive enough not to say it.

"Ryan giving you a hard time again eh" She teasingly pointed out.

"You have no idea" Cyborg sat on the other end of the couch and closed his eyes. Blackfire followed settling next to him, he placed his arm on her shoulder and she rested her head on his shoulder. In seconds the couple was fast asleep.

Star chuckled as she watched them. At that moment baby Rick decided he was tired of the same position and shifted his head. Star kissed the top of his head fondly, remembering to pull some of his black hair strands away from his face.

"And to think that's just the beginning" Voiced Starfire causing a chuckle from Raven.

"Yep, the beginning... but we wouldn't trade it for the world"

The red head nodded. Yes she wouldn't trade her life for the world, her daughter, her son. Rick opened one lazy eye, he removed his face from her mommy's neck and looked tiredly at her. "Morning angel" Cooed Star, Rick was an angel, always quiet and sweet he'd inherited it from her, or so her friends said, he had his father's sense for adventure, which sometimes caused him to venture into dangerous places. They always had to keep a quiet eye on him.

Raven felt her daughter's chubby hand pull on her cloak, looking into her eyes she knew exactly what she wanted.

"Yes Ivory you can go play with Marine" The little girl smiled happily at her mommy.

"Don't go far darlings, breakfast will be ready soon"

"Yes mommy"

"Yes aunty Star, we won't" Whispered Ivory taking the hand of her play mate.

"Marin, could you take your brother with you please"

"Mommy I think he's better off sleeping here with aunty Blackfire and uncle Cyborg"

Raven smirked stealing another glance at the tired couple. But it seemed Rick had other plans and at the mention of the playroom he floated off her mother's arms. Marin giggled as she took her little brother's hand and her best friend's hand before running full speed to the playroom.

"Don't you wish we had that energy still?"

"But Raven we are NOT that old! Plus their amount of energy is a mystery" Both woman laughed together at the fact. Raven had changed so much over the years, she laughed, teased, enjoyed, played! Motherhood had softened her, although the more things changed the more they stayed the same. She still wore the crystal Star had given her she said it kept her focused all though she'd explained that her powers were at their catastrophic peak only when she was a teenager. They settled down once she was an adult.

"So where's that husband of yours, I don't see him anywhere" Raven asked as she stood up and walked toward the kitchen, Star beside her.

"He said he had a quick errand to run and he'd be back before breakfast, and Beast Boy?"

"Same, I think they went together"

"You do not think they're plotting something do you?"

"That would explain why he ran off so early in the morning... if they are hiding something we can persuade them on telling us"

"We can just make them sleep on the couch till they tell us"

Raven laughed. "Now your talking Star"

Both women began taking things out of the freezer when the door hissed open. They saw Nightwing and Beast 'Boy' walking toward them, their hands filled with bags and packages.

"A little help here?" Asked Beast Boy who was holding about seven bags all by himself.

"Naw, I think you can manage" The still green titan looked at his wife pleadingly.

"Aw c'mon Rae we had to bring these up!" After one final snort Raven finally took three bags from him.

Starfire who had taken some bags from him the moment she'd seen him eyed him suspiciously.

"And what are all these for Robin?"

"You'll see" was his 'brilliant' answer. Raven eyed her husband, the green titan smiled and kissed Raven's temple lovingly before letting her in on the little secret plot in his thoughts. (Remember Raven has telepathic abilities and can read minds!)

The 'brilliant' answer wasn't any help to Star who wage him 'the eye'.

"Star why don't you go check on the kids, we'll make breakfast... you too Raven" Though suspicious Star said nothing, she was just about to come up with an excuse when she felt Raven's hand pulling her.

"Yeah Star, let's go check on the kids"

Before she could oppose any further the cloaked titan had her halfway across the hallway.

"Raven what are they up to?"

"If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?" The red head stopped walking, her eyes wide with surprise.

"A surprise? Raven!! Tell me!!!" She ran after her friend curious to no end.

"Look Mommy!!!!" Squeaked Rick while holding a white miniature horsey.

"It's adorable darling" She said taking it in her hands. She was dying to see what they were all doing at the lounge but knew better than to try to sneak out and take a peak. At the far end Raven stood looking over at her daughter and 'niece' play. Suddenly a happy looking Nightwing opened the play room door. Two small children proceeded by running full speed toward their father who awaited them with open arms.


"Daddy!" They squeaked, as Starfire eyed her husband dangerously.

"C'mon everyone, we have a surprise waiting for us at the lounge?"


"What is it daddy?" Starfire had to admit, sometimes she adored her children's innocent questioning for she got to satisfy her own curiosity.

"Its for mommy"

Soon three children two woman and Nightwing were exiting the playroom.

A gasp was heard when they saw how the lounge was decorated, there were flying balloons in several places (mostly for the kids) and there was a 'Happy Birthday Star' sign in the room. The dinner table was carefully decorated and several pancakes awaited to be eaten. The three children sank Starfire's surprised gasp at the decorations. This was definitely not expected especially since it wasn't her birthday.

"What... is... this?"

"A birthday party of course! Eleven years" Announced Beast Boy joyously. He wore a big white cook hat and the famous 'Kiss the cook' apron. Raven made her way to her husband while Ivory ran to her daddy (after all she hadn't seen him all morning) and the ever-green titan picked her up and smiled at his wife.

"You're eleven years old mommy?" Asked Marin with HUGE eyes.

"No sweetheart, it's been eleven years since your mommy lived again" Though she didn't quite get her father's answer Marin excepted it while Starfire looked at everyone with tear-filled eyes. She smiled and chuckled.

"Thank you so much friends!" She yelled while laughing. Nightwing came to stand beside her and intertwined their fingers. She met his loving gaze, as his hand reached to wipe away a tear going down her cheek. Starfire gazed at the man who owned her heart and in turn loved her more than anything. She felt like hugging everyone in the room but stopped when she heard Beast boy yell.

"SO who's hungry?"

"Me!!!!!!!" The answered sounded like a chorus of small voices and she knew this wasn't the best time to break into happy tears. Suddenly a loud cry was heard through the intercom and like lightning two tired parents shot up from the couch and began running out the door.

Everyone stared at the five second scene in shock not quite processing what had just gone on. It wasn't till than that everyone remembered that Cyborg and Blackfire had fallen asleep on the couch. They laughed and in some cases chuckled at the realization before attacking the table and pancakes.

In minutes the two recent new parents appeared walking back into the door, a small bundle in Blackfire's arms. Ryan had a curious skin colour resembling orange-brown, he had big black eyes and curly black hair. And like his cousins he had two orange dots above his eyes. Baby Ryan looked around the room with curiosity before taking one long look at both his parents and giggling. It seemed they weren't the only ones who thought the couple looked funny.

"Why won't you sleep little guy?" Asked Cyborg taking his son's hand, he grasped it in his fist and squeaked. All the adults in the room had stopped and stared at the couple with annoying 'I told you so and I knew it' looks.

"Oh be quiet all of you!" Scolded Blackfire.

"Oh by the way, happy birthday Star" Said Cyborg smiling.

"Thank you!"

"Now could we please eat! The kids are starving" The sentence was followed by an ouch when Raven whacked her husband's head HARD.

"The kids or you?"

"I'd say he's one of the kids" Said Nighwing already taking one big pancake on his right.

"The ones at the right are Tofu by the way!" Announced the cook, everyone sweat dropped and Nightwing looked dangerously at his plate. Then at his giggling wife who had caught the look on his face.

Breakfast was a battlefield as usual. Everyone talked, whined, whacked, cried, smiled and laughed. And when the day was over she was thankful for her family.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((End Remembering)))))))))))))))))

She snuggled closer to him, holding him tightly. His hands came to play with her long red hair. It reached her waist now, she was no longer the sixteen year old Starfire, now she now was a full grown woman. She'd let her hair grow all the way to her waist, her face however hadn't changed a bit she still had that innocent yet fiery look.


"Ugh hu?"

"Is Marin and Rick awake yet?

"No, they're sleeping like a rock"

"Or like their father"

"Hey! I don't sleep like a rock!" Her laughter filled the room and the sun shone more fully into their large window.

"You wouldn't even notice if the tower flew up!" She joked. He pretended to tackle her but it really warmed his heart every time she called him Robin. To everyone else he was now Nightwing, but the day he had announced his name change to the team Star had replied. "I met you as Robin and to me you will always be my Robin" and of course who was he to complain?

A thought suddenly consumed him, it was the same thought he had had every day for twelve years. The question that occurred to him late at night or early morning when he held Star, the question he had every time he watched his daughter's radiant smile or played silly games with her. What would his life have been if she had died? Would he have known half the happiness he now had?

Would he have turned out to be the sad lonely Nighwing Star had met when she had traveled forward to the 'future' all those years ago? Uncounsciously he hugged his wife closer to him, sensing his uneasiness she brought his head to the crook of her neck. She knew that sometimes the only thing that could bring him peace was having her hold him.


"What is?"

But he just chuckled, a dry biter chuckle. His mood had changed and he was now melancholyc. He turned fully around completely hiding his face on her smooth neck. He felt Star's fingers playing with his shoulder length hair.

"You didn't loose me love... so why worry about it?" Her breath teased his ear, his reply mumbled against her skin.

"Because it's scary to think I could have had..." At this reply Starfire let out a deep sigh, he was getting impossible and she knew how once he got into a mood it was hard to get him out so she did all she could think of.

She pulled her hair playfully and jumped off the bed. Nighwing groaned, annoyed at the lack of warmth and the sudden attack. He lifted his head from the mattress and looked at his giggling wife.

"I didn't deserve that"

"I know"

"Then why...."

"Aww baby too scawed of what I'll do?"

That was the last straw for Robin, he jumped off the bed trying to tackle her. But she easily flew out of his grasp.

"Not fair Star, I can't fly"

"Aww still scawed I see?" (Yes I mean to write "scawed" its baby talk) She giggled gladly, in one last dirty tactic however Nightwing 'tripped' on the foot of the bed and fell to the ground causing his worried wife to quickly land and see if he was hurt. Once she was close enough he grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the floor. Starfire laughed with all her might as she found herself once again on the ground with Robin on top.


"Whatever for (giggle) dearest?" she felt Robin release one wrist and tickle her sides through her nightgown.

"For making me run around first thing in the morning!"

"Never!" She laughed, the attack continued until Star was able to bring him closer for a kiss, his hands instead of tickling began roaming over her sides ending the sweet laughter torture. They didn't notice the door opening until a voice was heard.

"Mommy, Daddy?" Both parents stopped and looked up at the sound of their respective names. Star smiled lovingly at her daughter and son before getting off the floor.

"What's wrong sweethearts?"

"I can't sleep" The small five year old held her teddy bear closer to her with one hand and the hand of her two year old brother in the other. Her shoulder length red hair sticked out slightly. One soft peach coloured hand rubbed her greenish-bluish sleep filled eyes while she stared ahead. Her brother looked much like her but his hair was black and his skin was a more intense peach colour than his sister's.

"Of course you can't with all the noise mommy and daddy are making" Replied Robin silently scolding himself for been so loud. Robin picked up his daughter and son bringing them to the bed. Star kissed her children's chubby cheeks.

"Do you want to sleep with us darlings?"

Marin smiled happily at her mommy and nodded her head while Rick had already snuggled close to her mother and we probably halfway through cloud nine. The four layed on the large bed. The small girl was already beginning to fall asleep and Star didn't seem to be far from following their example. He looked at them one last time before also closing his eyes. Yes they were his life and joy, what could have happened wasn't important. Only they were.

Hi everyone, I know this took a while to finish but I hope you liked it. I know it was maybe too muchy, or maybe you didn't like it. Please tell me what you think.

The reason why I made Cyborg marry Blackfire is because they're very much like, they're both fiery and short tempered but at the same time loving. Maybe its just me but I liked the way it all 'turned out' and with this I finish the saga. And I thanky ou all for your support it has meant the world to me. Best of luck to everyone and flame me if you want. But just for my sake.

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