"Were you always such a greasy git?"

"You know the answer to that." Severus sneered. It was the wrong thing to say. He was pushed forward onto his knees, his head shoved to the ground, his back descending much like a side of a triangle, his arms chained together tightly enough to draw blood; his left arm under his head and his right arm twisted behind his back.

"Yes, I do. I want to know what changed."

"Why bother with this? Why not use the truth serum?" Snape asked biting back the cry of pain lodged in his throat.

"Because this is much more fun, and I want you to tell me of your own free will." The other man leaned over him, grasping the crown of Severus' head tightly, his fingers slowly curling around Snape's black locks of hair.

The small room was silent for a moment. Only a small whimper of pain from Severus broke this silence as the man transfigured his wand into a blade and leisurely dug into Snape's back.

"V-Very well!" Snape cried. He could withstand a great amount of pain, but this man was being cruel. They both knew that Severus had just returned from a meeting with the Dark Lord. They both knew that the potions master had already been tortured beyond all reason once tonight, and yet the man continued.

"Speak then." The man said softly, pulling the dagger away, but pulling back on Severus' already twisted arm to the point where it would surely break if taken back any further.

"Would you release me first? It is hard to breath, let alone speak like this." Severus choked out. The man only pressed down harder on his victim's head.

"You are not in a position to make requests, Severus." He growled. Snape recoiled at the feel of the cold blade on his neck. He didn't dare to even breath lest the sharp edge pierce the skin, bringing his life to an end. Though he never was one to fear death, and he had wanted to die on more then one occasion; he'd be damned if he let this man kill him.

"Now start at the beginning. Tell me how you were before. Tell me why you became such a greasy git afterwards. I want to know your secrets. I want to hear your voice."


Oi! That was fun to write! Yes, I deliberately left the identity of the other man a secret. See if you can guess who it was! He will be revealed at the end of the story.

I know this is short but it is just the prologue.

J-Chan 3