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Chapter one

It's the first week of the winter break of school, Asuka has got fed up with Japan so she decided to visit her parents in Germany, not because she missed then, in fact, Asuka despised then but it was a chance to get away from Japan and the dorks who lived there, Specially Shinji.

Said dork was glad that he was suffering a "calm before the red storm" as Touji has dubbed Asuka... honestly, he couldn't put up with her any more, Hallowed be Kami Sama!

In Japan, after 2º impact, the winter break was just a name for the occasion since there weren't weather variations... But, as said by the more experienced people, the ecosystem was slowly returning to normal and it has decided to return the winter this time.

A rather severe winter at that! Shinji has never felt so much cold in his life. For the last two days he didn't leave the Katsuragi household since he doesn't have any winter clothes. Misato said that when she had a break on NERV she would take him on a shopping trip (ARGH!!!) so fix that.

Since he was staying the most of the time alone in the apartment, Shinji (Yes, even him!) got bored and decided to try Misato's beverages just to see what she saw on those. The beer would pass, not that bad but he preferred soda still, but the conhaque... Ah the conhaque... Shinji fell in love with that bless from heavens. However, he didn't commit any excesses (Unlike the ultimate majority of 14 years old teenagers that try alcohol alone). Shinji often watched gourmet TV programs, well he has always been a lover of refined manners and intended to became a cook and a gourmet himself, so he knew how to taste drinks.

He decided to drink a glass when he was going to sleep so he would be comfortably warmed for the night. Of course, he had to "borrow" a bottle from Misato's stash but as soon as possibly he would buy another to replace that one, it's was not nice to be a thief.

This morning due to the German absence, Shinji was doing some thing he didn't do in a long time, he was oversleeping. Actually, he was just lazing on his futon, the sleep long forgotten but, still, it was so cold out of it...

It was when he recalled a talk he had with Misato last day. She came from Headquarters and during dinner (or alcohol waste time for her) asked if he knew what snow was...

" Yes Misato san, I know... its condensated water ..." but he was cut out.

" No Shinji... I meant if you have ever seen snow?" Asked a plastered Misato.

"Hn... no, it never snowed..." said a monotone Shinji.

"To bad for you!" Said Misato as she exited the kitchen with a strange smile took up by Shinji who thinking it was just some drunk's weirder ness dismissed it.

Back at the present, Shinji started to think "what was the purpose of that conversation anyway? I don't believe she asked it just to say "to bad"... well, coming from her it's believable..."

Suddenly, something wet and extremely cold hit his face scaring him almost to death.

" Wake up sleepy head! Come with me to look at this!" Said an over happy Misato while dragging his carcass out of the apartment complex still covered in his blankets.

"Danmit Misato! It's so cold out here that I would..." Shinji was dumbstruck by the view.

"WOW..." was all he could say as a sea of white flooded his eyes.

White, everywhere he looked there was white, on the floor, on the cars, Lampposts... He also saw people "swimming" at it and several others playing with snowballs...

"So... this is snow..." muttered a stunned Shinji while he completely missed the wicked smile in Misato's face as she gathered some snow in her hands...


"Hum..??"   POF!!! 

Shinji stumbled backwards as the snow ball hit him square on the face, adding the surprise and the slickly floor we have a very nasty fall and so the world became black to young Ikari...

Misato panicked when she saw a small puddle of blood spreading from Shinji's head...


"Hum... not this ceiling again... which angel got me here this time?" Wondered Shinji as he opened his eyes and was greeted by the dull white ceiling of NERV's medical wing.

"Oh Shinji, I'm so sorry! I never knew it could end like that!" Said a Misato in verge of tears as she proceed to tackle hug him when she saw him rising on the bed...

"Ouch! Well, I guess it was this angel... wait! What the hell am I thinking?" thought Shinji as he endured a dread bear hug, then salvation entered the room...

"Misato, let go of him! Isn't it enough to knock him unconscious in the middle of the street? Now you want to kill him with lack of breath?" Said the ever-well timing Dr. Akagi.

"Ritsuko! Quit it! You scared me half dead!" Yelled a enraged Misato as she got down from the lap of Shinji where she jumped in pure reflex. Obviously, said Shinji was a blushing tomato...

"Err... what happened to me Akagi san? I remember a snowball followed by pain and then nothing." Asked Shinji as he desperately tried to change the subject when he saw the evil glint in Ritsuko's eyes promising a endless tease from the scene and felling a troubling head.

"Well Shinji, our brilliant Major here managed to make you fall with the back of your head in the edge of the sidewalk with that snowball. But do not worry, we've checked you and aside from that nasty cut in the back of your head, you don't have nothing to bother yourself... no concussions if that's what you're afraid of." Said Ritsuko while she glared at Misato, who, in her turn, was sweat dropping.

"He he... Shinji, as long as no great harm was done I believe it is alright, hum? besides... it was your fault to not be ready for a snowball" Said Misato in a singsong voice.

"By Kami Sama, Misato can be so childish that sometimes I wonder who is the guardian of who..." Shinji was shocked by Misato's lack of responsibility, as always.

"Well Shinji, since a hit on the head is somewhat dangerous, I would like you to stay this night here for observation" Said a all time professional Ritsuko.

Misato grabbed Shinji's hand and, with a cheerful smile said " If that's so I will stay here to make sure of Shinji's well being."

"I really don't know what's to be cheerful for that but this is Misato after all" trailed Ritsuko when she looked at her watch and remembered her other appointments. "Fine. By the way, I have to get going... need to attend to other affairs. Good luck Shinji." She said as she walked off from the room.


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