Just Now Realized

Just Now Realized

Disclaimer: Duh! The usual, I don't own Digimon in any way, shape or form. Which is a complete and total bummer, let me tell you!

The digidestined had grown a bit. TK a foot or two and a few inches to spare. He was now an 8th grader, but sometimes mistaken for being a senior being near 6 feet, even taller than Matt. Cody grew up a bit too, up to 5'7, and he was in 6th grade so now he wasn't always a 'shorty'. He played in many kendo tournaments, and though he wasn't the best, he won quite a few awards. Yolei was pretty much the same, but worked with her parents at their store to pay off all that food she took to her friends and her digimon. She's till working on it. Davis and TK still dueled over Kari, but TK never had to fight hard. It was a given she liked him more. Kari was in a bunch of clubs and teams, she was on the dance team, the photo club and she was also in drama club. Ken was still an awesome soccer player, better than Davis, but not better than Tai. He was the captain on the team and Davis was the co-captain. Ken was also a judo master and still the genius he always been, just this time, he was a good genius and not an evil genius anymore. He was even on the student body council, the student treasurer.

{AN: I'm trying to be accurate as possible with their ages/grades. I mean, they never really say how old everyone is in the show.} Joe had just graduated from High School and started at the University and studying even harder than before to become a doctor. For extra practice, he worked as an orderly at the hospital and to get over his fear of blood. Tai was still a great soccer player. When he wasn't at practice or school, he was a waiter at a restaurant. (GameGirl tries to imagine Tai as a waiter…) He, Sora and Matt were seniors. Sora kept helping her mom at the flower shop and began to like the smelly old flowers. Matt was still a rock star. When he and his band didn't have a concert, they would sometimes go to the hospital and nursing home to play for the patients, just to be nice. Izzy was a tenth grader and was still a computer genius. He did grow a bit, he was about the same size of T.K. He worked at an electronics store (go fig). Mimi still lived in New York and started making lots of new friends there, but still took time to get in touch with the digidestined. She worked part time at a jewelry store in the mall and she was in the eleventh grade. She started to develop a relationship with Michael, also in the eleventh grade. Michael worked in the mall also, at music store. {I'm not sure, but Michael seems to me like he's a musician. I mean, he said something about the violin while he was talking to the others about the digimon emperor. It was either music store or a polo store…}

There was a really hot new dance club opening and it was going to open for the youth only. It was going to be alcohol and smoke free. Kids were talking about it non-stop. The dance club was going to open in about three more weeks and they just could hardly wait. TK was going to ask Kari to the first chance he got so Davis wouldn't beat him.

"Hey, Kariiiiii!" Davis shouted after Kari, who was headed to her class.

"Oh, no," she groaned, picking up her pace. "I need to get to class, Davis, sorry!"

"Kari, will you go out," TK practiced, walking down the corner, "no, that's no good, Yo, Kari baby, wanna go---no, that's too much like Matt. Man--I never thought this would be so hard and I knew Kari for how long?!!!" He turned the corner to see Kari running away from Davis. She nearly collided into him. "Hi Kari!"

"TK--your timing's--" He grabbed her hand before she could finish and took her around the corner.

"TJ, what do you think you're doin'?!" Davis demanded.

They ran down the hall.

"Hey, no running!" someone ordered.

"Perfect," Kari finally said.

"Kari, I need to ask you something before you-know-who beats me to it." TK said.

"Okay, shoot."

"TI, come back here!" Davis' voice echoed down the hall.

"Oh, man," TK groaned, then took a deep breath "Kari, willyougowithmetothedance?!" he said very fast and loud.

"Of course I will, silly!" Kari laughed.

TK breathed in a sigh of relief. "Oh, good."

"What did you think I'd say?" Kari demanded, folding her arms, "I mean, do you even have to ask? After all, how long have you known me anyway?"

TK smiled, "yeah…well…"

"There you are!" Davis grunted as he turned the corner and came up to them. "Oh no…you didn't, did you?"

"Actually, he did." Kari said, smiling at TK and taking his hand.

"You dork!" Davis snapped, "I was going to ask Kari!"

"Well, looks like I beat you to it, didn't I?" TK asked.

"Why you-you-you--I'm never gonna forget this, TJ!"

"It's TK!" both TK and Kari roared.

Kari sighed and squeezed TK's hand, "will you walk me to my class, TK?"

"Sure." He squeezed back, "if you excuse me Dav-vis," he said smartly, accenting his name, "but I'm going to take MY date, Kari, MY date to her class now!" He left with Kari, talking about everything and anything.

"Kari, why do you hate me?!" Davis cried, jerking his head back, "what's wrong with me?!" he heard whispering and talking and laughing and giggling behind him. He turned around to see Cody talking to three girls. What the? Davis thought, since when was Cody a big man on campus?

"Oh, Cody," a girl with short black hair began, "you'd think it's okay if I come over to practice?"

"Sure," Cody replied.

"Not a chance, Beth, if you're going, I'm going!" a girl with a red ponytail snapped.

"You can come too, Courtney." Cody said.

"Then I'm going!" the third cried. She had her brown hair down past her shoulders;

"You're all welcome," Cody said with a big smile, "I'm sure my grandfather wouldn't mind."

"Cody!" Davis shouted, walking to him, "I've gotta talk to you man!"

"Forget it Davis, I'm not loaning you any money," Cody said, folding his arms, "you still need to pay me back!"

The girls giggled.

"I don't need any money--well, actually I do--but that's not what I want to talk to you about!" Davis cried.

Cody sighed, "okay fine. I'll be right back, okay girls?"

"Okay, Cody," Beth said and then the girls started talking about how cute Cody was.

"Cody, why does Kari hate me?" Davis asked.

"What?!" Cody demanded, "you interrupted my conversation to ask me that?!"

"I'm serious, I wanna know why she hates me!"

Cody groaned, "Davis, Kari doesn't hate you. She just, well, she just likes TK a lot better, that's all."

"But what does he have that I don't!?"

"For one thing," Cody began, "he has manners and he's got a sense of humor and oh yeah, girls think he's better looking…"

"Argh! Cody, you're no help at all!"

"I speak the truth, man," Cody folded his arms.

"Don't you remember what Joe said to you about good and bad lies?!" he demanded.

"Well, yeah," Cody said, "but I don't want to get in that habit or my grandfather will get very mad at me!"

"Okay fine," he groaned, "hey, how do you know those girls?" he pointed to the trio behind him.

"They're in my Kendo class," he replied, looking over his shoulder to flash them all a smile. They all blushed and winked back at him.

"Girls take Kendo?" Davis gasped, "I didn't know that!"

"Sure, if they want to," he turned his head back to him. "My grandfather doesn't seem to mind. He'll teach anybody."

"Wow, can you set me up with one of them?" Davis asked.


"Well, can I at least take your grandfather's class?"

Cody muffled a laugh, "no way!" and then he turned to talk to the girls more. "Sorry, girls. Did you miss me?" Cody used to be shy and quiet, especially when the girls first joined the class. When his grandfather noticed this, he took the opportunity to make Cody work with each of them and eventually they all started to flock around him. It didn't take long for Cody to get over his shyness. However, he was still a bit shy around other girls he didn't know.

"Of course we did!" they rang out in unison.

Davis hung his head in defeat and sighed.


Yolei couldn't believe it. "Really?"

Joey Kiso smiled and leaned forward, "what do you say, Yolei?"

Yolei returned the smile and thought for a while. Joey Kiso was the cutest guy in school and a grade above her. He played every sport she could think of and he excelled in it. He was probably even a better soccer player than Tai. But she had to wonder why he asked her, of all people. She hardly even knew him even though he was the 10th grade student president. Her first crush was Ken and then she found out he was the digimon Emperor. It took a lot of guts for her to get over him and finally forgive him. But she realized he was hurt more than any of the digidestined. She didn't talk to him much, because she thought it was better for him to have a little space. He almost destroyed his kindness all those years ago, himself and Wormmon. Ken understood why she couldn't forgive him at first, hell, he couldn't even forgive himself. She also had a crush on Michael, Mimi's American friend. But she knew they were getting closer and they were all the way in America. It would be ver hard to make a long distance relationship. But then, there was Izzy. She always secretly admired him, though she wouldn't admit it to anybody. He was so different than the other guys she knew. He was smart, funny and nice and very cute. He always had a special smile just for her whenever she was around. He understood her more and she felt like she could tell him anything. The worked as partners in the computer club and loved all her ideas and input. She was hoping he would ask her. She just now realized that she wanted to be with him and no one else, but would they ever have a real relationship?

"Whaddya say?" Joey repeated.

Yolei sighed. When would she ever get another opportunity to be with Joey? And besides, Izzy seemed to be the guy that didn't like going to parties and dances. He'd never ask her. He'd rather be at home researching a cure for the common cold or something.

"Sure," she said, "pick me up at 7:00."


Izzy nearly jumped out of his skin, "what?"

"I'm sure you heard me," Jessica Kasuma said with a smile. She had the most beautiful long wavy blond hair and aqua colored eyes. She was on the dance team and the cheerleading squad. Guys adored her. She ran her hand through her long blond locks and batted her eyelashes at Izzy, making him gulp. "Well, what do you say Izzy?"

Izzy's face turned beet red. He might be the captain of the computer club and a total genius, but he was perhaps the shiest guy in the tenth grade. Izzy was also in the student council as the vice president. Here she was, Jessica Kasuma, the cutest girl in the tenth grade, asking him to a party. There would be no way he could go and be able to be himself. She was just too, well, cute. If there was any girl in school he could be around and still be himself it would be Yolei. He never had much luck with girls, like she boys.

Mimi was always too sophisticated for him and wanted attention all the time. She didn't understand why he took time to try to figure out things rather than to hold her hand or whatever it was that she wanted. He didn't mean to ignore her, he was actually trying to help everyone in his own special way. Didn't' she see that? And there was Sora, but there was no way he could hook up with her with Tai around. It didn't take a genius to know that they had some kind of special bond. Everyone knew that. When Kari was found, the same thing happened. Sure, he thought she was cute, but she was Tai's little sister for crying out loud. Tai wouldn't let him go near her. He only trusted TK near her. Especially when Matt was unable to watch her and when they were all separated during the time they were fighting the dark masters.

Then he met Yolei. What caught his eye at first was her purple hair. It reminded him of his crest. She was a bit shy too but what made her different from all the others was that she liked his ideas. She respected, even admired his skills. Because she had them too. He was even jealous when she started falling for Ken. Oh yes, he was. He never thought he would get jealous, but he was. She was falling for some guy she never knew but he was there right under her nose. When she found out that he was the digimon Emperor, she still was crushing on him a bit. Ironically, perhaps they were both geniuses, they became best friends. {That might sound a bit odd, but Tai and Matt became best friends and they were total opposits!} However, he'd never get the guts to ask her to the party or ask her out ever. Their relationship would never be more. They'd be learning more computer things together in the computer club forever and they'll never go out to a movie, dance, party or even for a walk in the park. He just now realized that it was she he really wanted and no one else, but he wasn't sure if she felt the same way.

"Come on, Izzy." Jessica said, "come with me, won't you?"

Izzy sighed and looked up at Jessica, ran his hand through his hair and said, "well, what time do you want me to pick you up?"


Kari skipped all the way home. When she opened her door and kicked her shoes off, she twirled around in circles. She was just too happy. Her parents were at work and Tai at practice. Kari had to talk to somebody about the good news. She picked up the phone and called Yolei.

"Hello?" Yolei's voice answered.

"Yolei! It's Kari. Boy, do I have good news!"

"I have good news too." Yolei said, "but you called me so you go first."

"TK asked me to the dance!" she beamed.

Yolei laughed, "I'm not surprised. I honestly can't see you with anyone else." She said, "you two are," she nearly choked on the next word, "perfect together. Just perfect." She felt perfect near Izzy. At least, that was what it seemed like.

"Yeah, me neither." Kari said, "but still, it was nice to get asked. So tell me, what's your story?"

"Joey Kiso asked me."

"He did? No way!"



"Tell me about it," her voice hardly had any enthusiasm.

Kari caught on her attitude quickly, "okay, what's wrong?"


"Oh, don't play dumb, Yolei. What's the matter?"

"Well, I was hoping to get asked by Izzy."

"You could have just said to Joey---" Kari began but Yolei cut her off immediately.

"Kari, come on!" Yolei strained, "This is Joey Kiso we're talkin' about! He's very popular, I mean, no one says no to Joey Kiso!" she sighed, "besides, Izzy never would have asked me anyway. I guess he just doesn't like to dance."

"I suppose you're right," Kari agreed reluctantly with a sigh. She changed the subject, "you wanna go shopping to get an outfit?"

"Isn't it casual?" Yolei asked

"Yeah, but you have to get a new outfit to wear at the opening night of the only hottest new dance club!" Kari nearly shouted into the phone, "I'm not hanging up until you say yes!"

"Kari…" Yolei moaned.

"Come, on, Yolei!" Kari begged, "you're my best friend; that's what best friends do!"

"Alright," Yolei said, "you talked me into it! We can start shopping next week!"

"Let the shopping games begin!" Kari announced, raising her voice.

"Thanks, Kari. I'd better get going now."

"See you later, bye." When Kari hung up, she raised her arms said joyfully, "Yes!!"

"Bye." Yolei hung up and folded her arms over knees. "Oh, Izzy, if only you asked me first…"


WEEK TWO (One week until the dance)

"Hey, Yolei," Kari said, "Let's go shopping tonight, okay? We have just one more week until the dance."

"Sure, Kari." Yolei said, about to burst out laughing.

"What's so funny!?" Kari demanded, her hands on his hips.

"Come on, Kari," Yolei closed her locker and leaned her back to it. The ringlets and sides of her hair was pulled back in a barette. "It's just a simple one night party at nightclub, not the prom, for goodness sake! Loosen up, girlfriend!" she pushed her glasses up on her nose. She got her old wide-circular lenses and frames replaced with a smaller pair and cute rectangular lenses with a shiny gold and blue shimmer. (AN: Maybe giving her contacts is what I should have done, but personally, I think glasses are cooler with all those new frames! I like my glasses because I think they add character! So there!). For a braniac, Yolei had quite a nice body. She was tall and slender now and her complexion very clean and fresh. She didn't wear make up very often except for lip gloss for when her lips felt dry. She wore a green turtleneck, black vest and a black skirt that went to her knees and black dress shoes.

"Hey! It's a very important night, okay," Kari said defensively, "I just want it to be well, perfect. You know what, Yolei?"


"I just realized something. I can't believe I never thought of it before," Kari smiled, "but, TK and I are getting closer, you know and, he's a very great guy. I feel like a totally different, better person when I'm near him. You know, when we were younger and the first time I came in the digiworld, he saved my life."

"He did?" Yolei asked. "Wow!"

"I know, but 'wow' doesn't even comprehend it," Kari said with a smile and a tear forming in her eye, "I never would have made it if it wasn't for him. I got sick in the digiworld and passed out, you see. We split up to cover more ground and Tai and Matt were fighting. When I got sick, Tai and Izzy went to find medicine for me and TK and Sora stayed with me." Kari explained, tucking a lock of her light brown hair behind her ear. Her hair was still the same style, but a bit longer. She had a small yellow hair jewel on one side. (I love those hair jewels, yo know, the ones that stick on your hair! I have dozens of 'em!). She wore a black sleevless shirt with a pink butterfly on the front and blue jeans and white tennis shoes. "Then Machinedramon made a mess of the city and we fell under ground. I passed out, again, but TK stayed with me the whole time, while I was asleep and even after I woke up. Everyone was turned into dolls except us, but he hung around to protect me."

"What a guy," Yolei said, happy and jealous. Why can't I ever meet a guy like that?

"He saved me again, you know. That time I was missing."

"Yeah, sorry, Kari. We tried to get to ya, but Davis was being a pain!" Yolei said, "we didn't know where you were!"

"Don't worry, Yolei," Kari said with a small smile, "even I didn't know where I was! I saw these creatures called Scubamon and I saved them and then they tried to kidnap me."

"What a bunch of jerks!" Yolei hissed under her breath, "I guess I can see why you hate the beach so much!"

Kari laughed, "Yeah…but TK rescued me. I owe him my life, you know." She put her hand to her mouth and bowed her head in thought, sighed and raised it again, "that's why, Yolei, that's why I want this night to be perfect. Nothing can go wrong. TK means a lot to me and I want everything flawless so he can remember it."

Yolei smiled and took Kari's hands, "Kari, I understand you want everything perfect, but listen, you've know TK for years! You have a very special relationship. He cares a lot about you, I can tell. You're so lucky, Kari, don't you know how lucky you are to have someone like TK?" Yolei asked her and thought, I can't believe I'm saying this! "He's a wonderful guy and I must admit, I'm jealous! I wish I had someone like TK, someone I could count on, someone who believed in me, someone thought would make me laugh. You and TK have that and I'm sure whatever you wear and however that night turns out, TK won't forget it!" Yolei laughed, "if you wear rags or the lights go out, TK will still be your friend and that's very special Kari, so don't' you worry about how the night turns out, okay? You just keep believing in TK, understand?"

Kari sniffed and wiped a tear, "thanks, Yolei and you're right. I am lucky-shucks, I don't need a new outfit, I've got one at home!"

"Are you kidding me?" Yolei demanded, dropping Kari's hands to put her fists on her hips, "you begged me to go shopping with you and that's what I'm gonna do! Besides, I'm going with Joey Kiso and he's nothing like TK! I want to make a good impression!"

Kari had to laugh, "alright, but for you and for no one else!"

"Alright!" the two best friends shared a quick hug before heading to their next class. Lunch would be right after that class. "We'll talk more at lunch," Yolei said, "I'd better get to class! I need to set up for chemistry."

"Yeah and I want to stretch before dance class starts," Kari said, "see you at lunch!" she smiled and turned around. Kari had no idea what was waiting for her in next period.


As Kari was stretching, she heard some giggling and gossiping in a corner. She decided she should go over there and say, "hey, what's the big secret" and laugh, but instead waited and eavesdropped while she was stretching, pretending she heard nothing.

"You did what, Jessica?" a girl asked.

"Well," Jessica bragged, "I asked Izzy to the dance and he said yes, but I'm afraid we won't go because I," she faked a cough, "will suddenly come down with the flu!"

The girls laughed.

"Izzy? He's so cute!" another girl beamed.

"Yes, but Joey's cuter," Jessica went on, "so I'll be going with him instead! After all, he is my boyfriend."

Kari almost stood up, but waited to hear the rest.

"He is?" girls asked.

"Oh yes, he asked Yolei to the dance, but he's going to stand her up!" Jessica laughed, "and then while Izzy and Yolei are sitting at home, lost in cyberland, bored to death and crying, I'll be dancing with Joey!" she laughed again and sighed, "those two losers will be the laughing stock for the rest of the school year!"

Kari heared quite enough. She stood up and stormed up to her.

"Yes, Kari?" Jessica asked, thinking she needed help on her dancing moves, "would you like me to properly do a plee-eh?" (I took ballet and I don't know how to spell it!)

"You're a bitch, Jessica Kasuma!" Kari snarled, "you happen to be talking about my best friend and I don't appreciate it!"

"I don't really give a damn what you think, Hikari Kamiya." Jessica snarled back.

"I should have known this was gonna be a joke," Kari said, "I'm telling Yolei all about this and--"

"Don't you dare!" Jessica shouted, stepping into Kari's personal space, their faces inches away. Kari almost bit her nose off. Kari's nose was steaming out smoke as she growled under her breath. "Because if you do, I'll see you cut from the dance team!"

"You can't do that!" Kari cried, "I'm half this team!"


"Actually, she is pretty good, Jessica," someone put in, who was a pretty bad dancer, but still loved it anyway.

"Who asked you, Miss Clumsy Whumsy?" Jessica snapped.

The girl gasped and quickly shut up.

"Who the hell do you think you are, putting people down like that?" Kari demanded, "you think you're some high and mighty priestess? Huh, you think you can just ruin peoples lives? Huh, you think that you can embarrass people for your own cheap entertainment?" Kari pushed her every time she asked her a question and then shoved her harder as she said, "Well, I won't let you get away with it!" She shoved her so hard she fell in balancing bars and hit her head.

Girls screamed and went to the sides, waiting for a fight. Half rooted for Kari and half rooted for Jessica. Jessica groaned and pulled herself, "you'll pay for that!" she went to pull Kari's hair, but Kari smacked her across the face.

"With what?" Kari demanded, "come on, try to make a fool of me, Jessica!" Kari smacked her again. The teacher was still in the locker room checking on what music to play and what to teach so she had no idea what was going on.

Jessica snarled and tripped Kari and then got on top of her to begin scratching her face. Screaming, Kari laughed, even though it hurt a bit, she said, "careful, you'll break a nail!" then stretched her fingers as she put her whole hand on Jessica's face and pushed her back and then punched her in the stomach.

"Yeah, go Kari!" a girl cheered.

Jessica fell back, holding her gut.

Kari picked up a black cane they used as a prop and whacked Jessica with it. Courtney, one of the girls who was in Cody's class gasped and said, "Hey, I think she took Cody's class!"

The teacher finally came in, "okay girls, today we are," she saw what was going on and screamed, "what on Earth!"

Kari quickly dropped the cane and turned around. "Jessica---"

"Don't worry, Miss Pokiwa," the one awkward dancer said, "Jessica and Kari were just teaching us a new dance routine."

"Dance routine?" the teacher wrinkled her nose.

"Yeah---," she said, "um, it's a medieval kind of dance---see, the cane Kari was using, it's actually supposed to be a sword and Jessica and Kari were supposed to be, welll--"

"Feudin'!" another said, "Kari's, um, Joan of Arc and Jessica's a witch!"

Jessica groaned and Kari laughed, couldn't put it any better myself! Kari thought.

"That's right, Kari's in drama club," the awkward dancer said, "you know and she's just giving us an idea! She's very creative, Miss Pokiwa," she looked at Jessica with a glare, "she's half this team!"

The teacher smiled, "well, I'm glad to hear that. But, Miss Kamiya, keep the acting in drama club, shall we?"

"Yes Ma'am." Kari said.

"Alright, line up," she went to play the tape.

Courty smiled at Kari, "have you taken Cody's Kendo class?"

"No, but I know Cody pretty well." Kari said.

"Funny, you seem to have a good touch with that cane!" Courtney gave her a thumb-sup, "but let me warn you, it's alright you know Cody and all, but remember, he's mine!"

Kari smiled, "thanks and don't worry, I already have someone. Takeru Taikaishi."

"TK? He's cute, oh, you're so lucky!" And Courtney took her spot.

"I'm warning you, Kari," Jessica whispered harshly in her ear before taking her place, "you squeal and I see that your part in this dance team is history! I'll spread rumors about you, that you set a trash fire in the locker room. You'll spend your time taking pictures of you and your loser friend. Do you understand? Not one word, I mean it!"

Kari couldn't believe it. She had to choose between dancing and her reputation or her best friend. Kari closed her eyes, "I understand….I won't say anything to Yolei."

"See that you don't, Miss Joan of Arc." And with a sly smile, she said, "I'm watching you." She took her spot.


"Hi, Yolei," Izzy said, noticing that she was in front of him in the line.

"Hi, Izzy--kinda late for lunch, too, I see?" she smiled as she turned around. Kari was already eating, but saved a spot for her to sit. Jessica was sitting across from her, incase she was going to spill.

"Yeah, had some work to finish in my trig class."

"Trig? I don't' take trig, I'm in geometry 2. " she folded her arms.

Izzy nodded, "so, what did you have to do?"

"I had some extra work to finish from chemistry."

"Really? Who do you have?"

"Mr. Harani," she answered.

"Me too!"


"Yeah! Next period, actually."

"Oh, wow, that's amazing!" the line began to move, but she didn't want to take her eyes off Izzy, so Yolei stepped backwards. When she was about to bump into someone, Izzy took her hand so she'd stop.

"Maybe we can, well, study together." Izzy said.

"Yeah and I can give you my notes from class," Yolei added. "Mr. Harani's class is fun, but he gives you loads of homework!"

"I know what you mean," Izzy nodded. "So, you going to the dance party?"

"Yeah…I'm going with Joey Kiso," Yolei muttered.

"Oh, well, I'm happy for you. He's," Izzy choked, "a nice guy." And more attractive than me, I bet..

"What about you," Yolei asked, "are you going?"

"Yeah, with Jessica Kasuma."

"Oh," she gulped, "she's nice." And prettier than me, I bet…

They were quiet for a moment, but continued talking while they were getting their trays and food. They ran out of chocolate milk and waited, still talking until there was more brought in. Izzy even paid for Yolei's lunch. Izzy walked with her to her seat and talked to her more. He was surprised to see Jessica there.

"Oh, hi, Jessica," he said.

"Hi, Izzy, still on for next week?" she asked.

"Affermative," he said. "Look, there's a student council meeting that I'm late for, I gotta go."

"Bye, Izzy!" Jessica called after him.

"Bye…Izzy," Yolei whispered, looking at her un-edible looking food. Oh, Izzy, if only you asked me first…

There was a student council meeting during lunch. Ken and Joey were there with other members of student council. Joey was sitting at a table, laughing. "It worked like a charm, dudes!" he said.

"What did?" the student body secretary asked.

"I asked Yolei," (what is her last name?!) he began, "to the dance club."

"Yolei? She's such a nerd!"

"Yeah," a counselor put in, "but she's a sexy nerd!"

"Oh, come off it! She's all brains and no body!"

"I happen to think brains make the girl cuter," Ken said, trying to make them stop teasing her. "You don't know her like I do, she's a real cool person. She's smart, nice and yeah, she is cute."

"See, Ken agrees with me!" the counselor said.

"So, what exactly worked like a charm?" Ken asked.

"I'm not really going to take her though. I'm taking my girlfriend, Jessica Kasuma!"

"She's a hottie!" the secretary said.

"I didn't know she was your girlfriend," the counselor said.

"We keep it a secret, you see, she asked Izzy to the dance and then she'll pretend to get sick and while he at Yolei are dateless, we'll be having fun!" Joey laughed, unable to eat his hamburger, "man, those losers have no idea what's coming to him."

Ken stood up and flipped his tray over. He grabbed Joey by the shirt. "You fool! Izzy's my best friend! And he could walk in any minute, you moron!"

"Shut up, Ichijoji!" Joey snapped.

"Ken's right, Joey," the counselor added, "Izzy might be a brainiac, but he's a real nice guy. He has a lot of good ideas and he can come in here any minute, you know!"

"You shouldn't be talking like that," Ken muttered, "I'm going to tell Izzy right now and--"

"I'm coming with you, Ken!"

"Shut up and come back here!" Joey stood up and pushed them back. "You say one word to Izumi and I see that your positions are dropped. Ken, I'll say that you've been stealing the money and using it to buy disks for your hard drive! Paul, I'll say that you're using drugs! And I'll drop Izzy's position too! I'll say he's looking up porno sites on the school computers! Don't think I won't!"

"I'd never do something like that!" Ken cried.

"You know I don't use drugs," Paul said, "and you can't even look at porn on the computers. They're blocked out by the school system, you dork!"

"How would you know?" Ken asked, half-laughing.

"Well, not like I tried it or anything." Paul explained.

"I mean it, guys! Not a word to Izzy!"

"Joey, come on, man," Paul pleaded, "what do you plan to accomplish by this? You'll be the bigger loser than Yolei and Izzy, you know!"

"Not one word, understand me?!"

Paul and Ken exchanged glances, "Okay, fine,"

"Sorry I'm late everyone," Izzy said, hurrying in with his tray, "I had some things to finish up in my trigonometry class and then there was a huge line and then they ran out of chocolate milk!" Izzy sat down and began to open his milk. Not to mention I was talking to Yolei…Man, I wish I asked her before Joey beat me to it.

"Don't worry, Izzy," Joey said, "we wouldn't start with out you."

Ken had no desire to eat and neither did Paul. They kept exchanging glances, wanting to tell Izzy the truth, but afraid of the consequences. Ken watched Izzy drink his chocolate milk. Izzy, if only you walked in a few seconds earlier, just a few seconds earlier. Man, you have no idea what's ahead of you.

To Be Continued…