Just Now Realized

Now Realized

Part 2

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Week 3—2 more days until dance

"Is it me, Yolei? Kari asked, holding up a pair of black capri pants and a blue baby tee with a yellow star on the front next to her body.

"Nice, maybe you should try it on an see how it fits," Yolei said, reaching for a dress from the rack.

"Yeah," Kari said, "I'd hate to get home and see that it doesn't even fit me!"

They went to the dressing rooms to get dressed. Yolei got dressed in a hurry, stripping off her blue jeans and long-sleeved purple shirt. But Kari sat on the bench for a while, not that she was afraid of how the outfit would look on her or what TK would think, but she was having trouble keeping her mouth shut when she was around Yolei. Just one wrong word and she'd be cut from the team. She heard a tapping from the room next to her.

"Ready Kari?" Yolei asked, "I'm dressed now and I want you to know what you think."

"Just a sec," she pulled off her shirt and put the other shirt on.

Yolei went to look at herself at the three way mirrors. She turned a couple times to see her whole body. "Come on, Kari!"

"Comin," Kari came out of the room, "well?"

Yolei burst out laughing and covered her mouth.

"Yolei, you said it was nice!"

"Kari, you forgot to…hahahahaha!" she pointed at her pants, unable to finish her sentence.

"What?" Kari looked down to see that she forgot to zip her pants. She blushed. "Whoopsee!" She zipped them up quickly.

"So, what do you think about this dress?" Yolei asked, spinning around. She had on a tight red strapless dress that came a few inches above her knees, with a small slit in the back so she could walk around. There was a small black jacket that went with it. "I just need to get some nylons and some shoes and I'll be set!"

"It's nice Yolei, but…"

"But what?"

"I never thought you'd wear something like that," Kari said with a sigh, "I mean, well…I just don't think it's you."

"Yeah, I know," Yolei turned back to the mirrors, "that's what I was going for. I don't want to wear something I'd normally wear, because when Joey picks me up, I want him to say 'wow, you look sexy!' and that's only because if I wear something like this. I want to turn the tables when I show up at the dance, because I want to be someone else Friday night. I don't want to be me, because I'm not as pretty as the other girls."

"Yolei, you," Kari began.

"Hey, this is what I want to go for," Yolei interrupted, "I know it's not me, but if I did get something that was me, Joey wouldn't like it. I'd probably get a dumb outfit that I'd like, but he won't like. For once, I want to be beautiful."

"Okay, it's your choice, your dress, your money," Kari said. "This is me and TK likes me because he knows me."

"Enough talking," she turned from the mirrors, "let's go get some shoes, what do you say?"

"Yeah, let's go!"

Matt was practicing with his band because he would be the music at the club. No one was more happy than he and his band. Once Hot Spot (Do you have a better name for it?) opened up, Matt's dream as a rock star would come true. If he and his band played their cards right, they'd be the number one band in the nation. One small problem: their equipment.

"I can't believe this!" Matt groaned, "My future is ruined! I'll be playing my guitar and my harmonica on the streets of Tokyo for the rest of my life!" he scrunched his fingers in his golden blond locks. He had called Ken and Izzy to try to fix his equipment.

"That's awful!" Jun sniffed, "does that mean that this new place won't open?"

"Hmph," Davis folded his arms, "well, it doesn't matter to me because Kari's going with TK and I don't have a date!"

"Relax," Izzy said, bending down at a speaker and putting some headphones on to check the sound, "if we can't find the problem by Friday we can always get a new band or a DJ or a juke box or something."

"Yeah," Ken added, checking the amps, "no worries."

"Matt," Jun said, hooking both her arms around Matt's left arm, "if they can't find the problem and we do need to find some other way to provide the music, you want to come to the dance with me?"

"Well, Jun," Matt mumbled, "you see, I have quite a bit of work to do and I---well, I, uh…" Matt racked his brain for a logical explanation, but found no ideas. He tried them all already. Jun followed him everywhere. It was nice to have a fan, but she was more than just a fan or his number one fan, she was a pain! It was Mimi he had his heart set on. He had a crush on her since he first met her. He liked her laugh, her good looks and even her valley girl attitude. He didn't care if she was half way around the Earth and was growing closer and closer to Michael each day, Matt liked her anyway and he just couldn't get her out of his mind.

Ken smiled and stood up. He knew about the pickle Matt was in and offered to help, "listen, Jun, I'm sure Matt would love to take you---" he began

Matt sneered up at him, whatever happened to the crest of kindness, you jerk!? Matt thought and Jun smiled and her face lit up.

"--if he could," Ken went on, "but I'm afraid he can't He's a rock star and he's pretty busy. His plate is way too full."

"Yeah, sorry, Jun." Matt said.

"Oh, I see," Jun mumbled, letting go of Matt's arm.

"But I'd feel very bad if you didn't come because you couldn't get a date." Ken said, reaching for her hand, "I happen to be free that night and I'll be glad to go with you."

Excited, Jun squealed, "you will!?"

Confused, Davis demanded, "you will!?"

Relieved, Matt sighed, "you will!?"

Shocked, Matt's band shouted, "you will!?"

Interrupted, Izzy muttered, "you will!?"

Straight-forward, Ken declared, "I will!"

Izzy took the headphones off, "Wait, did I miss something while I was checking the sound? Darn it! I'm always missing things when I'm working on something!" (Ever noticed that happens a lot, especially in 01?!)

Jun was speechless and dropped Ken's hand. Oh wow…he's so cute! I wish I was wearing my cute boy signature shirt so he can sign it!

"Wait a second Ken," Davis said, putting his hands on Ken's shoulders, trying to make sense of the whole thing, "Y-You're taking my sister to the dance this Friday. That's what you said, right?"

"Yes, Davis," Ken said with a grin, "that's exactly what I asked her."

Davis burst out laughing and fell to the ground, holding his sides.

"Ken, I wanna talk to you," Matt said, pulling him to the side.

"Sure," Ken said.

Finding something to say, Matt pointed his finger at him, "Ken, I--"


Matt's finger shook as he searched for the right words, "Oh thank you!" he blurted, giving him a big bear hug, almost choking him, "oh thank you, Ken! You are the real crest holder of kindness! Oh, thankyuuthankyuuthankyuuu!" he hugged him tighter, popping his back.

"You're w-welcome!" he gasped in pain.

"Come here, time for a noogie!" he began pushing his fist on Ken's sleek blackish-blue hair. "Nah-hahahaha!"
"Ah--I'm thanked, I'm thanked!"

"Hey, you got a noogie, Ken!" Davis hollered, "That means you're one of the boys now!"

"Thank you, Ken!" Jun praised, jumping and throwing her arms around his neck. She hugged him so hard that she nearly toppled him over. "And I say yess! Yes, yes, yes! I'd love to go…ohmigoodness! I better go shopping!" she stepped back, "um, pick me up at 7:30, okay?"

"Okay," Ken gasped.

"Oh no, I just now realized that my sister has a date before me!" Davis cried, "Man, that's just so unfair!"

"Good news, Matt! I fixed the problem!" Izzy announced.

"Awesome, okay guys, let's kick it!" Matt stepped behind the microphone, "okay, and a 1 and a 2 and a 1-2-3-4!!!" they started singing and screaming and banging the drum and playing.

"I think our work here is done," Izzy whispered to Ken, a bit appalled by Matt's playing.

"Yeah," Ken agreed, massaging his neck, "let's get out of here before something else happens!"


Day of the Dance

Everyone talked about how cool the dance was going to be. They couldn't stop talking about it--who they were going with--what it must be like on the inside--everything. It annoyed the heck out of Davis.

"I wish they'd shut up!" Davis said as the bell rang. He went to his locker. He frowned as he saw couples standing next to each other and nearly screamed when he saw TK leave with Kari, hand in hand. It was bad enough he lost his girl to who he thought would be his best friend. But then again, they'd never be best friends. They'll be rivals forever. Cody was crowded with his fellow Kendo classmates, or dates. He didn't' want to hurt either of their feelings, so he took Courtney, Beth and Helen with him.

Davis threw his literature book in his locker and reached in to pull out his biology and math book. "Looks like my date will be my homework!" he moaned, "whoopeee." He placed them in his backpack and started walking home. "What's wrong with me?! I can't do anything right!" he demanded himself, "Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. Maybe I was meant to never have a date. Yeah, that's it. The only thing I should have in my life is sports, school and Veemon." He stopped and sighed. "I wonder if Veemon's having any luck over there with Gatomon." He laughed, "what am I saying, he can't even dance!" He felt better, but it only lasted for a split second as a soccer ball hit his head, nearly breaking his goggles. He fell back, seeing nothing but stars and little dancing people circling his head. "Oh, wow, look, dancers! And stars! Purdy!"

"Ohmigoodness!" a girl cried, running to Davis, "hey, are you alright? Oh, please tell me you don't have a cuncusion!" she bent down and shook him, smacking his face, "oh man, this always happens to me! I always seem to kick the ball and it hits some cute boy in the head! What's wrong with me?!" she wailed, "I can't do anything right!"

Davis opened his eyes to see a very pretty girl with short auburn hair and hazel eyes. She wore a white T-shirt and khaki shorts. "Wow, you're pretty…"

She laughed, "good, guys don't say that to me when they come out of their unconsciousness!"

"What do they usually say?"

"They say: 'you stupid girl, why don't you watch what you're doing?!'" she sighed, "I guess I'm kicking the ball too hard or too soft or something. I don't know what's the matter."

"Well, you're in luck," he said, groaning and sitting up, "I happen to be the co-captain of the soccer team and I can teach you!"

"Really? You'd do that?"

"Yeah, sure!" Davis declared.

"Oh thank you!" she threw her arms around him. "My name's Lisa!"

"I'm Davis," his heart jumped, "hey, there's a dance tonight, would you like to come with me?" he asked. "Or, if there's something you need to do, I--"

"Oh, you mean the dance at that new dance club?" she gasped, "well, sure, I'd loved too!"

"Okay, you come with me to the dance and I'll teach you how to play soccer once a week!"

"How about twice a week?" she asked, helping Davis to his feet.

"It's a deal!" then they shook hands.

Lisa took a pen and scribbled her phone number on Davis' hand, "here's my number. Call me tonight and I'll tell you when to pick me up!"

"No problem," Davis said.

"And I'm very sorry, I hope I didn't give you a bruise or break your goggles," she said, touching his forehead.

"I'll be fine. No worries."

"Let me just kiss it better," she pecked his forehead, "there, all better!" she stepped back, "bye, Davis!" she ran away, waving.

"Bye, Lisa!" he waved back, a little dazed. He looked at Lisa's phone number. Then he turned and pulled his arm in, "Yesss! Now we're even, TI!"


Yolei primped and styled and applied makeup until her fingers were sore. She took one final look in the mirror and checked her watch. It was 6:55. He'll be here any minute, she thought.

Yolei sighed, staring her reflection down. The red dress she wore complimented her figure well, although she wasn't very happy wearing it. It was too tight and way too uncomfortable. She almost didn't recognize herself. She wore a black jacket with the dress and black nylons and red killer high heels. If she wasn't careful, she might break her ankles walking in them. Yolei didn't really care. What she was worried about was impressing Joey. She put her glasses on after applying her eye make up. Her eyelids accented with purple eyeshadow and her eyelashes blanketed with five coats of mascara. Her purple hair was teased and sprayed into a tight twist. Sides of her hair and her ringlets were spiraled about her face in a vampy, sultry look. "I look like a slut," she muttered and took off her glasses. "Well, I'll only have to wear this stupid dress and all this make up crap for 3 hours. I can handle it just fine." She put her glasses in her purse and walked to the living room to wait for Joey to pick her up.

"Wow, is that my sister?!" her brother shouted.

"Yes, you moron!" she laughed.

"Yolei," her mom said, crossing her arms, "I think that dress isn't you."

"She paid for it with her own money," her father said. "When it rips, she'll learn."

"Thanks, Daddy," Yolei said. She looked at the clock. "Joey will be here soon. I told him to pick me up at 7:00."


7:10 P.M

"She wanted me to pick her up at 7:30," Izzy said to himself, fixing his tie for the tenth time. "Man….I'm so nervous!"

"Hi son!" his dad said, knocking on the door. He walked in and scratched his head, puzzled to watch him have trouble with his tie. "Izzy, you were a tie to school and you have no trouble with it."

"But I'm still nervous!!" he barked. He ripped the tie off and threw it down. "Nevermind, I'll just wear something else!"

"Here, let me get somethng for you," his dad picked out a funky colored T-shirt.

"Dad, I am not wearing that." Izzy said simply.

"What kind of club is this, Izzy?" his mom asked.

"It's a club just for youth."

"Well, just wear something simple," his mom offered, "you don't need to wear a suit and tie. It's not the prom, you know!"

"Yeah, but I want to make a good impression!" Izzy ran to his room and took off his suit and finally found a pair of blue jeans with holes in the knees and a black tank top. "Wow, I didn't know I had this!!!" Well, Jessica likes tough guys, so… he put the outfit on and took a container of gel and a comb. He combed his hair foreword and put a lot of gel in it until he looked like a dangerous, too-cool guy instead of the nice and smart he always was. (AN: I just realized something, there's a rumor in 03 that Izzy starts to hate his computer and he buys a motorcycle and he's a, well, a bad guy! I hope it really is a rumor!) He put a gold chain around his neck for a finishing touch. "This isn't me…" he muttered as he looked at himself, "man, I really should have asked Yolei and then I wouldn't have to worry what to wear!"

"I'm going to pick Jessica up now!" he started walking out of the door as the phone rang.

"It's for you," his mom shouted, covering her hand over the speaker.

"But I have to pick up Jessica," he mumbled, walking to his mom.

His mom gulped at the site of him, "it is Jessica."

"Oh," he took the phone, "Hi Jessica, I'm on my way over to pick you up. What?"

"I'm sorry, Izzy," she groaned softly, "but I, ghuh ghuh, think I'm coming down with something."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"I'm sorry too. I was really looking forward to tonight."

"Yeah, well, feel better." He hung up. "She cancelled."

"I'm sorry, Izzy," his mom groaned, "well, maybe you should change your clothes."

"Yeah, we'll go out to dinner or something," his father added.

"Thanks," Izzy smiled, "but I guess I'll go for a walk or something by myself. I prefer to be alone." He walked out of the door into the crisp cool night.

"He forgot his coat!" his mother cried.

"Just let him go, honey," his father said, "we'll go out by ourselves."

"You and Izzy planned this, didn't you?" she asked with a smile. "Rather Jessica was going to cancel or not?"

He blushed, "I'll get your coat."



TK and Kari showed up at the party pretty early, partly because Matt asked for TK's help.

"Hurry, it's gonna start soon!" Matt told his band.

"Don't worry, Matt," TK said, "Kari and I are the first people here!"

"Except for the bouncers and the concession stand workers," Kari laughed.

"I see more people coming in," TK said, "omigosh, it's Davis!"

"He brought a date?" Kari mumbled

"Hi everyone!" Davis greeted, "this is Lisa!"

"Uh, Hi Lisa!" Kari said. "When did you meet Davis?"

"This afternoon." She replied.


"Can someone help me with this?" Matt demanded.

"Hey, sure," TK jumped to the stage to help him with the equipment.

Davis wrapped his arm around her shoulders, "It's a funny story, really. She kick a soccer ball at my head! But because I'm such a nice guy, I let her go easy!"

"Yeah," she elbowed him in the ribs, "except he made me go to the dance with him!"

"Hey, it was a deal, remember? I'll teach you the skills and you come with me!"

"However, I wouldn't turn down such an offer, I mean," she squeezed Davis' lips, "I mean, look at this face." She muttered in a sugar-coated voice. "He's so cute!" Lisa wore a shiny golden tank top and leather jeans.

Kari giggled, "I uh, better see if they need any help." I can't believe it, Davis with a girl that is as crazy about him as I am crazy about TK!

A moment later Ken and Jun walked in. Ken laughed, "do you need help with that?!" then turned to Jun, "if that's okay with you."

Jun smiled, "go ahead, Ken. I'm ready for music!"

As Kari watched Ken and TK help Matt set up, she couldn't help wondering about Yolei. Yolei had no idea what was going ot happen.


7:50 P.M

Yolei took one last look at her watch, "he's not here yet." She put her hand down, "I thought he was just running late, or maybe he had car trouble, but, he never showed….he, he stood me up." Tears formed in her eyes and she covered her face with her hands, bawling and running to her room. She cried her eyes out for a couple a minutes and looked at her idol, the person she looked up to, Mimi.

"I wonder what Mimi would do," Yolei sniffed, wiping the tears from her eyes. Yolei picked up her phone and dialed Mimi's number.

"Tachichiwa's Residence," Mimi's voice sounded.




"Well, hi!" Mimi cupped the phone and Yolei heard her say to someone else, "It's Yolei."

"Put it on speaker," the other voice said.

"I'm gonna put you on speaker." Mimi informed, "Michael's here and he wants to talk to you too!"

"Cool." She groaned.

"Hi Yolei!" Michael said.

"Hi, Michael."

"So, what's up?" Mimi asked.

"I uh, got a problem."

"What's wrong?" Mimi's voice full with concern.

"I was going on a date tonight. They just opened a new dance club, but….my date stood me up."

"What a jerk!" Mimi snarled.

"I'm sorry, Yolei, anything I can do?" Michael asked.

Yolei cried hearing Michael's friendly, kind, honest voice. It was just so nice, like the voice Izzy had when he talked to her.

"Still there?" Mimi asked.

"Yes…I'm not sure what I should do." Yolei explained. "I paid a lot of money for this new dress and it's going to waste. What would you do, Mimi?"

"Well, I say, don't sit there feeling sorry for yourself, " Mimi disclaimed, "you go to that new dance club and you dance your little hiney off!"

Michel chuckled, "yeah, what Mimi said. If you put all that effort all dressed up to go nowhere, just go. You don't' have to have a date. Just go and be with your friends. Maybe you'll find out why he stood you up over there."

"You're right!" Yolei cried. "Thanks, Mimi, thanks, Michael."

"Any time, Yolei," Mimi said.

"Yeah, and if you see that guy," Michael ordered, "you do me a favor, okay? You tell him that he really missed out on spending time with a good person, will you do that? If he didn't have the manners to pick you up, he didn't deserve to be with you anyway! It's his loss!"

"Okay," Yolei said, "you talked me into it and I'm ready for anything, bye!" she hung up, "Yeah, ready for anything…ooops, I broke a nail! I can't leave yet!"


8:10 PM

They finally got the equipment up and Matt began playing his songs. There was a little bubble machine in a corner and a fog machine in another. Flashy, blinding lights filled the room as couples danced together, shouting and laughing.

"Here," Jun handed her date a glass of punch. "I think you could use a little break from putting all those wires together! Too bad Izzy wasn't here to help you."

"Thanks, Jun," Ken took the punch, looking at the bubble machine lost in thought. I wish I could go back to my simple life. Back to blowing bubbles with my brother, Sam. Things are so tough now. What would you do, brother?

"Ken, are you okay?" Jun asked.


"Alright everyone, let's PARTY!!!" Joey walked in, high-fiving everyone.

Both Ken and Kari groaned.

Joey's arm was tightly around Jessica's waist. She wore the exact same dress Yolei bought. Her hair was mousse, gelled, sprayed and teased until she looked like her job was standing on a dark road, waiting for strangers to pull up. Joey wore a see-through light blue shirt. His massive, muscular chest shown right through it and wore black leather pants.

"I thought Izzy was going with Jessica," TK said.

"I thought Yoei was going with Joey," Cody said.

Ken looked at Joey, wanting to punch his face in right there, but he couldn't move. Kari wanted to do the same to Jessica. She sat down at a table, Ken was sitting at the table behind her.

"If only I told--" Ken said, without knowing Kari was saying the same thing.



"The truth--"

They turned right around, "You knew about this?!" they asked each other.

Ken nodded, followed by Kari.

"We have to warn Yolei and Izzy," Kari urged. "They're our best friends!"

"How I want to, Kari," Ken said, "but Joey threatened to pull my position as treasurer! He did the same to Izzy and Paul!"

"Jessica threatened to take me out of the dance team," Kari sighed, "but Ken, we have to tell them!"

"They probably already figured it out," Ken said, "Yolei's probably sitting on her couch right now and so is Izzy, feeling sorry for themselves."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that!" Kari argued, raising her finger and pointing to the next couple who came in, Izzy and Yolei, both with angry and hurt expressions.

"You!" Yolei pointed to Jessica and Izzy to Joey. Joey and Jessica was surprised for them to show up. It was a miracle how Yolei managed to get across the dance floor in the dark with the crazy lights flashing around and not to mention she wore those high heels and her glasses were still in her purse.

"Well, look who's here!" Jessica cried, "nice outfit, Yolei! But I think it looks much better on me!"

People gasped and stopped dancing. Matt told his band to stop playing.

"You can have it!" Yolei walked right up to Yolei and smacked her. She fell back. "I should have known this would happen." She ripped off her jacket and threw it down. "And you, sir!" she shouted to Joey. "I wore this for you! Well, I as far as I'm concerned, you're not worth it!" She grabbed a glass of punch from an innocent bystander.

"Hey, tha'ts mine!" he cried, reaching for his drink.

"Sorry," Yolei said, "but I need it more than you do." She poured the red liquid on her own dress and splashed the rest onto both Joey and Jessica, "you are the two BIGGEST losers I ever set eyes on! So I think you're perfect for each other! I'm just too good for you, Joey!" she turned and walked away.

"That little twit got my dress wet!" Jessica whined.

Kari took a picture of Jessica in her wet dress, "smile!"

"You're on Kari's camera!" Davis and TK sang. (You know the tune, "smile, you're on candid camera!")

"Hey!" Joey and Jessica snapped.

Joey tried to wipe it off, "doesn't she know this is silk!?"

"Need help?" Izzy asked behind Joey, tapping his finger on his shoulder.

"I think we got it, thanks, pal!" Joey didn't know Izzy was behind him and as he turned around, his mouth met Izzy's fist. "Mmmph!" Joey fell onto a table, getting drink and food on himself. "What the!"

Izzy never thought he would hit someone else but it felt so good to give Joey a piece of his mind. "Had enough? You jerk, how could you do that to Yolei?!"

"Get lost, Izumi, you don't belong here," Joey snapped, about to punch him back but Paul got between Izzy and Joey and pushed Joey back.

"Other way around, Joey!" Paul shouted. "I don't' care if you do pull my position as counselor, what right do you have to mess people up like that!?"

"Same for me, Kasuma," Ken walked up. "Go ahead and pull my position, see if I care!"

"What's going on?" Izzy asked, "you, you knew about this?"

"Yeah, he was going to pull our positions if we told you," Paul explained. "He would pull yours too. He'd spread rumors that you were looking up porno sites on the school computers."

"That's impossible," Izzy barked, "they're blocked out!"

"Alright, you two are leaving," two bouncers grabbed Joey and Jessica, "go somewhere else!"

"Hey, let us go!" Joey and Jessica ordered.

The bouncers threw them out and everyone laughed.

"Nice shirt, Izzy," Matt said, "say, I had one like it."

Izzy looked himself over, "then it's probably yours because I'm sure it's not mine! You proably left it when stayed over one time."

"You can keep it, the jeans too."

"You sure?" Izzy asked.

"Yeah, I've got six pairs just like it, see!?" Matt put his arms to the side.

"Hey, where did Yolei go?" Kari asked.

"She left," Ken said. "Bummer, she missed seeing you knock the tar out of Joey!"

"Yeah," Paul laughed, "I'll never forget how his legs went over his head like that."

Kari laughed, pulling up her camera, "oh, I wouldn't say that!"

"Wait, where did Izzy go?" Matt asked.

"He was here a minute ago." Ken said. "Wait, I think I know where went…"

Paul laughed, "you know what, Ken? I just now realized something," Paul cupped his chin, "Izzy and Yolei would make a great couple."

"Well, duh!" Ken muttered, "they've been eyeing each other since I could remember!"


I hope she didn't go home, Izzy thought, searching the club over. He heard soft cries coming from the coat room. He came closer and saw a pair of feet behind a bunch of coats. He moved the coats apart and found Yolei sitting with her arms across her knees. In her hand she held her glasses.

"Yolei, I saw what you did," Izzy began, "it was very brave."

She raised her head, "I got fruit punch on my own dress! It will never come out!"

Izzy laughed.

"It's not funny, Izzy," she snapped, "I paid a lot for this dress!"

"I think club soda will get it out," he said. "Besides, it's not really you."

Yolei wiped the tears from her eyes. "I don't belong here," she said and stood up. "I don't want to stay here with Joey and Jessica."

"They were kicked out of the club." Izzy told her.

"I'm sorry I missed it," Yolei fumed.

"Don't worry, Kari took pictures!" Izzy said. "Don't you want to stay for a little while?"

Yolei shook her head and left the club into the cold night. Izzy was right behind her. "I feel so stupid!" Yolei shouted. "I should have said no!" Yolei reached her hand up to her hair, "this hair style's not me, these shoes hurt me feet! They're not me either! And this dress, it's too tight and slutty! It's not me!" she kept on walking, taking her shoes off and throwing them down.

"You just now realized that?" Izzy questioned, reaching for Yolei's arm and turning her around.


"Come on, Yolei," Izzy said, "I look at you now and I forget who you are. I didn't even know that was you in front of me when I walked into the club until you started yelling at Jessica."

Yolei looked down, "I wanted to be someone else for a day."


"I guess…I would feel prettier as someone else. Like Jessica." She folded her arms, "you look like you're a drummer on Matt's band, so don't even get me started, mister!"

Izzy blushed, "This shirt and pair of jeans used to belong to Matt."

"Oh, I see," she said with a laugh, "I guess we both wanted to be different; be someone else for a day."

"You're not someone else," Izzy shook her gently, "you're not Jessica. Yolei, you're pretty just the way you are. You don't' need to wear this dress, you don't have to wear all that make up and you don't have to wear your hair like that either. You're Yolei. Just be Yolei." He took her glasses from her and put them on over her eyes, "just be Yolei."

"And you don't have to look like a big tough guy, Izzy." Yolei said, licking her thumb to put a that was dangling down his forehead that made him look like a real bad boy, "You're cool the way you are. You just be Izzy."

"Whatever you do," Izzy took all the pins and clips out of her hair until it fell down around her shoulders. He ran his fingers through it to get the stiffness from the hair spray out of it then he put his hands on her shoulders, "don't cut your hair or put it up or anything, okay?"

"Why not?"

"Because, Yolei," Izzy said, reaching his hands back to her hair, "I wouldn't able to do this." He stroke her hair again.

"Oh, Izzy," she whispered.

"I just now realized…" Izzy said, sliding his hand down her face, "how special you are. I wake up in the morning with you on my mind and you're still there when I go to sleep. I care about you a lot, Yolei."

"I care about you too," Yolei said, "and I wish you asked me first."

"I wanted to, Yolei," Izzy told her, "more than anything. If you don't want to go back to the club, I'll take you home."

"No," Yolei said, "my parents are waiting for me to come home and they expect me to say I had a great time. I don't want to go home yet because I really didn't have a fun time. I don't want to go back in there." She giggled. "I probably can't really dance in this stupid dress anyway."

"Well, if you don't want to go home and if you don't want to go back in the club," Izzy said, "where do you want to go?"

"Let's go study chemistry," she said with a grin.

"Okay, my chemistry book is at home and," he began.

"Izzy," she interrupted him by putting her finger to his lips. He put his hand over hers. "Not that kind of chemistry, silly."

"Oh? So what chemistry do you…" his eyes widened and he blushed as he realized what she meant. "I just now realized it…"

"Not the chemistry taught in Mr. Harani's class," she wrapped her arms around Izzy's neck, "the chemistry between us."

Izzy closed his eyes and smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist, "we should get extra credit for this." Then he stroke her cheek with his thumb.

"I think we will," Yolei smiled and Izzy tilted his head to hers. Their lips met and they never did realize how sweet their first kiss would be. Now they have and they would never have to worry about being themselves again.

The End