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This chapter isbased around the song "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton.

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She was a bit of a clotheshorse I noticed. It took me a while to realize that, but when she moved in with me, and then took over the entire closet, I figured it out really quick. I even had to buy a bureau to put my things in. I didn't care though, because she was worth the trouble. Everything that deals with her is worth the trouble. She makes it worth it. She realizes I'm staring at her and turns to me, a striped a-line skirt in her hands and a black top in her other. She's standing there staring back at me, and giving me a look.

"I'm sorry I'm taking so long," she tells me.

I shrug, "It's ok, I don't expect you to look anything less than completely beautiful."

She laughs at me, "Did you have that written on your hand or something, that was so cheesy?"

"When I'm with you, I guess the cheesiness just shines through."

She shakes her head and puts the skirt and shirt away, opting to take out a slinky red dress. I know that dress, I've seen that dress and I know just how phenomenal she looks in that dress. I put my shoes on, I've been ready for almost an hour, it doesn't take me that long to primp, despite everyone thinking I'm cocky and arrogant enough to take hours to look as good as I do.

No, it pretty much comes natural to me.

She settles on the red dress, beckoning me over. I know why already, she can't reach around her back to zip it up. So I go over to help her. I lift it up slowly before taking it back down a little bit. She giggles and admonishes me, but I can tell she's joking because of her bright brown eyes sparkling in the light of the bedroom. I zip it up all the way and then lean in to kiss her neck. She smiles softly at me through the mirror and we make such a striking pair. Though I'm almost a foot taller than her, she seems to fit perfectly in my arms.

She pulls away from me, though I can tell it's reluctantly, and goes over to her vanity table, another addition to my house. Not that I mind, I really don't, all I had there before was a weight set. I remember her telling me that it needed to go. My once total bachelor pad has been girlied up, but I couldn't be happier, even though I'm now sleeping underneath flowery sheets. God, what the guys would say if they saw me now, I'd be laughed out of the business.

She works on her makeup, but I never know why she needs the stuff. I think she's beautiful without all that gunk caked on her face. I've tried to tell her that, but she brushes me off, and tells me I'm lying. I'm really not, but let her think what she wants. It almost makes me feel kind of special that I'm just about the only person who gets to see the natural her.

She finally finishes with her makeup. I look down at my watch, we're probably going to be late. Not that she really cares as long as she makes a great entrance. Not that she's shallow like that, she's not. She just, she has a presence, I can't fully explain it, but it's this mystique that's all her own. I think that's what made me love her in the first place, that mystique, that aura that surrounds her every day, every moment. It captured me and I was powerless to stop myself.

She's combing her hair now. The light is bouncing off it; it's so shiny. It's straight tonight, no frills or anything, just her long, blonde hair hanging down on the shoulders, falling a little ways down her back. I can't help but stare at her, she's just so goddamn beautiful, and she's mine. It almost makes me want to give an evil, little laugh, but I restrain it to a smirk.

She stands up in front of me and gives me a little twirl, "So?"

"So what?"

"So how do I look?"

"Great," I tell her, "You look great."

"That's it, it takes me forever to get dressed and everything and all you have to say is I look great," she says indignantly, but I can tell she's joking with me. She has that little smiled on her face.

"Fine, ask me again," I tell her, knowing that she wants something better.

"How do I look?"

This time I'm prepared, "You look wonderful."

I take her arm, and she links her arm with mine. There's that perfection again. It was as if she was made for me, and that's such a comforting thought. Here she was, under my nose for so long and I just didn't realize it until recently. Now, all I want do spend every waking moment with her, making sure she's as happy as I am. When did I get so mushy? I look down at her, and I'm reminded. The moment I fell in love with her, that's when I turned into a pile of lovey-dovey mush.

We go out to the car and I help her get in. Don't want her to tear her dress as she gets in the car, then we may have to go inside again and go through that arduous task of her finding something to wear. I get in myself, and I start driving towards the party at the Hilton. It's just a company party, but everyone is going to be there, and everyone would be dressed up. That's why we're dressed up, I'm not really looking forward to it, but I know Trish is, and that's all that matters. If she wants to go, then I want to go.

We arrive and I let the valet take the car. I already see him eyeing Trish, and I wrap my arm around her possessively. She noticed, I can tell as she looks up at him, a little smirk on her face. She doesn't say anything as we walk inside, but I can tell a laugh is on her lips. I nudge her with my arm and she bursts into laughter. I mock pout and she turns to me.

"You need to stop being so jealous," she tells me.

"I'm not jealous, how dare you think that I would be jealous of a valet?" I say defiantly.

She giggles, "I know you, you hate any guy looking at me, it's just in your nature."

"Oh is that so?"

"Yup," she nods, "You are just a jealous little boy because everyone is eyeing your favorite toy."

I lean down and kiss her, careful not to ruin her makeup, "You're anything but a toy."

We make our entrance, and just like I suspected, everyone turns to look at us. I know it's not because of me, I mean, yeah, I'm a good looking guy, but Trish, she's...amazingly gorgeous. I kind of show her off proudly, knowing that most of the single guys in here are jealous, and I'm sure a couple of the married guys are jealous as well. That makes me kind of happy to see. Yeah, I'm a little shallow, aren't we all? We walk in and a champagne tray passes by us and we both grab a glass. She takes a sip and looks around, spotting various friends around, I let her drag me around, content to just be around her.

I see some of my friends and whisper to her that I'm going to go over there. She nods and gives me a small kiss. I walk over to them, but I get distracted much of the time, watching Trish across the room. She was talking with Chris Jericho at the moment. I used to get jealous, considering Chris was her ex-boyfriend, but I'm pretty reassured that they're over each other as I see Chris's new wife Stephanie walk up to join in on the conversation. Trish and Chris had ended amicably when he realized that he wasn't exactly pining away for her, and was in fact pining away for the brunette who was currently laughing as Chris bumped his hip against hers.

She hadn't exactly been heartbroken he remembered. In fact, she was the one who had brought Chris and Stephanie together in the first place. That was a long time ago though, right around the time that I realized that Trish was something pretty special. Stephanie is giggling with Trish as Chris blushes something fierce. I excuse myself and walk back over to the threesome.

"What's going on?" I ask, looking around the little group.

"We were just embarrassing Chris," Trish explained, laughing at Chris some more, "Look at that face."

"The women are assaulting me," Chris protested.

Stephanie fixed his collar, "You love the attention."

"So how are the newlyweds?" I asked.

"Three weeks of happily wedded bliss," Stephanie said glowingly to Trish and me.

"You guys just got back from your honeymoon right?" Trish said, holding my hand.

"Yup, it was beautiful," Chris answered, "From what we saw anyways."

Stephanie giggled, "So when are you two getting hitched?"

I look at Trish, who looks surprised. Truth be told, I've thought about it, more than I probably should actually. She's perfect for me, I don't need forever to figure that out, I already know. She gets me, when everyone else didn't, and she made everyone see me in a different light and for that I'm indebted to her for the rest of my life. She looks up at me and she has this look on her face. It's kind of pleading, like she does want me to ask, but I don't know, I don't have a ring or anything.

"Very funny Stephanie," I tell her, "We have no clue."

"You should, everyone knows you two belong together," Chris says, "I mean, I was silly enough to think I belonged with Trish, but I can clearly see she's meant to be with you."

"Yeah, lucky for me," Stephanie replies, "Oh look, Christian just got here, we'll see you two later, have fun."

They walked away and I didn't notice, I was still thinking intently. Trish tugged on my suit sleeve and it finally broke me out of my reverie. I looked around, wondering where Chris and Stephanie had gone, but was interrupted by Trish's hand coming to rest on the back of my neck as she pulled me down for a kiss. Her kiss calmed me down, silenced the cacophony in my brain, at least for the time being.

"You alright?" she asked me quietly as our lips parted.

"Why wouldn't I be alright?"

"It's just that their question, it seemed to have thrown you off," she tells me.

"No, it didn't, I mean, yeah, it took me by surprise, but I mean, I guess that's what's on everyone's minds right now."

"Don't think about that, I'm very comfortable with where we are right now."

"I'm wonderful," I tell her, "With you, I'm always wonderful."

She smiles at me, pressing her lips together slightly, as if to stop a full- out grin from crossing her lovely face. I tuck some hair behind her ear, which she quickly puts back to where it was and I laugh realizing that's how she styled it earlier. She laughs too and wipes some of the lipstick off my lips, I didn't even realize I got any of it on me, but she knew, she always knows.

I don't want to say we have a perfect relationship, God knows that I had a hard time breaking free from the mold that Evolution set for me. Everyone, including Trish thought I was a jerk. And while I'm still with Evolution, and some people still think I'm a jerk, Trish knows I'm not, and really, she's the only one that counts. Her opinion is the only one that matters to me. Besides, if I get too bad, she'll keep me in check.

Then there was how everyone reacted to us getting together. Trish's friends all tried to warn her about me, telling her that I was an asshole and would only hurt her in the end. Maybe they were right at the time, maybe I would've treated her like shit, maybe I would've cheated on her and done all those horrible things to her. Maybe that's who I was...

At the time at least.

She made me better, she made me realize things I hadn't realized before. She's older than me, it's not rocket science to figure that out. Maybe that means she's wiser than me, but I think she would be regardless of our age. She's so smart, just another thing to add to the list. You'd think she wouldn't want me, I mean, she must think I'm immature sometimes, or not ready to commit or something because I'm younger.

Part of me thinks that you're too good for me. Part of me thinks that I'm perfect and therefore you are right for me. But I do know that all of me loves you. It's this all-encompassing love, and the fact she makes me feel so corny sometimes. That has to be good, I think at least, I mean, corny can be good, in some circumstances. Either way, it doesn't matter because having her with me, is the best thing I could've hoped for, she's the best thing I could've hoped for.

I see that she's dragging me somewhere and I'm content to just hear her talk. I stand there, looking dapper in my suit, and pretend to join in the conversation she's having with Lita and Rob. I nod and look interested, but I'm so focused on her at the moment. Just listening to her speak and everything, I'm enamored. She couldn't know how much I love her, because I don't even know how much I love her.

So I had a little too much to drink, so did everyone else. It wasn't our faults, it was a party, and we drink. I could already feel the pounding in my head and knew it would get worse. Everyone's leaving right now, saying their goodbyes. I rubbed my temples, trying to assuage my upcoming headache. It was no use; this one wasn't going away without some aspirin and a full night's sleep.

"We better get going," Trish says to Christian and Edge.

"Ooh, hanky panky later," Edge teases.

I merely smile in amusement as Trish gives him a dirty look, "None of your business."

"I think that's a yes," Christian answers.

"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't," Trish says cryptically. Then she wraps her arm around my waist, "See you guys later."

"Yeah, bye," I say to them as we turn around to walk outside.

"You don't look so good," she whispers to me as we're waiting for the valet to get the car.

"I don't feel so good," I tell her.

The guy comes over and hands me the keys as I hand him a tip. She turns to me and runs her hand down my cheek. Her touch is light and it feels like a breeze running across my cheek. I'm already feeling better, just by having her touch me.

"You want me to drive."

"If you want?"

"I'll drive, you rest."

I hand her the car keys and she leads me by the hand to the car. I get in the passenger seat and she gets in the driver's seat. I lean back against the headrest as she drives home. I doze off somewhere along the way. She drives the rest of the way, while I sit there, asleep for the most part. The next thing I remember is her gently shaking me out of dreamland.

She helps me out of the car, and I wrap my arm around her, letting her help me. We go upstairs and I practically collapse onto the bed, the pounding in my head becoming incessant. She disappears into her closet and I try to get up to change, but my head hurts, so I just stay where I am. She comes out in her pink pajamas pants and a white tank top. She comes over and starts undressing me slowly.

"What're you doing?"

"You can't sleep in your suit," she points out.

"Yeah, but I can undress myself," I tell her as I start to unbutton my buttons.

"Yeah, but you're obviously not feeling well, so that's where I come in," she said, continuing to unbutton my shirt and pull it from my pants, "I don't mind."

I let her take care of me, and help me into bed. She goes into the bathroom to get ready for bed. It takes a while for her to come back out, but I'm determined to stay awake. I barely manage to as she turns off the bathroom light. She walks towards the bed and climbs into her side. I'm not tired enough to not hold open my arms to her and she crawls over, laying down with me. She cuddles into my arms, and I sigh in content.

"Did you have fun tonight?" she asks me.

"Yeah, it was fun, I liked being able to show you off most of all though."

She laughs softly before yawning, "Turn off the light, I want to get some sleep."

I lay there, listening to her breathing in the darkness of the bedroom. She doesn't speak, but that's alright, because the silence has never been an enemy to us. It's comfortable, lying there, running my fingers through her hair. She traces patterns along my stomach, and I notice her slowing down to a stop, and her breathing is becoming more rhythmic, signaling the sleep that is coming to her soon.

"Night Randy," she whispers in her sleep muddled voice.

"Night Trish," I say.

"Love you," she breathes, the tail end of her words drifting off as she falls asleep.

"I love you too."

She doesn't need to hear it, I'm sure she didn't, I'm sure she didn't need to. She knows how I feel, and I know how she feels. I think back to that question Stephanie asked earlier, about Trish and I, about marriage. Someday I hope to make that come true, someday I hope that she'll be my wife.

Maybe I should go ring shopping tomorrow.