The Bomb

Disclaimer: I do no own Teen Titans.

She walked around looking for me.
I continued to crouch behind the
Barrels at the corner of the warehouse.
When Jinx started to get impatient and
Started to cheat by using her powers,
I knew that it was time to sneak off and
See her.

My heavy footsteps turn silent as I reach
The beach and there I saw her. Red hair
Blowing in the wind she was the bomb.
So beautiful, so funny, she had unusual
Ways but I liked the rotten blue food from
Their fridge so I guess I can also be a bit
Strange. Then I hear her laughter, like
Chiming bells, I could sit here forever
Just listening to her. But then I hear it.

"Starfire," he says, she turns around her
eyes brighter than the sun. He comes from
the shadows and sits beside her. Her leader
her friend. But I can see through her twinkling
eyes and the way that she hangs to his every
word, that she wants more than friendship.

Oh, unkind agony. How could she ever love
Me? Me! Big clumsy Mammoth!! Even
Gizmo would have more of a chance
Getting her than I do. Starfire. How I hate
That worthless blind boy Robin. If
Someone admired me that much
And looked at me that way she did
I'd know how she felt about me in two
Seconds. But not Robin, oh no not
Perfectly STUPID Robin.