Okay first let me say that this story is just a fun story. It would never happen and I'm not suggesting it would. Imagine the time is now, and assume that the characters are aged 9 (unless stated otherwise) even if this isn't possible.

With that here is the cast, some from my previous fic…in this Fic despite the last names, Joanna and Jonathan are not related, but Velvet and Joanna are sisters, I just don't want Jonathan to be without a last name.

Joanna Dark: The Show off, likes to be right.

Jonathan Dark: The sarcastic, funny but sometimes serious guy.

Velvet Dark: The girl who is always in Joanna's shadow.

Daniel Carrington: The smart guy who is still reasonably cool with others

Natasha Filnaro: The smart and cool girl. (A/N: I just gave Natasha that last name so don't go searching for it)

Sean Lomberson: The average, nice guy

Cassandra De Vries: The school bitch who hates losing

Trent Easton: The guy who has a strange obsession with the colour red

Terrence Dalkrad: The bully who gets along nicely with Cassandra

Dr. Caroll: The Teacher

Grimshaw: The nerd

Foster: The guy obsessed with violence. (Nah it won't get that violent)

Bob Tendisper: The guy who is popular for reasons unknown… (A cookie to who can work out who this is. No, not a real one a virtual cookie).

Elvis Mangarae: The strange Alien (normal age)

Mr. Blonde: The scary, mysterious, weird guy who lives in mystery (normal age)

That's all the main characters I can think of, if you want anybody in this or have ideas of what the kids can get up to just let me know.