If I am to Die

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter Series

If I am to die
Let it not be
Fighting in a
Battle which I
Am not willing
To participate in.
But not necessarily
Because in it I do not

I want to die
When I least
Expect it. Not
Only that, I want
To die while I'm
Extremely jubilantly

I'd rather be shot by
A sniper while listening
To my Discman, the
Headphones on my
Head. Than to be shot
Down in a battle in
Which I'm not willing
To participate in.

Please do not hate me.
You have my support
And respect. So take
My blessings and be
On your way instead.

I want to die
While watching
The sunset. No I
Do not want a
Heartattack! That
Would be horrid,
As ironic as this
Sounds, I want my
Dying moment to
Be perfect.

I'd rather die to the
Sounds of ducks
Quacking. Than to
The sounds of breaking
Wands and screams from
Being hit by magic that is
More painful than being
Hit by lightning.

I'd rather die with my
Love by my side. In the
Middle of a kiss, in our
Sleep. I'd rather die holding
My love as I sleep.

So on a whole, I don't want
To die unhappy. I'm sorry
Sir, but me in this epic battle,
"certainly aint happening!"

The End