Author's Notes: Be forewarned this story contains several love triangles, between Aoshi, Megumi, Misao, Saitou and Tokio. Aoshi is probably OOC, I am guessing his personality here as the "icicle" we know should have recuperated by now. The setting is right after the Jinchuu arc. Alternate pairings are everywhere. Relationships are on a merry-go-round. Some action too. So read with an open mind. The characters here were borrowed from Watsuki's Rurouni Kenshin and I claim no ownership whatsoever.

Text in italics are thoughts

Chapter 1: Things Unseen by the Naked Eye

"Aoshi-sama! Aoshi-sama!" A girl came up running behind a tall man garbed in a long flowing white jacket. She was panting as her short legs could not keep up with the man in front of her.

"Misao why don't you just go back to the Aoiya?", His ice blue eyes stared at the girl expressionless.

"Hmph! Why don't we BOTH go back?!" Misao tried to pull Aoshi the opposite way but the man stood firm, unmoved as usual.

"You know that I have some business with Megumi."

Misao flinched. Everyday, Aoshi has been more vocal about Megumi. Every day she was noticed less and less. She desperately searched Aoshi's blue eyes for any feelings that might be directed at her. Unfortunately they were glazed, certainly his thoughts were elsewhere, certainly not on the weasel girl.

What in the world is Aoshi-sama thinking?

For a moment Aoshi's lips quirked up and his eyes focused ahead. He started to walk leaving Misao behind.

Aoshi-sama baka! To think that you would be attracted to that sly foxy woman!

Misao sighed, Aoshi has been recovering from his reclusion, however she didn't expect her precious Aoshi-sama to divert his attention to another woman aside from her. This time she sighed even deeper. If she let Aoshi walk further on ahead she will definitely be left behind. She ran after him almost tripping on several stray sticks of woods that obstructed her path. There was no way she would let him out of her sight. There was just no way...

"Chou did you TRIPLE check this?" Saitou eyed his underling carefully.

With his usual cocky smile, Chou nodded to his boss.

This is bad. I did not think that Kanryuu's shadow would come back to haunt them.

Saitou got up and donned his dark blue cap and threw his underling a nod, "Wakatta I'll take care of things from this end boss…"

Saitou hurried on his way to Kyoto. I must speak with Aoshi and Okina.

Misao was fuming as she stared at the bag filled goodies that Aoshi bought once they entered Tokyo.

Baka you don't have to buy her sweets too! She paused… Well, if it was me I'd rather get flowers than sweets.

Her face contorted into a devilish grin. That's right Aoshi-sama, give her sweets, that way her teeth will rot and you will see how much more beautiful I am! She smiled as she daydreamed about the day her Aoshi-sama would give her flowers and confess of his undying love for her. Megumi is just a nuisance for now. I'm sure he'll realize that SOON.

"Oo Aoshi! You didn't have to!" Megumi laughed her mouth forming the familiar "O", as Aoshi handed her the sweets.

An almost impercebtible smile graced his lips as he eyed Megumi and immediately he came up to whisper in her ear. "It's been a while Kitsune…"

Megumi snickered and slightly leaned closer to Aoshi. Both adults forgetting that the Itachi, Misao was right there.

"Wait!" Misao took both hands and separated the two. "I'm here too you know." She said crossly. With an indignant pout, she slammed her foot to get the much needed attention she wanted.

"Oh. So you are." Megumi looked at her once and slipped her hands on Aoshi's arms. "You have impeccable timing Aoshi, Genzai sensei just gave me the day off."

"Wonderful, perhaps you can prepare lunch?" Aoshi continued to stare at Megumi, his posture seeming to relax bit.

"Ahem!" Misao interrupted, but Aoshi shot her a look reminiscent of his "icicle" days. She resigned her fate. "Wakatta!"

"You know Misao, Kenshin and the others are at the Akabeko right now. If you hurry you can still catch them." Megumi said slyly.

AHHHH! I'm really getting angry!! Misao turned her back at the two, hiding the cross marks appearing on her forehead. Through clenched teeth, she was able to tell Aoshi that they will be going back to the Aoiya before sundown.

"Don't worry Misao-CHAN! I'll take good care of Aoshi-sama…" Megumi stifled her laugh once more, but the weasel caught it and it took all her will power not to pounce on Megumi right then and there. If only Aoshi was not looking.

Misao left for the Akabeko, stomping her feet with every step. That Megumi! She better not do anything to Aoshi! And what's up calling me Misao-CHAN?? I'm seventeen already!

"Oro! It's Misao-dono, that she is!" the red haired man named Kenshin Himura, always as polite as ever greeted the weasel girl. "Please come join us!"

Misao dropped to the tatami. She crossed her arms and let a rather scary expression contort her face.

"Smile a little Misao-chan! It's rude to be cross since you just joined us." Sano teased the already enraged weasel.

She stood up and pointed at Sano, "AH!! You and that fox woman better stop treating me like a child! I'm already seventeen!"

Yahiko decided to join in on Sano's teasing… "Yeah and still ugly as ever!"

"That's right!" Sano and Yahiko stood up and made a small dance in front of the weasel.

Kaoru who tried to silently watch the banter between the three could not contain herself any longer.

"Sano!! Yahiko!! Stop that already.." She got up and placed both hands on her waist.

Yahiko went up to face Kaoru… "Oh… So you're taking sides with the weasel girl.. I wouldn't be surprised as you are ugly too…"

Kaoru's face started to twitch and a contorted expression similar to Misao surfaced…

"Why you fool!" Enraged Kaoru grabbed Yahiko's shinai and tried to hit him with it several times.

A sweat dropped from Kenshin's face. "Mina… Let's all settle down.. That we have to do.."

Hearing the unwanted request… Four sets of eyes settled themselves on Kenshin.

"Oro!" the blue eyes turned swirly as four sets of hands grabbed his throat shaking the life out him.

And so the start of a story involving an icicle, the fox, the weasel and the wolf, their friends and family. Will there be a happy ending?