A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

                                                             STAR WARS

                                           KNIGHTS OF THE NEW REPUBLIC

                                                               EPISODE I

                                                  DAUGHTER OF THE SITH 

Peace has finally came between the New Republic and the Empire as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has returned from his latest adventure engaged to fellow Jedi Knight and former 'Emperor's Hand' assassin Mara Jade.

But a dark shadow has begun to form once again. Former Imperial Scientist, Doctor Drakken, has joined forces with a mysterious figure with a dark connection to the late Emperor Palpatine, and has begun rebuilding the Imperial Forces as the New Empire, and began construction of a new secret super weapon for the destruction of the New Republic and the Jedi Knights.

Now the fate of the New Republic is unwillingly the same as the Old Republic's: resting in the protective hands of the Jedi, but the fate of the protectors now also rests in the hands of two young heroes… 

An old Imperial shuttle slowed from light speed just outside New Republic space. It flew into the largest gathering of Imperial Star Destroyers since the death of Emperor Palpatine. The shuttle entered the landing bay of the massive Super Star Destroyer in the center of the fleet.

The shuttle landed in the main hanger where a large group of Imperial Stormtroopers was gathered in ranks, and two men stood before the lowering gangplank. Both were in Imperial uniforms, one with a red beard and in a kilt instead of slacks, and the other slightly hunched over with graying hair and a sinister smile.

With armed guard the current leader of the self proclaimed 'New Empire', Doctor Drew Drakken stepped down toward the two men. "Admiral Senior, Captain Killagan, have they all arrived?"

"Aye, Docta," Killagan reported, "All fleet commandas have 'rived un schedule, sir."

Dr. Drakken ran a hand over his blue skinned face the through his dark hair, "Very good, I presume they are all in the meeting room then?"

Drakken and his two officers made their way to the main meeting chamber, and Drakken took his place at on the round table surrounded by fleet admirals. "I am pleased you all made it," Drakken smiled sitting down among the leaders. "For too long have we watched those pathetic Rebels have their way with OUR worlds, the worlds that the so-called Empire has officially surrendered. It's time we took back what is ours." Drakken then pressed a button on his chair, and a holographic image appeared over the table of a moon shaped space station with a large circular dish edged in the upper portion of the station.

"The Death Star …" one of admirals gasped.

"But there has already been two failed attempts with the Death Star," Senior stated.

"Ah, but Palpatine was a senile old fool," Drakken stated casually, "He intentionally added weaknesses to the stations, even my perfectly designed Death Star II, just so he could melodramatically lure the Rebels in. There is nothing wrong with melodrama, but … third time's the charm, and this version of the battle station has none of the old weaknesses, and if anyone is foolish enough to attempt destroying it … will die with my baby … err the Death Star."

"But what of the Jedi?" one of the admirals asked, "They're probably already on to us."

"We … have that taken care of," Drakken smiled, "Now where is she?"

As if on cue, a figure walked into the room, her body completely hidden in a Sith's black cloak. "Ah! Darth Shego! I'm glad you finally decided to join us!" Drakken mouthed off.

The figure raised a green-gloved hand from under the cloak, and Drakken rose into the air holding his throat. "I … sorry …" Drakken choked out, and immediately dropped back down into his chair.

"The Jedi have been blinded," Darth Shego's feminine voice. "They are completely in the dark about our activities."

"But incase they or the New Republic does get word of our little gathering, no information on the Death Star III is stored on any of the main fleet, while the Senior Fleet will accompany me to the DS3 construction site on the complete opposite side of Republic space." Drakken continued for the Sith.


Kim Possible reclined in her pilot's chair of the Customized Barloz-Class Corellian freighter 'Wildecat', watching the star lines as the ship moved at light speed through space. She drummed her fingers impatiently as she looked at the timekeeper above the ship controls.

Her green eyes narrowed on a single smudge on the heavily polished controls before she licked her thumb and rubbed the lever until the shine returned. "There, all better, baby," she patted the control panel. "Please don't let me be late," she whispered a prayer, before the ship jerked slightly.

She stood up and adjusted her skintight green and gray flight slacks, and tugged on her matching camouflaged tight shirt with armored shoulder pads that showed off her trim tummy. She looked at the computer screen in the co-pilot's screen before pressing the COM button, "Tim, Jim, the right stabilizer is missing again! See what you can do with it," She barked into the mic, before returning to her pilot's chair.  

"We got it Kim," one of the Kim's twin brothers' voices, impossible to tell which over the communications system, "Are we there yet?"

"No, should be there soon though," replied Kim, running her hand through her long auburn hair.

"Are we there yet?"

"As a matter of fact," Kim smiled as the Wildecat dropped out of light speed, "Yavin IV, this is Wildecat, we're coming. All clear?" she asked over the radio.

"This is Yavin IV, welcome back, Wildecat. All's clear for landing on the east landing-pad of Praxeum, you're just in time, the test is in twenty minutes," A voice called from the other end, and the Corellian freighter entered the jungle moon's atmosphere.

"Alright you two," Kim spoke over the intercom, "Lets go cheer Ron on!"


A teenaged boy sat outside the temple that held the Praxeum Jedi Academy. It was a mix between advanced technology and ancient temple ruins. He was leaning against a large tree. The sun was shinning down and the air was blowing a cool breeze, but Ron Stoppable wasn't concerned with any of this. He sat with his arms at his side, his left hand fingering his father's Lightsaber.

"Remember, Apprentice," the squeaky voice of the hairless rodent-like Desnudotoporatan that sat upon Ron's shoulder sounded, "Feel. Don't think. Trust in the Force. The Force is the only ally you can truly trust completely."

"Ready to strut your stuff, Jedi Knight?" a familiar voice said from in front of the meditating Jedi Apprentice, causing his chocolate eyes to light up.

"KP!" He exclaimed, jumping to his feet, knocking his master to the ground in the process.

"You think I'd miss your last test, Ron?" Kim asked as she hugged her best friend before looking over him. He was dressed in a red tunic, black combat trousers, combat boots, fingerless gloves, a utility belt lined pockets, and a hook with his Lightsaber hanging off of. "I like the tunic, red's your color," She smiled patting his shoulder.

"Time, it is," Rue Fus stated, scurrying up to Ron's shoulder, straightening his mini-Jedi robe and cloak. "May the Force be with you, my Apprentice." He said, leaping to Kim's shoulder.

Kim looked at the hairless rodent, "Aren't you going with him?"

"No," Rue Fus shook his small head, "His test, it is. He must pass it without my help."

Kim nodded, and they walked into the stands of the gymnasium where other students and various other people were seated to witness the final test. She looked around till she spotted some familiar faces. Mara Jade, Master Skywalker's fiancé/ former Emperor's Hand assassin, was sitting with her brothers, who were both unsurprisingly asleep, in the stands with her elbows on her knees and her chin resting in her palms with a very board look on her face.

"You look excited," Kim said sarcastically, walking over to the former assassin turned Jedi Knight.

"I'm just ready for some action, Red," Mara stated, sitting back and stretching. Her green eyes settled on the three Jedi on the large floor made into a large obstacle course. "Farmboy's been a busy little blonde with this set up. If Ronnie and the other two get through this they deserve to be Jedi."

Kim glanced down at the floor, seeing the large and potentially dangerous obstacle course running the length of the gym. In the center on a stage overlooking the course was the blonde headed blue-eyed Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Corran Horn in his trademark green robes, and the Academy's combat instructor Kyle Katarn in his usual brown combat suit.

Kim then glanced over at the start of the obstacle course. Bonnie Rockwaller stood twirling her purple-bladed Lightsaber around her overly tight Apprentice tunic, smirking confidently. Beside her was Ron, who was standing there obviously meditating and preparing for the final test. Then beside him was … Kim let out a deep sigh at the sight of her crush for well over a year. 

Josh Mankey stood in his dark green Apprentice tunic, tall, proud and, what Kim would never notice, foolishly arrogant. He ran a hand through his spiky highlighted hair, before looking up at Kim and giving the red head a wink.

"Sithspawn, that little jerk makes my skin crawl," Mara rolled her eyes at the young Jedi Apprentice Kim was swooning over.

"A jerk, he is," Rue Fus agreed, "strong in the Force though …"

"Let us begin," Luke Skywalker stated, stepping out from the other two Jedi, his slightly scarred face glancing over the three Jedi Apprentices. The Jedi Master stood proud in a black uniform under a dark brown almost black cloak with the hood pulled back with an aura of power and also kindness resonating off him. "You three, Josh Mankey, Ron Stoppable, and Bonnie Rockwaller have all passed the necessary training and Padewan Apprentice training under a Jedi Knight, Jedi Kyp Durron, Jedi Rue Fus, and Jedi Kari Sung respectively. All three of your Knight masters have signed and applied the proper paperwork stating you three are ready for the next step in your lives in the Jedi Order. You will use what you have learned to make it through this course as quickly as you can. Then upon reaching the final area of the course you will combat six battle droids with your Lightsaber. You will have twenty seconds to make it through the obstacle course then thirty seconds to disable the six droids. Should you complete this final test you shall be accepted into the Jedi Order as Jedi Knights. May the Force be with you."

Luke then turned to Josh, and gave him a nod, "Apprentice Mankey will go first, followed by Apprentice Stoppable, finally Apprentice Rockwaller. Should you not pass this test do not let it discourage you. You all have proven worth of the title of Jedi Knight and should you not become one today you will be given another opportunity in six months. Now, Apprentice Mankey, please come to the starting point."

Josh stepped up before the large course of walls and turns and obstacles. "On your mark," Luke said loudly as Kyle and Corran watched him carefully, "Get set … GO!" Luke signaled and the youth dashed down the course with Force enhanced speed and agility, making it through the low bridges and over hurdles with ease, then using the Force to leap over a fifteen foot wall, before dropping and rolling through a group of spinning blades. "Twelve seconds," Luke sounded as the boy stood up with a confident smirk, winking at the still yet beaming Kim once again, "Begin phase two, TIME!" Luke called as six recycled battledroids approached the young Apprentice.

Josh snorted and used the Force to draw his Lightsaber to his hand, then with a 'pssf' followed by a high pitched hum a blue blade erupted from the end of the shiny silver saber handle. 

Three of the droids fired their blasters at the Apprentice, but Josh easily deflected the blasts with his saber, sending the blasts back to the droids deactivating them on contact. He then dashed toward the following three and slashed two of them in half before turning to the other, armed with its own purple colored Lightsaber, and began a lighthearted saber duel. After a few seconds Josh laughed.  "Even Stoppable is better then you," He chuckled under his breath before lunging at the droid, slicing it in half.  

"Complete," Luke stated as Josh deactivated his Lightsaber, "Eighteen seconds, very good, you have passed with flying colors."  

Ron sighed, knowing it was his turn next. He glanced up hoping for support, and he got it from Mara, Rue Fus, Jim and Tim, but Kim was two busy blowing a kiss Josh's way to notice Ron's gaze.

"Oh my …" Rue Fus sighed, sensing Ron's focus beginning to waver, "This is why the old Order frowned on attachments …"

"Huh?" Mara asked, glancing at the foot tall Jedi, then down at the floor sensing the same thing, "Oh no, come on, Ron, don't be an idiot."  

"Fear, I do," Rue Fus shook his head, "pretty, this will be not."

"Hey, Red, we all know pretty boy passed the test," Mara said, elbowing the teenaged bounty hunter, "I'm not sure but maybe your 'Best Friend' might like your support too."

"Huh?" Kim asked coming out of her Josh induced haze, "RON! I almost forgot!" she gasped turning her attention to the stretching, freckle-faced would-be-Jedi.

"No kidding," Mara sighed, turning her attention back to the field as well.

"I'm going to show that nerf herder up," Ron growled, checking his Lightsaber one more time.

"Apprentice Stoppable, please step up to the starting point," Luke called, and Ron nodded and stepped up to the white line before the course. 

Ron took a deep breath, before Luke spoke again. "On your mark … get set … GO!"

Ron dove through the course like a rabid animal. He literally dove under the low bridges and flipped over the hurdles in one fluid motion. He finally came to the last two hurdles and force-jumped over them on up to the wall, placing one hand on the top leapfrogging over to land on the other side, not even paying attention to the almost completely stunned crowd, all with the exception of Kim who was bouncing up and down.

Corran and Kyle looked at each other in awe before looking at Luke to see if their timing was off, "Eight …eight seconds, very, very good, begin phase two!"

Ron glanced around him at the six battle droids began to approach him, "I've got this in the bag," Ron smiled, and drew his blood red bladed Lightsaber, attempting to show off by spinning the blade around him, but mistakenly brushed his calf burning just enough of his skin to make him yelp and flinch. 

Ron jumped from the pain, and spun around, sloppily slicing at an attacking droid, then spinning in a circle slicing two others in half at the waist.

He then spotted the last three and dove at him, slashing his red blade at them in a large arch. All three stepped out of the way and the Lightsaber went right through a large pillar in the center of the training chamber. "Uh … oh …" Ron gulped as the pillar slowly slid in half.

Ron whimpered when the training gym began to tremble and shake before looking sheepishly at Luke, "My bad, Master …"

Luke looked over the crowd and spoke loudly and clearly, "everyone please exit the gym in a calm orderly manner." A moment later it was the equivalent to a bontha stampede to the exit as the roof slowly fell in to the gym.

The group of Jedi Apprentices, Knights, instructors, and family members stood outside the collapsing gym.

"So … I didn't make it, did I?" Ron asked Master Skywalker, his shoulders slumped sadly.

"You didn't defeat the last three droids, so …I'm afraid not," Luke said, smiling weakly, "I don't blame you for … this mess, it was my fault putting the saber test so close to the pillar, you can try again in six months at the next trial after we rebuild the gym."

Luke then walked back toward the collapsed gym with the very unhappy Bonnie on his heels complaining about her not even getting the chance to try.

Ron groaned and looked around for Kim and found her standing beside Josh. His stomach churned at the sight, and with a sad sigh, he turned and walked away from the crowd.


Ron wondered around the grounds of the Praxeum School, before finally stopping to stare at his Lightsaber, his father's black handled, blood red bladed Lightsaber before throwing it to the ground, "I'll never be a Jedi …" Ron sighed, turning his back on the accursed weapon.

"I wouldn't say that," a familiar voice from behind him stated, and Ron could hear the light saber's activation and hum.

Ron spun around to see Luke Skywalker gazing into the glowing red beam of Ron's Lightsaber. "Master Skywalker, what are you doing here?"

"I figured Kim would be here," Luke stated.

"She's probably with Josh celebrating him becoming a Knight," Ron said bitterly.

"No, she's not," corrected Luke, a knowing smile on his lips. "She did give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek for congratulations, but she was really worried about you and went off to look for you." Luke then tossed the Lightsaber back to Ron and drew his own green-bladed saber.

Luke tapped Ron's blade with his own, and the two began to circle one another. "Why would she worry about a screw up wannabe Jedi?" Ron snorted.

"Oh I don't know," Luke said, slashing at Ron, but the young apprentice easily deflected it along with several other retorts, "Maybe when you were accepted into the Academy she refused to let you go alone, and traveled all the way from home just so she could be with her best friend when he needed her. And she wouldn't worry about a wannabe Jedi. She worries about her best friend slash future Jedi Knight."    

Pops and hisses sounded as Ron deflected attack after attack.

 "So what are you going to be doing for the freedom celebration?" Luke asked as he spun in a circle only to have his saber meet Ron's yet again.

"I don't know," Ron sighed, lunging at Luke, countering the Jedi Master's counter attack. "Probably stay around the school, sulk, the usual."

Luke suddenly stopped and deactivated his Lightsaber, "Ron, did you notice something just then?" Luke asked with a smirk.

"Huh?" Ron blinked in confusion.

"I struck at you twenty four times," Luke nodded proudly, "And you countered flawlessly twenty four times. Do you know what your problem is, what you need to concentrate on between now and the next test? You tried to play to the crowd today, and tried to get a certain green eyed, red haired girl to notice you instead of a pretty boy who happened to go before you. Despite the fact she noticed you anyway. Don't worry about impressing me, her or anyone else, just do your best and have faith in the Force. You never know, she might notice you already," Luke said with a wink.

"Hey, Mara's yours, Master, I won't go there," Ron smiled, earning a laugh from the Jedi Master.

Luke walked up and ruffled the Apprentice's hair. "Kim and her brothers are coming with Mara and me to my sister's for Freedom Weekend. We were expecting you too, but if you'd rather stay here sulk … I'm sure Chewy can have your share of the fried Corellian Croto bird …"

"Is … is Leia cooking?" Ron asked, his brown eyes lighting up slightly, "not … um Mara this year."

"My young apprentice, you have much to learn," Luke stated seriously, "As much as I adore her, I would stay behind to sulk by your side before I would subjugate myself to Mara Jade's experimental approach to cooking."

Luke laughed before he notice Ron's wide eyed look, the Jedi Master then realized he was so caught up with cheering Ron up that he didn't notice the familiar Force signature approaching from behind him. "Oh suns …"

"My 'experimental approach to cooking' huh?" Mara Jade's icy voice sounded behind him, and Luke turned slowly to see the scowling Mara and Kim beside her, stifling a giggle.

"Oh, hey, Mara, Kim, I … um see you found us …" Luke said, scratching the back of his head.

Mara snorted toward Luke then turned her back. "Someone's flying to Coruscant in his damned X-Wing," She hissed before stomping back toward the school. 

"May the Force be with you, Master," Ron smiled at the stammering Skywalker, "Cause if it ain't, you're just screwed." With that both Kim and Ron belly laughed at the stunned Jedi Master.

Luke shook his head, and put both Ron and Kim in a headlock, "If I go down, you kids are going down with me," He said with a wink as the three followed Hurricane Mara's path, unaware of the danger they would all soon be in.

To Be Continued …

Disclaimer: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Dr. Drakken, Duff Killagan, and Senor Senior Sr. are property of Disney. Luke Skywalker, the Empire, the New Republic, Jedi Order, Chewbacca, Corran Horn, Kyle Katarn, and Mara Jade are all property of Lucas Arts.

A/N hope you guys like this first chapter. Expect more soon, as for Kim and Ron, this is an Alternate Reality version of them; they have the same characteristics as you've seen, but they have a different origin. Here's a lil more background info on this Kim Ron and Rufus or as he's called her, Rue Fus. More character Bios in upcoming chapters. Don't forget to review and may the Force be with you!

 Kim Possible

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Hair: red

Eyes: emerald green

Age: 17

Bio: Fiercely independent and incredibly stubborn, Kimberly Possible was born on the Outer Rim planet Tatooine, at a very young age she met a clumsy young boy named Ron Stoppable. When she was ten years old, her parents as well as others were killed in a Sandpeople raid, leaving Ron, her twin brothers, Tim and Jim, and her alone.

Three year later Ron was approached by a group of Jedi, lead by Master Luke Skywalker, and offered admission in the Praxeum Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. Ron, not wishing to leave Kim and the twins alone on Tatooine, bargained with Skywalker that the three Possibles accompanied him to the Jedi Academy.

Kim, with not enough connection to 'The Force' to become a Jedi, she became skilled in the simple fighting skills of the Jedi, including becoming an excellent markswoman and quite good with the offensive style of the Lightsaber.    

Two years later, her longing for adventure led her to make contact with the mysterious Wade, who provided her with a broken down Barloz-class Corellian Star Freighter. Her brothers, both mechanical nuts, went to work right away and upon completion the 'Wildecat' quickly became a rival to even the Millennium Falcon in speed and maneuverability.

Wade also provided Kim with all the equipment she needed, making Kim Possible known as the best (legal) bounty hunter in the galaxy.   

Ron Stoppable

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Age: 17

Rank: Jedi Apprentice

Bio: Clumsy but loyal, Ron Stoppable could easily be responsible for the inevitable destruction of the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. Ron is the son of Akimon Stoppable, once known as Darth Akuma one of the traitorous Dark Jedi in ranks with Count Dooku who were defeated and banished to the Outer Rim Territories in the final days of the Old Republic, and a young native Tatooine woman.  

 Ron grew up loving his father's tales of better days, when the Jedi protected the galaxy before the Empire came. Shortly before his father and mother died in a Sandpeople attack on his home settlement of Mos Middal, his father told him of his failure in falling into the trap of the Dark Side, and how Ron and his mother had saved his soul from the Darkness. All Ron has of his father now is his red-bladed Lightsaber.

Ron's closest friend is Kim 'KP' Possible, whom he grew up with. After both their parents died, Ron, Kim, and her two younger brothers came to depend on one another. When Jedi Master Luke Skywalker approached him for an invitation to his Jedi Academy, Ron wanted to accept, but made it clear he 'came in a four pack'. Master Skywalker, understanding what it is like to lose one's family unnecessarily, accepted Ron's terms as long as Kim, Jim, and Tim did not interfere with his or anyone else's training.

Ron made it through basic training, and was assigned to aged Desnudotoporatan Jedi Knight Rue Fus. Ron and his Jedi master travel with Kim on her missions often, Rue Fus believing it is good training for his young Apprentice. Ron has also become close friends with Master Luke Skywalker and his family: his sister and brother-in-law Leia and Han Solo, and Luke's fiancé Mara Jade.   

Rue Fus

Race: Desnudotoporatan

Gender: Male

Hair: none

Eyes: black

Age: 184

Rank: Jedi Knight

Bio: Though one hundred and eighty four years old, he is still considered young for a Desnudotoporatan (Dis-nude-oh-top-oh-rat-an). He was one of the first recruited into Luke Skywalker's Yavin IV Academy and one of the earliest graduates. Ron Stoppable is Rue Fus' seventh Apprentice Jedi. The incredibly small yet incredibly powerful Jedi is now being considered for the Rank of Jedi Master.

While as said Rue Fus has had other students, he seemed more attached to Stoppable then any others. Kindred spirits would be the best way to describe this cheese addicted Knight and his Apprentice.