Married With Princess R
Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson

Summary: Prince Su Keitaro? What's this? Hinata Sou is an embassy because of the Princess living there? Making it foreign soil? Soil in which a certain law states that living under the same roof with a woman for a year means that you're married? Soil in which divorces aren't recognized? Keitaro, welcome to married life.

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Previously, on 'Married With Princess'

She spared Kitsune a resentful thought, before she pushed that issue out of her mind. It appeared as if Kitsune would be the first of them to get Keitaro in the sack, just like she had guessed.

Well, second to get him in the sack actually, seeing as he'd spent a few hours tied up on Harukas bed. But Kitsune seemed likely to be the first to actually succeed in having sex with him!

Kaolla certainly hadn't expected Haruka to be the first to make a move, she'd been relatively certain that Kitsune would be the first to do that. Shinobu was too shy to make the first move and Keitaro never would, at least not until she was older, Kaolla figured. Motoko most certainly wouldn't make any sort of move, other then Martial Arts moves to keep Keitaro at a distance. Naru still had quite a ways to go before she'd even admit to liking Keitaro, so sex was right out.

With those two not showing any interest, Keitaro wouldn't approach them either, married or not. He was just too kind a person to push unwanted advances upon anyone like that.

He wouldn't even touch Haruka with a ten-foot-pole and Kaolla herself was too young, so that left Kitsune.

Had Mutsumi already been counted amongst the wives, Kitsune might have had a competitor. But as it was, there really was no other probable sex candidate amongst the wives other then Kitsune.

Kaolla told herself that it was all right and that it was fine with her, while mentally tallying the days left until the next crimson moon...

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Incoherent mutterings from The Deviant Viking

Boh-yah, folks! Now we're moving into R-rated territory! Not nearly all future encounters will get an entire chapter to themselves like this one did. In fact, most of them will be glossed over with nary a mention. But I figured that the first romp in the bed deserved a bit of special treatment. :)

Anyways, not much else to say and I feel like getting back to revising the revised version of First Flight, so, toodles!

Crazy Swede, signing off

Chapter Six:

"Getting married for sex is like buying a 747 for the free peanuts."
- Jeff Foxworthy

"Kitsune? What are you doing?"

"Eeeep!" Kitsune yelped as Naru's voice startled her out of her plotting as she half-carried, half-dragged Keitaro towards her room. "Naru! Don't scare me like that!" she exclaimed.

"Sorry. But, eh... What are you doing with him? Why is he unconscious?" Naru asked.

"I went a bit overboard and he fainted, so I'm taking him back to his room." Kitsune replied with a wide grin.

"You passed by the door to his room." Naru commented.

"Oh, look. I did. Hehe." Kitsune chuckled sheepishly, standing between the door to her room and the door to Keitaro's room. "Imagine that..."

"So, want some help getting him there?" Naru asked with a raised eyebrow, causing Kitsune to sigh and shake her head as she decided to take the honest route with her oldest friend instead of silly deceptions that apparently didn't work.

At all.

"Do you want to sleep with him, Naru?" Kitsune asked with a serious expression, looking Naru straight into the eyes.

"What! No way!" Naru protested, back-pedalling and making warding gestures in Kitsune's direction.

"Well, I do. I am taking him to my room. If he remains unconscious, I'll just sleep with him by my side. If he wakes up, I intend to 'sleep' with him." Kitsune explained. "My decision, so don't go blaming him for anything if he does wakes up and gets devirginized by lil' ol' me."

"B-but Kitsune! You can't!" Naru protested with a furious blush.

"I want to, I can and I will." Kitsune argued. "That's the way it goes. If you want a romp with him first, then fine. I'll step aside for you, like I always have before. It's no biggie. But if you don't want him tonight, then I do and I see no reason whatsoever not to sleep with my... Our husband."

"But..." Naru started before trailing off, not quite knowing what to say. "Kitsune... Please, we can still work all this out."

"If you want to keep on trying to get out of this marriage, fine. I'll support you to the best of my ability, like I always have and always will do. But unlike you, I want this. I'm happy to be married to Keitaro! Being married to the rest of you is a bit weird however, I must admit. But I can probably learn to live with it." Kitsune insisted and focused a determined stare at Naru. "So, I'll ask you again. Are you going to sleep with him tonight? Because if you aren't, then I will."

"I just don't want you to make a mistake, Kitsune." Naru replied after a few moments.

"I'm not. So, what's it going to be?" Kitsune asked again.

"Well, if you're sure..." Naru said, trailing off. She let off a tired sigh and stared in silence at the unconscious caretaker for nearly a full minute. "I'm not going to sleep with him." she finally declared. "And I don't want you to either." she added persistently.

"I'm sorry, Naru. But that is my decision to make, mine and Keitaro's. Unless you want to join us, your approval is hardly necessary." the fox-eyed tenant declared.

"Kitsune!" Naru protested.

"I am sorry, Naru. Before we all wound up in this marriage, I never would have done something like this without your approval. But we're all in this together now, we all have to learn how to share, sooner or later. Might as well be now." Kitsune declared. "Now then. I am going to bring Keitaro with me into my room, so unless you're interested in joining us, please leave us alone." she requested.

Naru stared in silence at Kitsune for nearly a full minute, before speaking up again.

"I still don't approve, but I can see that your mind is already set on this. Just remember that I was against this later on." Naru finally said, before she turned around and left, without waiting for Kitsune to reply.

"I'm sorry it had to be like this, Naru." Kitsune said to the empty corridor, before she sighed and started moving forward again.

"I suppose my objections doesn't matter either?" Motoko asked in an oddly calm and reasonable tone of voice. Though Kitsune let out another yelp, not having noticed that the other girl was present before she spoke up.

"Not really." Kitsune replied with a sigh after she had calmed down somewhat. "I would have stepped aside and let Naru go first, because she's my oldest and best friend. While I like you well enough, I won't for you. So your opinion really only matters if you're interested in joining us two tonight."

"I most definitively am not." Motoko replied tersely, but a whole lot calmer then she would have done before if confronted with the same question. It appeared that the shock of the marriage hadn't quite passed just yet. She looked over Kitsune and one final time before shaking her head. "Very well, I will allow you to proceed, although I do not approve." she declared and looked curiously at the form of the unconscious Keitaro. "Just remember what you said, if he remains unconscious, do not molest him in his sleep or I will be... Most displeased." Motoko finished in a grave tone of voice.

"Puh-lease, give me a bit of credit here, Motoko-chan." Kitsune snorted. "Anything we do will be by mutual consent." she added. /Eventually, at least.../ she mentally added, knowing that it may take quite a bit of effort and a bit of trickery to get Keitaro onboard. With a final nod towards Motoko, Kitsune kept on dragging Keitaro towards her room, closing and locking the door behind them.

She gently deposited Keitaro on her futon and then stripped him down to his Ayanami Rei boxer shorts, folding and putting his clothes away, before she stripped down to bra and panties, slipping into an oversized light blue t-shirt that she usually slept in.

She kneeled down next to the futon and silently observed Keitaro for a few moments, then hastily jabbed her right index finger into his left side.

"Ow!" Keitaro exclaimed and his eyes snapped open. "Oh, crap..." he muttered, realizing that the gig was up. He sighed and shook his head. "How did you know that I was awake?" he asked.

"I felt your heartbeat spike and your breathing change as I spoke with Motoko-chan." Kitsune replied with a wry smile. "So I figured that you were playing possum on me to get out of this." she continued and rubbed her chin.

"We can't do th..." Keitaro started to protest.

"Keitaro." Kitsune sternly interrupted. "The two of us are not related, like you and Haruka. We are married to each other. I want this. Despite your protests, I think you do as well. We're both adults and I am a consenting one." she continued and actually opened her eyes completely as she observed him. "Now that we're both clear on that, I'm willing to hear you out. So, come on. What're your objections in regards to fulfilling your husbandly duties towards me?"

"It's not that I don't find you attractive or anything like that, Kitsune." Keitaro eventually sighed. "I think it's been rather obvious ever since we first met that I do." he added with a rueful chuckle. "Finally losing my virginity would also be something I'd normally welcome with open arms." he admitted with a wry grin.

"So, what's the problem?" Kitsune asked. "You find me attractive, I find you attractive, you want to lose your virginity, I want to lose my virginity and we're both married to each other."

"You make a lot of sense, Kitsune. It's just... I just don't want us to make a mistake." Keitaro sighed.

"I won't regret it in the morning." Kitsune stated.

"But I may." Keitaro responded. "It's such a big step and I just don't want to take that leap because Keitaro JR feels enthusiastic about the notion."

"It boggles my mind how Naru and Motoko just can't bring themselves to see this side of you. Perverted? Feh, yeah right!" Kitsune snorted and leaned back, resting her upper body weight on her arms, which caused interesting things to happen to the shape of her breasts.

Completely accidentally, of course.

No hidden agenda here.

Not at all...

"How about we fool around some then?" Kitsune asked. "Would that be okay?" she inquired. /Then when you're all hot and bothered, we'll see what happens./ she thought with a mental grin as she took extra deep breaths of air, causing her breasts to rise and fall in an even more noticeable way.

"I'm not entirely comfortable with that, Kitsune." Keitaro admitted.

"Oh, come on! You've kissed Kaolla and allowed her to sleep in your futon. Surely you can at the very least do that with me too?" she argued.

"Well..." he started but trailed off, closing his eyes as he pondered her question. /She's older then Kaolla. She knows what she's doing. We are married./ he reasoned. "All right, one kiss." he finally agreed.

"Ugh, you sure know how to make a woman feel wanted, Keitaro." Kitsune drawled sarcastically, before she shrugged it off and bent forward, crawling on top of him. "Here I come, dearest husband of mine..." she said in a sultry voice as she slowly brought their lips together.

She moved her hands up to his head and pulled them through his hair, enjoying the sensation of his surprisingly silky-smooth hair. She'd have to remember to ask what he used to get it that way.


Much later!

After a bit of hesitation, Keitaro gently placed his hands on her lower back as he slowly started to respond to the kiss, becoming more involved in it.

She kept the kiss up, languidly exploring his mouth and allowing him to do the same in return. She had needed this and she hadn't really understood just to what extent she needed it until right this moment. It had been far too long since last she'd enjoyed something like this.

Not since Keitaro first came to Hinata Sou, actually.

She'd been on a few dates in the beginning, but none of them had led to anything as she'd just found the men lacking in some way or other. It wasn't until this very moment that she realized that she had been comparing them to Keitaro and found them lacking.

She slowly shifted her body around, until she was lying completely on top of him, shifting her legs down to either side of his, pinning him down underneath her. She let out a faint moan into his mouth and moved her left hand down to caress his naked chest, gently tweaking his right nipple as her hand passed over it.

She felt him hesitate for a brief moment, so she slowly pressed her groin down against his, which caused him to respond with a surprised jerk and a moan of his own. /Gotcha/ she mentally cheered as the kiss slowly became more intense. She pressed down and dragged her groin alongside his, enticing another moan out of him as his hands started to move and go underneath her t-shirt, caressing her back directly. /Now you're mine.../ she thought and slid her hand down to caress the lower part of his stomach, occasionally dipping down although never quite reaching down to what Keitaro probably wanted her to touch the most.

She pressed her groin down again and his right hand finally left her back, moving further down until it roamed over her shapely behind.

/And I'm yours.../ she sighed inside her own head, feeling how she slowly lost herself to the marvellous sensations of the current situation.

"See, this isn't so bad..." she drawled as she pulled away from his lips for a brief moment, before she dipped her head down and recaptured his lips again.

They kept on kissing and touching each other for nearly a full two minutes, before Keitaro crumbled and moved his right hand down to hers, grasping her wrist and pulling her hand further down, until it made contact with Keitaro Junior. /Jackpot/ Kitsune mentally exclaimed as she wrapped her fingers around him through his boxers, slowly jacking him off.

"Touch me, Keitaro. All over..." she breathed as she broke the kiss again. "Please, touch me..." she added with a hint of a whimper in her voice and this was all that poor Keitaro could take. His hands suddenly seemed to grow a will of their own and all he could do was enjoy the sensations as they passed over all sorts of interesting bodily features, caressing, groping, tickling and occasionally pinching wherever they went.

She suddenly pulled away from him, leaning back until she was sitting on top of his legs, which caused a disappointed groan to emerge from his lips.

"Don't worry, loverboy. This isn't over yet, not by half." Kitsune assured him as she pulled the t-shirt over her head, carelessly tossing it aside. She brought her left hand up to the area between her breasts and deftly undid the clasp, before throwing her bra aside as well. She hesitated for a few moments, looking uncertainly down at Keitaro.

"You're beautiful." he gasped, his eyes as large as saucers as he stared up at the divine vision in front of him. "Absolutely amazingly gorgeous." he added before he reached out for her, putting his right hand on her back, pulling her down towards him while his left rose to her breasts, caressing them directly for the first time.

The kisses started up again and got progressively steamier, until Keitaro grabbed hold of her and rolled them around, putting himself on top accompanied by a moan of approval from Kitsune who certainly couldn't find fault in his actions. Her butt cheeks rose from the floor as she strained to keep their private bits in close contact, feeling him respond by pressing down against her.

"I want you inside of me." Kitsune breathed into his right ear, causing him to shudder and jerk against her.

"We... Can't..." Keitaro gasped. "We just... Can't..."

"I'm dying here, Keitaro." she whimpered. "Come on. I need it. I need you!"

"I..." he started, but was unable to finish the sentence. She reached down and pushed his boxers down, unveiling Keitaro Junior for the world to see. Which for the moment consisted of just the two of them, neither of which was able to see it at the moment. She wrapped her right hand around it and slowly jerked him off, rubbing her thumb over the engorged head. "Oooohhhhh..." he groaned, his eyes sliding shut as he found himself unable to do anything to resist what she was doing to him.

She moved her left hand down and pulled her panties aside, then pushed up against him.

"Feel that? Can you feel how wet I am, Keitaro?" she asked as she pushed the underside of his dick between her folds.

"Oh, Kami-sama..." Keitaro gasped.

"Feel that, Keitaro?" she asked as she slowly moved her lower body up and down, raking her pink bits alongside his trembling shaft. "I need this. Please... Please... I need you inside of me." she insisted.

"Oh, Kami-sama..." Keitaro repeated.

"Please..." she purred into his right ear.

"Argh!" he growled, then pushed away and off of her, much to Kitsune's great shock. At first she thought that he would take off running, but instead he shifted down a bit, pulled her legs apart and then his head suddenly dipped down between them. Her eyes shot wide open and a surprised gasp emerged from her upper lips as his suddenly made contact with her lower lips.

A gurgle was emitted from the back of her throat as he slowly dragged his tongue through her slit from bottom to top in an excruciatingly slow manner.

"Oh, Kami-sama!" she exclaimed as her hands shifted to grasp the sides of his head, then she lost all sense of herself as she was suddenly overwhelmed by unexpected, unusual and extremely welcome sensations. She couldn't have said how much time passed even if an even remotely accurate answer would have resulted in a ten-million yen prize, but suddenly she felt her entire existence collapse as she came like a bullet train.

She had experienced quite a lot of orgasms since she first discovered masturbation and she'd even had a couple together with whomever she was dating at the time. While she was still a virgin, she had fooled around quite a bit over the last couple of years. But this... This was beyond anything she had ever imagined it could ever be.

She trembled and shivered as Keitaro slowed his ministrations down, gently bringing her down from her orgasmic height.

"Inside me, now!" she snapped once she felt somewhat recovered, pulling his head up and away from between her thighs.

"Kitsune, I... ... ... ... Are you sure? Really sure?" he asked.

"Yes! For crying out loud, yes!" she insisted and he looked down into her eyes for a few moments, before he let out a slow nod. He pulled her panties down and threw them aside, then slowly got between her legs again.

Both of them gasped as her hot moist opening made contact with his trembling shaft again.

"Come ooooooon!" she pleaded with him, rubbing herself against him.

He looked into her eyes again and nodded once more, reaching down and slowly guiding himself into her wetness. He fumbled around for a while until she reached down and aimed him correctly, pulling him into her. His eyes rolled around in their sockets and she let out a faint hiss as he ever so slowly crept increasingly further inside of her.

/This is it! I'm finally doing it/ Keitaro thought.

/This is it! I'm finally doing it/ Kitsune thought right alongside with him, suppressing a desire to scrounge her face up in a vince as it was starting to hurt a little bit.

She couldn't suppress a relieved sigh as Keitaro eased up and even pulled back a bit, before he ever so slowly pushed back into her again.

"You okay?" Keitaro asked with a concerned tone of voice. "Should we stop?"

"No way..." Kitsune breathed, violently shaking her head in response. "Just... Just go slow, okay?" she requested.

"Yes..." he agreed and bent down to capture her lips with his, engaging in a passionate kiss before he started pushing again. Ever so slowly, he worked himself deeper inside of her until he came across a barrier blocking the route ahead. "Are you really sure?" he asked, breaking off their kiss. She declined to respond verbally and instead grabbed his ass as hard as she could, driving her nails into his flesh. "Ack!" he gasped and jerked forward, crashing through her hymen and bottoming out inside of her.

"ARGH!" Kitsune exclaimed, suddenly regretting her rash action.

"Are you okay?" Keitaro grunted, just barely clinging on to whatever faint remains of conscious thoughts there was.

"Y-yeah." Kitsune replied after a few moments. "That... Hurt... More then I thought it would." she admitted, averting her eyes from his piercing gaze. He nodded and started to gently pull out of her. It was by mere chance that she happened to look back at him and realized that he was about to stop. Completely.

She also realized that getting back into this position would be extremely hard, maybe even impossible if he did. He was far too caring for his own good!

She wrapped her legs around his waist and ignoring the brief jolt of pain this caused her, used her legs to bring him back into the depths of her body.

"D-don't stop..." she breathed before recapturing his lips, forcing him back every time he tried to pull away, until he stopped trying and kept up a moderate pace, going in and out of her. The pain lessened with every stroke and while she couldn't exactly claim that it was the best experience of her life so far, it no longer caused her intense pain. "I'm on the pill..." she informed him as he pumped away, causing a brief break in his strokes as he blinked and seemed to realize that he'd forgotten something very important in all the excitement.

Finally he just nodded and got started again, rather quickly bringing himself to a grunted orgasm, spurting the seed of his loins into her welcoming body. He trembled against her and tried to pull out, but she kept him down and instead rolled them both around, until she was on top, resting against his body.

"Not yet, okay? I'd like to savour this moment for a while..." she murmured against his neck.

"Okay..." he agreed and then fell silent, the two of them just breathing for a while. "Thank you." he finally said to her.

"Thank you." she shot back at him, reaching up to caress his cheek and jaw with her right hand.

"But you didn't..." he started to protest, before he cut himself off with a yawn.

"Not this time. Nor did I expect to." she agreed with a tired smile. "We'll get better at it with practise. We've got all of our lives ahead of us to improve."

"Yeah... Nite." he mumbled and closed his eyes.

"Nite..." she responded and looked at him in silence as he slowly succumbed to a deep slumber, softening inside her body. She remained in place for another couple of minutes, before she got up onto unsteady feet and wobbled over to her wardrobe, from which she selected a soft silky robe which she slipped into. A quick visit to the bathroom to clean up and grab some extra paper later, she returned to the room and quickly wiped up the worst of the mess they had made, before she slowly manoeuvred Keitaro underneath the cover.

She removed the robe and slipped into her t-shirt, then joined him underneath the cover, snuggling up against him and resting her head on his left shoulder.

"Sleep well, Keitaro, dear husband of mine..." she told her sleeping better half, or at least one of her better halves, before closing her eyes and joining him in blissful slumber.

The End! ( For now... )